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Jeremih Songs

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Our Top 10 Jeremih Songs list looks at a popular r&b singer, songwriter and producer. His career began in the late 2000s. He burst onto the music scene with the hit single “Birthday Sex.” He continued to release hit after hit with his songs as well as with other artists. Jeremih worked with Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Flo Rida, Llyod Banks, Fabolous, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Calvin Harris, The Game, Wiz Khalifa, Ludacris, Future, French Montana, Ne-Yo, Nelly, Snoop Dogg, Party Next Door, 50 Cent, Meek Mill, Lil Durk, as well as others.

Some of his other hits include “Down on Me,” “Don’t Tell ‘Em,” “Planez,” “Oui,” “All the Time,” “Somebody,” “Do You Mind,” as well as others. Some of his influences include Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and R. Kelly. Jeremih’s vocals have been compared to Slim from 112 and Raphael Saadiq.

Jeremy Phillip Felton was born July 17, 1987. The singer began playing instruments at the age of three. When he was in college he wanted to pursue a music career. He recorded a single while he was in college. He recorded the single “My Ride” with record producer Mick Schultz. Jeremih met with Russell Simmons and signed a record contract.

He released the hit single “Birthday” in February 2009. The single peaked at number four on the Hot 100 charts. Jeremih released his eponymous album in June 2009. The album peaked at number six on the Billboard 200 charts and number one on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. The album features the singles “Birthday,” “Imma Star (Everywhere We Are)” and “Break Up to Make Up.” The album went platinum.

All About You was released in September 2010. The album peaked at number 27 on the Billboard 200 charts and number eight on the R&B and Hip-Hop charts. It features the singles “I Like” and “Down on You.” The album went gold. Late Nights dropped in December 2015. The album peaked at number 42 on the Billboard 200 charts and number nine on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the songs “Don’t Tell ‘Em,” “Planez,” “Oui” and “Pass Dat.” The album went platinum.

Jeremih is a popular artist who has embraced his love of r&b music. He sings about a variety of things so you definitely won’t be bored with his music. He mixes things up by singing ballads and up-tempo songs. He will have you in the bedroom or on the dance floor. Our Top 10 Jeremih Songs list shines a light on some of his best songs.

# 10 – Break Up to Make Up

The 10th song on our Top 10 Jeremih Songs list is “Break Up to Make Up” from his eponymous album. The single was released in June 2009. It’s about a couple who constantly break up and get back together. He questions why they break up when they always get back together. He believes they should stay together.

They can make their relationship work. All they have to do is work harder on themselves. They argue, fight and make up. He wants to spoil her and give her anything she wants. He’s ready for them to be together for the rest of their lives. Their relationship is complicated, but he’s willing to put in the effort to make it work because he loves her.

“Break Up to Make Up” is about a complex relationship. The couple break up and make up. Jeremih is confused about why they would break up only to get back together again. The lyrics are heartfelt. Jeremih does an excellent job talking about a relationship that is complicated. If you are in a relationship that is on and off, this song is for you. It may make you wonder why your relationship is always ending only to get back together.

We applaud Jeremih for making the song a dance friendly track. Songs like this one are usually ballads. They don’t make you want to dance. The music has a Caribbean feel to it and will have you on the floor. The music won’t have you in your feelings because you will be smiling while you’re listening to it. Jeremih’s smooth vocals are perfect for the track. It’s easy to forget this song was on his debut album. He sings it as if he was in the music business for a long time.

# 9 – Tonight Belongs to U! ft. Flo Rida

The ninth song on our Top 10 Jeremih Songs list is “Tonight Belongs to U!” The non album came out in April 2015. The song is about a man who finds love when he least expects it. The song opens with Jeremih describing how he wasn’t looking for love to heal his scars. When he was riding down Lonely Boulevard he was ready to give up on love until he saw the woman of his dreams.

She came out of left field. He didn’t expect to fall in love with her. The night belongs to her. He’s so grateful he found her. Flo Rida’s verse picks up where Jeremih’s left off. He describes her beauty and how he can’t stop looking at her. He enjoys watching her body. There are other girls out there, but none of them compares to her.

This banger will remind you that love is still out there. You may think that it’s over because your heart was broken, but love can come out of nowhere. The song encourages listeners not to give up on love. It can happen unexpectedly the way it did for Jeremih and Flo Rida. They weren’t looking for love, but they found it. They didn’t record your typical love song. This song will give you hope when you think that all is lost. The song will make you grateful if you find the one for you.

“Tonight Belongs to U!” is radio friendly. The song has a fantastic EDM beat that will be an instant club favorite. He is an r&b and hip-hop singer, but this track gives him a chance to spread his wings musically. Jeremih was up for the challenge. His vocals shine over the EDM beat. He holds notes throughout the song that we didn’t see coming. Flo Rida rap sings his verse. He’s a good fit for EDM music. They sound like they are having fun on the song.

# 8 – I Think of You ft. Chris Brown and Big Sean

The eighth song on our list is “I Think of You.” The non album single was released in February 2017. The song is about a man who can get a woman off his mind. The song begins with Jeremih talking about giving his best to a woman in his life. He describes how he had her addicted to him. They had a good time the night before, but he woke up with her gone. She has been on his mind all day. He was thinking about everything they did the night before. He misses every minute of being with her.

His love for her grows every day. He misses everything about her. No matter what he’s doing, he finds himself thinking about her. She is the only woman he wants. Chris Brown describes how he misses her. He reminded her that they had a good time together and now she’s playing games with him. Big Sean talks about wanting to spend time with her. He wants to please her.

“I Think of You” describes how it feels to long for the person you love. The yearning song tells the story about a man who misses the woman he loves. This song is a winner because it shows a man’s vulnerable side. He isn’t afraid to put his heart on the line. He misses the woman he wants and isn’t afraid to let her know. Women love to hear declarations like that. If you miss someone you love, you should play this song for them. It may convince the person to take you back.

The slick production mixes old school and new school r&b music. If the melody sounds familiar, that’s because it contains a sample of Montell Jordan’s song “Get It on Tonite.” The sample sets the song on fire. The beat is infectious, and you may instantly love it. Jeremih and Chris Brown voices are similar to each other. They show vocal strength by singing in and out of falsetto effortlessly. They remain in key throughout the song. Jeremih and Chris Brown channel their inner Michael Jackson. Big Sean delivers on his verse. His deep vocals were a great contrast to their tenor vocals.

# 7 – All the Time ft. Lil Wayne and Natasha Mosley

The seventh song on our list is “All the Time” from the Late Night album. The single came out in April 2013. The song is about being intimate with each other. They want each other “all the time.” The song starts with Natash Mosley talking about how she thinks about him when she wakes up. She wants to be intimate with him. She loves being with him “all the time.” In verse one, Jeremih goes into detail about the way she pleases him. He loves how she pleases him and wants it all the time. Lil Wayne talks about how the couple please each other intimately.

“All the Time” is a ballad about a couple who enjoy pleasing each other intimately. They can’t get enough of each other. This song is about the lustful side of a relationship. Jeremih and Natasha Mosley were descriptive about what the couple want from each other. They desire each other sexually. This is a track for the grown and sexy. The lyrics are very descriptive and straightforward. This song is for mature audiences. There’s no denying the way they want to please each other.

We won’t go into the details about the way they want to please each other, but you will have an idea when you hear the song. If you desire your partner, this song is right up your alley. Jeremih, Natasha Mosley and Lil Wayne aren’t ashamed to show their lustful sides. They aren’t shy about talking about their wants and needs. This is the type of song that will put you in an intimate mood. You can let this song play in the background while you are giving into your desires.

# 6 – U 2 Luv – Ne-Yo ft. Jeremih

“U 2 Luv” appears on Ne-Yo’s Self Explanatory album. The single was released in May 2020. The song is about a man who is deeply in love with the woman in his life. He loves spending time with her. He enjoys kissing her in public. The song opens with him wanting to give her all his attention. He wants to massage her and please her intimately. She never felt this feeling that he’s going to make her feel.

He’s never loved anyone the way he loves her. In the chorus, he talks about only wanting to love her. He doesn’t want anyone else. He goes into detail about the romantic things he wants to do to her. As the song progresses, he talks about not wanting to lose her. He would lose his mind if she ever left him.

This romantic ballad explores the deep connection a man has for the woman he loves. He emphasizes how much he loves her and wants to be with her. The lyrics will melt your heart. If you believe in love, you will be a fan of this song. Ne-Yo and Jeremih wrote a song for the ladies. Any woman would feel special to have a man write a song like this for her. This song will mean more to you if you are deeply in love with your partner. The production for this song is amazing.

The music has an old school sound. It combines two 80s hits to make this track work. The hits are Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit” and Zapp’s “Computer Love.” The two hit songs were a great combination for this song. Ne-Yo and Jeremih are a powerhouse duo. They set this song on fire. Their voices blend well together. Jeremih and Ne-Yo are getting an assist from AutoTune, but they don’t overdo it. The chorus is unforgettable. It will stay in your head even when the song is over.

# 5 – Planez ft. J. Cole

The next song on our Top 10 Jeremih Songs list is “Planez” from the Late Nights album. The song came out in January 2015. The track is about a couple going on a romantic adventure. The song starts with Jeremih talking about him and his woman going on a joy ride in his luxurious car. He wants to have his way with her in the car. He wants her to let her hair down and live in the moment. He wants to put her in the mile high club. He wants her legs in the air like a plane. Jeremih wants to guide her because he’s the pilot. No one will be able to see her pleasing him so he wants her to let loose. J. Cole is more detailed about what he wants to do with the woman he wants. No one will please her the way he can.

“Planez” is about letting go of your inhibitions and having fun. Jeremih and J. Cole use plane imagery to talk about their lust for the women in their lives. It was a different way to talk about a familiar subject. People talk about being intimate in different ways, Jeremih and J. Cole chose plane imagery. It’s an exciting way to tell the story. This song may inspire you to let go of your inhibitions and please your partner in different ways. It will teach you to be sexually free with your lover.

If you enjoy pleasing your partner, this song will hit home for you. “Planez” is baby making music at its finest. Jeremih sounds sensual as he speed races through his verses. He’s not too fast, but you might need the lyrics to understand some of the things he’s saying. J. Cole’s rhymes are fire. His delivery is perfect for the slow beat. You can use this song to set the mood. When this song plays you know what’s going to happen.

# 4 – Oui

“Oui” appears on the Late Nights album. The song came out in October 2015. This song is about a man who is in love with his partner. He thinks about her and believes they are meant to be together. He wishes they could be together all the time. He wants every day to be her birthday and every night to be Valentine’s Day. They can go anywhere. He doesn’t mind where they go. As long as they are together, he’s happy. The relationship doesn’t work without her. There’ no better feeling for him than when he’s with her. She’s on his mind all day. He loves her and she’s the best. People may hate it, but he doesn’t care.

“Oui” is a confessional about the way he feels about the woman he loves. Jeremih loves the woman so much and will do anything for her. He doesn’t care who doesn’t like it. The emotional lyrics will make your heart melt. This is a subject that Jeremih loves to sing about, and it never gets old. He knows the right way to express how he feels about the woman he loves. He can do the talking for men who have trouble expressing how they feel. Jeremih is confident when he wants to be and sensitive when he needs to be. He knows how to make a person fall in love with him.

You never get bored listening to this fascinating song. The music is smooth and slick. This is what good r&b is all about. Jeremih samples Shai’s “If I Ever Fall in Love.” The use of the sample mixes old school and new school. We like that Jeremih wants to honor r&b artists that came before him. The sample isn’t throughout the song, but you will recognize it when you hear it. Jeremih’s vocals are smoking hot. He belts when he sings the chorus. He uses a double which makes him sound like he’s harmonizing.

# 3 – Don’t Tell ‘Em – ft. YG

Comin in at number three is “Don’t Tell ‘Em” appears on the Late Nights album. The single was released in June 2014. It’s about a man who wants to keep his relationship a secret. It begins with him talking about needing a companion. She must be the one. Her body is like the summer, and she pleases him like no other. He doesn’t want her to tell anyone what they do. He won’t tell anyone what they do either.

The singer talks about her body and loves every bit of it. He’s had bad experiences in the past, but he knows how to please a woman. He wants her to keep coming back for more. The singer wants them to explore their sexuality without other people knowing about it. YG goes into explicit details about the way they please each other. Other women want him, but he only has eyes for his girlfriend.

Jeremih and YG deserve a standing ovation for wanting to keep their personal lives private. Most singers want to expose what goes on in the bedroom, but they don’t kiss and tell. The fact that they respect their girlfriends’ privacy would make them more willing to please their men and let go of their inhibitions.

They will be more willing to open up physically to their men. The beat is seductive. The music is ideal for the bedroom or the dance floor. The song samples Snap’s! song “Rhythm Is a Dancer.” Jeremih sings the chorus of “Rhythm Is a Dancer” the same way the hook is performed in Snap’s! version. Jeremih and YG have excellent timing in the song. Jeremih sings and YG raps in time with the music changes. This is the perfect song to listen to while you are riding in the car. It’s a song that will get the party started.

# 2 – Down on Me ft. 50 Cent

“Down on Me” appears on the All About You album. The song came out in September 2010. The song is about a man appreciating a woman dancing on the dance floor. He admires her body and the sexy way she dances. He loves the way she moves her hips on the dance floor. She has sex appeal while she’s dancing. He wants her to please him while she’s dancing. He wants special attention from her that she’s not giving to anyone else. He wants to buy her a drink. He can tell she wants him by the way she dances. Time flies when she dances for him. Now that he has her, he’s not going to let her go. She makes him want to be intimate with her. Jeremih and 50 Cent continue to compliment her body and the way she moves.

“Down on Me” gives in to desires. It celebrates physical attraction. Jeremih and 50 Cent focus on the physical side of a relationship. The song isn’t a typical love song. The song is sexually driven. They aren’t shy about expressing their desires for a beautiful and curvaceous woman. This is a subject that never gets old in music.

This is an excellent party song because it has a lot of energy. This song is ideal for the club scene and parties. The beat is so irresistible that it may inspire you to do a sexy dance for the one you love. Kudos to Jeremih and 50 Cent for being able to speed race their vocals to keep up with the pacing of the beat. Jeremih and 50 Cent sound like they are having fun on the track. The song is timeless and won’t get old.

# 1 – Birthday S*x

The number one song on our Top 10 Jeremih Songs list is “Birthday” and appears on Jeremih’s eponymous album. The track came out in February 2009. It’s about a man who wants to celebrate his partner’s birthday. The song opens with him wanting a special night with the woman he loves. He wants to please her on her birthday. They don’t have a lot of money or plans to do anything. Spending time with each other is all that matters on this day. It’s important to please her on her birthday. He loves her and wants her to feel special. Jeremih doesn’t think she needs presents. He feels like physical intimacy is the only gift she needs on the best day of the year. As the song progresses, he talks about the different ways they can please each other.

The singer doesn’t want to impress her with gifts. He wants to please her intimately and make her feel special on her day. Some women will probably want the gifts, but he’s creating a romantic and sensual setting for a special day. He wants to make her feel like she’s the only one who matters. This birthday anthem is just what you need when you are someone who has everything. If you want to make the person in your life feel special on their birthday, this is the song you should play.

The song has a chorus that everyone may want to sing. Once you hear the lyrics, you may find yourself singing along with Jeremih. The chorus is instantly likable. The chorus is simple and easy to sing along to. We applaud Jeremih for not being too graphic with the lyrics. He’s descriptive about what he wants without being too graphic. This song is perfect for people who want to make their partner feel special on their day.

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