Top 10 Bruce Kulick Songs

Bruce Kulick Songs

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Our top ten Bruce Kulick songs list presents the music of an American guitarist best known for his twelve-year ride with the band Kiss. Kulick’s membership with Kiss in 1984 was a move to replace guitarist Mark St. John who had left the band due to his medical condition. His elder brother Bob Kulick (who also served as a member of Kiss) is credited with introducing Bruce to Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of the band Kiss.

During his twelve-year stint as a member of Kiss, Bruce Kulick was lauded for his versatility—Kulick’s playing style respected the guitarists who came before him while working with his bandmates to shape Kiss’ new musical ventures. While his stint at Kiss might seem to be the pinnacle of his musical ventures, Bruce Kulick had an impressive career outside the band.

The guitarist has played with other reputable artists/bands including Meat Loaf, Michael Bolton, Grand Funk Railroad, Graham Bonnet of Alcatrazz, Todd Rundgren, Avantasia, Ronnie Spector, and Lordi. Additionally, the guitarist has had a remarkable solo career, issuing three studio albums to date. Our ten best Bruce Kulick songs look at the most impressive songs issued by the guitarist throughout his solo career.

Bruce Kulick’s Album Releases over the Years

In 2001, Bruce Kulick launched his solo music career after issuing his debut studio album Audiodog. Prior to the album release, Bruce was featured on a few tribute albums including Tribute to Van Halen – Little Guitars, Ozzy Osbourne Tribute – A Tribute to Ozzy, and A Tribute to Metallica – Metallic Assault. Working with Bruce Kulick on the production of his debut studio album was Curt Cuomo, a songwriter/musician/record producer best known for his work with Eddie Money, Stan Bush, and Kiss. Curt Cuomo was also featured on the keyboards in the album Audioslave.

Additionally, Kenny Aronoff (known for his work with John Fogerty and John Mellencamp) and Brent Fitz played the drums on the album. Brent Fitz has also played with other reputable artists/bands including Slash, Vince Neil, and Theory of a Deadman. Fitz also shared membership with Bruce at the short-lived rock group Union which also featured bassist James Hunting and John Corabi (former member of Mötley Crüe and The Scream). “Change is Coming,” “Need Me,” Strange to Me,” and the instrumental “Pair of Dice” are some of the best Bruce Kulick songs from the album Audiodog.

Bruce Kulick returned in 2003 with his sophomore studio album Transformer. The album was also produced by Bruce Kulick and Curt Cuomo in conjunction with Stephan Hanuman. Additional personnel featured on Transformer include John Corabi (on the song “Its Just My Life”), Brent Fitz on the drums, and Tim Cashion (who plays with the band Grand Funk Railroad) on the keyboards. “Its Just My Life,” “Don’t Tell Me Something,” and instrumentals “Jump the Shark” and “Inn of the Mountain Gods” are some of the most popular Bruce Kulick songs from the album Transformer.

In 2010, Bruce Kulick issued his third (and most recent) studio album BK3. The album is by far his most impressive record, earning a great reception in the mainstream. BK3 entered the Billboard Top Heatseekers Chart reaching the twelfth spot. Bruce Kulick featured multiple artists in the album including Brent Fitz, John Corabi, Eric Singer (Kiss and ESP), Tobias Sammet (Edguy and Avantasia), Douglas Fieger (The Knack), and Gene Simmons of Kiss among others. “Fate,” “No Friend of Mine,” “Hand of the King,” and “Ain’t Gonna Die” are the best Bruce Kulick songs from BK3

Bruce Kulick’s Legacy and Influences

Bruce Kulick remains a household name in the list of guitarists that helped shape the musical ventures of the enduring hard rock/heavy metal band Kiss. Kulick has mentioned Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Van Halen as some of the guitarists who shaped his playing style. In this article, we look at the ten best Bruce Kulick songs (from his solo career) that continue to affirm his position as one of the most revered hard rock/heavy metal guitar slingers.

# 10 – Beautiful to Me

Opening up our list is the radiant hit “Beautiful to Me.” The song was featured on the guitarist’s sophomore studio album Transformer. “Beautiful to Me” finds Bruce Kulick expressing his adoration for his lover who he finds to be perfectly beautiful. Kulick’s solo in the song “Beautiful to Me” serves as an absolute reminder of his outstanding guitar skills that saw him spend more than a decade as a member of the band Kiss.

# 9- Need Me

The song “Need Me” is the fourth track off the guitarist’s debut studio album Audiodog. “Need Me” brings us to the amazing songwriting skills of Bruce Kulick in conjunction with Curt Cuomo. This one opens up with a little feedback and then hits you hard and heavy with a mean dirty groove that just makes you want more.

# 8 – I Can’t Breathe

Coming in at the eighth spot on our all-time best Bruce Kulick songs list is the striking hit “I Can’t Breathe.” The song is yet another impressive pick from the guitarist’s sophomore studio album Transformer. In the song “I Can’t Breathe,” Bruce Kulick continues to express his profound affection for his lover—as he quotes, Bruce Kulick feels that he can barely live without his lover.  This one has a very 90s alternative groove to it. A little bit Kulick grunge.

# 7- Strange to Me

“Strange to Me” is a grooving track off Bruce Kulick’s debut studio album Audioslave. The song was issued as the second track of the album having been preceded by a blistering yet impressive album-opening instrumental track “Pair of Dice.” Bruce Kulick takes on the lead vocals backed by Curt Cuomo in this hit. 

#6- It’s Just My Life ft. John Corabi

Number six on our ten best Bruce Kulick songs list is the charming hit “Its Just My Life.” The track “Its Just My Life” is the only song on Transformer not to feature Bruce Kulick on the lead vocals. The result was as good as the efforts invested with John Corabi giving us some of his best vocal performances. John Corabi and Bruce Kulick world so well together in this song thanks to time shared as members of the rock group Union earlier in the late ‘90s and early 2000s.

#5- Fate

BK3, issued in 2010, is home to the fifth pick of our ten best Bruce Kulick songs list “Fate.” This aggressive fast-paced rocker was issued as the album-opening track to Bruce’s third studio album. Jeremy Rubolino’s slamming hot basslines in this song perfectly complement Bruce Kulick’s remarkable guitar riffs. 

#4- Hand of the King ft. Nick Simmons

Bruce Kulick’s third studio album, BK3, saw the guitarist invite several reputable musicians to play on the album. The album featured seasoned musicians including his former Kiss band members Gene Simmons and Eric Singer. However, songs like “Hand of the King” saw the guitarist feature rookies in the music scene, in this case, Nick Simmons, son to Kiss member Gene Simmons.

# 3- Change is Coming

Excellent would be an understatement in describing Bruce Kulick’s guitar skills on the song “Change is Coming,” thanks to his impressive heavy metal-esque playing style. In this song, Bruce Kulick is not afraid to go a tad bit dark as showcased by the agonizingly heavy guitar riffs. Without a doubt, “Change is Coming” rivals some of his work as a member of the band Kiss—the guitar solo in this song is enough proof of this claim, thanks to its aggressive yet alluring nature.

#2- Ain’t Gonna Die ft. Gene Simmons of Kiss

“Ain’t Gonna Die” is yet another striking hit off Bruce Kulick’s third studio album BK3. The song features vocal contributions from Kulick’s former Kiss bandmate Gene Simmons. “Ain’t Gonna Die” also features backing vocals of Ken Gullic (also played with Ace Frehley) and Wally Wingert. The song feels like one of those deep cuts from a ‘90s Kiss album. “Ain’t Gonna Die” features a good variety of tunes (not forgetting rip-roaring guitar solos from Bruce Kulick) that make it quite an audacious musical venture.

#1- No Friend of Mine ft. John Corabi

Number one on our ten best Bruce Kulick songs list is the alluring hit “No Friend of Mine.” The song is among the top musical gems from guitarist Bruce Kulick’s third studio album BK3. “No Friend of Mine” features lead vocals by John Corabi, a guitarist/vocalist best known for his work with The Scream and Mötley Crüe. This masterpiece is yet another proof of how much underrated John Corabi’s vocals are. It also serves as proof of Bruce’s endured success as a riff master. Cliff Calabro and Jeremy Rubolino sing background vocals in this song.

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