Top 10 Bullet For My Valentine Songs

Bullet For My Valentine Songs

Our top 10 Bullet for My Valentine songs introduce us to one of the best heavy metal bands from Wales. The band was formed in 1998 by friends who met at Bridgend College while studying music. Bullet for My Valentine started as Jeff Killed John playing Metallica and Nirvana cover songs in the first year of the band’s formation. The band would later release its first extended play, Better Off Alone, in 1999, with several other extended plays following till 2005. Throughout this period, the band saw some changes in the musical style from Limp Bizkit, and Korn influenced nu-metal to heavy metal. The whole change was credited to the members’ sudden shift in strategy and sound.

More changes would be seen with an alteration in its lineup and its former moniker Jeff Killed John to Bullet for My Valentine. After quite a long journey of balancing musical style and finding a worthwhile label, the band released its debut album, The Poison, in 2005. The album debuted at position one hundred and twenty-eight on the Billboard 200 chart certified gold in the US. Bullet for My Valentine would tour the world in a bid to increase the band’s popularity, opening for acts such as Guns N’ Roses and Metallica. More albums were released in the next years, with the band taking more influence from acts such as Slipknot and Pantera. Slight lineup changes have barely affected the band’s musical style, maintaining its post-hardcore vocals and heavy metal leads. The top 10 Bullet for My Valentine songs blends melodic harmonies and powerful riffs influenced by the punk-infused metal and ‘80s metal bands.

#10 – The Last Fight

Ushering us to the top 10 Bullet for My Valentine songs is the ballad “The Last Fight” featured on the band’s album Fever. The song’s lyrics allude to drug addiction, exploring how people presume that those who are addicted are the victim. Lead vocalist Matthew Tuck reveals that nearly no one ever remembers those on the front line to help the addicted get out of their addiction then get pushed aside. The song was penned on the concept of giving up on people who don’t believe in themselves. Thanks to the song’s awe-inspiring lyrics that it peaked at number two on the UK Rock Chart.

# 9 – 4 Words (To Choke Upon)

“4 Words (To Choke Upon)” is an original composition by Bullet for My Valentine for the band’s album The Poison. The “4 Words” the band is talking about are “look at me now” revealed at the chorus culmination. “4 Words (To Choke Upon)” has its lyrics alluding to people who want to keep you down. However, the band states that those who follow their heart and dreams succeed finally. Bullet for My Valentine had this song released as a message to the band’s critics who never believed in them, saying that they would not make it. The song peaked at number forty on the UK Singles Chart.

# 8 – You Want a Battle? (Here’s War)

The song “You Want a Battle? (Here’s War)” is one of the best Bullet for My Valentine songs from Venom. Written by Bullet for My Valentine, the song finds the band addressing bullying. Lead vocalist Tuck revealed that he experienced bullying when he was a student, has not been among the school’s “cool kids.” The song was penned to offer reassurance to those facing bullying, encouraging them to stand up for themselves. Tuck might have won the whole fight on another ground with probably none of the high school bullies matching his feats in the music industry!

# 7 – Don’t Need You

“Don’t Need You” is the first single from the band’s album Gravity. While the song might be dark and heavy, “Don’t Need You” is an epic release that has become Bullet for My Valentine’s signature. The song finds vocalist Tuck telling someone that he needs them in his life no more. This follows frustrations at a relationship with individuals who turned out to be unreal to him.

# 6 – Bittersweet Memories

Number six on our top 10 Bullet for My Valentine songs is “Bittersweet Memories,” a top hit from the band’s album Fever. The song’s lyrics allude to moving on with life after indulging oneself in a toxic romance. “Bittersweet Memories” has been described by many as a classic breakup ballad that reminds us that despite breakups being painful, at times, they are the best moments in our lives. Thanks to its catchy tune and magnificent message that the song became one of the airplay favorites.

# 5 – Hearts Burst into Fire

“Heart Burst into Fire” is a 2008 release from the band’s album Scream Aim Fire. The band’s bass player Jay revealed that the song was about life on the road away from their loved ones. However, after missing them and tons of hopes to see them together again, they come back home. The song was inspired by the period the band spent over two years on tour. “Hearts Burst into Fire” peaked at number sixty-six on the UK Singles Chart.

# 4 – Hands of Blood

Released in 2005, “Hands of Blood” is an outstanding song from the band’s eponymous album. Initially, the song was released in the band’s EP, going under the song’s title. The song has its lyrics describe a love/ hate relationship where the narrator showcases some psychotic tendencies where he contemplates killing his girlfriend when she steps out of the line. “Hands of Blood” was used in Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Burnout: Revenge

# 3 – Scream Aim Fire

“Scream Aim Fire” is an album-titled song whose lyrics allude to how it feels to be on the frontline of a battlefield. The song goes on to cite how messed up the situation gets when you have your life in another person’s hands, and all you have to do is kill him/her or get killed. Tuck and Padge penned the lyrics to this saddening yet factual ballad that soldiers or anyone pursuing something can truly relate with.

# 2 – Your Betrayal

“Your Betrayal” is the best release from the band’s album Fever. The song lyrics allude to cheating and dishonesty in an affiliation that turned sour. Vocalist Tuck revealed that producer Don Gilmore, who has been significant in producing for Good Charlotte and Linkin Park, beat him up to get the best songwriting from him. Thanks to picking a legendary producer and juicing the best of songwriting skills from Tuck that the song became quite a reputable release. The song peaked at number five on the US Mainstream Rock chart.

# 1 – Tears Don’t Fall

Number one on our top 10 Bullet for My Valentine songs list is “Tears Don’t Fall” from the band’s debut album, The Poison. The band’s fans confirmed that “Tears Don’t Fall” is their best release having them vote it for a sequel on a poll created by Bullet for My Valentine. “Tears Don’t Fall” has the narrator reveal that he can barely get things right with the girl he loves since he keeps contemplating about the affair he has, wishing not to hurt the other lady. The song peaked at number twenty-four on the US Hot Mainstream Rock Charts.

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