10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lil Nas X

Things You Didn't Know About Lil Nas X

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lil Nas X looks at a rapper and entertainer who was born on April 9th, 1999, in Lithia Springs, Georgia, a small city outside Atlanta. His father influenced him by playing old-school R&B records around the house. At age 11, he began producing music with FL Studio 12. Then at age 14, he started his first YouTube channel under the name “Lil’ Bluu.” On that channel, he would upload remixes of popular songs at the time. As early as 2015, he uploaded an EP called The Summer Classics 3 . Two years later, in 2017, Lil Nas X released his second EP called Just A Moment. It was around this time that he started gaining popularity by using the streaming website Twitch.

He was picked up under Columbia Records in 2018 with his third EP, 7 . He later released a single called “Old Town Road, ” with Billy Ray Cyrus which became an instant hit on SoundCloud for its catchy beat and hook. Lil Nas X then created his fourth EP titled Horse Emoji, which included his breakthrough hit “Old Town Road.” It debuted at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100. Soon enough, it rose to number one on the charts, making it his first number one hit and only the second song to debut at number seven or higher without any promotion beforehand (the first being Despacito). However, Billboard decided to take “Town Road” off the Hot 100 and started counting streaming points for the song’s video. This caused it to drop to #19 but later rose back up due to the controversy, making “Old Town Road” his first top 10 hit and breaking a record set by The Beatles for longest-running single at number one on the Hot 100 from a male solo artist.

He was featured in Charli XCX’s single “1999, ” became a meme after his appearance at iHeartRadio Music Awards, and even released an EP called 7+, which included songs that would be on Horse Emoji before Columbia decided not to release them. In 2019, he released a new single titled “Panini,” which went viral with its catchy production. Lil Nas X partnered with New York-based MSCHF to release a modified Nike Air Max 97s called Satan Shoes on March 2021. To help you know about the artist, here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lil Nas X:

# 1- His real name is Montero

Born as Montero Lamar Hill, he later changed his stage name to Lil Nas X after the country music song “Old Town Road.” Like other singers who take on different names for show business, he decided to adopt a new name out of convenience and for copyright reasons. Though not much is known about this decision, there was one interview where Lil Nas X stated that changing his stage name was something easy for him because he had always wanted to be called that way.

#2 – He Played The Trumpet While In Grade School

Lil Nas X began playing the trumpet at age ten when he was in elementary school. At the time, his father made him practice for up to three hours a day on weekdays and five hours each day on weekends. He stopped playing after two years because it wasn’t cool anymore. And while some may think it’s stereotypical for an African-American man to play the trumpet, he chose it over piano or drums after seeing a boy playing one in a Boyz II Men video and thought it would make him stand out more at school.

# 3 – He Left College To Pursue Music:

Lil Nas X dropped out of college because he felt like it was not for him. He shared this on Twitter and has since been very open about how he did not want to go back to school because everything felt complicated. This led him to drop out even though some family members believed that music wouldn’t be enough for him and that an educational background would help advance his career. Despite these comments, Lil Nas X still decided to focus on music.

# 4 – He was the first artist to have a song remain at number one on the Billboard 100 list for 19 weeks:

Lil Nas X has become the first artist to have a number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 19 weeks straight, with his hit “Old Town Road.” The song was initially pulled from many top-40 stations across America for being too country, but it became a massive success after its re-release. Now, other artists are trying their hand at turning it into rap remixes.

# 5 – He was born an Aries, which is true to his talent, humor, and honesty:

Aries are known for being creative, energetic people who have strong self-confidence and charisma. They love attention and tend to be very artistic individuals who can also be quite stubborn at times. Their tempers can often flare when they are not given the attention they have been yearning for.

# 6 – He’s got a big family

The young star has a big family, including an older brother from his mother’s previous relationship and three sisters from another relationship. His father is estranged from the family, although Lil Nas X said that they had had short conversations over the phone in recent years.

# 7 – He lived with his grandmother as a child

Lil Nas X lived with his grandmother for much of his childhood after falling out with his mother at age ten. “My mom was mad at me one day, and she just kicked me out,” he recalled in an interview, describing how he needed to find shelter, so he ended up living with his grandmother for four months before moving into her basement shortly afterward. She would often take him on walks to get ice cream three times a day and went to every one of his school football games. Lil Nas X still lives with her to this day in Atlanta.

# 8 -He’s interested in acting

Though not much is known about what Lil Nas X wants to do after music, according to him, acting could be a fun profession. He also mentioned that if Billie Eilish or another musician decides to take on an acting career and ends up good at it, he would also consider pursuing the job.

# 9 – Lil Nas X made it onto Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 lists in 2020

In 2020, the rapper from Atlanta, GA, was featured on Forbes’s ’30 Under 30 List’. He shared a photo of himself sitting next to Kim Kardashian West and Justin Bieber with the caption, “Had never been this close to a legend before.”

# 10 – As of 2021, he has no tattoos on his body:

Lil Nas X also shared on his Twitter account that as of 2021, he will not have any tattoos on his body. This is because he wanted to be free from the forms of control and restrictions that some people believe come with having tattoos. According to him, some people prefer to keep their tattoos a secret and hate telling stories about what they do and don’t like about their bodies because of social stigma.


Lil Nas X is a rapper who has been blowing up lately. He’s got plenty of attention from the media, and he deserves it. His songs are catchy, and his style is unique. We’re excited to see what this talented star does next.


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