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Can Songs

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The wave of new progressive rock bands that came out of Europe in the late 1960’s touched many different European countries. Bands like Camel, Caravan, Van der Graaf Generator, Soft Machine all fueled the progressive rock movement. In the city of Cologne, West Germany, a band by the name of Can was formed in 1969. The group released their first album in 1969 entitled Monster MovieFrom 1969 to 1979, the band released at least one album a year to become one of the most consistent progressive rock acts of the 1970’s. The band released one more album in 1989 after a ten year hiatus and that was it.

The original lineup consisted of Irmin Schmidt on keyboards Jaki Liebezeit on drums Holger Czukay on bass  Michael Karoli on guitar and Malcolm Mooney on vocals. On the band’s third album Damo Suzuki replaced Malcolm Mooney on vocals. Damo Suzuki would only stay with the band a couple of years and leave before the release of the bands sixth album in 1974. The band would see further personnel changes as they continued on throughout the decade of the nineteen seventies.

Our top 10 Can Songs list takes a brief look at some of the band’s most interesting moments. We hope you enjoy our little excursion into the history of Germany’s progressive rock band Can.

# 11 – Spoon

We could not decide between the song “Spoon,” and “Halleluwah,” to take the number 1 position on our Top 10 Can songs list. So we made “Halleluwah,” # 1 and “Spoon,” #11. Does that make sense? We think it does.

# 10 – Millionenspiel

From the opening moment of this very cool track you will discover why Can was labeled Progressive Rock.

# 9 – Sing Swan Song

The Can song “Sing Swan Song,” was released on the album Ege Bamyasi. The album was released in 1972. It was the band’s fourth album.

# 8 – Paperhouse

In 1971, the band Can released the album Tago Mago. The song “Paperhouse,” appeared as the opening track on the band’s groundbreaking album.

# 7 – Turtles Have Short Legs

Now this is what you call a great sing along song. “Turtles have a short legs, not for walking.” It’s so brilliant. Take a listen, you wont stop listening to it.

# 6 – I Want More

This great Can song was released on the 1976 album Flow Motion. Disco was becoming big in 1976. Thank goodness there were bands like Can to goof on it.

# 5 – You Doo Right

Vintage psychedelic progressive rock music from the band’s debut album Monster Movie. The album was released in 1969. The track “You Doo Right,” took up the entire second side of the album.

# 4 – Moonshake

“Moonshake,” was released on the band’s Future Days album. The album was released in 1973. It was lead singers’ Damo Suzuki swan song with the band.

 # 3 – Mother Sky

Continuing our Can songs list we turn to a song that appeared on multiple albums. The song “Mother Sky,” appeared in the 1970 film Deep End which also featured music by the songwriter Cat Stevens. The song “Mother Sky,” also was released on the band’s second album entitled Soundtracks in 1970.

# 2 – Vitamin C

The Can song “Vitamin C,” is easily the band’s most famous song. The great track was released on the album Ege Bamyasi.

# 1 – Halleluwah

The long extended jam “Halleluhah,” with its cool psychedelic groove is pure European progressive rock. A perfect way to end our top 10 Can songs list. The song was released on the great Tago Mago album in 1971.

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