Top 10 Cody Jinks Songs

Cody Jinks Songs

Our Top 10 Cody Jinks Songs list takes a look at one of country music’s biggest independent artists. He’s an outlaw country music singer and songwriter. He’s known for his traditional country music roots. He sold over 1.5 million albums and has two billion streams. Cody Jinks made history by having two consecutive number one albums. He released the albums After the Fire and The Wanting one week apart and they debuted at number one. He had a lot of support from his “Flockers” to make this accomplishment. Some of his hits include “Must Be the Whiskey,” “Somewhere Between I Love You And I’m Leaving,” “Wish You Were Here,” “The Way I Am,” “Ain’t a Train,” “Think Like You Think,” “William and Wanda,” “Same Kind of Crazy as Me” and “Which One I Feed.”

Meredith Cody Jinks was born on August 18, 1980. He started learning to play country music at 16, but went on to form a heavy metal band. He was in the band Unchecked Aggression. He was in the band from 1998 – 2003. He played the lead guitar in the band. Metallica and Pantera influenced them. They released the album The Massacre Begins in 2002. The band broke up so Cody Jinks took a break from music. In 2005, he decided to go back to his country roots. He released albums in the country genre in 2006.

Cody Jinks released Collector’s Item in 2006. The album is hard to find so fans would have trouble purchasing this album. It features the singles “Think Like You Think,” “From Here to You,” “Walk Alone,” “Fast Hand” and “Up Too Early.” He released Cast No Stones in 2008. The album features the singles “Will You Still Love Me,’ “The Wrong Place,” “Pretty Packaging,” “Without Saying a Word,” “See the Man” and “Cast No Stones.” Less Wise was released in 2010. It features the singles “Less Wise,” “Wake Up Becki,” “Been Around,” “Wish You Were Here,” “Last Call for the Blues” and “Somewhere in the Middle.” The album sold 1,800 copies.

Cody Jinks released 30 in 2012. It features the singles “A Memory and a Dream,” “Looking for a Friend,” “We Get By,” “Glad to Say,” “Alone” and “This Old Guitar.” Adobe Sessions came out in 2015. “What Else Is New,” “We’re Gonna Dance,” “Birds,” “Me or You,” “Loud and Heavy,” “Ready for the Times to Get Better,” “David” and “Dirt.” I’m Not the Devil was released in 2016. The album debuted at number four on the country music charts and number 39 on the Billboard 200 charts. It sold 11,000 copies in its first week. It features the singles “The Way I Am,” “I’m Not the Devil,” “No Words,” “Give All You Can,” “She’s All Mine” and “Vampires.” The album went on to sell over 67,000 copies.

Lifers came out in 2008. It features the singles “Must Be Whiskey,” “Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leavin’,” “Lifers,” “Can’t Quit Enough,” “Big Last Name” and “Stranger.” The album sold over 56,000 copies. After the Fire came out in 2019. It features the singles “After the Fire,” “Think Like You Think,” “William and Wanda,” “One Good Decision,” “Dreamed With One,” “Someone to You” and “Yesterday Again.” The album sold over 20,000 copies. The Wanting was also released in 2019. It features the singles “The Wanting,” “Same Kind of Crazy,” “Never Alone Always Lonely,” “It Don’t Rain California,” “A Bit of Something Sweet” and “Where Even Angels Fear to Fly.” The album sold over 18,000 copies.

Cody Jinks managed to make a name for himself in the country music world. He is an independent artist so he managed to find success in that market. He may have got his start in the heavy metal genre, but he managed to make a name for himself in the country music world. He is one of the rare country music singers who perform country music. His albums may not have sold a lot of copies, but he has a very loyal fanbase known as the “Flockers’ who will support his music. This Top 10 Cody Jinks Songs list will feature his best songs.

# 10 – Looking for a Friend

The first song on our Top 10 Cody Jinks Songs list is “Looking for a Friend” from the 30 album. The song has a country sound. The melancholy song is self-explanatory. He’s in a bar looking for his friend. Jinks tells an interesting story about what happened when he went looking for a lost friend. It sounds like something that would happen in a movie. The music is somber and tender. The music has a classic country sound. It also has a rock element to it.

The steel string guitar will blow your mind away. It makes it sound like genuine country music. The drums give the song tempo. The violin gives the music a tenderness that it wouldn’t have without it. Jinks’ deep vocals are a perfect marriage with the music. He sounds similar to Alan Jackson on this track. He sings with a slight twang, but that’s what’s needed to sell an authentic country song. His vocals are stacked when he sings the chorus. It was a good addition to the song because it made it sound like more than one person was in it. Jinks holds your attention until he’s finished telling his story. The song does end abruptly, but it doesn’t hurt the song.

# 9 – Which One I Feed

The next song on our Top 10 Cody Jinks Songs list is “Which One I Feed” from The Wanting album. It has a country and rock beat. The philosophical song is about two sides of a person. He has one good side and one bad side. The two sides are in battle with each other for control of the person. The lyrics are the equivalent to the angel vs. the devil. The point of the song is to decide which side he wants to favor. Do you want to favor the good side or the bad side? The lyrics can be relatable to anyone who is torn between doing the right thing or the wrong thing.

The song is based on a Native American story about a grandfather and his grandson, but he managed to turn it into an interesting story. The song is deep and hits home. The song teaches you how to deal with the good and the bad things in life. The music is edgy and will please fans of guitar riffs. There’s plenty of riffs to soak in while you listen to the track. It features the acoustic and electric guitars. There is a dobro solo that’s not to be missed. The thumping drumbeat sells the song. Jinks is a genius when it comes to singing. He sounds very good on the track. His deep vocals are just what the dark song needs to pull it off.

# 8 – Same Kind of Crazy As Me

The despondent song is from The Wanting album. It has a country beat. The depressing song is about the troubles that are going on in the world today. The narrative of the story is about a person who doesn’t like the way things are going in the world. He wants people to change the way they think and act. He hopes they eventually feel the same way he feels. The lyrics are different. People talk about what’s going on in the world, but they don’t discuss it the way he does in this song.

The beat is somber and dark. It features the acoustic and electric guitar. It has a methodical drumbeat to it. The instrumentation will please country fans as well as rock fans. The music is appealing and is just as good as his singing. Jinks’ deep vocals blended well with the dark music. He does a convincing job telling the story. He sings the song with ease. He has a slight twang in his voice, which gives this song some authenticity. He sells every word that he’s saying in the song. He doesn’t hold notes in the song, but he does what is needed to pull off the track.

# 7 – William and Wanda

The serene song is from the After the Fire album. It has a country sound to it. The wistful song is about his grandparents. It’s a song about what it would be like when we get to heaven. The second half of the song is about what our deceased loved ones miss about our flaws. It’s hard not to get choked up listening to the powerful lyrics of the track. Here is some trivia about the song. Jinks’ wife helped him finish writing the track. He wrote it after his grandfather’s funeral.

The music is stripped down. It has an acoustic sound, which was a wise choice. The meaning behind the song is emotional so there wasn’t a need for too many instruments to take away from that. The music is simple and that’s all it needed. The music will bring tears to your eyes. The stripped down instrumentation gives listeners a chance to focus on his vocals. Cody Jinks’ voice is fragile and delicate. He has so much emotion that you can practically see the picture he’s trying to paint. Cody Jinks takes us on a journey and we are there for the ride.

Cody Jinks keeps his vocals soft and tender. Cody Jinks doesn’t attempt to belt or shout in the song. He didn’t need to do that because the song wasn’t meant for it. He does everything he needs to do to make the song a gem. He didn’t need to do anything else to make it work. This is a wonderful tribute to his grandparents.

# 6 – Think Like You Think

The cautionary tale is from the album After the Fire. The track has a country sound. The dramatic song is about a warning to himself to stop acting the way he does with his family. He’s not doing the right things in life and he needs to stop his bad ways. He doesn’t want to lose the people he loves because of his behavior. His character in the song isn’t a good person. Luckily he has a good woman by his side who warns him that he’s doing the wrong things.

He has a faithful woman by his side who doesn’t want him to go down a dark road. The song tells the truth about families in similar situations where one family member is going down the wrong path while the other one is there to save them from going down the wrong path. The music is refreshing. It sounds like pure country music. A lot of country artists tend to gravitate towards pop or rock instead of sticking with their country roots.

Cody Jinks is one of the few artists who sticks with genuine country music. He adds rock elements to his songs, but they still maintain the country sound. The fiddle, acoustic and electric guitars are the stars of the music. The drumbeat is infectious and provides the tempo that allows you to bop your head. Cody Jinks’ voice is pure and vulnerable which was what was needed to sell the song.

# 5 – Ain’t a Train

The next song on our Top 10 Cody Jinks Songs list is “Ain’t a Train” from the album After the Fire. The song has a country sound. The introspective song is about not trying to hold on to something that doesn’t work anymore. It’s better to let go than to keep holding on to something. The lyrics are symbolic to anyone who has trouble letting go of things. The music is catchy and infectious. It brings a little country and rock to the table. The steel guitar string and electric guitars are phenomenal.

The person playing the fiddle is a genius. You don’t hear fiddles being played in music anymore so that was a pleasant surprise. The musician is a maestro on the fiddle. You have to hear the fiddle solo to believe how good it is. The fiddle makes the song sound like a true country track. It will please fans of country music to hear it being incorporated in a song. Jinks’ vocals are spot on with this track. He sings in a higher key than his normal tone. He showed versatility on the track by doing that. He proved he could sing in a higher key and sound good doing it. This is a gem that you will want to hear over again.

# 4 – The Way I Am

The responsible song is from the album I’m Not the Devil. It has a country beat. The tale is about working hard and taking care of business while others would rather be doing something more fun. It takes a strong person to take care of their responsibilities when there is temptation to do something else.

The song is relatable to anyone who has friends who choose to have fun while you’re taking care of your responsibilities. He gets the message out there without sounding preachy. He doesn’t come off judgmental about it. He wants everyone to know that’s how he is. He’s not perfect because he would want to know what it’s like not to have responsibilities so he could have fun too. This is a remake of Merle Haggard’s song. Jinks sings the song as if it’s his track. It’s easy to forget that someone else recorded the song.

His vocals are a combination of Alan Jackson and George Strait. His smooth vocals were a great accompaniment to the music. He sings with a twang in his voice to make the song country friendly. The music has the classic country sound. It features the drumbeat and the guitars. It sounds like the perfect music to dance to while you are in a bar.

# 3 – Wish You Were Here

The dreamy song is from the album Less Wise. The song has a country beat. The conceptual song is about alienation and loss. He’s singing about the toll touring has on families. A lot of singers have to be away from their families in order to make money. It’s hard on the families for them to be gone so long, but they deal with it. This song isn’t relatable to anyone who isn’t an entertainer, or who doesn’t have to leave their families for long periods of time. It gives you an inside look on how celebrities deal with being away from their families for so long.

This is a cover of Pink Floyd’s song. Their version is a rock version while Jinks’ version is a country version. Jinks managed to take a well-known rock song and put a country spin on it. His version is stripped and allows you to focus on his vocals as well as the music. He took a chance changing the genre of the song, but he pulled it off. Jinks sings the song as if he wrote it about his own family. You could forget that he didn’t write the song. He sings the song with a twang to give the song an authentic country sound.

# 2 – Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leaving

The stellar song is from the album Lifers. The song has a country beat. The anthemic song is about a man who isn’t sure where he fits. He doesn’t know if he’s more comfortable on the road or at home. The only thing he knows is that he feels alone on the road and at home. People can’t directly relate to the song, but there are elements that are relatable. People can relate to being torn between two things. It may be hard to make a decision on what to do.

Cody Jinks created a story about not knowing which decision to make because they’re both bad decisions. The country ballad will make you feel emotional. The beat is melancholy and has the classic country sound. It’s sure to please fans of country music. He knows how to stick with the genre in ways that other artists don’t. He shows versatility on the track. He didn’t stick with his deep vocals on the song. He sang the song in a higher key. He also belted after the bridge, which is not to be missed. He keeps you interested in the story until the end. He does a magnificent job on his vocals.

# 1 – Must Be the Whiskey

The number one song on our Top 10 Cody Jinks Songs list is “Must Be the Whiskey” from the album Lifers. The song has a country beat. The reflective song is about a man whose relationship takes a turn for the worst once alcohol gets involved. He ponders whether he was in love with the woman or if it was the whisky making him think he was in love with her. He talks about the regrets he has because of whiskey. The music is a main star of the track.

The music is refreshing and traditional country. It sticks with the country formula. The music features the bass, steel guitar, acoustic guitar, cello, drums and keys all of which combine to make a fantastic sound. This is a track that will please true country fans. It has that pure southern charm that will entice fans of country music. Jinks sings the song in his higher register, which once again shows his versatility. The music is loud so he needed to sing louder to keep up with it. He accomplishes that without shouting. His vocals are pleasant on the ear. This song is an earworm that will stay in your head after it’s done. It deserves to be number one on our list.

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