Top 10 Delaney & Bonnie Songs

Delaney & Bonnie Songs

Our top 10 Delaney & Bonnie songs introduce us to a duo known for their pulsating live performances any time they graced the stage. The duo was made up of singers and songwriters Delaney Bramlett and Bonnie Bramlett. With the two sharing a marital commitment, having them grace the stage with their melodic voices left fans in awe. Delaney & Bonnie fronted a rock/soul ensemble named Delaney & Bonnie and Friends. The band included quite a huge catalog of successful musicians from diverse backgrounds. Some of the notable faces in Delaney & Bonnie and Friends included King Curtis, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, and George Harrison, to name a few.

Delaney and Bonnie had quite a sensational musical career before the meeting. While Delaney learned the guitar in his youth, Bonnie, on the other edge, was an accomplished singer in her early teenage years. Bonnie performed in the Ike & Tina Turner Revue and with legendary blues guitarist Albert King when she was only fourteen. On the other edge, Delaney had started his solo career signing with Independence Records, where he recorded his debut song, “Guess I Must Be Dreaming.” The duo is especially remembered for their 1970 live album On Tour with Eric Clapton. Started in 1967, Delaney & Bonnie ended their musical partnership following their divorce in 1972. Their musical genes seem to have been passed on to their daughter Bekka Bramlett, a 1990s dazzling lead singer for the band Fleetwood Mac. Our top 10 Delaney & Bonnie songs list brings the best of a one-time happy marriage and music partnership to ever grace the stage.

# 10 – Free the People

Ushering us to the top 10 Delaney & Bonnie songs is the 1970 hit “Free the People.” Featured on their 1970 fourth studio album, To Bonnie from Delaney, “Free the People” is one of the best compositions from folk-rock singer and songwriter Barbara Keith, a member of The Stone Coyotes. The song calls for humanity by saving anyone from their life problems. “Free the People” charted at number eighty-four on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

# 9 – Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Featured on their 1970 album On Tour with Eric Clapton, “where There’s a Will, There’s a Way” is by far one of the best Delaney & Bonnie songs. The song is a collaborative effort of Delaney & Bonnie and Bobby Whitlock on the song’s composition. Some might have proposed that both Delaney and Bonnie should have looked back at this song to help save their marriage from divorce. However, the two had sunk deep in violence following their addiction to cocaine. The song charted at the hundredth position on the Billboard Hot 100 on the last week of April 1972.

# 8 – Come On in My Kitchen

“Come On in My Kitchen” is a cover song by Delaney & Bonnie from their band’s 1971 album, Motel Shot. Originally, the song was written and released by Robert Johnson back in 1937. “Come On in My Kitchen” is a phenomenal masterpiece usually seen by many as a hypnotic lament. The song was among the greatest releases from Robert Johnson, a great blues-style musician who died at twenty-seven. Delaney & Bonnie’s version is an acoustic medley with iconic guitarist Duane Allman on Dobro.

# 7 – When the Battle is Over

Number seven on our top 10 Delaney & Bonnie songs is the ballad “When the Battle is Over.” The hit song is among the best Delaney & Bonnie songs from their 1969 album Accept No Substitute. Some have related the song to Delaney and Bonnie’s life, reflecting most on their volatile relationship. However, only the writers of the song, Dr. John and Jessie Hill, can really tell whether the duo’s life inspired the song’s lyrics.

# 6 – Poor Elijah – Tribute to Johnson (Medley)

“Poor Elijah” is a rhythmic song from Delaney & Bonnie’s 1970 album On Tour with Eric Clapton.  Released in March 1970, the song brought together Delaney Bramlett, Jim Ford, and Leon Russell in the song’s composition. Eric Clapton provides quite an enthralling guitar performance, making him one of the best guitarists of his time. The Black Crowes have done a cover of this song featuring it on their album Warpaint Live.

# 5 – Groupie (Superstar)

Written by Bonnie Bramlett and Leon Russell, “Groupie (Superstar)” is one of the best Delaney & Bonnie songs from their album D&B Together (1972). The song was inspired by Rita Coolidge, who gave the idea based on observation she made on female groupies’ relationships in the 1960s with rock stars. “Groupie (Superstar)” remains one of the duo’s best releases having it covered by notable artists/bands, including Luther Vandross and The Carpenters.

#4 – Soul Shake

“Soul Shake” is a song that brings the sublime lyrical prowess of Margaret Lewis and Myrna Smith. Featured on Delaney & Bonnie’s album, To Bonnie from Delaney, the three-minute song makes you feel like a mention in the Hall of Fame might have been long overdue for Bonnie. Her vocals compliment Delaney’s in this catchy upbeat ballad. The song stayed six weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, peaking at number forty-three.

# 3 – Only You Know, and I Know

Number three on our top 10 Delaney & Bonnie songs list is the hit “Only You Know, and I Know.” The song adds glamour to Delaney & Bonnie’s 1970 album D & B Together, thanks to the awe-inspiring lyrics by Dave Mason for the song. Dave Mason released the original version of this song in his 1970 album Alone Together. Delaney & Bonnie’s version went on to feature in the top 20 in the US and top 10 in Canada.

# 2 – Comin’ Home

Featured on Delaney & Bonnie’s 1970 album On Tour with Eric Clapton, “Comin’ Home” towered over all other songs in the album. Thanks to the awe-inspiring and highly relatable lyrics by Bonnie Bramlett and Eric Clapton, that the song received quite a great reception amongst music fans. The song is inspired by how one goes far from home but returns to their loved one. “Comin’ Home” featured on the US and UK Singles Chart

# 1 – Never Ending Song of Love

Written by Delaney Bramlett, “Never Ending Song of Love” is the best Delaney & Bonnie song by far. The song was originally recorded for their band’s 1971 album, Motel Shot. “Never Ending Song of Love” outperforms every other Delaney & Bonnie song on the chart peaking at number thirteen on the Billboard Hot 100. A cover of the song by The New Seekers peaked at number two in the UK Singles Chart, reaching number one on the Irish Charts.

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