Top 10 Linda Perry Produced Songs

Linda Perry Produced Songs

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Our Top 10 Linda Perry Produced Songs list will look at a talented and legendary singer, songwriter and producer. You may have heard her songs on the radio, but you may not have known she produced them. Linda Perry got her start as the lead singer and songwriter for her band 4 Non Blondes. She wrote the band’s hit “What’s Up?.” She became established as a songwriter and producer in the music industry. She has worked artists such as Christina Aguilera, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Celine Dion, James Blunt, Cheap Trick, Adam Lambert, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Courtney Love, Blaque, Enrique Iglesias, Kelis, Faith Hill, Gavin Rossdale, Melissa Etheridge, Sugababes, Robbie Williams as well as others. She has won two ASCAP Awards for her songwriting. She has written big hits for several artists. Our Top 10 Linda Perry Produced Songs list will honor a talented writer and producer. She has an ear for music, so she has produced some excellent songs.

# 10 – Perfect Stranger – Cheap Trick

The 10th song on our Top 10 Linda Perry Produced Songs list is “Perfect Stranger” by Cheap Trick. ”Perfect Stranger” is from Cheap Trick’s Rockford album. “Perfect Stranger” was released in April 2006. The song is about someone who is tired of people giving out unsolicited advice on how to live life. He is sick. He is tired of perfect strangers telling him what to do. These strangers don’t understand him or what he is going through. He reminds himself that everyone starts off as strangers. He feels he is better without people trying to control him. The narrator is conflicted because he doesn’t know whether to stay or go. He doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He also doesn’t know if he should keep going or give up on life. He is a lost soul and doesn’t know which way is up.

This is a song about a man’s struggle with his identity. He deals with different types of pressure and doesn’t know how to handle it. This song is perfect for people who are at a crossroads in life. Cheap Trick and Linda Perry wrote a sentimental song about being confused in life. The music has sensational guitar riffs and dramatic drum beats. Linda Perry produced the song in a way that makes it sound like something the Beatles or the Ramones would have recorded. She has an impeccable ear for music and she knows what works for the song. The music is energetic and keeps the song from being depressing. She produced the song in a way to make you smile instead of feeling down. Robin Zander’s vocals are strong. They can be heard over the loud music.

# 9 – Next Plane Home – Daniel Powter

The ninth pick on our Top 10 Linda Perry Produced Songs list is “Next Plane Home.” “Next Plane Home” is from Daniel Powter’s Under the Radar album. “Next Plane Home” was released in August 2008. The touching song is about a man who has been away from the person he loves for too long. The song is told in reverse. It starts off with him being home. He comes home and wakes up next to someone with beautiful blue eyes. He notices the sun shining on her. The light from the sun makes her look like an angel. As the song moves forward, he thinks about the way he treated the person in his life. He knows he hasn’t been the best man to her.

He talks about missing special events in her life. He wants to come back home but he doesn’t know when he could do it. He is lonely. He realizes she is not there with him. He decides he is getting on the next plane home. The narrator is excited to get home because he wants to see her smile. He would swim back home if he could so he could see her. He realizes he has made a life that requires him to be away from her. He has been gone so long. He feels like he doesn’t belong there anymore.

This is a heart wrenching song about a man who can’t see the person he loves. He has to be away and he is reminded that he is lonely without her. If you are away from the person you love, this song will resonate with you. Life can be demanding and keep you from the people you love. Daniel Powter captures that feeling well. This song is interpretative because it can be about anyone in your life you are missing. In Daniel Powter’s case it is about his family, but it can be anyone to you. Linda Perry didn’t write this song, but she did a fantastic job producing it. She brought out the best in Daniel Powter. She arranged the song in a way to make him shine as well as the music. She made sure his emotions spoke volumes in the song. Linda Perry helped Daniel Powter prove that he can create magical songs besides “Bad Day.” They work well together and should create more songs together.

# 8 – Tomorrow – Lillix

The eighth song on our Top 10 Linda Perry Produced Songs list is “Tomorrow.” “Tomorrow” is from Lillix’s Falling Uphill album. “Tomorrow” was released in October 2003. The song talks about the loneliness people feel in their daily lives. The narrator talks about spending another day by herself. She just stares at the television or looks through a magazine. She needs someone there with her. She does the same routine throughout the day. She picks up her phone, but no one is home. She ends up going out by herself. She wants to stand in a crowd, so she won’t feel lonely. She feels as if she has hit rock bottom. The narrator talks about the reasons why her mind is spinning. She feels like she is being suffocated and needs to find a way to break out. She feels like she is going to be okay and wants to continue to live her life. She is determined to get over her troubles and leave the past behind her.

This is a melancholy song about solitude and how it can affect your life. Some people don’t like to be alone and wish they could find comfort by being with other people. The song is melancholy, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It gives you hope that your troubles will end. Linda Perry and members of Lillix came up with a song that is relatable to people who are lonely. They give lonely people hope that things will get better if they don’t give up. If you are lonely, you will feel like the song is about your life. Linda Perry arranged the song beautifully. The song has a fantastic rock beat. It starts off softly and builds into a power ballad. The heart-pounding guitar riffs will blow your mind. Linda Perry knew that Lillix was up for the challenge of singing a big song like this. Tasha-Ray Evin has a beautiful voice. Her vocals are powerful and may bring a tear to your eye as you listen to her sing the touching lyrics.

# 7 – Keeps Gettin’ Better – Christina Aguilera

The seventh song on our Top 10 Linda Perry Produced Songs list is “Keeps Gettin’ Better.” “Keeps Gettin’ Better” is from Christina Aguilera’s Keeps Gettin’ Better: A Decades of Hits album. “Keeps Gettin’ Better” was released in September 2008. The song is about individuality and not being afraid to embrace it. The narrator takes pride in herself. She is a bad girl and doesn’t care about her flaws. She has different sides to her personality. She can be calm one minute and sassy the next. She is out to save the world. She considers herself a superhero because she has different identities like a superhero. One minute she doesn’t care about what anyone thinks and the next she wants to look out for people. The bad girl attitude doesn’t last long. She will be back to her sweet and caring self. She wants to take control of her life and not be worried about what naysayers have to say about her.

This is a song about embracing all parts of your personality. Christina Aguilera and Linda Perry wrote a song about self-love and acceptance. This song will teach you to love all sides of your personality. You don’t have to be perfect to be loved. If people have a problem with you, you can love yourself. They want you to accept everything about yourself including your flaws. They don’t want you to apologize to anyone about who you are. Linda Perry created an engaging electropop beat. The song has a futuristic sound when it starts. It turns into a synth-friendly beat. This song gives listeners a chance to hear a different side of Christina Aguilera. Linda Perry knows the sounds to use to make Christina Aguilera’s songs stand out. Linda Perry helped get Christina Aguilera away from the typical teen pop songs that she was famous for singing. Christina Aguilera worked with Linda Perry several times and we can see why she did it. Two other songs will appear on our list because the dynamic duo work well together and created great songs together.

# 6 – Sure Looks Good to Me – Alicia Keys

“Sure Looks Good to Me” is from Alicia Keys’ As I Am album. “Sure Looks Good to Me” was released in 2007. This reflective song is about her life and how it shaped her to be the person she is meant to be. She talks about her experiences in life. Some of her experiences were good and some of them were bad. The singer believes that taking chances and facing failures are vital for your growth and development. As the song moves forward, she discusses time moving too fast. She encourages people to see the light before they die. She doesn’t want anyone to rain on her parade and waste her time. She wants people to love and live their lives. She never wants them to lose sight of who they are.

This is a song about appreciating life and accepting it for what it is. The song teaches listeners to accept the good and bad things in life. The song has a positive message about loving life and giving love to one another. Alicia Keys and Linda Perry created an uplifting song about appreciating life. They make a great team. They are from different worlds musically, but they were able to come together to create a song that would satisfy both of their types of music. This song is r&b and soul meets rock music. The melody of the song sounds like Alice Clark’s song “Say You’ll Never (Never Leave Me).” If you listen carefully, you will hear the melody from Alice Clark’s song throughout Alicia Keys‘ song. The acoustic piano driven song gives Alicia Keys a chance to showcase her powerful vocals. Linda Perry helped bring out the best in Alicia Keys on this track. This song will get you through your dark days.

# 5 – What You Waiting For? – Gwen Stefani

The next song on our Top 10 Linda Perry Produced Songs list is “What You Waiting For?.” “What You Waiting For?” is from Gwen Stefan’s Love. Angel. Music. Baby. album. “What You Waiting For?” was released in October 2004. The song is about taking chances in life and not waiting for them to come to you. The song opens with the narrator talking about the years going by. She talks about being on her own. She talks about scary situations and how she handles them. She is scared about doing things alone. She wants to take the chance because she might be able to get through it. It could be great to take a chance because you may enjoy what you’re doing. She questions what you are waiting for when it comes to living your life. She talks about how important it is to cease every opportunity in life no matter what anyone thinks about your choices.

This song tells the story about not missing opportunities to do things with your life. People may not always agree with your choices, but you should do what you want to do. She encourages listeners to stop waiting and take risks in life. She doesn’t want anyone to let opportunities pass them by. This is a song with a motivating message. There are so many people who waste the opportunities they have in life so this song will teach you to embrace life. The song has an infectious beat that will drive you crazy, but in a good way. The song has a rock and dance beat. Fans of both genres will enjoy the melodic sound. Linda Perry needs a huge pat on the back for what she did with this song. She helped produce an energetic song that has a good message. It will also have you dancing around while the song is playing. Gwen Stefani will have you singing along with her while the song is playing. You may wonder what you were waiting for when it concerns listening to this song.

# 4 – Hurt – Christina Aguilera

“Hurt” is from Christina Aguilera’s Back to Basics album. “Hurt” was released in September 2006. The song is about losing someone you love. She begins the song by talking about someone she has lost. She felt like it was only yesterday when she saw the person’s face. The person told her they were proud, but she walked away. She regrets the decision she made to walk away. If she knew then what she knows now, she wouldn’t have walked away. She moves on to the chorus and talks about holding the person’s hand so she could take the pain away. She thanks the person for all they have done for her. She forgives the person for their mistakes. She wishes she could hear the person’s voice again. She wants to call but she knows the person won’t answer. The narrator apologizes for blaming the person for the things she couldn’t do. She hurt herself by hurting the person she loves. She is broken inside but she refuses to admit it. She wants to hide away from the world because she misses the person she loves. It is hard for her to say goodbye.

This tearjerker will hit close to home if you have lost someone you love. This song will break your heart if you have lost someone you love. Christina Aguilera, Linda Perry and Mark Ronson wrote the perfect song about losing someone you love. They captured the guilt one feels to survive when you lost the person you love. Linda Perry wrote this song about losing her father. She co-wrote and produced a heart wrenching song for Christina Aguilera. Everyone can relate to this song because we have all lost someone we love. Christina Aguilera, Linda Perry and Mark Ronson created a power ballad that will bring tears to your eyes. Linda Perry chose to arrange the song as a haunting ballad. She made a wise decision because the song has more of an impact as a tearjerker. Christina Aguilera knocked the song out of the park with her vocals. She made their lyrics come alive with her powerful vocals. She isn’t one of the power divas for nothing.

# 3 – My Love – Celine Dion

Coming in at number three on our list is “My Love” from Celine Dion’s Taking Chances album. “My Love” was released in September 2008. This is a heartwarming song about loyalty and devotion. She talks about taking time to be with the person she loves. She thought she had made it clear that she would be there for the person. She wants the person to give her strength. She forgets how to ease her pain. She feels that she is where she belongs. The narrator would share her life with the person she loves. She wants to know if they would do the same for her. She would give everything to the person and wonders if they will do the same for her. The narrator wants to know if they notice how she has been brave. Did they notice her mistakes? She wishes they could read her mind.

This alluring song is about the power of love and how it can help you in your life. Love can help you get through anything. This is an interpretative song because it could be about your family or a love interest. It’s up to you to decide what the song means to you. This song is a perfect dedication to give to someone you love. Linda Perry said this song wasn’t meant to be romantic. This song is a dedication to the fans. She wrote a powerful song and had the perfect person in mind to sing it. Celine Dion is one of the power divas and can take any song to heights unknown. Linda Perry got a chance to work with another power diva and she did her justice. This song is beautifully arranged and will melt your heart. Celine Dion sounds like an angel in this track. It is easy to see that Celine Dion is drawing from experience as she sings the song. She will blow your mind as she hits her high notes.

# 2 – Get the Party Started – Pink

“Get the Party Started” is from Pink’s Missundaztood album. “Get the Party Started” was released in October 2001. The song is about a woman who is ready to go out and have fun. She lets her friends know to get ready because they are going to have a good time. She talks about how she will look when she shows up. She will be flashy and can go for miles. She wants the music turned up at the party so they can start dancing. As the song progresses, she is having a great time at the party. Her friends are having a great time too. She considers herself the life of the party. Everyone is enjoying themselves because of her. She encourages people to call her when they want to have fun at the party. Her energy is contagious, so everyone is having fun because of her.

This is the ultimate party song. This song celebrates the joy of having a good time with your friends. Pink didn’t want to be labeled as an r&b artist, so Linda Perry came to her rescue. Linda Perry wrote and produced a song that couldn’t be any farther away from r&b music. Linda Perry gave Pink a song that allows her to be herself. Pink is having fun on the track. Linda Perry created an energetic song that is guaranteed to get the party started. It is very dance-friendly and will do what the title says. You can have fun dancing by yourself or with your friends. Here is some trivia about the song. Linda Perry originally wrote this song for Madonna. Madonna turned it down and it went to Pink. Madonna made a mistake because this was a hit for Pink.

# 1 – Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

The number one song on our Top 10 Linda Perry Produced Songs list is “Beautiful.” “Beautiful” is from Christina Aguilera’s Stripped album. “Beautiful” was released in November 2002. This is a reflective song about inner strength and self-love. The song talks about how important it is to feel beautiful no matter how other people view us. The song starts with the narrator feeling insecure about the way she looks. She is holding back on something that is too hard to reveal. She goes on to say that every day is good, but some are harder than others. During her hard days, her insecurities get to her. The pain becomes unbearable. Emptiness is something that a lot of us have in common. Embracing your good and bad qualities is what makes you beautiful. When she gets to the chorus, she talks about feeling beautiful regardless of what people say to her. She won’t let their words bring her down.

This inspirational song is about feeling beautiful regardless of what people say to you. You don’t have to look like a supermodel to be beautiful. The song has an important message, especially for people who have low self-image. This song teaches you that you are beautiful regardless of how you look to the outside world. Beauty is on the inside and not the outside. Linda Perry wrote and produced an uplifting song with depth. Linda Perry arranged this song magnificently. She balanced the instrumentation to match Christina Aguilera’s big voice. Christina Aguilera turns this song into a power ballad. Christina Aguilera has the voice of an angel. She has amazing vocal control to know when to pull back and when to belt throughout the song. Christina Aguilera stays in character with the song. She sings it as if she wrote it herself.

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