Top 10 Hall & Oates Songs

Hall & Oates Songs

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Our Top 10 Hall & Oates Songs looks at a band that merged the genres of pop, soul and rock into a slam dunk hit making machine for almost two decades. When the hits stopped coming, the duo continued to record and release magnificent albums that serve as a master class for anyone wanting to learn how to play and sing with the ultimate form of expression bathed in soulfulness and perfecton. Classic Rock History covers all forms of music that impacted society and inspired generations of musicians. Hall & Oates cleary inspired thousands of musicians with their brilliant songwriting and virtuoso performances all captured perfectly on vinyl and cd.

Hall & Oates released their first album in 1972 entitled Whole Oates. The album Whole Oates did not chart. However with the release of their second album Abandoned Luncheonette in 1973, the world was introduced to the sound of Hall & Oates via the mega hit single “She’s Gone.” With that one song, the legacy of Hall & Oates musical career was born.

Hall & Oates followed up the successful Abandoned Luncheonette album with the release of War Babies. Sadly War Babies was a commercial disappointment which yielded no hit singles. The War Babies album signified the end of the relationship between Hall & Oates and Atlantic Records. Executives at Atlantic Records would have had a heart attack if they could have seen the future success Hall & Oates would have over the next 10 years with their new label RCA Records.

From 1975 to 1984, every album Hall & Oates released made it to the top 40 on the U.S Billboard album charts. There of the albums reached the top 10. Nine albums in ten years reaching the US Billboard Hot 100 albums chart is one of the most successful feats completed by any musical artist of the 20th century.

After their ten year run with RCA Records, Hall & Oates signed with Arista Records. The duo released six more albums for Arista records. Their last studio album was released in 2006 entitled Home For Christmas.

Our Top 10 Hall & Oates songs list presents some of the bands biggest hits and a few of their songs that while they might not have charted as high as others, they were still fantastic recordings.

# 10 – Throw The Roses Away

We open our Top 10 Hall & Oates Songs list with a track from one of their most overlooked albums. The great record Marigold Sky album was released in 1997. There may not have been any big hits on the record, but that was due to a culture that was defined by hip hop and boy bands. Sad days! Nonetheless,  the Marigold Sky album delivered a record full of brilliant passionate and soulful songs that true Hall & Oates fans loved. One of our favorite tracks from the album was the knife in your heart, gut wrenching break up song, “Throw The Roses Away.”

# 9 – Someday We’ll Know

Do It For Love was the last album Hall & Oates released that centered on original songs. The two records released after Do It For Love was released in 2003, were a covers album and a holiday album. It’s been too long since Hall & Oates have released an album together. The two have released solo albums, but Home for Christmas in 2006 was the last Hall & Oates album. One listen to the great Hall & Oates album Do It For Love and the great track “Someday We’ll Know,” will further the argument that these two should still be releasing records together.

# 8 – Out Of Touch

The great track “Out Of Touch,” defined big budget Hall & Oates. In the middle of all the developments in recording technology in the early to mid 1980s, Hall & Oates turned out a fantastic album that merged technology and performances better than most classic artist who embraced the technological audio achievements of the 1980s.

# 7 – So Close

“So Close,” was the highest charting song Hall & Oates released in the 1990s. It just missed being a top 10 hit as it stalled at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1990. The song was released on Hall & Oates Change Of Season album.

# 6 – Kiss On My List

While the first part of our top 10 Hall & Oates songs list may have included some lesser known Hall & Oates songs, the next six on this list were some of the band’s most popular numbers. With the release of the Voices album in 1980, Hall & Oates began a ten year stretch in which the duo had over 20 top 40 hits on the U.S. Hot 100. The great track “Kiss in My List,” reached all the way to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The song stayed at number one for almost a month in 1980. The band had already had a number one hit with “Rich Girl,” but “Kiss On My List,” took the duo to an entire new level of stardom.

# 5 – Do What You Want But Be Who You Are

From that opening guitar note wrapped in those luscious strings, listeners knew they were in for something special. Daryl Hall begins to sing, John Oates joins in harmony, and we are engulfed in perfect Philly soul. Stunning, and it still sounds so good forty something years later.

# 4 – Maneater

The band Dee Lite once sang “Groove Is In The Heart.” This song defines groove is all that matters. That opening bass line performed by Tom Wolk killed it from the start. The song reached number One on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1982 and stayed there for a month. Imagine that, having a number one record for an entire month. Nothing defines the popularity of a song more than that.

# 3 – Rich Girl

It is pretty difficult to separate the order of the next three songs because these were the Hall & Oates songs that defined their popularity in the 1970’s. Listening to Daryl Hall play that keyboard and sing “Rich Girl,” has been an inspiration to anyone who plays and sings music. “Rich Girl,” was Hall & Oates first number one record. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1977. The duo would go on to have five more number one records over the next 15 years.

# 2 – She’s Gone

The classic Hall & Oates song “She’s Gone,” was released on the band’s second album Abandoned Luncheonette. “She’s Gone,” was the duo’s first hit and the first Hall & Oates song to reach the Billboard Top 100. The song grew in popularity over the years as the group continued churning out hit after hit.

# 1 – Sara Smile

If ever there was a song that defined the perfect blue eyed soul masterpiece it was Hall & Oates brilliant composition “Sara Smile.” Can this song get a lifetime achievement award for soulfulness. Harmonies to die for and a groove to melt your heart, “Sara Smile,” is our choice for the number one position on our top 10 Hall & Oates songs list.

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