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Hotel Songs

Hotel was a notable AOR (Album-Oriented Rock) band hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, with a career spanning from 1973 to 1982. The band’s formation saw various changes in its early years, but it solidified in 1976 with key members Marc Phillips (lead vocals/piano) and Tommy Calton (guitar/vocals). They were joined by Lee Bargeron (keyboards/acoustic guitar/vocals), Mike Reid (guitar/vocals), George Creasman (bass/vocals), and Michael Cadenhead (drums/vocals), forming the lineup that recorded their two albums under MCA Records.

Over the years, the band also saw contributions from past members like Marc Phillips, George Creasman, Beverly Raspberry Owen, Alice Catanzano Bargeron, Tim Townley, Joe Breckinridge, John Nuckols, Eddie Usher, Mark Smith, Jim Pollard, and Van Neff. Each member brought their unique talents to the band, contributing to the rich legacy that Hotel left behind in the world of Album-Oriented Rock.

Hotel carved a niche for themselves on the southeastern United States Rock-n-Roll club scene, becoming a staple in the largest and most esteemed clubs of the region. Their prowess on stage and the infectious energy of their performances made them a sought-after act throughout the mid-to-late 1970s. Beyond captivating audiences in club settings, Hotel also took on the role of opening for numerous national acts, providing a formidable presence that complemented the headlining performances.

Their recording journey began with a single, “You’ll Love Again,” released under Mercury Records in 1978, which reached No. 71 on the Billboard Hot 100. This success led to a deal with MCA Records, under which they released their self-titled debut album, Hotel, in 1979. The album featured hits “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” and “Hold On To The Night,” which reached No. 54 and No. 80 on the Hot 100, respectively.

By 1980, as music trends shifted towards new wave, Hotel released their second album, Half-Moon Silver. Despite its stronger AOR influence and edgier sound, it did not achieve the expected success, leading MCA to drop the band. The group disbanded in 1982 after a few more years on the club circuit.

Post-Hotel, founding members Marc Phillips and Tommy Calton formed “Split the Dark,” which won the “MTV Basement Tapes” competition in 1986. Damon Johnson, one of the final members of Split the Dark, went on to achieve national success with Brother Cane in the 1990s.

Tragically, George Creasman passed away on June 9, 2020, and Marc Phillips succumbed to COVID-19 on January 21, 2021. In a nod to their lasting legacy, Rock Candy Records reissued Half Moon Silver on CD in May 2018, reintroducing Hotel’s music to a new generation of listeners.

# 10 – You’ll Love Again

We open our Top 10 Hotel Songs list with the fabulous song entitled “You’ll Love Again.” This was a single released by the band on Mercury Records in 1977. Its power pop in the style of Journey especially in the chours. The band would release the song two years later on their debut album.

# 9 – Your Green Eyes

Its really interesting to listen to the music of Hotel because you can hear the influence of the time period. There is a little bit of Pablo Cruise, Firefall, Ambroisa and many other late 70s popular bands that feature this sort of rock meets adult contemporary pop sound that was very succesful in 1979. There is a bit of an island sound on this one.

# 8 – No Way

In the number eight spot on our Top 10 Hotel Songs list, we present the song entitled “No Way.” This song was released recently on the album called The Lost Tapes. Its always cool when a band like Hotel who only released two studio albums over forty years ago, issues some unreleased material. This is a really good song with a beautiful chorus. The chord changes are very reminiscent of bands like Steely Dan and Danny Wilson. I really like this one. This is really inspiring music.

# 7 – Blind Side Of Love

In the number seven position on our Top 10 Hotel Songs list is the song entitled “Blind Side Of Love.” This one opens up with a great lead guitar lick that segues into some really smooth vocals. This is pop perfection early 1980s style. We love the rhythmic time changes that occur in the middle of the song. These guys were great. The song was released on the album entitled Half Moon Silver.

# 6 – Not Wise To Say

The song “Not Wise To Say” reminds me a little bit of Toto on this track especialy in the opening piano introduction and some of the great guitar riffs. This is a really well produced song that should have been a hit. These guys could really play and sing well. The song “Not Wise To Say” was released on their debut album. Make sure to listen to this one all the way through as it features a great guitar solo and some spectacular singing.

# 5 – Refugee

At the halfway point on our Top 10 Hotel Songs list is the rocking song entitled “Refugee.” It’s interesting how the band could sound so different on various songs they released. Just compare this song to the next song on the list. It almost sounds like two different bands. This is heavy Hotel. The song was issued on the album entitled Half Moon Silver.

# 4 – Half Moon Silver

At number four on our Top 10 Hotel Songs list, we present the gorgeous song entitled “Half Moon Silver.” The band sounds a little like Firefall or even Crosby Stills Nash & Young on this one. The arrangement features just a sparse acoustic guitar that lays under those stunning vocals. The song was the title track for the Half Moon Silver album.

# 3 – Cold Blooded Lover

Moving along on our Top 10 Hotel Songs list, we present the superb song entitled “Cold Blooded Lover.” This is a really cool song with a great minor chord groove. The song “Cold Blooded Lover” was released on the album entitled Half-Moon Silver. The album was released in 1980. “Cold Blooded Lover” was the first single released from the album. The song was a hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 peaking at number seventy two.

# 2 – Hold On To The Night

Just of the top spot on our Top 10 Hotel Songs list we celebrate the exhilarating song entitled “Hold On To The Night.  The song was released on the album entitled Hotel. The album was released in 1979. It was the second single released from the album. The song was a hit on the US Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number eighty. “Hold On To The Night” was composed by Marc Phillips and legendary songwriter Barry Mann, who composed hundreds of hits with Cynthia Well for so many legendary artists from The Ronettes to The Everly Brothers, Animals, Linda Ronstadt and so many more.

# 1 – You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

We close out our Top 10 Hotel Songs list with the splendid song “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming.” Of course this is not the same song that Judas Pirest recorded. “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming.” was the band’s biggest hit of their career. As we said in the introduction, the song peaked at number fifty four on the Billboard Hot 100.

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