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Jelly Roll Songs

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Our Top 10 Jelly Roll Songs list will look at a multi-genre singer and songwriter and American rapper. Jelly Roll was born Jason Deford in 1984. He comes from Nashville, Tennessee. He is an American rapper and vocalist, lauded for his collaborations with many talented artists such as Lil Wyte and Struggle Jennings. His semi-country song “Son of a Sinner” was regarded as one of the Best Jelly Roll songs everyone should listen to. Jelly Roll, primarily known as a rapper, has become the talk of the town for being the one who will save country music. According to some speculations, the rapper will undoubtedly switch to country music after the song’s enormous popularity  He started his career in the hip-hop genre. His collaborations with Haystak, Memphis and Lil Wyte reached over six million views on YouTube. Jelly Roll’s songs are about battling addiction, pain and struggling to have better days. His songs are a mix of southern rap beats and soulful bluesy vocals. His music is best described as Southern rock, r&b instrumentals, country inspired songs and hardcore rap. Jelly Roll achieved his first number one rock song with “Dead Man Walking.” He has won awards for his single “Son of a Sinner.”

Jason Bradley DeFord was born on December 4, 1984. He was exposed to a rough life growing up. He was hustling and doing criminal acts at a young age. He and his friends were arrested for possession and attempted robbery. Before he became a country music star, he began rapping in 2005. Jelly Roll got his start in the music business by doing underground rapping. In 2011, he joined Lil Wyte and BPZ in the group SNO. They released the album Year Round. He released Strictly Business in December 2011. The album peaked at number 67 on the r&b charts. It features the singles “Squad Up,” “Nothing Free,” “Clear My Mind” and “Pass That.” In October 2012, Jelly Roll released The Big Sal Story. It features the singles “Guess Who’s Back,” “On Fire,” “Encore” and “Dream While I’m Awake.”

Addiction Kills was released in April 2017. It features the singles “Only,” “Hate Goes On,” “Heaven” and “Hot Streak.” Goodnight Nashville was released in December 2018. The album peaked at number 46 on the Independent charts. It features the singles “Bring It Back,” “Bad Times Roll,” “Same Old Thang” and “Don’t Let Me Go.” A Beautiful Disaster was released in March 2020. The album peaked at number nine on the Independent charts and number 97 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Creature,” “Nothing Left at All,” “Tears Could Talk” and “Staring at a Stranger,” and the very popular “Bottle and Mary Jane.”  Self Medicated was released in October 2022. The album peaked at number 22 on the Independent charts and number 110 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Save Me,” “A Million Times,” “One More Ride” and “Feelings.”

Ballads of the Broken was released in September 2021. The album peaked at number 159 on Billboard 200, number 21 on the Independent charts and number 41 on the rock charts. It features the singles “Over You,” “Dead Man Walking,” “Son of a Sinner” and “Hollow.” Whitsitt Chapel was released in June 2023. The album peaked at number one on the rock and Independent charts, number two on the country charts and number three on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Need a Favor,” “Save Me,” “She” and “Hold on Me.” He released several mixtapes and collaborations.

Jelly Roll had a hard life growing up but managed to make something of himself. He didn’t forget his humble beginnings and still reflects on it in his music. He is someone who can’t be put in a box when it concerns his music. Jelly Roll is a talented singer and songwriter whose music is inspiring and uplifting. Our Top 10 Jelly Roll Songs list will feature his best songs.

# 10 – Only

The 10th song on our Top 10 Jelly Roll Songs list is “Only” from the Addiction Kills album. “Only” was released in 2017. This song is about him reflecting on his personal struggles with addiction. He also talks about his fear of failure. He wants to search for something genuine. He questions what would happen if he found what was missing in his life. He wonders what would happen if his addiction finally took a toll on him. The narrator needs mercy on his soul. He feels like he doesn’t want to wake up because he is living in a dream. His dream is the only place where he doesn’t feel like a screw up. His dreams are the only place for him right now. He feels he only does something right when he is doing the wrong thing.

In the next verse, he wonders if the darkness has finally taken over his soul. He wonders what would happen if the angels took him home. The narrator wonders if the angels could get passed the demons in his life. He feels he may eventually see the light. In the final verse, our narrator ponders on what would happen if the moon disappeared and the sun didn’t light up the sky. He wonders if the freedom they want is only in their minds. He questions what would happen if he fell in love. What would he do if he gave it his all. He wants to know if she will catch him when he falls.

This is a deep song about life. He talks about his struggles with addiction and mental health issues. The lyrics are poignant and touch on a variety of things. We like how Jelly Roll wasn’t afraid to talk about his personal demons. He didn’t hold back when he talked about his addiction and mental issues. The questions he asks in the song make you think about your own mortality. This song will inspire anyone who is battling an addiction. Even if you are not battling an addiction, it will open your eyes to the struggles that people with addiction face. This song may get you through your darkest days and nights.

This song may hurt to hear, but it hits you right in your soul. The instrumentation is simple. It contains the guitar and drums. It gives you a chance to focus on Jelly Roll’s vocals and the lyrics. His vocals are raspy. He sings this as if he is going through it. Jelly Roll speaks the truth and you can’t help paying attention to his message.

# 9 – Hate Goes On

The ninth song on our Top 10 Jelly Roll Songs list is “Hate Goes On” from the Addiction Kills album. “Hate Goes On” was released in 2017. This song talks about the criticism he has faced in his life and career. He talks about the people who tried to bring him down throughout his life. He shows them that their words don’t hurt him. He refuses to back down to his haters. He confronts the people who disrespect him. He lets them know what he is going to do if they continue to disrespect him. He threatens to handle them in a way they won’t like. He assures them he is back and won’t back down to them. He knows that they are jealous of him. He uses their jealousy as his fuel to keep going. He doesn’t want the naysayers to discourage him from becoming successful. He won’t let them hold him back.

This is a motivating song about not letting people bring you down. This song teaches you to feed off hate. It lets you know that people will try to discourage you, but you shouldn’t let it get to you. The message Jelly Roll is trying to convey is that you shouldn’t let anyone keep you from being successful. This song is timely with everything going on in the world. Jelly Roll is talking about his haters, but the lyrics can apply to your world as well. We all have had someone in our lives who tries to hold us down.

He said the things we wish we could say to the haters in our lives. The song has a gritty rock beat. Jelly Roll raps and sings in the song. He raps the verses and sings the hook. He is a one man show. He doesn’t need anyone else to help him out with the song because he does just fine on his own. This song will resonate with anyone who has had naysayers in their lives. This is a song that will never get old.

# 8 – Fall in the Fall ft. Struggle Jennings

The eighth song on our Top 10 Jelly Roll Songs list is “Fall in the Fall” from the Waylon & Willie II album. “Fall in the Fall” was released in 2017. The song is about love and the consequences of someone’s actions. The narrator asks if his partner loves him. He asks her to stay with him during his darkest hour. He is sorry for anything that he did to her and he vows to make things right with her. The only thing he knows how to do is hurt people, but he wants to fix that. He wants to know who will catch her when she falls. He wants to be the man she calls when she needs something. He wants to make sure that she has everything she wants.

He uses the falling leaves to symbolize him catching her when she falls. He talks about some of his sins not being forgiven. He talks about the tragedies he experienced in life. His life taught him about agony and pain. He has seen a lot of things happen and it reflects on his life today. Despite what he has seen, he is hopeful about his future. He can feel good times coming. He wants her to forgive him.

The second narrator talks about meeting his partner. He wants a way out of his life, but it is hard. He wants to follow his heart and be with the person he loves. He is a good man even at his worst. He has survived the things he has learned. He fantasizes about having a family. He wants to get out of tragedy without losing anyone. He talks about what he had to do to survive in life. He wants to stand by his partner’s side and have a new life.

This is an emotional song about love and forgiveness. He loves his partner, but he is far from perfect. He made a lot of mistakes and he wants her to stay by his side. The lyrics aren’t just about gloom and doom. He gives you a sense of hope. You feel the light at the end of the tunnel. Despite his troubles, he has hope for the future. This song has a powerful message that anyone can relate to. Sometimes it takes the love of someone important in your life to help you get through your darkest days.

This song is for anyone who has ever felt down and needed someone by their side. It will get you through your terrible times. Jelly Roll and Struggle Jennings recorded a song that will hit close to home if you can relate to the lyrics. The music has a mix of country and rap. This will please fans of country and rap music. Jelly Roll raps the verses and sings the chorus. He does an amazing job rapping and singing. His vocals grow more powerful as the song progresses. Struggle Jennings raps his verse. He slows down his rhymes, so it is easy to rap with him. This song will touch your heart and soul.

# 7 – Heaven

The seventh song on our list is “Heaven” from the Addiction Kills album. “Heaven” was released in 2017. This song is about the struggle and success that comes with being successful. He talks about the difficulties that come with constantly moving around. He never feels grounded in life because he can’t stay in one place long. The narrator wants the outside world to leave him alone.

He gets frustrated when people interfere in his life. In the second verse, he talks about the people who have betrayed him and let him down in life. He was hurt because the people he cared about treated him like he was nothing. Despite the way his inner circle treated him, he believed in himself. He refuses to apologize for pursuing his dreams and ambitions. He also refuses to apologize for not conforming to other people’s expectations of him. The chorus is about appreciating the things that make life worth living. The narrator goes into detail about what makes his life worth living.

This song tells a story about the ups and downs of success. He reflects on the things that make him happy. He also shines a light on the fact that success doesn’t always bring happiness. You also deal with people who use and betray you. Jelly Roll tells both sides of the story. He also talks about having a good woman by his side. He talks about a myriad of things so there is something for everyone.

This is a hip-hop song. It has a slow and melodic beat. It gives you a chance to appreciate the music and the lyrics. Jelly Roll raps the verses and sings the chorus. He raps and sings with a lot of emotion. He makes you feel what he is saying. He makes you feel as if he is rapping/singing this to someone in particular. You are never bored because he knows how to tell an interesting story. He sings about real life. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything.

# 6 – Creature ft. Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko

“Creature” is from the A Beautiful Disaster album. “Creature” was released in 2020. This song is about struggling with addiction and the demons that can haunt someone. He is ready to accept the challenge of facing his demons. His demons turn him into a savage. He questions his vulnerability. People try to help but he refuses to let them in. He feels like he is comfortable being at the bottom. His feet are planted where most people wouldn’t want to be. The narrator embraces the storm. He appreciates the aftermath of the storm. He is not afraid of the demons. He considers the demons his friends. There isn’t a monster out there that is scarier than the one inside of him.

In verse two, Tech N9ne talks about being hated. People don’t approve of him, but he doesn’t care. When he raps, he creates more creatures. He feels like he is tainted by the darkness. His demons cause him to be different from everyone else. He was labeled a demon seed because of his actions. He knows there are people out there who want to see him suffer. He has a creature inside of him, but no one believes him.

The creature strikes when someone tries to take what belongs to him. In verse three, Krizz Kaliko talks about getting himself in trouble and being in pain. He turns to alcohol because he is down. He wants to be sober because he won’t hurt anyone. As soon as he takes his shot, it’s over. He ends up in trouble because he can’t resist the bottle. He hopes he doesn’t pass it down to his children. His kids get everything from their father and he feels as if he is addicted to everything.

This song tells a story about the creature that is within us. There is nothing scarier than dealing with a creature inside of you. The creature in our mind is more dangerous than the monster you can see. The one inside of us may hurt people. The song brings attention to mental health issues. This track describes what people with mental issues are going through. This song is relatable to anyone dealing with mental issues. You don’t have to be going through mental issues to appreciate the song. It will open your eyes to a subject that isn’t talked about often in music. We applaud the artists for covering this subject.

The music has a hip-hop and rock beat. Jelly Roll has swag as he raps and sings in the song. He raps and sings with grit in his voice. His southern roots are shining through as he sings the chorus. Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko do a fantastic job with their rhymes. Their flows are easy to follow along. They rap clearly so you can understand everything they are saying. You will be able to rap along with them if you like. Don’t let the title of the song fool you. It is not a novelty song. It is a deep song with an important message.

# 5 – She

The next song on our Top 10 Jelly Roll Songs list is “She” from the Whitsitt Chapel album. “She” was released in November 2022. This song is about a woman dealing with addiction and how it affected her life. She used to have a light in her eyes. She was the life of the party. She had a bright smile. You would never know she was in pain. No one saw her demise coming. Everything started with one pill. Her life ended up going downhill. She was the one everyone wanted to be around. Her friends wonder where she is now.

He wishes he knew how bad her addiction was because he would have helped her. He is afraid to lose her. She is afraid of getting over her addiction. In the next verse, he talks about being worried about losing her. She can’t stop herself from giving in to her addiction. He knows it will take time for her to get over it, but he is afraid they don’t have a way to help her. Everyone knows what is going on with her. They are ready to write her off. Everyone is watching her lose her battle with addiction.

This is a tough song about someone dealing with problems. The hard-hitting lyrics talk about a woman’s struggle with addiction. She was a happy person at one point, but her life spiraled out of control. This is a therapeutic song that will help you if you know someone who is spiraling out of control. This song will let you know that you are not alone. This song is different from the other songs on our list about addiction.

This song is about a woman dealing with addiction instead of a man. It is also about a woman who seems to have it all but lost it because of her addiction. Jelly Roll has a knack for telling interesting stories. He uses his platform to speak the truth about addiction and how it can affect a person. The music has a country beat. Jelly Roll sounds sincere as he sings the lyrics. He holds your attention from the first lyric until the last. He makes you want to know more about the woman in the story.

# 4 – Save Me ft. Lainey Wilson

“Save Me” is from the Self Medicated and Whitsitt Chapel albums. “Save Me” was released in 2020 and 2023. This song appears on both albums, but we chose to include the duet version on our list. This song is about addiction and mental illness. The song opens with the male narrator wanting to be saved from himself. He has spent a long time suffering. His lifestyle is bad for his health. It is the only thing that helps him. He knows his addiction is hopeless, but it is what he needs.

He is broken inside and his addiction is the only thing that makes him feel free. He feels like a lost cause. He doesn’t want anyone to waste their time on him. He feels damaged beyond repair. Life has ruined his hopes and dreams. In the second verse, the female narrator questions what would happen if the night were missing the moon. She wonders what would happen if there were no shooting stars to use to wish on. She washes her sorrows down by drinking. It is the only peace she knows. She feels she has nothing to look forward to in life. She uses alcohol to cope with her feelings.

This is an honest look at two people who are battling addictions to feel better. They are struggling to overcome their addictions. They want to find hope in their lives. This is a song about people asking for help and don’t know how to get it. The lyrics will stir emotions inside of you as you hear them talk about their struggles and addictions. It is hard for them to let go of their addictions when it is all they have ever known. This song is excellent for people who are in dark places and can’t get out of them. If you aren’t in a dark place, it will give you an inside look at how it feels to be the person suffering with addiction. The message in this song may save somebody’s life.

This is the type of song you will want to listen to every day, especially if you are in a dark place. This is a song you can play for anyone in your life who is struggling and feels lost. Jelly Roll and Lainey Wilson bring the listeners to church. Their vocals blend well with each other. His baritone vocals blend well with her soprano vocals. They both do an amazing job with their vocals. Jelly Roll was able to adapt to the country genre very well. You can forget that he got his start in the hip-hop genre.

# 3 – Need a Favor

Coming in at number three on our list is “Need a Favor” from the Whitsitt Chapel album. “Need a Favor” was released in December 2022. The song is about faith and prayer. He realizes he only prays when he needs something. He doesn’t pray when his life is good. He only prays when he is in trouble because he doesn’t feel worthy of divine attention because of the way he lives his life. He opens the song by talking about praying when he doesn’t have a prayer in the world.

He questions his faith and the idea of receiving salvation. He admits he is more familiar with alcohol and partying than he is with the bible. He knows the words to “Amazing Grace,” but he doesn’t live by the lyrics. The narrator asks for forgiveness for what he has done. He prays because he needs a favor. He knows he doesn’t deserve a favor when he hasn’t lived his life the right way. He needs prayer and is hoping to be heard.

This is a reflective song about a man who needs prayer but doesn’t feel he deserves salvation. He doesn’t rely on prayer when his life is going well. He only prays when he is in trouble. This is not a religious song, but it is a song about someone who needs prayer in his life. He doesn’t know where else to turn. This song may make you realize how often you pray for things. It may have you questioning if you only pray when you need something. The lyrics are powerful and honest.

Jelly Roll gets straight to the point. He doesn’t hesitate to let listeners know about his plight. The religious references don’t feel forced, so you won’t be turned off if you aren’t religious. The music feels dark and ominous which goes with the theme of the song. The guitar riffs are excellent. The song is soft in the verses and builds up to a climactic chorus. Jelly Roll sings the song like a man who is in desperate need for help. He sounds like Chris Stapleton in this song. Jelly Roll’s smoky and raspy lyrics will win you over.

# 2 – Son of a Sinner

“Son of a Sinner” is from the Ballads of the Broken album. “Son of a Sinner” was released in March 2022. This is a song about someone dealing with addiction and the demons he faces because of it. He is not bothered by being lonely because his ghosts are always with him. He wants to focus on the present and the future. He promised himself that he would change, but he has a hard time getting away from his old habits. He thought his past was out of sight out of mind. He feels like he is one drink away from meeting the devil. He feels as if he is stuck between doing what is right and wrong.

In the next verse, he feels like pills pretend to be his friend. He is done with them for the last time. Unfortunately, he is lying to himself again. He always tells himself that he is finished, but he ends up going back to them. The narrator should know by now to be honest with himself. He has paid for his mistakes. He has walked on broken glass. He feels like he is slipping away. His heart is slowly breaking. He feels like he may need to go back to his old ways to feel better. He needs to pray for his situation. He feels like God will hate him, but he hopes He will save him.

This song tells a story about a man who wants to get clean, but he is having trouble doing it. It is a gripping tale about a man whose life has hit rock bottom. He wants to put his troubles behind him, but he slides back into his old habits. Jelly Roll wrote stirring lyrics about trying to get over an addiction. He weaves his personal life into his stories which makes him an excellent songwriter. He makes you feel the lyrics as he sings them. If you are having trouble getting over your addiction, you may feel as if he is singing your song. He keeps the instrumentation soft and sweet.

It gives listeners a chance to focus on the lyrics. The message might have been lost if the instrumentation was too loud. He does give rock fans something to listen to with the electric guitar riffs. The guitar riffs pick up once he gets to the bridge and fade out. Jelly Roll sings the song with passion and emotion. He sings softly during the quieter moments of the song and vocally explodes during the louder moments of the song.

# 1 – Dead Man Walking

The number one song on our Top 10 Jelly Roll Songs list is “Dead Man Walking” from the Ballads of the Broken album. “Dead Man Walking” was released in 2021. The song is about the emotions a man feels when he is on the edge. The song opens with him throwing his phone out the window. He is over everything. He is tired of the weight of the world being on his shoulders. He faces a storm. He is standing on the ledge and his foot is about to fall off. He is trying to run from the things he has done.

He has lost everyone in his life because of what he has done. The only feeling he has is numbness. He uses addiction to get over the problems he is facing in his life. He continues to live on the edge. He has one foot in the coffin. He doesn’t pray often, but he gets on his knees because the devil is coming for him. He feels like a dead man walking. He doesn’t have many chances left to get things right. He knows he should change but he would rather take his chances with death. He is desperate. He feels like a broken human being.

This song explores the story of a man who feels trapped by his own life. He is a man who is self-destructing. He knows he should change, but he doesn’t care. This song will hit home for anyone who is struggling with addiction and feels as if their life is spiraling out of control. Jelly Roll wrote a realistic story about a man who is having trouble battling his addiction. This is something that can happen in real life. There are people who are dealing with the same struggle and understand what he is talking about in the song.

The music is a rock fan’s dream. The guitar riffs are phenomenal. The music is loud and works with the theme. The music represents a person screaming out for help. Jelly Roll sings this song with the right emotion needed to convey his message. His vocals are strong enough to be heard over the loud instrumentation. It gives him a chance to show off his inner rock star. He sounds like Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger in this song. Jelly Roll uses his raspy voice to the best of his ability. The song has a memorable chorus and post-chorus that will stay in your head.

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