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Kenny Lattimore Songs

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Our Top 10 Kenny Lattimore Songs list looks at a passionate R&B singer from the 90s. The renowned R&B singer captivated audiences with his smooth vocals and romantic lyrics. Kenny Lattimore’s career spanned over three decades. He remains a prominent figure in the music industry. His soulful vocals and ability to evoke emotions through his music earned him a devoted fanbase that was mesmerized by his melodic phrasing and dynamic range. Kenny Lattimore combines R&B, jazz, and gospel music, which results in a captivating sound. Over the years, he released multiple studio albums and singles.

Kenny Lattimore and his ex-wife, Chante Moore, collaborated on two soulful albums. He introduced himself to the world with his debut single, “Never Too Busy,” a soulful ballad that quickly became a hit. Kenny Lattimore’s “For You” became his signature track and a wedding anthem. His other hits include “Days Like This,” “Weekend,” “You Are My Starship,” “Take a Dose,” “Never Knew,” “If I Lose My Woman,” “Just What It Takes,” “Love Will Find a Way,” and “Right Down to It.”

Kenny Lattimore was born on April 10, 1970. His interest in music developed during his high school years. He started as a session singer for the group Maniquin. It led to an official spot as the lead singer for the group. Maniquin released a self-titled album in 1989. The lead single, “I Wanna Ride,” was the male equivalent to Pebbles’ hit single “Mercedes Boys” in terms of sound and lyrics. Legendary singer Charlie Wilson wrote both singles. Kenny Lattimore eventually left the group to pursue a solo career. In May 1996, he released his self-titled debut album. It features the singles “Never Too Busy,” “Just What It Takes,” “Always Remember” and “For You.” “Never Too Busy” and “For You” cracked the Top 20 on the R&B charts. The album sold over 500,000 copies. Kenny Lattimore followed up his debut album with From the Soul of a Man in September 1998. The album includes the singles “Days Like This,” “If I Lose My Woman,” “Love Will Find a Way,” “Just Can’t Get Over You,” “All My Tomorrows,” and “If You Could See You (Through My Eyes).” From the Soul of a Man garnered more attention in 2020 when Michael Jordan discussed it in the documentary The Last Dance.

Kenny Lattimore wanted to prove he wasn’t a one-hit wonder and continued recording albums. In October 2001, he released Weekend. The project features the singles “Weekend,” “Don’t Deserve,” “Baby You’re the One,” and “Right Down to It.” He took a hiatus from recording solo albums when he got together with Chante Moore. They released two collaborative albums together. In September 2008, he released his solo project Timeless. The project features remakes of classic songs, with Kenny Lattimore adding his unique spin to each one. Seven years later, he released Anatomy of a Love Song. It includes the songs “Find a Way,” “Back 2 Cool,” “Heart Stops,” “Love Me Back,” and “You’re My Girl.” In October 2017, Vulnerable hit the shelves. The project features the songs “Push” and “Stay on Your Mind.” In December 2021, Kenny Lattimore released Here to Stay. The album includes the singles “Pressure,” “Lose You,” “Take a Dose,” and “Never Knew.”

Kenny Lattimore’s music remains classy and relatable to his fans. His musical style remains timeless. He writes songs about relationships that many people relate to. His songs speak to you no matter what you’re going through in your relationship. Kenny Lattimore continues to release music and tours globally. His staying power kept him relevant in the music industry for decades and shows no sign of stopping. Kenny Lattimore competes with artists such as Eric Benet, Will Downing, Donell Jones, Kem, Tank, Carl Thomas, Joe, Tyrese, Raheem DeVaughn, Brian McKnight, Babyface, Jahiem, and Maxwell. His music stands out among the crowd. Our Top 10 Kenny Lattimore Songs list showcases his fantastic vocal range and lyrical prowess. Our list includes some unsurprising songs, while other tracks showcase his talents but are not singles.

# 10 – Always Remember

We start our Top 10 Kenny Lattimore Songs list with “Always Remember.” The single appears on his self-titled album. He recorded the song in 1996. It talks about a relationship that ended suddenly. He hopes she comes back to him soon. The singer tries distracting himself by doing other things, but it doesn’t work. He thinks about her every day. Kenny Lattimore misses the time they spent with each other and wonders what she’s doing. He wants to give her space while hoping for her to return to him.

“Always Remember” is a powerful track that deals with heartbreak and optimism. Kenny Lattimore sets up a story about loss but adds a twist. He didn’t focus on heartache. The singer gives listeners hope for reconciliation. It encourages listeners that relationships aren’t always over just because you break up. After working through your problems, you and your partner may reunite. You listen to this track when your relationship ends, but you’re still in love. If you want to let your ex know that you’re still there for them, the lyrics hit home. Kenny Lattimore recorded a sentimental song that touches your heart. The music works for the track. “Always Remember” features classic R&B music at its finest. When the keyboardist starts, you know you’re in for a treat. Kenny Lattimore’s smooth vocals keep listeners engaged from beginning to end. He pours his heart out in the song. The legend soars to the sky and back during climatic moments. He didn’t release the song as a single, but it deserves a spot on our list. We picked it because Kenny Lattimore blows you away with his outstanding vocals.

# 9 – Love Will Find a Way ft. Heather Headley

The ninth song on our Top 10 Kenny Lattimore Songs list is “Love Will Find a Way.” It appears on his second album, From the Soul of Man. They recorded the song in July 1998. The uplifting song explores the power of love and its ability to conquer obstacles. True love overcomes any obstacles thrown in your way. They long for a perfect world where nothing bothers them. The couple dreams of creating their world separate from other people’s expectations of them. They hope for a deep connection where they find comfort and support with each other. She admits her insecurities about their relationship but believes their love prevails. He sees perfection in her eyes, and he’s overwhelmed by their happiness.

“Love Will Find a Way” describes the power of love and its ability to overcome obstacles. The lyrics convey the message that love triumphs in the face of adversity. It creatively captures the essence of love’s beauty and the hope it brings to our lives. Kenny Lattimore and Heather Headley take you on an emotional journey. They take us on a ride that we don’t want to end. The singers harmonize well together. They give you chills every time they sing a note. Kenny Lattimore comes down an octave for the song while Heather Headley sings in her upper register. He showed his versatility by coming down an octave. His vocals are smooth like butter. Heather Headley may remind you of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. Her classically trained vocals shine through every time she sings a lyric. The winners are the listeners who enjoy breathtaking vocalization.

# 8 – Weekend

We speed things up for the eighth pick on our Top 10 Kenny Lattimore Songs list. Kenny Lattimore recorded “Weekend” for the album of the same name. It hit the shelves in 2001. The song talks about a man who wants to reconnect with an ex-lover. They used to spend weekends together and enjoyed each other’s company. They drifted apart. He reminisces about the simple times they spent with each other. The singer can’t stop thinking about her and wants to meet like they used to. Throughout the song, he wants to reunite during the weekend because it’s overdue.

“Weekend” portrays a man yearning to relive a past love. He longs to bring back the affection they shared during the weekend. It teaches you to take advantage of the time you spend together. Listeners are used to hearing Kenny Lattimore sing love ballads, but this song changes things. With “Weekend,” Kenny Lattimore takes a bold step outside his comfort zone, exploring new musical styles and pushing the boundaries of his artistry. He surprised listeners by recording an up-tempo groove. The tune features infectious dance music that gets listeners on the dance floor. Get ready to groove to the soulful beats of Kenny Lattimore and clap along to the rhythm. He brought his romantic swag to an upbeat song. Kenny Lattimore doesn’t hold back vocally. He proves he doesn’t save his best vocals for ballads. The singer chose not to hold notes, but the song didn’t require it. We picked the song for our list because it showcases Kenny Lattimore’s vocal range and versatility. He’s more than just a balladeer. The legend gets you on the dance floor. You don’t need to wait for the weekend to hear the tune.

# 7 – You Are My Starship

We arrived at the seventh song on our list. Kenny Lattimore recorded “You Are My Starship” for his Timeless album. It premiered in 2008. The song describes a declaration of love. He stresses the importance of his partner. She means everything to him, and he does whatever it takes to maintain their relationship. He wants her to love him until the end of time. The singer longs to embark on a journey with his lover. He never wants to lose her to anyone else. The man needs her reassurance to feel secure about their relationship.

Kenny Lattimore covered Norman Connors’ hit single. He infused new life into the classic song. Kenny Lattimore had big shoes to fill covering this song because it’s Norman Connors’ signature song. Singer Michael Henderson helped make the song a staple in R&B music. Norman Connors’ version blends jazz and R&B music, while Kenny Lattimore’s has a soulful sound. Kenny Lattimore breathed new life into the track while maintaining the essence of the original. Michael Henderson sings the song in a baritone vocal, and Kenny Lattimore uses his tenor voice. Kenny Lattimore’s vocals take the song to another level. He refrains from oversinging by keeping his voice controlled throughout the song. The song continues to touch our hearts today as it did when it premiered years ago. You may not forget the original song, but Kenny Lattimore’s version deserves applause.

# 6 – All My Tomorrows

“All My Tomorrows” appears on the album From the Soul of Man. He recorded the track in 1998. The tune explores love and commitment. It opens with him reflecting on experiences with love. He talks about waiting for someone special to come into his life. Those lonely days are behind him now that he found the love of his life. He wants her to sign her name on his future and heart. It showcases the deep connection between them. He promises to devote his life to her.

“All My Tomorrows” conveys a deep and unwavering love between a couple. He promises to devote his heart to her. The heartfelt lyrics delve into the emotions of love. It teaches listeners that love means more than just committing to someone. People in relationships relate to the romantic lyrics. The gentle instrumentation in the song highlights his charismatic vocals. Kenny Lattimore’s soulful delivery adds an extra layer of charm to the track. He stops at nothing to make the song a pleasure for listeners. Kenny Lattimore hits notes towards the end that melt your heart. Listening to his voice makes you want to believe in love. The singer didn’t release it as a single, but it highlights his phenomenal vocal strength.

# 5 – Right Down to It

We reached the halfway point of our Top 10 Kenny Lattimore Songs list. Kenny Lattimore recorded “Right Down to It” for the Weekend album. He recorded it in 2001. The song delves into the subject of unconditional love. He devotes his love to his partner despite their flaws. The singer questions her feelings for him because people spread rumors about him. None of the rumors about him are true because he cares for her. He loves and wants her.

“Right Down to It” conveys the message of love and trust. He wants his lover to trust in their relationship despite outside interference. The poignant lyrics hit home with anyone who is in love. If people try to come between you and your partner, you know what he’s talking about. Kenny Lattimore covered Damian Dane’s single. He honored the original version of the song. The melody slightly differs from the original single. Kenny Lattimore speeds up the tempo in his version. He brings his smooth vocals to the track. His interpretation of the song is like Damian Dane’s version. Kenny Lattimore sings his version in a higher pitch than Bruce Edward “Damian” Broadus. He might believe that it’s better not to mess with perfection. Kenny Lattimore doesn’t stray far from the original, but his version remains a fan favorite with listeners.

# 4 – If You Could See You (Through My Eyes)

“If You Could See You (Through My Eyes)” is the 15th song on the album From the Soul of Man. It premiered in 1998. The song speaks about the deep love he holds for someone. She doesn’t believe she’s beautiful. He recognizes her beauty from within. She means everything to him. If she looked through his eyes, she would see her true beauty. He wishes she had a better understanding of her worth. She would see the hold she had over him.

“If You Could See You (Through My Eyes)” teaches listeners not to judge themselves. We need to see ourselves through someone else’s eyes. Seeing ourselves through others’ eyes changes our perception of ourselves. We beat ourselves up worse than anyone else. Sometimes, we need someone else to remind us how valuable we are. The Diane Warren penned track relates to anyone who needs validation about themselves. She wrote a touching song about inner and outer beauty. Kenny Lattimore was the right person to sing this song. David Foster produced the track and brought out the best in Kenny Lattimore. He records beautiful music that resonates with how we feel when we love someone. His soulful vocals bring out the vulnerability that comes with the subject. He makes you feel beautiful even if you don’t believe it. Women love hearing men tell them how beautiful they are. We picked this song because it reminds us to appreciate our self-worth.

# 3 – Take a Dose

“Take a Dose” is the third song on our list. It appears on the album Here to Stay. He released the song in 2022. The lyrics describe an unconditional love for someone special. He pledges to make her happy. She is his queen, and he plans to show his love for her. He finds purpose in her devotion. She fulfills his every desire. He compares himself to the medicine she needs to take away any hurt or pain she experiences. They share a love that rejuvenates without any conditions.

“Take a Dose” celebrates the power of love and commitment. It depicts a man who wants to do anything for the woman he loves. He wants to support and uplift his partner. The deeply felt lyrics hit home with anyone in love. He cleverly uses metaphors to describe giving her what she needs. The song proves Kenny Lattimore has what it takes to score a number-one hit 25 years after his first successful single. Kenny Lattimore remains at the top of his game decades later. He embraces the essence of R&B music. The song proves R&B music remains alive and well. Kenny Lattimore didn’t miss a beat with this track. His vocals are smooth as silk. It sounds like no time passed between his first number-one single and this one. Kenny Lattimore serenades couples with this romantic tune.

# 2 – Never Too Busy

His eponymous album features “Never Too Busy.” Kenny Lattimore released the song in April 1996. The song talks about a man reassuring his lover he’s never too busy for her. Kenny Lattimore has other obligations but makes time for her. He may not always tell her how he feels verbally, but his heart is full of love for her. She stays on his mind. He dreams of a future with her. Even when he’s preoccupied with other things, she remains a priority. No matter how busy he gets, she holds his heart.

“Never Too Busy” captures the significance of placing love at the forefront of our lives. It teaches listeners to value their relationships. Despite our busy lives, we should make time for the people we love. The track infuses R&B and jazz music. It creates an uplifting and cheerful vibe that resonates with listeners. The tune expresses the importance of prioritizing love in a hectic world. Anyone who loves classic R&B music never tires of this silky tune, which was a hit in the 1990s and remains popular today. Some songs get annoying if you hear them a lot, but “Never Too Busy” gets better with time. It’s an excellent dedication to someone you love. The single introduced the world to a phenomenal singer. We’re never too busy to listen to this classic tune.

# 1 – For You

The number one song on our Top 10 Kenny Lattimore Songs list is “For You.” It appears on his debut album. Kenny Lattimore released it in March 1997. The lyrics speak about a heartfelt dedication to the woman he loves. Since the couple got together, his life had meaning. He pledges to share everything he has with her. The singer wants a lifelong commitment to her. He dedicates his life to her enjoyment. Without her, life would lose its purpose.

“For You” is a romantic tribute to someone you love. It depicts the love and devotion for the wonderful person in your life. The heartfelt ballad resonates with listeners who cherish the people in their lives. “For You” became one of Kenny Lattimore’s iconic songs. Listeners use this song for their weddings. It makes sense to use it because the passionate lyrics describe the love you feel for the person in your life. The musical arrangement blows you away. Kenny Lattimore nailed this song with his soulful vocals. His soul-stirring performance makes the song a hit with music fans. The song is like a fine wine because it gets better with age. It’s a classic that remains relevant to this day.

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