Top 10 Melissa Etheridge Songs

Melissa Etheridge Songs

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Our Top 10 Melissa Etheridge songs list takes a look at the career of one of the most dynamic and passionate songwriters to come out of the 1980’s. For many rock fans who came of age in the 1970’s and 1980’s, the first time we heard Melissa Etheridge was when we viewed the video for “Like The Way I Do,” on MTV. Melissa Etheridge’s Springsteen like passionate performance of the song “Like The Way I Do,” instantly won her millions of fans. The song was released on Melissa Etheridge’s first album entitled appropriately Melissa Etheridge. The album was released in 1988. The song was not the first single released from the record. However, it was the first song to put her on the map.

Melissa Etheridge followed up her debut album with another incredible record titled Brave and Crazy in 1989. A few years later in 1992, Melissa Etheridge released her third album entitled Never Enough. One year later Melissa Etheridge released an album that many people would argue was the finest record of her career. The album Yes I Am was released in 1993 and featured some of the most important and well-loved songs Melissa Etheridge ever released. Songs like “Come To My Window,” “I’m the Only One,” and “I Will Never Be The Same,” cemented the legacy of Melissa Etheridge as one of the finest songwriters to come out of the late 20th Century.

Melissa Etheridge has never shown any signs of slowing down despite her battles with cancer. She has continued to release music on a steady basis for close to forty years. She is a champion for society in so many ways. Our top 10 Melissa Etheridge songs list is simply a small tribute to some of our favorite songs. Her entire catalog deserves full recognition, We hope that this list turns on and inspires those who may not know her music to go out and buy her CDs and records.

# 10 – Like The Way I Do

While many people may think of this fantastic number as the best Melissa Etheridge song ever released, we have a hard time listing this as number one because it’s also one of the first Melissa Etheridge songs ever released. Over time, Melissa Etheridge’s song grew deeper and more mature. “Like The Way I Do,” is an incredible piece of music, we just think that she got better and better over the years.

# 9 – Fearless Love

The great song “Fearless Love,” defines our point that Melissa Etheridge kept getting better by the year. This is a brilliant piece of music released on her 2010 album entitled Fearless Love.

# 8 – Breathe

One of our favorite Melissa Etheridge songs from the early 2000s was the great song “Breathe.”  The song was released on the 2004 album titled Lucky.

# 7 – I Want To Be In Love

The song “I Want To Be In Love,” was issued on Melissa Etheridge’s first album of the 21st Century entitled Skin. The album was issued in 2001.

# 6 – Angels Would Fall

We continue our Top 10 Melissa Etheridge Songs list with the beautiful song “Angels Would Fall.” The song was released on the album Breakdown. The Breakdown album was released in 1999. It was Melissa Etheridge’s sixth studio album release.

# 5 – You Can Sleep While I Drive

The album Brace and Crazy was Melissa Etheridge’s sophomore album. Our favorite song in the record was the heartfelt song “You Can Sleep While I Drive.” If ever there was a song that defined the Springsteen influence besides “Like The Way I Do,” it was this beautiful song.

# 4 – I’m The Only One

Melissa Etheridge’s brilliant album Yes I Am was her career-defining moment. Every song on the record shined the light on the amazing talents Melissa Etheridge showcased in her songwriting and performance skills. “I’m The Only One,” was one of the album’s many highlights.


# 3 – I Want To Come Over

One of the draws of Melissa Etheridge’s music was the raw emotion she always described in such earnest fashion in her material. “I Want To Come Over,” pretty much summed it all up in one phrase. The song was released on her Your Little Secret album. The record was issued in 1995.

# 2 – Bring Me Some Water

“Bring Me Some Water,” was the first single ever released by Melissa Etheridge. The song was released on her debut album Melissa Etheridge. It has always been one of her most rocking songs that still stands as one of her fans favorite Melissa Etheridge songs.

# 1 – Come To My Window

As we have reached the number one spot on our top 10 Melissa Etheridge songs list, we turn to the song that has easily become her most popular song. “Come To My Window,” stands as one of those great crowd-pleasing sing-along songs. However, it’s a deep sing-along song. Just like all her great songs, “Come To My Window,” resonates on so many universal levels just like all the great Melissa Etheridge material. Melissa Etheridge’s ability to reach a mass market with songs of substance is a feat only a few artists have been able to achieve. Like The Beatles, Billy Joel, and Elton John, Melissa Etheridge stands as one of the singer-songwriters that everyone loves.

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