Top 10 Morgan Wallen Love Songs

Morgan Wallen Love Songs

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Our Top 10 Morgan Wallen Love Songs list looks at his love songs. Morgan Wallen talks about different aspects of relationships. He sings about love and heartache. He knows that love is more than just falling in love. Relationships have layers and his songs cover them. He also talks about one-sided love. He has had his heart broken and he has longed for the person to come back. He makes sure to cover everything you can think of when it comes to love. His songs are good for weddings or spending time with the person you love. Morgan Wallen also makes you think if you have lost the person you love. Our Top 10 Morgan Wallen Love Songs list puts a light on his romantic and thought provoking love songs.

# 10 — Had Me At Halftime

The 10th song on our Top 10 Morgan Wallen Love Songs list is “Had Me at Halftime” from the If I Know Me album. “Had Me at Halftime” was released in 2018. The song is about a man who reminisces about meeting someone out of the blue and falling in love with them. He met her at a football game in September. He met her in the parking lot and asked her where she was sitting. He let her know that he had an extra ticket.

She was wearing a football jersey and singing every word of the fight song. She was drinking and smiling during the game. He couldn’t concentrate on the game because he was thinking about her. The narrator and the woman kissed after the game. He wanted her at halftime. In verse two, he talked about how he was originally going to watch the game on TV, but he got tickets for free. He would have been willing to pay anything to see her.

“Had Me at Halftime” is a song about love at first sight. The song teaches you that everything happens for a reason. If he stayed home, he wouldn’t have met her. This is an interesting story about a man who fell in love without warning. We don’t always see love coming which is what he conveys in this song. He just planned on watching a game and found love. Morgan Wallen found a creative way to talk about falling in love. This is a song you can listen to with the one you love. This is a good song to dance to with the person you love. You can slow dance with each other to this song. Morgan Wallen’s soothing voice is what the doctor ordered. This song will resonate with you if you have ever fallen in love at first sight.

# 9 — Redneck Love Song

The ninth song on our Top 10 Morgan Wallen Songs list is “Redneck Love Song” from the If I Know Me album. “Redneck Love Song” was released in 2018. It’s about a man who falls in love with someone who is out of his league. He talks about being a simple man. He has never been able to express his feelings in words. The narrator is rough around the edges. He isn’t materialistic.

The only thing he has to give is his love. He will pour his heart out to her. Ever since she came into his life, he’s been thinking about things he needs to say. He tells her that things are better now that she’s in his life. He knows it won’t be Shakespeare, but he wants to tell her how he feels. He loves her smile. He loves her jeans. He loves how she fell for a guy like him. Our narrator loves her kiss and her hair. He wants to let the world know that he loves her.

This is a pure and simple love song. The heartfelt lyrics tell a story about a man in love. He is a simple man who is not materialistic. He is a simple man who can only offer the woman he loves his love. It is a touching story that anyone who has ever been in love can understand. Anyone who isn’t materialistic would love to hear these words recited to them.

Morgan Wallen’s song shows you that you don’t have to have to show your love through material things. You can show your love through poetic words. This song is poetry with music. The subject is easy to understand. He expresses his love in a romantic way. This is a song for people of all ages. If you are in the beginning stages of love or have been in love for a lifetime, you will appreciate the lyrics to this song. If you’re having trouble expressing how you feel to the person you love, you should play this song for them.

# 8 — More Surprised Than Me

The eighth song on our Top 10 Morgan Wallen Love Songs list is “More Surprised Than Me” from the Dangerous: The Double Album. “More Surprised Than Me” was released in 2021. The song is about a man who loves a woman who is out of his league. People judge him based on his appearance. People are surprised that the woman he loves would love someone like him. The song opens with him talking about buying a sweatshirt from the Goodwill store. People question whether he’s smart since he got his shirt from the Goodwill store.

He has a worn out guitar that makes him look as if he plays better than he does. When he walks around with the woman he loves, people can’t believe that she’s with him. He believes no one is more surprised that she would be with him than he is. In the next verse, he talks about strangers sizing him up. They think he’s street and dumb because of his accent. He could lie to them and they would believe it. The narrator believes he did something right because he has the woman he loves.

The track encourages people to judge others by their character and not their appearance. Despite people judging him, he found someone to love him. He’s not afraid to embrace who he is and doesn’t care what other people think about him. As long as he has the woman he loves, he’s okay. This song has a message behind it. People may judge you because they don’t understand you, but you can still have the person you love.

The person who truly loves you will love you regardless of how you appear to others. This song teaches you that even if you have haters in your life, you will still have someone standing by your side. This is a different type of love song. It’s not a song about falling in love. It’s a song about someone standing by your side when other people feel like you aren’t good enough. The song is ideal for people in relationships where one person is different from their partner.

# 7 — Somebody’s Problem

The seventh song on our list is “Somebody’s Problem” from the Dangerous: The Double Album. “Somebody’s Problem” was released in November 2020. “Somebody’s Problem” tells the story about a man who is in love with someone who is taken. The narrator goes to a party and sees a beautiful woman.

When she got out of her truck, the world stood still. He was attracted to her. He realizes that she’s someone else’s problem. He wishes she could be his woman. Even though she’s somebody else’s problem, she’s going to be his. In the next verse, he talks about her being the type of girl you wouldn’t want to lose. She is the type of woman your friends would tell you not to lose. She is the type of woman you would want to fall in love with.

The song tells the story about a man who is in love with a woman who is with someone else. Don’t the title mislead you. The title makes it seem as if it’s not a love song. It looks like he’s letting her go, but he wants her. He adores her from afar. He wants her to be his problem. The narrator in the song may not have her, but this is still romantic. The lyrics will make you root for the narrator to get the woman that he loves. He doesn’t go out of his way to steal her from her man. He appreciates her for her beauty.

Most of us have adored people from afar so we know what he’s talking about in the song. It’s hard to watch the person you love with someone else. Morgan Wallen covered a different aspect of love. He talks about one-sided love in this song. Love isn’t just about being with the person you care about. You can end up falling for someone who is with someone else. This song is excellent for people who love someone who is not free to be with them.

# 6 — 7 Summers

“7 Summers” is from the Dangerous: The Double Album. “7 Summers” was released in August 2020. This song is about a past romance. He thinks about a woman he used to date. He talks about how she wanted to move down south where summer lasts all year long. The narrator believes she has a diamond ring on her hand. She may have a baby or two and live in a big house. He wonders if she thinks about him. He believes they knew they wouldn’t last, but they said they would be together forever.

The narrator reflected on how she used to love hanging out by the river and drinking beers with him. He wonders if she was sad to know that was “seven summers” ago. In the next verse, he talks about her father being proud of how she turned out. Her father probably thinks she dodged a bullet by not being with him anymore. The narrator still does the same things he did when they were kids. He realized that she never wanted the life he wanted.

This nostalgic song talks about an old summer romance. He yearns for the days when they were together. He knows she has a better life for herself, but he wonders if she still thinks about him. “7 Summers” is a song that many of us can relate to. If you find yourself thinking about a past love, you know that you are not alone.

This song is for people of all ages because anyone can relate to the lyrics. This isn’t a fairy tale love song. This song explores lost love. Lost love can be a powerful feeling because it fills you with emotions and regrets. This is an anthem for anyone who wishes they can go back in time and reclaim the person they love. The track will have you in your feelings especially if you’re not with the one you love. This song is perfect for people who are longing for a past love.

# 5 — Thinkin’ ‘Bout Me

The next song on our Top 10 Morgan Wallen Love Songs list is “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Me” from the One Thing at a Time album. “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Me” was released in 2023. It’s about a man who thinks his ex is still thinking about him even though she’s moved on with someone else. He wonders if she still thinks about him while she’s with her new man. The song opens with him not knowing where she is or where she’s been.

He doesn’t know anything about the guy she’s with. The narrator doesn’t feel bad for her. He feels bad for her new boyfriend because of what she’s going to put him through. She’s probably telling him that they were a burnt out flame. She’s probably telling her boyfriend that she hasn’t been thinking about our narrator. She’s probably telling her boyfriend that the narrator is in her past. The narrator doesn’t want her to lie to herself.

He questions if she thinks about him when she does different things. When she’s drinking her boyfriend’s drink is she thinking about him? When she’s driving around with him does she think about where the narrator lives? He wants to know who she sees when she closes her eyes. The narrator wonders if she wishes the truck in her yard was his. He questions if she thinks of him when she’s making love to her boyfriend. In the next verse, he questions if she hides her phone from her boyfriend. He wonders if she changed his name in her phone. If she and her boyfriend go to their special place, does she find ways to get out of going? Our narrator doesn’t know where she is, but he doest want her to be with him.

This track tells a story about a man who wonders if his ex-lover is thinking about him. He reflects about the past because he misses his ex-girlfriend. He feels like she’s comparing her new boyfriend to him. She may have moved on with her life, but he still wants to be with her. Have you ever wondered if your ex is thinking about you when they are in a new relationship? If so, this song is for you. Morgan Wallen touches on what it feels like to think about the person who got away.

He wonders if she’s thinking about him while she’s in a relationship. He doesn’t sound bitter about it. He sounds hopeful. This is another song on our list that’s not about falling in love. The character is in love, but he’s not with the person he loves. She belongs to someone else. The story is built up in an exciting way as he questions her feelings for him. We are practically on the edge of our seats wondering if she has been thinking about our narrator.

# 4 — Wasted On You

“Wasted on You” is from the Dangerous: The Double Album. “Wasted on You” was released in March 2022. It’s about a man who is struggling to move on from a failed relationship. He does everything he can to forget her. The narrator is trying to stop dwelling on the past. It’s hard for him to wake up in the morning. He feels the most pain when he’s lonely. He found out the hard way that it was his fault that she was gone.

The narrator has to drink to cope with his loss. He thinks about what he did wrong. The narrator thinks about all the time and money he’s wasted on her. He thinks about the apologies he didn’t owe her. He thinks about the days he spent wasting on her. HIs heart didn’t listen to his head and he got hurt. He looks at her stuff and it’s packed in a bag. Our narrator wants to light it on fire.

This is a poignant song about a man trying to come to terms with a break up. He’s ready to move on, but it’s easier said than done. He gives details about what the narrator is going through trying to let her go. The song is about heartbreak. It will resonate with people who have gone through a tough romance. This song is about a man who did everything he could to make his relationship work. You might feel like his efforts were romantic.

His efforts may not have been enough for the woman in the song, but they may be enough for the person in your life. A song doesn’t have to be about being head over heels in love with someone in order to be a love song. It’s hard to live with letting someone go who should still be in your life. The pain is even worse when you are at fault for the break up. Morgan Wallen did a great job interpreting this story for the listeners. The lyrics might have you nodding your head in agreement. They may have you thinking the song is about your life.

# 3 — Last Night

Coming in at number three on our list is “Last Night” from the One Thing at a Time album. “Last Night” was released in February 2023. The dramatic song is about a couple who has too much to drink and get into an argument. The narrator doesn’t remember what they said to each other, but he knew they said a lot. She told him she wished she never met him. Despite the fight, he knows it’s not over between them. He knows this isn’t their last night with each other. In the first verse, the narrator kissed his girlfriend. They end up making love. They are drinking and talking about life. He knows she loves to fight. The narrator says things he doesn’t mean, but he still wants them to be together.

In verse two, our narrator is convinced it wasn’t the last time they were going to be together. She called her mother, but he called her bluff. In the middle of the night, he got her to come back to him. Their friends advise them to let each other go. He wouldn’t trade her kind of love for anything in the world. As the song progresses, she tells him that she’s not going to come back again. He believes it’s not over between them. It’s a complicated relationship, but he wants to hold on to it. He’s willing to be vulnerable to get her back in his life. He knows they argue, but he thinks their relationship is worth saving.

This song will give you hope that you can get back together despite a terrible fight. Morgan Wallen shows the fiery side of a relationship. He talks about a relationship that involves arguing. It’s a realistic story because couples get into heated battles all the time. Relationships are more than just romantic dates on the town. He took on a subject that can hit close to home for couples who have been together for a while and break up over a heated argument. Even though the couple fight in the song, it has an optimistic message. He refuses to give up on his relationship. This song might give you hope that your relationship can survive a nasty argument. You can listen to this song after an argument with your partner. It might make you feel better.

# 2 — More Than My Hometown

“More Than My Hometown” is from the Dangerous: The Double Album. The song was released in May 2020. Everyone is rooting for the narrator and his partner to settle down with each other. She has dreams of a new life and wants to pursue them. She wants him to go with her, but he is torn. He loves her, but he can’t walk away from his hometown. It’s a hard decision for him to leave everything he loves for an uncertain life. Despite their love for each other, they know they have to break up. He loves her more than anything, but he loves his hometown too. He feels like he can’t love her more than his hometown. He’s not the runaway type so he can’t go with her.

This is a tearjerker about a couple who have to go their separate ways. It’s about the complexities of a relationship. She wants to leave town, but he can’t go with her. It will break your heart to listen to this story. They aren’t breaking up because they don’t love each other. He loves her more than anything, but he can’t leave his hometown. He loves his hometown as much as he loves her. This is a unique love song. He’s torn between the love of his woman and his hometown.

There aren’t too many songs where the person is torn between a woman and his hometown. The triangle is usually about someone being torn between two partners. This song gets an A for creativity. The song is filled with introspection and reflection. Would you go with the person you love or stay in the town you love? The song may have you questioning this in your relationship. If you’re not in this situation, it might make you appreciate your relationship more.

# 1 — Chasin’ You

The number one song on our Top 10 Morgan Wallen Love Songs list is “Chasin’ You” from the If I Know Me album. “Chasin’ You” was released in July 2019. This song is about a man who chases after a woman he used to date. He hasn’t gotten over her and wants to work things out with her. He decides to chase after her to let her know how he feels. In the song, he reflects back on their past together.

He talks about the things they used to do when they were kids. She ends up leaving the town for a different life. He wasn’t ready to let her go so he decided to chase after her. While he was traveling, he thought about the places she used to talk about visiting one day. There’s a twist in the song and our narrator reveals that he’s with someone new. He still wants to go after the person who got away. He may never see her again, but he wants her to know that he still thinks about her.

“Chasin’ You” tells a story about a man who reminisces about an old lover and how he wants to chase her. He may be with someone else, but he wants to be with his old lover. It’s hard to let go of the person you love even if you are with someone new. There’s times when we can’t shake off feelings that we have for an ex even if we are with someone else. It talks about unrequited love and the need to hold on to the past.

He yearns for another chance with his ex. This song may inspire people to find the people who got away. They may be able to reunite with the people they love. The lyrics are powerful and emotional. They will make you believe you can have an old flame back. This is one of Morgan Wallen’s best love songs. It won’t make you want to roll your eyes if you aren’t in love. The song might make you a believer in true love.

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