Top 10 Mott The Hoople Songs

Mott The Hoople Songs

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The origins of Mott The Hoople began in 1966 when Mick Ralphs, Stan Tippins, and Pete Overend Watts formed a group called The Doc Thomas group. Eventually, the group changed its name to Silence. After a few years of gigging and recording demos, the group replaced Stan Tippins with Ian Hunter. The band changed their name to Mott The Hoople and released their first album in 1969 entitled Mott The HoopleIn 1970, the band released their second album called Mad Shadows. The band quickly released their third and fourth albums in 1971 entitled Wildlife and Brain Capers.

The albums that Mott the Hoople were releasing were not selling well even though the band had developed a loyal cult following. Tours were canceled and it looked like the band was about to break up. David Bowie was a fan and offered them a few songs of his. One of those songs was a new tune he had written called “All The Young Dudes.” Mott The Hoople released the song as a single and it sold incredibly well. The band then released an album under the same now which became very successful. David Bowie had saved the band.

Mott The Hoople released their next album entitled Mott in 1973 which also sold well. In 1974 Mott The Hoople released the album The Hoople. It was a record in which every song was written by Ian Hunter. The album The Hoople would serve as the last Mott The Hoople album to feature Ian Hunter. After Ian Hunter left the band, the group continued on with a new lineup and changed their name to just Mott.

Our Top 10 Mott The Hoople Songs list takes a look at the years the band recorded with Ian Hunter as band leader, chief songwriter and lead vocalist. For those of you who may have never heard of Mott The Hoople, we think you will fall quickly for this great rock and roll band.

# 10 – The Golden Age Of Rock and Roll

We start out our Top 10 Mott The Hoople Songs list with the opening track from the last Mott The Hoople album entitled Mott. The great song “The Golden Age of Rock and Roll,” was also released as the second single from the album. The album featured Ian Hunter on lead vocals, Mick Ralphs on lead guitar, Verden Allen on keys, Pete “Overend” Watts on bass and Dale “Buffin” Griffin on drums.

# 9 – Rock and Roll Queen

Mick Ralphs who would later leave Mott The Hoople to form Bad Company penned one of the band’s great songs from their debut album, The tune “Rock and Roll Queen,” was the opening track on side two of the band’s debut album Mott The Hoople. There is nothing like a classic rock song that starts out with a great guitar lick and oh the sweet sound of the cow bell. More Cowbell!

# 8 – Whizz Kid

The great track “Whizz Kid.” was written by Ian Hunter. The song appeared on the band’s sixth album entitled Mott. The record was released in 1973. The song “Whizz Kid,” appeared as the second track on the album’s opening side. It formed a great one two punch with the album’s opening track “All The Way To Memphis,” which will appear later on this top 10 Mott The Hoople Songs list.

# 7 – Foxy Foxy

Continuing with our Top 10 Mott The Hoople Songs list, we turn to a non-album single entitled “Foxy Foxy. “The song was released as a single in 1974. The song would later be released on various compilations including the great set The Ballad Of Mott: A Retrospective.

# 6 – Angel Of Eighth Avenue

Ian Hunter’s great song “Angel of Eighth Avenue,” was released on the band’s third album entitled Wildlife. The song was released as the second track on the album. The record Wildlife was released in 1971. One of the great all time Ian Hunter ballads.

# 5 – One Of The Boys

One of the classic rock albums of the 1970’s was Mott The Hoople’s All The Young Dudes record. We could have filled up this entire top 10 Mott The Hoople songs list with tracks from this great record. If you don’t have this fantastic album we highly recommend it. “One of The Boys,” was the album’s second single release behind “All The Young Dudes.”

# 4 – Honaloochie Boogie

The song “Honaloochie Boogie” was released on the Mott album. The song was written by Ian Hunter. Just love that Ian Hunter piano riff that resonates throughout the entire song. Great chorus great verse, great vocal, great song. That trademark Ian Hunter sound is all over this one. And how could you ever forget that great title?

# 3 – Roll Away The Stone

The song starts out with a riff that is a variation on The Beatles “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” One of our favorite Mott The Hoople songs. Love the middle eight of this song. The song was released on the great album entitled The Hoople.

# 2 – All The Way From Memphis

Once again, the great Ian Hunter piano riff starts out this classic rock and roll song. “All The Way From Memphis,” was released on the Mott The Hoople album in 1973. It was the opening song on the album. “All The Way To Memphis,” was the only single released from the record.

# 1 – All The Young Dudes

In 1972, David Bowie offered Mott The Hoople a song that he had composed called “Suffergete City.” The band insanely turned David Bowie down. David Bowie really like the band and then offered them another song he wrote called “All The Young Dudes.” If the band had turned him down again, I would not be writing this article and you probably would have never heard of Mott The Hoople. The Mott The Hoople version of “All The Young Dudes,” became a huge hit in the United Kingdom reaching the number three spot on the U.K. music charts. It also became a top 40 hit in the United States. Over time it became one of the highlights of 1970’s rock and roll. Easily the band’s greatest achievement.


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