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Mr. Big Songs

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Our top 10 Mr. Big Songs looks at the song of a great 90s rock band fueled by the brilliant musicianship of four superstar musicians who could play their hearts out. Led by the superior bass talents of superstar bassist Billy Sheehan, Mr. Big  was not just your typical 80s and 90 glam rock band. These guys balanced brilliant musicianship with a cast of great rock songs delivered with that very addictive glam metal sound that was so popular during the 80s and 90s. On guitar was the extraordinary Paul Gilbert who was one of the most respected and best shredding rock guitarists in the business and former member of the killer band Racer X. Teamed up with Billy Sheehan on bass, Gilbert and Sheehan could tear it up on a level beyond almost every other rock band out there.

At the time Billy Sheehan had gained great popularity as the bassist in the David Lee Roth Band after David Lee Roth split from Van Halen. Sheehan’s work in that band with Steve Vai on guitar was stuff of legend. However his work with Gibert in Mr, Big  along with Pat Torpey on drums and Eric Martin on vocals would only help cement his legacy as one of rock’s all time great bass players. Our Top 10 Mr. Big songs takes a listen to ten of their finest recordings.

# 10 – Addicted to That Rush

Ushering us into the top 10 Mr. Big songs is “Addicted to That Rush” from Mr. Big’s self-titled album. Notably, the song “Addicted to That Rush” became one of the band’s live staples, making the band popular for their fine art and successful on the global stage. The song comes as the lead-off single in the album Mr. Big, featuring the band’s aggressive guitar and bass. Credit to the great fusion of instrumentals and nice vocals that the song “Addicted to That Rush” awarded the band some mainstream attention, having the song rise to number 25 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart.

# 9 – Nothing But Love

Featured in the band’s 1993 album, Bump Ahead is the song “Nothing but Love,” written by Paul Gilbert. The song comes out quite strong to show the world the true power of love. Probably, no better song can be used to channel the need for love in the world than “Nothing but Love.” To Gilbert, love is like the antidote to all pain in the world. And even though the search for love ends when we meet that special soul, it is without a doubt that our journey in love just begins flowing till eternity.

# 8 – Green Tinted Sixties Mind

If you are a fan of psychedelic rock, then you might have found a great song to add to your playlist. Featured in their 1991 album, Lean into It, the song “Green Tinted Sixties Mind” is one of the greatest psychedelic rock songs released in the nineties. Released in November 1991, the song was also written by Paul Gilbert, proving to the world how much of a talented songwriter he could be. And the song starts with some sublime guitar tune that brings on some undisputed energy to this psychedelic rock song which has by years remained a masterpiece from the Mr. Big band.

# 7 – Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy

Written by the band and songwriter Andre Pessis, the song “Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy” is yet another ballad from Mr. Big worthwhile, a top 10 mention. The song finds Eric Martin at the best of his vocals to channel a message of desires fulfillment to a lady. Well, men can understand this better having them do this almost indefinitely when chasing this one lady who has proven to be worth the chase. The song was written based on Lothario’s multiple encounters with adoring female fans. Lead artist Eric Martin would do some bit of polishing up of the lyrics. And from the song, the persona is willing to be anything for the woman, including a daddy, brother, lover, and a little boy.

# 6 – Shine

2001 would not have been better without releasing the album, Actual Size, which featured some great songs such as “Shine.” Coming as the number three track in the album, the song “Shine” was written by Kotzen and Zito, proving the diversity in songwriting within the group. And for anyone who has watched the anime Hellsing, this is the song featured in its end, fitting its use perfectly. Thanks to the drum sound that comes out so powerful, making the song quite a great and memorable one.

# 5 – Take Cover

Written by Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert, and Andre Pessis, the song “Take Cover” has been one of the most popular songs in Mr. Big’s fourth studio album Hey Man. The song would have a lasting impact on its listeners and probably one of the reasons that led to fans calling back Mr. Big band to get back to the stage. Thanks to the song’s lyrics and arrangements that it has been proved Mr. Big band to be more than just singing but a band gifted in terms of emotional reach.

# 4 – Undertow

Bringing us to some taste of the same old Mr. Big was the band’s seventh studio album What If… Thanks to the reunion, we had the original lineup team give us the hit songs such as “Undertow.” Notably, the song features some power chords and a guitar-driven frenzy with perfection spelled in all notes. Again, Paul Gilbert rocks hard, having him bring on one of the best guitar solo performances throughout the band’s career.

# 3 – Just Take My Heart

Featured in the band’s fourth album, Lean into It, the song “Just Take My Heart” has been one of the most successful songs in the career of Mr. Big band. You ought to love everything about this song, from the song’s lyrics to the performance. And thanks to the great quality of the song that it reached a peak position of number 16 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song would also trend in the United Kingdom, Finland, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada, and the Netherlands.

# 2 – Wild World

The song “Wild World” by Mr. Big is just a cover of the 1987 ballad from Maxi Priest going by the same title. Featured in the band’s 1993 album, Bump Ahead brings on yet another emotional song and a great cover. The former reggae version of the song was a hit globally; hence, this song means that Mr. Big would have to do quite some great work to match or outdo the original version. And the band was disappointed not when it came to transforming the reggae song into a great rock song.

# 1 – To Be With You

And finally, at number one on our Mr. Big songs list is a superb unrequited love song inspired by lead artist Eric Martin’s true story. Eric had written the song when he was a teenager, where he admits to having loved a woman, Patricia Reynolds, for her beauty and brains. However, Eric would end up being in the friend’s zone. “To Be with You” features some spare instrumentation which helps the song bring out the heart-rending message in the lyrics.

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