Top 10 Nate Dogg Songs

Nate Dogg Songs

Our Top 10 Nate Dogg Songs list looks at a respected singer and rapper. He was known as the “King of Hooks.” His voice could be heard on some of the most popular songs in hip-hop music. He has worked with a plethora of artists. He worked with Dr. Dre, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Mos Def, Fabolous, Kurupt, Tupac as well as others. He has 40 singles including his solo work as well as collaborations. Some of his hits include “21 Questions,” “Regulate,” “Area Code,” “I Got Love,” “Nobody Does It Better” as well as other singles.

Nathaniel Dwayne Hale was born on August 19, 1969 – March 15, 2011. Music was a part of his family. In case you didn’t know, he’s related to Snoop Dogg. Like most artists, he got his start singing in church. He dropped out of high school when he was 17 and joined the Marines. He was discharged three years after joining. He joined a rap trio a year later called 213 with Snoop Dogg and Warren G. They released demos together. He had a deep voice and artists wanted him to sing the hooks to their songs. He appeared on Dr. Dre’s first album The Chronic. After he appeared on Dr. Dre’s album, he was signed to Death Row Records. He was featured on different tracks for artists after he was signed.

G-Funk Classics, Vol. 1 & 2 was released in 1998. The album peaked at number 20 on the R&B and Hip-Hop charts and number 58 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “Never Leave Me Alone,” “These Days,” “Nobody Does It Better” and “I Don’t Wanna Hurt No More.” Music & Me came out in 2001. It peaked at number three on the R&B and Hip-Hop charts and number 32 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “I Got Love,” “Your Wife,” “Another Short Story” and “Music & Me.”

Nate Dogg released his eponymous album in 2003. It features the singles “Get Up,” “Keep It Real,” “I Got Game,” “Leave Her Alone” and “Hide It.” He would go on to collaborate with different artists until his untimely death.

Nate Dogg was the go-to artist when hip-hop stars wanted someone to sing the hooks to their songs. Many artists loved his deep and melodic voice. They loved him so much that they wanted him to be on their singles. It’s a good chance that you’ve heard him on some of your favorite hip-hop singles. He’s considered to be one of the inventors of “gangsta singing.” Gangsta singing blends r&b vocals with rap lyrics.

Other artists such as R. Kelly and Chris Brown used his style of music. He was taken from the world too soon and he will be missed. His legacy lives on through his music. Let’s stroll down memory lane with our Top 10 Nate Dogg Songs list. Our list will feature his best songs.

# 10 – Where I Wanna Be Shade Sheist ft. Kurupt and Nate Dogg

The first song on our Top 10 Nate Dogg Songs list is “Where I Wanna Be” by Shade Sheist featuring Kurupt and Nate Dogg. The song is from the album Informal Introduction. The song has a hip-hop beat. The feel-good song will make you want to dance. The jam is smooth and cool at the same time.

The lyrics contain a lot of references to smoking weed, but it doesn’t hurt the song at all. They talk about hanging out with their loved ones and having fun. They want to be where their loved ones are. This is the perfect song for the summer. You can turn the volume up and have a great time with the people you love.

The music is infectious. You can’t help bopping your head to the beat. The song contains a sample from Toto’s “Waiting For Your Love.” It seems like an unlikely sample to use because they are from completely different genres, but it works brilliantly. The song is laid back and you can have fun listening to it. Shade Sheist has a laid back flow.

His flow is similar to Snoop Dogg’s style. Kurupt has an upbeat flow and commands you to rap along with him. Nate Dogg is the true star of the track. He steals the song with the hook. His tone is perfect for the song. He sings the hook in time with the beat.

# 9 – Never Leave Me Alone ft. Snoop Dogg

The next song on our Top 10 Nate Dogg Songs list is “Never Leave Me Alone” from the G-Funk Classic Vol. 1 & 2.The song has a hip-hop beat. The loving song is a tribute to the woman he loves and his son. He doesn’t want the woman he loves to give up on him. He also wants her to tell their son why he was in prison.

There aren’t too many tracks that are dedicated to mothers and sons. This may sound like a negative song, but it has a positive spin on it. He doesn’t want his son to think the worst in him so he wants the mother to tell him why he’s in jail. He doesn’t her to walk away from him. He doesn’t want her to “leave him alone.” What would you do in a situation like that? If you pay attention to the lyrics, he expects her to be faithful to him while he’s in prison. He doesn’t know if he would be faithful to her if the shoe were on the other foot. Again, what would you do in a situation like that?

This is the type of track that would make a good plot for a book or a movie. This has the makings of a juicy urban drama. The song has a good beat to it. It contains a sample of Roberta Flack and Donnie Hathaway’s song “Where Is the Love.” The drumbeat and the keyboard sell the song. The track is a good mix of r&b and hip-hop music. In fact, you can forget this is a hip-hop song until Snoop Dogg makes his appearance on the track. Nate Dogg doesn’t rap on the track. He sings the song.

His voice is pleasant on the ear. He has a smooth tone and it works with the track. He had the potential to compete with other r&b artists in music. He could have released r&b music because his vocals are strong. Snoop Dogg makes an appearance in the song. He sounds cool as usual. His vibe is chill and laid back. He is at the top of his game on this track. He allows Nate Dogg to shine on the song. He doesn’t dominate the song the way some rappers do on other tracks.

# 8 – Nobody Does It Better ft. Warren G

The boastful song is from the album G-Funk Classics Vol. 1 & 2. The track has a hip-hop beat. The banger is about nobody in the business being better than him and Warren G. The dynamic duo insists they are the best rappers in the game. Are we really in a position to argue with them when the song sounds like this? You don’t learn anything new with this track. They don’t bring anything new to the table.

Rappers usually talk about how they are the best in the game. They say that no one in the game is better than them. It may come off like they are bragging, but they sound confident. They proved they could be right because they made magic happen on their other duet “Regulate.” Fans enjoyed that duet the same way they could enjoy this track.

The song features a sample from Atlantic Starr’s song “Let’s Get Closer.” The r&b ballad allows them a chance to slow things down a bit. The bass and the strings make the song stand out. Nate Dogg’s at the top of his game on this track. His vocals blend with the bass and the strings. He sounds incredible on this track. He has the perfect voice for hooks. He does just that. He hooks you with is inviting vocals.

Nate Dogg reels you in and you are glued to the song until he is done. He has the type of voice you can listen to all day. He doesn’t need AutoTune in order to sing. His voice goes up a notch while he’s singing the hook, but it doesn’t crack. He sounds fantastic. Warren G’s flow is on point. He delivers with his rhyming skills. He sounds similar to Snoop Dogg while he’s rapping. Nate Dogg and Warren G work well together. It’s too bad that they won’t get the chance to collaborate on any more tracks.

# 7 – I Got Love

The celebratory song is from the album Music & Me. The song has a hip-hop sound. The loyal song is about a man being there for people who are there for him. He only wants to be around people who were there for him before anything happened. He also talks about how nobody is better than him in the game.

In addition to his skill as a rapper, he talks about women who think they can get to him. He’s not looking for a wife. He just wants someone who is down for him. He only has a love for women who understand him. He wants to give shout-outs to people who genuinely care about him. This song isn’t hard to relate to. Most of us want to express our love for loyal people. We want to show them how much we appreciate them for being loyal.

This song gives the listeners a chance to hear Nate Dogg by himself. He does a lot of collaborations so it’s nice when we get the chance to just hear his voice on a song. His vocals are strong enough that he could handle more than just the hook to a song. He can handle the entire thing. His smooth baritone voice will melt butter.

He has a cool vibe as he’s shouting out the people who mean something to him. Nate Dogg sounds like he is singing with a lot of passion. His voice is stacked on the song. He sings one part in his upper register and the other part in his lower register. He sings in time with all of the beat changes. He is just as talented as an r&b singer. His tone is absolutely beautiful. Hearing Nate Dogg sing this song will really make his fans miss his voice so much.

# 6 – How Long Will They Mourn Me Thug Life ft Nate Dogg

The mournful song is from the album Thug Life Vol. 1. The song has a hip-hop beat. The melancholy song is about people they have lost in their lives. They recorded a tribute song to the people they care about who are no longer with them. This is a subject that will touch all of our hearts. Everyone knows what it’s like to lose someone because of death. They are talking about someone they lost, but you can also use this song to help you get through the tragedy of losing someone. This song may bring tears to your eyes because it will hit close to home.

This song will hit differently knowing that Tupac, Big Syke and Nate Dogg are gone. Hearing Tupac’s vocals on this track will remind you why he was one of the best rappers in the game. His rhymes are recognizable as soon as he starts. You will instantly know it’s Tupac that’s rapping about losing a loved one. You may find yourself shaking your head because this talented rapper is no longer with us.

Thug Life isn’t like most groups. They allow all of the members to rap on their tracks. The group was able to get attention because of Tupac. We have talked about Tupac long enough. Nate Dogg’s vocals are spectacular. He sounds flawless. You can tell he grew up singing in the church because his soulful vocals shine through on the track. He will make you miss the people in you life even more while he sings about being mourned. We challenge you not to be moved by him while he’s singing. He sounds like an angel on this track and he is one since he’s no longer with us.

# 5 – The Next Episode Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt and Nate Dogg

The next song on Our Top 10 Nate Dogg Songs list is “The Next Episode” from the album 2001. The fun song is about the rappers wanting the audience to look out for what was coming next. This song is designed for you to have a good time and look out for “the next episode.” They want you to drink, smoke weed and have a good time.

This is the type of track you listen to when you are having a bad day. You can play this song when you want escapism from what is going on with your day. This song wasn’t written for you to think. This is the type of track you listen to when you want to put your mind at rest.

Once you hear the first couple of notes, the party is ready to get started. This party jam is like a fine wine and never gets old. When the beat drops you already know you are in for a treat. Arguably some of the best rappers on the West Coast are featured on this track. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg sound like they are having a great time talking about partying and having fun.

They know how to have a good time. Dr. Dre had been in the business for a while when this song came out so he already knew how to get the song going. Snoop Dogg’s recognizable rhymes are always on point. Kurupt and Nate Dogg aren’t on the track as much as the other two are, but they shouldn’t be forgotten. They help make the song the great track that it is. We couldn’t think of anyone other than Nate Dogg to sing the hook to this track.

# 4 – Can’t Deny It Fabolous ft. Nate Dogg

The cautionary song is from the album Ghetto Fabolous. It has a hip-hop beat. The warning song is about Fabolous warning people that he won’t be ignored. He demands to be noticed. He warns people what would happen if people try to mess with him. He wants the world to take notice of him and not treat him as if he didn’t matter.

He wants them to admit they can’t deny his skills on the microphone. Fabolous may sound arrogant on this track to some people. His diehard fans may not notice that he’s bragging a lot on this song. He has to be tough in order to pull this track off. He couldn’t be soft if he believed no one could mess with him. Everyone can’t relate this track because it’s about bragging. You can sit back and enjoy the song for the bouncy track that it is.

Fabolous makes threats to people in the song. He threatens to kill anyone who messes with him. He’s trying to prove that he really is a gangster with these lyrics. We almost believe him, but we know that he has money so there’s no need for him to be a gangster or hardcore. It’s part of his image on this track. Fabolous’ rhymes are on another level.

This is from his debut album, but he sounds like he’s been in the game for quite some time. Nate Dogg’s vocals are spectacular. He sounds great singing the hook to this song. He makes you want to sing the lyrics with him. He sounds like he’s having a great time on the track.

# 3 – Area Codes Ludacris ft. Nate Dogg

The seductive song is from the album Word of Mouf. The track has a hip-hop beat. The raunchy song is about a man talking about the women he had sex with from different cities across the country. “Area Codes” makes reference to the location of the women he had sex with in different places. There aren’t too many songs about area codes on the radio so Ludacris was ahead of his time with this track.

The song is basically a kiss and tell type of track. If you can get past the fact that he’s talking about all of the women he was with, you should enjoy it. The song objectifies women by referring to them as “hoes” so people may be offended by the lyrics. Women don’t always enjoy being referred to as “hoes.”

“Area Codes” helped put Ludacris on the map. This was a popular track despite the subject matter. Men and women everywhere were enjoying singing about “area codes.” Ludacris sounds like he was in the business for years. Nate Dogg sings the classic line about “hoes in different area codes.” He’s able to pull it off without making women angry while listening to it.

His smooth vocals are enough to put a smile on your face. Ludacris raps about different area codes that he’s had women in. He might come off sounding bad, but we don’t think he cares too much about that because he was with a lot of women. This track was a big hit for the duo so they had to be something right.

# 2 – Regulate Warren G ft. Nate Dogg

The powerful song is from the albums Regulate…G Funk Era and the Above the Rim Soundtrack. The track has a hip-hop beat. The vengeful song is about a robbery that happened one night. Warren G talks about the robbery that happened to him. Nate Dogg’s verse is about getting back at the people who robbed Warren G. Nate Dogg meets women while he’s looking for Warren G.

When Nate Dogg finds Warren G, they go after the men who robbed him. They end up finding the women Nate met and riding off into the sunset with them. The song sounds like the plot of a movie. This isn’t a topic that gets covered too much in hip-hop so they get an A for originality.

This is the second collaboration between the dynamic duo to appear on our list. Warren G and Nate Dogg work well together. They sounded like they were made to work together. We can’t move on without talking about the beat of this jam. The song features the sample of Michael McDonald’s “I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Near).” The music brings this song to life.

As soon as you hear the music, you’re captivated. Michael McDonald’s song is fabulous on its own, but it works even better with this jam. Warren G and Nate Dogg sound great on this song. Warren G’s flow sounds effortless. He raps as if there’s nothing to it. He sounds similar to Snoop Dogg, but he has his own style. Nate Dogg is incredible on this track. He sings the chorus in time with the beat. His voice shines bright like a diamond on this catchy track.

# 1 – 21 Questions 50 Cent ft. Nate Dogg

The number one song on our Top 10 Nate Dogg Songs list is “21 Questions” from the album Get Rich or Die Trying. The song has a hip-hop and r&b beat. The questionable song is about a man who wonders if a woman would love him if he didn’t have anything to his name. The character 50 Cent is describing is someone who has been used before and wants to know if she would love him if he weren’t famous.

He does come off as if he’s bragging about his fame, but he wants to know if he’s going to be loved for himself. He wonders if he would be love when he’s down and out. We aren’t surprised that he would have to question the woman’s motives since he does have money. Would you question a person’s loyalty if you were in his position?

This is one of Nate Dogg’s biggest hits. It’s easy to see why it was a hit. They bring everything to the table to make this song work. Nate Dogg sings the hook so he does play a big role in the song. He gets your attention with his voice. He sings the hook in his lower register. His vocals are on point as usual.

You might find yourself getting emotional listening to him because it’s a reminder that Nate Dogg is gone. Hearing him sing songs like this one makes you yearn to hear him even more. There aren’t enough words to describe how great his vocals are on this track. He had the potential of being a big r&b star.

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