Top 10 Nonpoint Songs

Nonpoint Songs

Our top 10 Nonpoint songs introduce us to an American band famed for blending metal and rock together in a high energy performances. The band was formed in 1997 by vocalist Elias Soriano and drummer Robb Rivera. Soriano and Rivera were influenced by the 1990s flourishing metal scene. The two would have the band’s name inspired by the song “Nonpoint” by Believer, a thrash and progressive metal band. Soon after its formation, the band self-released its debut album Separate Yourself (1997). It took Nonpoint a second album, Struggle (1999), to hit commercial success. This helped Nonpoint sign a record deal with MCA Records, a major label where the band released its third album, Statement (2000).

The band embarked on nationwide tours to promote its music, performing on stages alongside artists such as Fuel, Drowning Pool, Hed PE, Taproot, and Mudvayne. Nonpoint had its first chart success with the song “What a Day,” which peaked at number twenty-four on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts. Following its successful album, the band released Development (2002) which entered the Billboard charts at number fifty-two. The album had some songs adopted for use in media. A good example is “Circles,” which was featured as the soundtrack for Hot Wheels AcceleRacers and NASCAR Thunder 2003. More tours would follow, having the band rub shoulders with artists such as Filter, Sevendust, and Papa Roach.

Nonpoint would later sign with independent label Bieler Bros. Records where they released the album To the Pain (2005). The album is by far one of the band’s best release, featuring many of the best Nonpoint songs. Nonpoint saw the songs on the album featured on games and adopted as theme songs to movies. All through, the band has been a constant figure in the hard rock and metal scene with frequent album releases. Nonpoint’s music continues to bring the best of the band’s heavy metal, groove metal, nu metal, alternative metal, and hard rock sounds. Here are the top 10 Nonpoint songs from the band’s twelve studio albums.

#10 – Fix This

Ushering us to the top 10 Nonpoint songs is the electrifying ballad “Fix This.” The song brings the best of hard rock vibes from the band’s most recent album X (2018). While the band might have most of their songs go even harder than this, “Fix This” shows the band’s tender side. Passionate Robb Rivera gives his best drumming skills in this song and at a point even arises from his stool to hit the ride cymbal even harder!

A guitar solo from Kochmit adds some flavor to the song, while rhythm guitarist Rasheed Thomas adds some spice with his rhythm guitar licks. Vocalist Elias Soriano seems calm for this song as it starts until it gets to the pre-chorus, where he adds vigor to his singing. Rasheed Thomas joins Soriano on the chorus, and both blow us away with their vocal capabilities.

#9 – Left for You

Nonpoint seemed to stick to hard rock vibes with its eponymous seventh studio album. Proof to this is a song like “Left for You,” which appears on our top 10 Nonpoint songs list. You can already feel the emotions pour out of Soriano’s vocals having him channel the message that there is nothing left for a soul that seems to have hurt him. Once again, the band banks on the members’ mastery of their instruments whose beats serve the song’s mood right.

#8 – Mindtrip

Featured on the band’s album Statement, “Mindtrip” is one of Nonpoint’s heaviest songs having it serve heavy guitar riffs with each beat. Get ready to have your emotions raised by this absolute rocker! It gets even wilder when the band gets to perform this song in any show. “Mindtrip” is part of why the band’s album Statement received quite some attention on the metal scene. The energy in the song and the true performance of all the band members make the song quite a hit!

#7 – Generation Idiot

“Generation Idiot” is a massive release featured on the band’s album The Poison Red (2016). The song takes us on a trip to rap metal by the band while still giving a taste of hard rock vibes. Lean guitarist Kochmit wears many hats in this release having him write the music for this song while vocalist Soriano penned the lyrics. Kochmit and Rasheed Thomas also offers a taste of their backing vocals in this metal ballad about how the internet and technology have affected the society.

#6 – Everybody Down

While still under Bieler Bros. Records, Nonpoint released the album Vengeance (2007), which featured great songs like “Everybody Down.” The song came when Nonpoint enjoyed having its songs picked for gaming and movie soundtrack use. Specifically, the remix to the release “Everybody Down” was adopted for the franchise of WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008. The band would later perform this song while on tour with 12 Stones, Anew Revolution, In This Moment, and Mudvayne.

#5 – Chaos and Earthquakes

Number five on our top 10 Nonpoint songs list is the moving song “Chaos and Earthquakes.” Featured on the band’s most recent album X (2018), it brings on a touch of rap-metal over vivacious guitars and resounding keys. The song finds vocalist Soriano spitting striking lyrics which allude to the current divisive society. Soriano revealed in an interview that the song’s lyrics serve as a call to get away from this ‘madness.’

#4 – Alive and Kicking

“Alive and Kicking” is the song you need when your starting to feel down during your tough days. The hard vibes of the song feel like something close to Rage Against the Machine. “Alive and Kicking” was such a massive hit in its primes having the song peak at number twenty-five on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts. The song would later be adopted in the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 game.

#3 – Bullet with A Name

The song “Bullet with A Name” is one of the best releases from Nonpoint’s album To the Pain (2005). Nonpoint love the song so much that they play it in most of their live shows as the closing song. The song was featured on the 2007 movie The Condemned despite not appearing on the movies soundtrack. Many might recognize the song from its use as the soundtrack for the video game WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007. Thanks to its great composition that the song managed a number twenty-two on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. 

#2 – What A Day

Looking at Nonpoint’s music career, it is undeniable that their star shone brightly after the release of “What A Day.” The song was co-written by the then-band members and featured on the band’s album Statement (2000). Nonpoint established itself as a hard rock and metal band with songs like “What A Day” and have to date, maintained their style. The song peaked at number twenty-four on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart and was the first Nonpoint song to reach the charts. Ben Howard released his version of “What A Day” (with different lyrics) for his fourth studio album, Collections from the Whiteout.

#1- In The Air Tonight

Number one on our top 10 Nonpoint songs list is the ballad “In The Air Tonight.” The song is a cover of Phil Collins song released on Nonpoint’s album To the Pain (2005). Phil Collins released this song on his debut album Face Value amid the grief he went through after a horrible divorce with his wife. Nonpoint had initially featured the song on the Recoil album. “In The Air Tonight” was featured in an episode of Miami Vice which is what made the song so popular back in 1984. The song would later climb the Billboards’ Mainstream Rock charts rising to number thirty-four.

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