Top 10 Phil Collins Songs

Phil Collins songs

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In the 1980’s, Mr. Phil Collins was a hit making machine. Both with his band Genesis, his solo albums and movie soundtrack songs, there was no stopping Phil Collins. It’s difficult to know where to even start when trying to choose the Top 10 Phil Collins Songs. As we have done with his ex band mate Peter Gabriel, we will make sure to not include any Genesis material. However that almost does not seem fair, since Phil Collins enjoyed incredible commercial success in the 1980’s with Genesis.

Our Top 10 Phil Collins songs list will take a look at just the Phil Collins solo albums and movie soundtracks. In the 1980’s Phil Collins developed a sound that became commercially irresistible to popular radio. The success of “In The Air Tonight,” on the Miami Vice television show further catapulted Phil Collins into the mass culture spotlight. Even Walt Disney jumped on the Phil Collins band wagon. If you were a huge fan of the progressive rock era of early Peter Gabriel Genesis, chances are you might not be a fan of the songs on this list. Nonetheless, the man deserves credit for developing the ability to compose and produce hit singles that resonated among multiple age groups in the same fashion done by artists like The Beatles, Elton John and Billy Joel.

We hope you find our Top 10 Phil Collins songs list interesting. The man could play kicking drums, sing pitch perfect, and compose a hit. Let us know what you think.

# 10 – Like China

Opening up our top 10 Phil Collins songs list is a song from our favorite Phil Collins album. The song “Like China,” was released on the album Hello I Must Be Going. The album was released in 1982. The song “Like China,” was the eighth single released from the album. Yes, you heard us right, the eighth single! This is what we meant when we wrote that Phil Collins was a hit making machine.

# 9 – Wake Up Call

The hits had pretty much stopped coming for Phil Collins in the 2000s. Phil Collins has only released two albums in the 2000’s and one was a covers album entitled Going Back. “Wake Up Call,” was a nice mid tempo minor key grooving ballad that recalled a bit of the early 1980’s Phil Collins sound. The song was released on his 2002 album Testify. The album was the last full studio album of new material that Phil Collins has released. Wow its been 16 years already.

# 8 – It’s In Your Eyes

In 1996, Phil Collins released his Dance Into The Light album. It was a great record that served a nice platter of uptempo richly produced and well written songs. However, it did seem a bit out of place in a music scene that had dramatically changed. The Phil Collins sound no longer dominated radio. Pop radio was all hip hop and rock radio featured acts like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and the legacy of Nirvana. The track “It’s In Your Eyes,” seemed very much influenced by The Beatles. Great song!

# 7 – I Wish It Would Rain Down

The Phil Collins song “I Wish It Would Rain Down,” was released on Phil Collins album …But Seriously. The song featured some incredibly stunning guitar work by the one and only Eric Clapton. The song was released as the third single from the album. It was released in 1989.

# 6 – Sussudio

Bet you cant spell this one. This very groovy tune was released on the No Jacket Required album. The song hit number one on the Billboard Top 100. How could we not list this song. Enough said.

# 5 – I Don’t Care Anymore

The great Phil Collins song “I Don’t Care Anymore,” was the opening track on the Hello I Must Be Going album. The song was a top 40 hit. It is not related to the George Harrison song with the same title.

# 4 – I Missed Again

The first two Phil Collins albums featured some heavy Motown and Stax records influences that one can hear in the horn arrangements. It’s just that the Phil Collins vocal sound that was drenched in reverb and often doubled, sounded nothing like the singers that graced those classic Motown Records. It was a strange sound, but obviously it was a very successful one.

# 3 – Easy Lover

The vocal sound that was missing from those Phil Collin Motown influenced records was found on this great duet between Phil Collins and Philip Bailey, of Earth, Wind & Fire. The song was released i 1984 and hit number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was released on Phil Collins greatest hits package Philip Bailey’s solo album Chinese Wall. The song was written by both Phil Collins and Philip Bailey

# 2 – In The Air Tonight

Its tough not to list this song at the number one spot on our to 10 Phil Collins songs list. The song was huge when it was first released, but it became an even bigger hit a few years later when it was used in a Miami Vice television episode in 1984. This was a defining moment in 1980’s popular culture.

# 1 – Against All Odds

Phil Collins song Against All Odds was one of the most beautiful, tender and heartbreaking ballads ever written. The songs production value is brilliant and Phil Collins delivered a career topping vocal performance. This song is why “In The Air Tonight,” landed at number 2 instead of number 1. You may not agree with us, but we stand by our choice. This one was stunning.

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