Top 10 Rick Wakeman Songs

Rick Wakeman Songs

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The members of the band Yes have become cornerstones of the Progressive Rock genre both in their work within the band Yes, their collaborations with other artists and bands and of course their solo albums. When we speak of the great keyboard players of the 1970’s Progressive Rock movement, two names always float to the top of that discussion. They are of course Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman. That is not to take anything away from the other great progressive rock keyboardists like Patrick Moraz, John Tout, Tony Banks and countless others. It’s just that Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman were so dominant in their respective bands, fans have come to know them in depth.

Our Top 10 Rick Wakeman songs list will only focus on Rick Wakeman’s solo material. It almost feels criminal to call it solo material because the majority of Rick Wakeman’s recorded material that he has released throughout his career stems from his own solo albums.  Rick Wakeman has released over 100 albums when combining studio albums, live recordings, soundtracks and other various projects. None of that includes the albums he recorded with Yes. When we combine every album he has played on, we are looking at a couple of thousand officially released songs. So how in the name of King Arthur do we pick the 10 best Rick Wakeman Songs. Well, we can have some fun trying.

# 10 – Sir Lancelot and The Black Knight

We open our Top 10 Rick Wakeman songs list with a song from Rock Wakeman’s third solo album entitled The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The album was released in 1975. The composition and recording of “Sir Lancelot and The Black Knight,” was the closing track on side one of the album. What a way to close an album side.

# 9 – White Rock

The exciting musical piece “White Rock,” was the title track to the soundtrack album Rick Wakeman recorded in 1977 entitled White Rock. The album was very successful for Rick Wakeman in the U.K. as it reached the number

# 8 – Music Reincarnate

Music Reincarnate is the musical suite that took up the entire A side of Rick Wakeman’s 1976 LP No Earthly Connection. I have no idea how to describe music like this that is so deep and full of changes. Just listen to the music, its amazing stuff.

# 7 – The Pharos of Alexandria

We continue our top 10 Rick Wakeman songs list with a selection from his album The Seven Wonders of the World. The song The Pharos of Alexandria was the opening track on the album. The selection was based on the  Lighthouse of Alexandria which is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The fascinating album was released in 1995.

# 6 – Lure of the Wild

“Lure of the Wild,” was released on the Wakeman with Wakeman album that Rick Wakeman recorded with his son Adam Wakeman in 1994.

# 5 – Stairway To Heaven

We thought fans might find this one interesting. In 2017, Rick Wakeman recorded an album entitled Piano Portraits. It was an album of cover songs all played on solo piano. On the CD Rick Wakeman covered songs by The Beatles, 10cc, David Bowie and of course Led Zeppelin. 

# 4 – Judas Iscariot

The Rick Wakeman song Judas Iscariot was the closing track on the 1977 album Rick Wakeman’s Criminal Record.

# 3 – The Battle / The Forest

The Battle / The Forest, was side two of Rick Wakeman’s 1974 album Journey to the Centre of the Earth. It’s a musical suite that can not be separated and must be listened to in one sitting, otherwise you just won’t get it.

# 2 – Catherine of Aragon

The great Rick Wakeman song “Catherine of Aragon,” was released on the fabulous The Six Wives of Henry The VIII album. We always liked Catherine the best.

# 1 – “The Journey”/”Recollection”

The “Journey/Recollection Suite,” was released on the great Journey to the Centre of the Earth album. Rock Wakeman’s most famous album was released in 1974. THE “Journey/Recollection Suite,” covered the entire first side of the album. The music was all recorded live at the Royal Festival Hall in London England.

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