Top 10 Rival Sons Songs

Rival Sons Songs

Our top ten Rival Sons songs looks at the ten best songs of one the best rock bands currently going who were formed in Long Beach, California in 2009. They released their debut album Before The Fire in 2009. After recording a self-titled ep in 2010, they caught the attention of British label Earache Records who then signed them and released their second album Pressure and Time in 2011.

The next year, they soon got to work on their third album. Titled Head Down, it was released in 2012 and was very successful, reaching high positions in several international charts. The next year saw them embark on several exciting tours which included supporting Sammy Hagar. The next year they returned to the studio and released their critically acclaimed fourth album Great Western Valkyrie in 2014. This was followed by Hollow Bones in 2016. The next two years saw them supporting two of the greatest rock bands of all time when they supported Deep Purple in 2016 and then Black Sabbath on their final tour in 2017. Their most recent album Feral Roots was released in 2019. Here is a list of their ten best songs.

In their early days, Rival Sons album were creating during a time when they were absolutely pouring out with creativity. Pressure and Time was recorded in a mere twenty days. They have been very consistent, having released seven album in the space of ten years. In producer Dave Cobb, they have what is essentially and additional member, with him having worked on all of their albums. Here is a list of their ten best songs.

# 10 – Destination on Course

Kicking off our top ten Rival Sons songs list is track taken from the band’s fourth album Great Western Valkyrie released in 2014. This songs shows Rival Sons experimenting with their sound. The origins of this song go back years earlier when the nucleus of it was written by guitarist Scott Holiday and he felt that the time was write revisit it.

# 9 – Until The Sun Comes

This next track is taken from the band’s third album Head Down released in 2012. It got recognition for its place on the soundtrack to Sons of Anarchy. It is one of Rival Sons more accessible pop sounding songs. Although they are band who are at their best when they are doing rocking numbers, it is nice to see them doing a lighter number every now and again.

# 8 – Tell Me Something

With our next track we go all the way back to the band’s debut album Before The Fire released in 2009. The sound here is very good for a band just starting out. Although their sound now is far more refined, this early material has a rawness that gives it a certain charm. If they had of stuck with this sound, they would arguably still make for an enjoyable listen, but that is no criticism of their equally excellent newer material.

# 7 – Memphis Sun

Up next is another track taken from the first record. This is another raw track that is easily on of the bluesiest in the Rival Sons back catalogue. Singer Jay Buchanan puts in a particularly soulful vocal performance. Although it might seem a little overly retro for some people’s taste, this does matter when you consider the level of power and emotion contained here.

# 6 – Feral Roots

Ending the first half of this list we have the title track of the band’s fifth and most recent album released in 2019. This album was very critically acclaimed and was loved by many of the band’s fans. This song really shows what is great about Rival Sons when they are at the peak of their success. It is a very chilled out sounding song where all of the band sound almost effortless in how they are able to create such brilliant music.

# 5 – Electric Man

Kicking off the second half of this is a track taken from the band’s fourth album Great Western Valkyrie released in 2014. With this they still have the blues-rock sound but at the same time mix it with somewhat of a garage sound that rather reminiscent of The White Stripes. This was the first of three singles to be taken from the album.

# 4 – Torture

Next on the list is a non-album track that was featured on the band’s self-titled ep released in 2011. The album is a heavier song in the Rival Sons discography that almost borders on metal. The influence of Led Zeppelin is very evident here, particularly on the brilliant mellow mid-section which explodes once again into a rocking tune.

# 3 – Burn Down Los Angeles

At number three is the third track on this list to be taken from the first album. The song which seems to be somewhat lyrically political is structured like a protest song from the sixties. Although the band are not Rage Against The Machine-style anarchists and the song is not literally about burning down the city of Angels, it is about the power of the city and how it can often crush human beings hopes and dreams if they do make it as a success.

# 2 – Pressure and Time

Just off the top spot is the title track of the band’s second album released in 2013. This song is a great example of what makes Rival Sons what they are. The riff here is fantastic, the vocals are on fire and it generally a great piece of retro rock that still somehow manages to sound fresh. A music video was made for the song and it was also featured on a couple of movie and video games soundtracks.

# 1 – Open My Eyes

At the top of our Rival Sons songs list is this absolutely sublime track from Great Western Valkyrie. This album was very well received by critics who really felt that the band had mastered their sound with it. It was also extremely commercially successful, reaching the top forty in several countries across Europe.

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