Top 10 Songs From The Darkness

Top 10 Songs From The Darkness

Our Top 10 The Darkness songs showcase a dynamic hard rock and glam metal band from England. Formed in 2000 by brothers Dan and Justin Hawkins, the band initially played cover versions of songs by notable artists such as Genesis, Marillion, and Bruce Springsteen during their teenage years. Originally named Empire, the group was later rebranded as The Darkness, spurred by the energetic reception of their live performances. They quickly rose to prominence and released their debut album, Permission to Land, in 2003. This album was a commercial success, selling over 1.3 million copies in the UK alone and featured several hit singles.

The Darkness’ early success was cemented at the 2004 Brit Awards, where they won Best British Album, Best British Rock Act, and Best British Group, all from their debut effort. However, the band faced challenges before the release of their second album; bassist Poullain departed and was replaced by Richie Edwards. After battling drug addiction, Justin Hawkins left the band following the release of One Way Ticket to Hell… and Back in 2005.

Following Justin’s departure, the remaining members formed Stone Gods, while Justin launched his own project, Hot Leg. The band reunited in 2011, with Poullain returning on bass. Unfortunately, original drummer Ed Graham left due to health issues worsened by touring. Since reuniting, The Darkness has released several more studio albums and toured globally, although their tours were paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, let’s dive into the top 10 songs from The Darkness, an award-winning British band that has left a significant mark on the rock scene.

# 10 – Last of Our Kind

Leading our list of the top 10 The Darkness songs is the album-titled rocker “Last of Our Kind.” Released in 2015, the song draws lyrical inspiration from the 1980 movie Hawk the Slayer. The lyrics poignantly capture the elf’s lament about heading into battle against the antagonist, acknowledging the risk of death and the potential end of his civilization. With a dramatic flair, the song questions what else could be expected when facing enemies capable of annihilating his entire kin. This track not only showcases The Darkness’s signature theatrical style but also their ability to weave intricate narratives into their music.

# 9 – Get Your Hands Off My Woman

“Get Your Hands Off My Woman!”—a perfect exclamation for when you need to keep a  man away from your queen. Unexpectedly, this track from the band’s debut album Permission to Land became a standout hit. With its energetic rock rhythm and unrelenting falsetto, the song quickly established itself as The Darkness’s breakout ballad. It not only showcased the band’s unique sound but also became a defining track, peaking at number forty-three on the UK Singles Chart. This song exemplifies the bold and brash style that would come to characterize much of The Darkness’s music.

# 8 – Solid Gold

“Solid Gold” is a standout track from The Darkness’s album Pinewood Smile, bringing vitality and sharp wit to the collection. The song features the band taking a direct aim at the music industry, particularly targeting record companies. Released during a period when The Darkness was consistently delivering hits, “Solid Gold” helped to cement the band’s status in the rock music scene. The visual spectacle of the band performing this song in a massive aircraft hangar, enhanced by glam rock lighting, adds an extra layer of satisfaction for fans and viewers alike, perfectly complementing the song’s bold and defiant message.

# 7 – Rock and Roll Deserves to Die

Is it time to let rock and roll die and explore other music genres? True rockers might never entertain such a thought, yet The Darkness has expressed skepticism about continuously “saving” the genre. Although once celebrated as saviors of rock and roll, Justin Hawkins voiced in an interview that merely saving the genre isn’t sufficient. He argued that there’s little point in preserving rock and roll if it fails to yield anything innovative or exhilarating. While some might linger over debates about rock and roll’s slide into creative stagnation, I choose to savor the rock and roll experience for as long as it lasts. In a way, the song from their album Easter Is Cancelled acts like “disruptive marketing,” introducing the art of rock and roll to a new generation of music enthusiasts in a fresh and provocative way.

# 6 – Is It Just Me?

Number six on our top 10 songs from The Darkness is the ballad “Is It Just Me?” featured on the band’s sophomore album, One Way Ticket to Hell… And Back. “Is It Just Me?” was The Darkness’s fifth consecutive top ten hit in the United Kingdom. The song is notably recognized for its appearance in a chocolate bar advertisement, which featured rock star Arthur Brown officiating a mock wedding where Justin Hawkins marries himself. The track reached a peak position of number eight on the UK Singles Chart, further solidifying The Darkness’s presence in the rock music scene.

# 5 – Barbarian

“Barbarian” stands out as one of the best tracks from The Darkness, featured on their album Last Of Our Kind. The song delves into the story of the Viking invasion of Eastern England in the 9th century, culminating in the dramatic beheading of Edmund the Martyr. What sets “Barbarian” apart are its two intense monologues and an exceptional guitar solo, showcasing Dan Hawkins’s considerable brilliance and experience on the guitar. The lyrics vividly recount the brutal invasion, adding a historical depth that complements the song’s heavy and aggressive musical style.

# 4 – Open Fire

“Open Fire” is the second lead single from The Darkness’s album Last of Our Kind. This track features Justin Hawkins adopting a more aggressive vocal style, which is a notable departure from his usual singing. Initially, fans speculated that the vocals might have been performed by bassist Ed Graham, due to the uncharacteristic edge in the delivery. However, it was later confirmed that Justin was indeed the vocalist. The song’s intense energy, characterized by howling gales and crashing waves, draws a stylistic comparison to the powerful, atmospheric elements found in Rammstein’s music, marking a bold sonic exploration for The Darkness.

# 3 – One Way Ticket

While many songs about cocaine, like “Snowblind” by Black Sabbath, use euphemisms to describe the drug, The Darkness took a more direct approach in their song “One Way Ticket.” Featured on their 2005 album One Way Ticket to Hell… and Back, the lyrics explicitly mention cocaine and allude to addiction. This candid approach was particularly poignant given that at the time, Justin Hawkins was publicly struggling with cocaine addiction, reportedly spending about £1000 a week, which ultimately led him to leave the band and enter rehabilitation. The song resonated with many, peaking at number eight on the UK Singles Chart, and served as a stark reflection of Justin’s personal battles during that period.

# 2 – Love Is Only a Feeling

The Darkness presents a unique take on love in their song “Love Is Only a Feeling,” from their debut album Permission to Land. In this track, Justin Hawkins sings about love as an ephemeral and insubstantial experience, challenging the common notion of love as a profound and enduring force. He suggests that love is not as monumental as it’s often portrayed, but rather a universal feeling that everyone experiences. Justin later clarified that the song was not about a specific individual but was more a blend of reflective recollection and internal dialogue. This nuanced perspective resonated with listeners, propelling the song to peak at number five on the UK Singles Chart, further solidifying its impact.

#1 – I Believe in a Thing Called Love

While The Darkness might have articulated skepticism about love in “Love Is Only a Feeling,” this doesn’t imply they dismiss the concept altogether. To underscore their stance, The Darkness released “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” a vibrant affirmation of love’s existence. This track features Justin Hawkins delivering his convictions in an electrifying falsetto, channeling the spirit of glam rock. The song is both a homage to and a playful parody of rock and roll, cementing The Darkness’s reputation as both saviors and satirists of the genre. Its unapologetic rock and roll essence, which many fans felt was lacking in other contemporary rock music, helped make this song The Darkness’s most iconic track, soaring to number two on the UK Singles Chart.

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