Top 10 Rod Stewart Love Songs

Rod Stewart Love Songs

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Our Top 10 Rod Stewart Love Songs list looks at an artsist that could rock as hard as anybody, but yet break your heart with a tender ballad. Rod Stewart is a legendary pop and rock artist. If you are a fan of pop or rock music, you most likely know his songs. He has serenaded you with his voice for years. If you are in the mood to hear songs that will have you in your feelings, Rod Stewart’s catalog may be what you need. Rod Stewart has some love songs in his catalog that will make you think about romance. He sings a variety of love songs. He sings about love, lust and heartache. He also touches on what it feels like to be in love with people who may not feel the same way he does. He’s an expert on love because he’s been married multiple times. He knows how it feels to fall in and out of love with people. He can make you think about different sides of love. His songs teach you that love can be a beautiful thing. You also learn about the harsh realities of love. You can put Rod Stewart’s songs on the radio and let him take over your night. Our Top 10 Rod Stewart Love Songs will feature his best love songs.

# 10 – Love Is

The first song on our Top 10 Rod Stewart Love Songs list is “Love Is” from his album Another Country. The album was released in 2015.  The informative song talks about a man who wants to give advice about love. He wants to give advice to anyone who needs advice about love. He feels he’s an expert on love so he wants to offer his wisdom for anyone who needs it. Rod Stewart reflects on his first love in the song. He had dreams about marrying her, but he realized that they were too young. He had the chance to have love, but he let her get away. He loved her enough to realize they weren’t ready to walk down the aisle. He explains the different facets of love to his listeners. Love can be many things in your life.

He goes into detail about how love can be in your life. Love can be wonderful, or it can break your heart. It depends on how you treat the people in your life. Rod Stewart sings the lyrics as if he’s reaching out to a friend who needs advice about love. He gives excellent advice about love that everyone should listen to when they need help. He hit the nail on the head with some of the things he said about love. He will make you think about love and what you will do for it. The music fits with the theme. The music is upbeat, and it will put a smile on your face. This song is ideal if you have fallen in love and want to prove what you are willing to do in order to keep love in your life.

# 9 – She Makes Me Happy

The next song on our Top 10 Rod Stewart Love Songs list is “She Makes Me Happy” from the album Time. The album was released in 2013. The meaning behind this song is self-explanatory. Rod Stewart shares how he feels about the woman he loves. He talks about how he didn’t think he would settle down until he met the woman in his life. He was stubborn and didn’t care about anyone or anything. All of that changed once he met his angel. She made him change his ways. He wanted to be a better man for her. He was willing to give up bad habits for her. Every day is a better day now that she’s in it.

The lyrics are cheerful and perfect for any man who wants to express his love for a woman who has changed his life. This celebratory song is a beautiful dedication to the woman who makes him happy. Any woman would be flattered to know they changed a man’s life by being in it. The music will touch your soul. It will make you happy and make you feel like dancing with the person you love. Rod Stewart’s raspy vocals will convince you that he’s happy. He has enough grit in his voice to turn this into a rock song. You can enjoy this song if you have a woman or a man in your life that makes you happy.

# 8 – Love Touch

“Love Touch” is from the album Every Beat of My Heart. The album was released in 1986. “Love Touch” is a song about loving and healing. He wants to mend their broken relationship with his loving touch. The sincere song touches on the bittersweet side of love. He feels like his relationship is about to end, but he wants to do everything he can to stop that from happening. He’s willing to embrace her with his loving touch. He can’t see his lover leaving him so he will stop her by trying to rekindle their romance. The healing song is about trying to mend a relationship. He doesn’t want their relationship to end because he is in love with her.

This love jam was recorded in the 80s and you will recognize that right away when you hear the synthesizer and the drumbeat. “Love Touch” has a classic sound that will never get old. Rod Stewart feels like love is worth trying to keep. He wants to talk to her so she will give him a chance. He would be willing to do anything if she will give him another chance. He wants to give her the “love touch.” The song is relatable to couples who are on the verge of breaking up, but one of the people in the relationship wants to stay. Love isn’t always about the happily ever after. You have to work on making a relationship last. Rod Stewart recorded a track that gives him the chance to plead to have his woman back in his life. Here is some trivia about the song. Rod Stewart thought the song was silly and doesn’t like to sing it in concert. His fans enjoy the song so he performs parts of it for his shows. He may not like the song, but he did a convincing job with it.

# 7 – You’re in My Heart

“You’re in My Heart (the Final Acclaim)” is from the Foot Loose & Fancy Free. The album was released in 1977. The devotional song is about a man who proclaims his love for the woman in his life. He loves her and assures her that she will be in his life forever. She is someone he wants in his life until he gets old. He tells her that she’s his heart and soul. He wants her to stay with him because he loves her. He lets her know that she will be in his life forever. If you have a woman in your life that you love dearly, this song will ring true for you.

The romantic song will have you in your feelings. It will bring tears of joy to your eyes if you are on the receiving end of this song. If you hear this song, it will be impossible to walk away from the person who shared the song with you. Men and women can dedicate this song to the people they love. Rod Stewart doesn’t specify who he’s talking about so women can dedicate these lyrics to the men in their lives. Rod Stewart makes you feel the lyrics that he’s singing. He sings the song with passion. If you have someone in your life that you love, you will be singing along with him.

# 6 – Crazy About Her

“Crazy About Her” is from the Out of Order album. The album was released in 1988. The infatuated song is about a man who is in love with a woman who doesn’t know he exists. He sees her all the time and he can’t get her off his mind. He sees her around and loves seeing her. He longs to be with her. He believes she is destined to be his. He is convinced that he will treat her right if she gives him a chance. He spends a lot of time hanging around where she lives. His friends tell him that she is out of his league. He doesn’t let that stop him from wanting to be with her.

This lovesick song is something most people can relate to. Most of us have been in love with someone who didn’t notice them. It takes a lot to see the person around and not be with them. If you are in Rod Stewart’s situation, you will feel the lyrics. Speaking of the lyrics, he may come off stalkerish, but Rod Stewart sounds sincere as he pleads for the woman he loves to be with him. The music will have you on your feet. There is no way you will be able to sit still while the music is playing. Rod Stewart sings the song so inviting that you will find yourself singing along with the legendary singer.

# 5 – Lost in You

The next song on our Top 10 Rod Stewart Love Songs list is “Lost in You.” The song is from the Out of Order album. The song has a rock sound. The remorseful song is about a woman he loves. Things aren’t working out for them because he has put his job before his love for her. He is trying to figure out what to say to her to let her know that he loves her. He knows money isn’t worth losing the love of his life. He wants her to know that he is in love with her. He is so in love with her that he is lost in her. He says she makes him happy. She is the woman he is looking for in life. He misses her and wants to come home. He wants her to be ready because he is going to be a changed man.

Do you ever put your job before the person you love? Do you take your lover for granted? If you can answer yes to these questions, this song will help you realize the mistake you’re making. It will help you see that you should try to win back the love of your life. The song has an 80s beat to it. You will notice it as soon as the first couple of notes begin. This is classic rock at its finest. It will never get old. The guitar riffs are incredible. Rod Stewart pours his heart on this song. He belts and turns the song into a power ballad. He sings with a lot of passion.

# 4 – All For Love – Bryan Adams ft Rod Stewart and Sting

“All for Love” is from the Three Musketeers Soundtrack. The compassionate song is about the guys promising to make commitments to the women they love. If their women give their love to them, they will be devoted to the women. They wanted to use the motto from the movie to include in the song. They wanted to use the “all for one and one for all” theme for this track. They want to be rocks for their women. They want to be there to hold them. They promise to be their protectors. They are all for one and “all for love.” They will be there for their women whenever they need people.

This song is a one-of-a-kind jam. Arguably three of the best rock singers in the business team up to create this love ballad. The music is stirring and will make you emotional. The guitar and drums will hypnotize you. The guitar solo will make rock fans go wild. It’s a fantastic solo. Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting harmonize very well on this track. They all have distinct voices that blend well together on this song. Their harmonies are incredible. They don’t try to hog up the song from each other. They give each other the room to shine on this track. This song would make a great wedding song for a couple who are pledging the undying love for each other.

# 3 – Have I Told You Lately (Live)

“Have I Told You Lately” (Live) is from the album Unplugged and Seated. The album was released in 1993. This beautiful is about him asking the woman he loves if he told her that he loved her. He wants to tell her all the time how much he loves her. He feels like no one else is above her. He is thankful to have her in his life. She fills his heart with happiness. She takes away the sadness in his heart. Their love is divine. He wants to make sure that she is happy. If you are madly in love with someone, you will know what he means when he sings the powerful lyrics.

The lyrics are about love. It doesn’t just have to be about romantic love. It could be about spiritual love. He mentions praying so it could be about giving thanks for what you have. No matter which way you interpret the lyrics, they will melt your heart. This song may convince the biggest cynic to believe in love. It’s hard to believe that Rod Stewart didn’t perform this song first. Van Morrison who composed the song recorded this track before Rod Stewart did. It should also be noted that Van Mossin write this as more of a spiritual song when he was going through a born-again period in his music.

Rod Stewart sings the song as if he recorded it first. He nails the song. His raspy vocals will stir up emotions inside of you. Rod Stewart recorded two versions of this song. He recorded a studio version as well as a live version of it. It gives people a chance to hear two versions of the song. This song is an excellent choice if you want to have special times with your lover. It will also make a great wedding song.

# 2 – Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright)

“Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright)” is from the album A Night on the Town. The song has a rock and pop sound. The amorous song is about a man who wants to be intimate with the woman he loves. This song tackles the physical side of love. Love isn’t just about feelings because it can be about moving things to the physical level. Couples move things into the intimate stage once they get serious about each other. Rod Stewart talks about wanting to spend the night with his woman. He talks her into having sex with her. He doesn’t want to be with her because he is lusting after her. He wants to make love to her because he is in love with her.

The song has developed a reputation for being just about sex. The song is more than that. He wants to make love to her, but it’s more than that. The song isn’t just driven by lust because he expresses his love for the woman in his life. He is direct about what he wants from her in the bedroom, but he is talking to the woman he loves. He isn’t talking about a stranger. The suggestive song is a different way to express love. The seductive song is what you can use when you want to have an intimate night with the person you love. Rod Stewart can be part of your sexy night.

# 1 – Maggie May

The number one song on our Top 10 Rod Stewart Songs list is “Maggie May” from the album Every Picture Tells a Story.  Love can be physical just as we talked about in our previous entry. “Maggie May” is another song that talks about love on the physical level. Rod Stewart wants to celebrate the woman he used to love. He dated an older woman and was infatuated with her. Their relationship grew and he was intimate with her for the first time. She was the first person he had sex with. There aren’t too many love songs on the radio that talk about the first time, but Rod Stewart made it possible.

The lyrics aren’t just about a man losing his virginity. He talks about everything he loves about her. He does mention what they do together when they are being intimate, but he notices her beauty. He loves every flaw that she has. She kicked him out of her place in the morning, but he was still in love with her. She is the love who got away from him. He was head over heels in love while they were together. Rod Stewart could have focused on the sexual aspect of the song, but he wanted to talk about the love they had between them. The bittersweet song is a realistic tale about love between people who are together for the first time. Their love didn’t last long, but he was infatuated while he was with her. Rod Stewart’s raspy voice is filled with passion. He sings this song as if he’s addressing someone in particular. If you are with the person you love for the first time, you can have Rod Stewart along for the ride.


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