Top 10 Midge Ure Songs

Midge Ure Songs

Our top 10 Midge Ure songs list looks at the body of work of one of the most decorated Scottish new wave stars. Born in 1953, Midge Ure started his professional career as a member of the pop group Slik at only nineteen years of age. The singer started as a guitarist and backing vocalist. Midge Ure’s vocal abilities saw him invited to from the new punk rock band The Sex Pistols. However, he declined the offer leaving the band to settle for Johnny Rotten as its vocalist.

Midge Ure left the band Slik to join Glen Matlock, a former member of The Sex Pistols, at his punk rock band Rich Kids. The singer went on to form the synth-pop/new wave band Visage with Rusty Egan in 1978. Midge Ure rose to success as a member of Visage after the release of the band’s signature hit “Fade to Grey.” Before rising to fame as a member of Visage, Midge Ure toured with Thin Lizzy following the abrupt departure of the band’s guitarist Gary Moore.

For the first time, Midge Ure took on the lead vocal role after joining synth pop/new wave band Ultravox in 1979. In 1981, Midge Ure fronted Ultravox in singing its most successful and BPI Gold-certified hit “Vienna.” Eventually, Midge Ure established his solo music career during a hiatus moment for Ultravox. Initially, the singer had released two non-album singles, his debut solo single being a cover of Tom Rush’s hit “No Regrets.”

Midge Ure’s Album Releases

Three years after issuing his debut single “No Regrets,” Midge Ure released his debut album, The Gift. Midge Ure chose to stick to his new wave/synth pop sonic influences adding elements of electronic music to the album. The Gift managed to peak at the second spot on the UK Albums Chart. Midge Ure also saw the album make it to the Australian Albums Chart, rising to a peak position of number twenty-nine. “If I Was,” “That Certain Smile,” and Wastelands” are the best Midge Ure songs from The Gift. The album also features Midge Ure’s cover of the 1969 Jethro Tull hit “Living in the Past.”

In 1988, Midge Ure released his sophomore album, Answers to Nothing. Unlike his debut album, Answers to Nothing was a little pop-inclined. While the album only settled for a peak position of number thirty on the UK Albums Chart, it marked Midge Ure’s first release to rise into the Billboard 200. Answers to Nothing rose to number eighty-eight on the Billboard 200. “Dear God,” “Answers to Nothing,” and “Lied” are the top songs by Midge Ure from the album.

Pure, issued in 1991 through Arista Records, marked the singer’s third studio album. “I See Hope in the Morning,” “Let It Go?” and “Cold, Cold Heart” are the best Midge Ure songs from Pure. The album settled for a peak position of number thirty-six on the UK Albums Chart. Breathe, issued in 1996, is Midge Ure’s fourth studio album. The album features top hits including “Guns and Arrows,” “Breathe,” and “Fields of Fire.” Breathe rose to the ninety-fifth spot on the UK Albums Chart.

Midge Ure’s fifth studio album, Move Me, failed to garner enough attention to make it appear on the music charts. Nevertheless, the album is home to a few best Midge Ure songs including “Alone,” “You Move Me,” and “Beneath a Spielberg Sky.” 10, Midge Ure’s 2008 album, was also not successful on the charts. However, it featured notable musical gems including “To Sir with Love,” a cover of David Bowie’s 1972 song “Lady Stardust,” and a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s 1969 hit “Man of the World.”

Midge Ure released two more albums, Fragile in 2014 and Orchestrated in 2017. The two albums made it to the UK Albums Chart, peaking at number sixty-six and thirty-one respectively. Midge Ure is also remembered for his efforts in co-writing the 1984 Band Aid hit “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” together with Bob Geldof, the lead vocalist of The Boomtown Rats. Here we present the ten best Midge Ure songs of all time.

#10- Call of the Wild

Ushering us to the top 10 Midge Ure songs list is the stunning hit “Call of the Wild.” The song was issued in 1986 as a non-album single. Nevertheless, the song proves to be too strong not to be included in Midge Ure’s top ten masterpieces of his solo career. The song’s catchy tune makes it quite memorable, with special credit to the slamming hot bass riffs. “Call of the Wild” was a success in the mainstream, rising to a peak position of number twenty-seven on the UK Singles Chart.

#9- Answers to Nothing

Answers to Nothing was a masterpiece thanks to excellent musicianship and wonderful lyricism. The album titled track to Midge Ure’s sophomore solo outing stands out from most of the songs on the LP thanks to its contemplative lyrical content about the state of life. This pleasant song proved to be a delightful slice of pop-rock for Midge Ure’s growing fanbase. Mark Brzezicki showcases bravura drum skills on this hit, giving rock fans a reason why he managed to play with quite a huge catalog of artists.

Other artists/bands who have recorded music with drummer Mark Brzezicki include Ultravox, Roger Daltrey, Howard Jones, Pete TownshendThe Pretenders, Steve Harley, Thunderclap Newman, and Fish. “Answers to Nothing” is the first solo hit by Midge Ure to make it to the Billboard Alternative Airplay, peaking at number twenty-six. The song also made it to the UK Singles Chart, peaking at number forty-nine.

#8- Become

Coming in at number eight on our top 10 Midge Ure songs list is the pulsating hit “Become.” The song was issued by Midge Ure on his seventh studio album, Fragile. “Become” is one of the singer’s most reputable synth-pop hits. The electronic sonic influences in this song add some glamour to its overall melody. Midge Ure’s haunting vocals and the uplifting guitar solo at the end of this hit remain memorable!

# 7 – That Certain Smile

“That Certain Smile” is a lyrical gem penned by Midge Ure and Daniel Mitchell, the co-founder of the Scottish new wave duo Messengers. The song is among the best Midge Ure songs from the singer’s debut album, The Gift. “That Certain Smile” received critical acclaim thanks to its invigorating melody and charming rhythm. The song made it to the UK Singles Chart, peaking at number twenty-eight. “That Certain Smile” also made it to the German and Irish Singles Charts, proving to be a success throughout Europe.

#6- No Regrets

Number six on our top 10 Midge Ure songs list is the hit “No Regrets.” “No Regrets” was the singer’s debut single, issued in 1982 after he felt it was time to take his solo career as a singer and not front/sing backing vocals to bands. Initially, “No Regrets” was issued in 1968 by Tom Rush as a folk rock ballad.

Midge Ure’s cover of the song is based on a 1975 cover version of the song by the American pop group The Walker Brothers. His version was a success, peaking at number nine on the UK Singles Chart. Other artists who have covered this 1968 Tom Rush hit include Olivia Newton-John, Curtis Stigers, and Luna.

#5- Breathe

Breathe, issued in 1996, was Midge Ure’s attempt to return to the pop mainstream. The album title track is among the distinctive release from this deluxe album. “Breathe” features some unique and melodic tunes. The song’s interlacing keyboard riffs add to its exquisiteness.

“Breathe” rose to mainstream success after it was used in a TV ad campaign for the Swiss watchmaker Swatch. The song went on to top the Austrian and Italian Singles charts, peaking at number seventy on the UK Singles Chart.

#4- Cold, Cold Heart

“Cold, Cold Heart” is one of the best Midge Ure songs from the early ‘90s. Without a doubt, Midge Ure’s solo career was flourishing in the ‘80s. While his 1991 album, Pure might not have matched the intensity and impact made by the singer’s ‘80s albums, “Cold, Cold Heart” proves otherwise. Unlike most songs on the album, “Cold, Cold Heart” carries on Midge Ure’s musical spirit from his blooming ‘80s, forcing its way to the singer’s most remarkable releases.

The song is Midge Ure’s last song to make it to the Billboard charts, rising to the twelfth spot on the Billboard Alternative Airplay Chart. “Cold, Cold Heart” rose to a peak position of number seventeen on the UK Singles Chart. The song also appealed to Midge Ure fans in Austria, German, and Ireland where it made it to the Singles Charts.

#3 – Dear God

While Midge Ure’s solo career was quite a success, only one song managed to rise to the Billboard Hot 100. That song is our number three pick, “Dear God,” featured on the singer’s sophomore studio album, Answers to Nothing. This dream-inspired hit finds the singer criticizing organized religions. “Dear God” settled for position fifty-five on the UK Singles Chart.

However, the song was a big tune in the US, peaking at number four on the Billboard Alternative Airplay Chart. “Dear God” also managed to rise to position ninety-five on the Billboard Hot 100. Tremendous and mind-blowing are the two words that fully describe the song’s melody and instrumental.

#2- The Man Who Sold the World

David Bowie’s third album The Man Who Sold the World has been cited by critics as his most fundamental album in establishing his musical luster. The album title track to this legendary LP might not have made it to the charts but its impact lives on to date. “The Man Who Sold the World” has been covered by tons of artists including Midge Ure.

His version was featured on the soundtrack of the 1983 British comedy film, Party Party. Other reputable artists who released a cover of this magical hit include LuluNirvanaSimple Minds, Richard Barone, Charlie Pollack, and The Wally Brothers. While most of these covers seem to be quite popular, it would be honest to mention that none fully matches the quality of the original version by David Bowie.

#1- If I Was

Number one on our top 10 Midge Ure songs list is the splendid hit “If I Was.” The song was issued as the first single off Midge Ure’s debut studio album, The Gift. “If I Was” is a lyrical gem penned by the Messengers’ co-founder Daniel Mitchell and Midge Ure. However, Midge Ure revealed that Daniel is the major contributor to this song’s lyrics, quoting that his efforts were just a sprinkle of ‘fairy dust.’

“If I Was” went on to top the Ireland and UK Singles Charts. The song never made it to the Billboard Hot 100, but remains the most successful hit by Midge Ure across Europe. “If I Was” has been covered by Chateau Pop, Soldier Tom, and Cucure. Infinity Frequencies sampled the song in their 2012 hit “Limited Engagement.”

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