Top 10 Saga Songs of the 1970’s and 80’s

Saga Songs

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The origins of the band Saga first began when members of the band were playing in a group called Fludd. The band Fludd was best remembered for their 1973 song “Cousin Mary.” The roots of Fludd actually go back to a Canadian band called The Pretty Ones in the 1960’s. Nonetheless, in 1978 members of Fludd formed the band Saga. The group released their first album entitled Saga. While the album sold well in Canada, the group also found itself with a following in Germany and Puerto Rico.

The band Saga released their follow up album in 1979 entitled Images at Twilight. The band continued with their yearly release schedule with the issue of the album Silent Knight in 1980. However, it was the release of their 1981 album Worlds Apart  found the band international fame. Like so many rock bands in the early 1980’s Saga was helped by MTV when the video for “On The Loose” was placed in heavy rotation.

From 1978 to 2014, the band Saga has released an astonishing twenty two studio albums. Along with their studio output, the band has also issued eight live albums with most of them being extend double CD sets. If you’re a fan of the band, they have not disappointed you with the release of material.

Our Top 10 Saga Songs list is just a very small look at some of the band’s most well known songs and the ones that we here at thought might serve as a great starting point for people who do not know the band. Since the band has released so much material, we decided to just focus on their 1970’s and 1980’s period for this list.

# 10 – The Flyer

We open our top 10 Saga songs list with a track from the band’s album Heads or Tales. The album was released in 1983. The son The Flyer was the opening track on the album. The record featured Michael Sadler on lead vocals, Ian Crichton on guitar, Jim Gilmour on keyboards, Jim Crichton on bass and Steve Negus on drums.

# 9 – Images (Chapter One)

The musical selection “Images (Chapter One),” is obviously the first Chapter in “The Chapters” series, from the album Images At Twilight. The album was released in 1980.

# 8 – Times Up

The band released their breakout album in 1981 entitled World’s Apart. The album was released in 1981. The great track “Times Up,” was issued as the fifth track on the album.

# 7 – Cat Walk

The Heads or Tales album makes its second appearance on our top 10 Saga Songs list with the dynamic track “Cat Walk.”

# 6 – Perfectionist

In 1978, the band Saga released their first album entitled Saga. The album featured Michael Sadler on lead vocals, Ian Crichton on guitar, Peter Rochon on keyboards, Jim Crichton on bass and Steve Negus on drums. The album was produced by Paul Gross. It was released on Polydor Records. The song the “Perfectionist,” was the opening song on side two of the record.

# 5 – Wind Him Up

Saga’s 1981 album Worlds Apart makes the second of three appearances on this Saga Songs list with the great track Wind Him Up. The song “Wind Him Up,” was released as a single and reached number 24 on the U.S. Billboard music charts.

# 4 – Slow Motion

The great Saga song “Slow Motion,” was released on the Images at Twilight album. The song was written by Michael Sadler and Ian Crichton.

# 3 – Humble Stance

Once again we return to the band’s debut album released in 1978. The song “Humble Stance,” has always been a fan favorite. It is definitely one of our favorite Saga Songs.

# 2 – Careful Where You Stop

The song Careful When You Step was issued on the Silent Knight album. The song “Careful Where You Step,” was the closing song on the record. The Silent Knight album was released in 1980

# 1 – On The Loose

“On The Loose,: is the band;s most famous songs. Since this list is focusing on mostly popularity during the 1970’s and 1980’s periods there was no other choice but listing “On The Loose,” in the number one spot.

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