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Scorpions Songs

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Our Top 10 Scorpions Songs is not your typical Top 10 List. The band has released so much material over the years and gone through so many changes that we thought that it would be best to do a chronological Top 10 List. If you listen to the band’s first album entitled Lonesome Crow  in 1972 and compare it to 1984’s Love at First Sting, you will hear two completely different bands. Into the 1990s, the Scorpions changed their sound once again. So in the end, it was best to do a list that not only defined some of their best material, but also presented a historical perspective of some the most interesting Scorpions Songs the band released throughout their history.

The Scorpions have released eighteen studio albums. Their first album was released in 1972 entitled Lonesome Crow. The last studio album the band has released of this writing was 2015’s Return To Forever. The Scorpions have also released six live albums. In the compilations department, the Scorpions have released an astonishing 29 albums. Even more amazing is that the Scorpions have released more singles than almost any other band in history including The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. We counted close to 100 singles released by the Scorpions over the past forty seven years.

When looking back at the incredible output of material by the band, it was very clear to us that a Top 10 Scorpions Songs list would be impossible to do. However our goal here at is to do a top 10 songs list for every major band in Classic Rock History. So we hope our decision to do it chronologically is at least entertaining for Scorpions fans. Furthermore we hope it be completely enlightening for those who do not know much about this great German Band.

# 10 – I’m Going Mad

We start out our Top 10 Scorpions songs with the band’s first ever single released from the Scorpions debut album in 1971. The psychedelic sound of this very cool song defines a very different band from the group that we have all come to know. Nonetheless, Michael Schenker tears it up on his only Scorpions album appearance.

# 9 – In Trance

The Scorpions song “In Trance,” was released on the band’s third album entitled In Trance. The album was released in 1975. The song was written by the band’s lead guitarist  Uli Jon Roth. The song was released as the album’s only single.

# 8 – He’s a Woman – She’s a Man

The Scorpions song “He’s a Woman – She’s a Man” was released on the album Taken By Force. The record was issued during the height of the punk era in 1977. The song “He’s a Woman – She’s a Man” was released as the first single from the album.

# 7 – Lovedrive

“Lovedrive,” was the title track from the band’s album Lovedrive. The album was released in 1979. Once again, a Scorpions album cover featured a controversial and usually banned photograph.

# 6 – The Zoo

In 1979, the band The Scorpions released the great album Animal Magnetism. The album would serve the band well from a commercial standpoint as in a few years it would garnish enough sales to be certified Gold. There were four singles released from the album. Our favorite song on the record was the album’s third single release entitled “The Zoo.” The album’s cover art was designed by Storm Thorgerson who had done many of the legendary Pink Floyd album covers.

# 5 – No One Like You

Well if you have not recognized any of the Scorpion Songs so far on this list, that will change with this one. The Scorpions scored a huge hit with the song “No One Like You.” The song was released on the Blackout album. The album and single “No One Like You,” were both released in 1982.

# 4 – Still Loving You

In 1984, the Scorpions released the most successful album of the careers. The record album Love At First Sting would also host three of the band’s biggest singles. The ballad “Still Loving You,” was issued as the second single from the record. The song was written by Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker.

# 3 – Rock You Like A Hurricane

It can easily be argued that the Scorpions song “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” is the most popular song the band ever recorded and released. The song was issued on the “Love At First Sting,” album. It was the first single released from the record. If we were to choose 10 songs that defined the various popular music genres of the 1980s’ MTV generation, the Scorpions “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” would be one of them.

# 2 – Tie – Send Me An Angel / Winds Of Change

The beautiful heavy metal ballad “Send Me An Angel,” was released on the Scorpions album Crazy World. The album was released in 1990.  Four singles were released from the Crazy World album. “Send Me An Angel,” was the last single released. The album’s other big single was the song “Wind Of Change,” which was one of the most commercially successful singles the band ever released.

# 1 – Love ’em Or Leave ’em

The last song on this chronological Scorpions Songs list also happens to be one of the strongest tracks the band ever recorded. Released on the Unbreakable album in 2004, the song “Love’ em or Leave’em,” is as straight ahead rock and roll heavy metal as your going to get.

UPDATED NOV 11, 2020


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