Top 10 Silverstein Songs

Silverstein Songs

Our top 10 Silverstein songs introduce us to a Canadian band famed for its emo and post-hardcore influence. The band was formed in 2000, releasing their debut EP Summer’s Stellar Gaze only six months after its inception. Silverstein had its name inspired by Shel Silverstein, an iconic children’s author whom the band members admired after reading his books when young. The band achieved moderate success with its sophomore album Discovering the Waterfront, which was nominated for a Juno Best New Band Award, peaking at number thirty-four on the Billboard 200 charts. Silverstein associated itself with bands such a Rise Against, From Autumn to Ashes, and Blessthefall after recording its third album in a quest to market the band’s music.

While the band has most of its songs as original releases, its members haven’t shied from taking on covers to try top other artists’ performances. 

Some of the artists who have had some of them covered by Silverstein include NOFX, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Kanye West, and Saves The Day. Credit to the band for striving to maintain its lineup with only two changes throughout its music career spanning more than two decades. The major lineup change happened more than a decade after the band’s inception, following the departure of lead guitarist Neil Boshart who was replaced by guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau. The band has cited NOFX, Metallica, and Slayer as some of its musical influences. Silverstein music has been described by many as a jarring blend of emo’s earnest determination and strong elements of hardcore. Here are the top 10 Silverstein songs from the band’s ten studio albums.

#10 – Giving Up

Ushering us to the top 10 Silverstein songs is the ballad “Giving Up.” The song is an original composition by Shane Told featured on the band’s album When Broken Is Easily Fixed. “Giving Up” starts with a guy who loves his girlfriend deeply and will do anything for her. However, the girl cares less later, making the guy realize that he has been way too good with the girl now giving upon him. The song reminds us that even when love seems perfect, a change in priorities can lead you to grow distant.

#9 – Ghost

“Ghost” is one of the best Silverstein songs from the band’s album Dead Reflection. The song was written by Shane Told, who has a hold on vocals, helping the band prominently bring on the post-hardcore vibe. “Ghost” oozes inevitability giving hopes of solace. The element of hope has never departed from the band’s music, with most of the songs in the album Dead Reflection bringing some positivity even though one has to go through darkness.

#8 – Still Dreaming

“Still Dreaming” is an original composition written by guitarist Neil Boshart and vocalist Shane Told. The song was released on July 3, 2007, on the band’s album Arrivals & Departures. It is the amazing guitar riffs that introduce us to the spice of rock vibes by the band. Thanks to the song’s catchy mood, Silverstein used it as a promotional single to the album Arrivals & Departures.

#7 – If You Could See into My Soul

Listening to the hit “If You Could See into My Soul” makes you realize how criminally underrated Silverstein is as an emo and post-hardcore band. The song brings some pure emo vibes delivered in an electrifying performance. Silverstein spiced the song with some growls, which serves the hit’s thudding guitar riffs right. “If You Could See into My Soul” was also used as a promotional single to the band’s album Arrivals & Departures.

#6 – Discovering The Waterfront

“Discovering The Waterfront” is the album titled release of the band’s sophomore album. The song’s lyrics allude to moving on to new things even when you know nothing about what might follow. Despite the presence of uncertainty and pain in moving on, the only way to fix life is by embracing the tough changes. Before he died, former Bayside drummer John Beatz had revealed to singer Shane Told that “Discovering The Waterfront” was his best Silverstein song in the band’s sophomore album.

#5 – A Midwestern State of Emergency

“A Midwestern State of Emergency” is a song written by Silverstein’s vocalist Shane Told. The song was released in the band’s 2015 album I Am Alive in Everything I Touch. The song’s release coincided with the official announcement of the band’s 2015 album. Its music video begins with Shane in a water bath, seemingly unconscious or rather dead. Shane resuscitates as the music starts playing, having him subsequently sing to himself in many places. The video ends at the same place the song commenced but now with Shane spluttering water out.

#4 – Smashed into Pieces

Post-hardcore band Silverstein prides itself with “Smashed into Pieces,” featured on the band’s debut album When Broken Is Easily Fixed. The song was Silverstein’s first single release ever, with its video posted online on April 5, 2002. “Smashed into Pieces” features sublime vocals from the band’s vocalist Shane Told. Silverstein re-recorded this song in 2013 to commemorate ten years after the release of the band’s debut album.

#3 – Massachusetts

“Massachusetts” is one of the best Silverstein songs from the band’s album This is How the Wind Shifts. The song is about an abusive relationship-related closely to its counterpart track, “California,” also from this album. “California” tells of a female protagonist’s story after running away from an abusive fiancé.

#2- Smile in Your Sleep

Silverstein’s “Smile in Your Sleep” adds to the greatness of the band’s album Discovering The Waterfront. The song’s lyrics allude to a boy who plays the fool for his partner having him pretend that he has no hint of the girlfriend having an affair. He is quite a unique and rare man who gets to know that the lady is lying but easily brushes this off.

#1- My Heroine

Number one of our top 10 Silverstein songs list is “My heroine,” an outstanding song from Silverstein’s album Discovering The Waterfront. The song lyrics talk of a man who is in a relationship in which he loves the girl deeply. However, the lady turns out to be controlling, having him end up hurt by the toxic nature of the relationship. The song’s title is a wordplay with the drug heroin to show how this man was addicted to the lady. There is some unhealthy obsession in this relationship with the music video featuring the singer in an asylum and number twenty-three popping up everywhere.

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