Top 10 Steel Panther Songs

Steel Panther Songs

Our Top 10 Steel Panther Songs list introduces us to an American rock band celebrated for their tongue-in-cheek homage to metal bands in a style reminiscent of Spinal Tap. Formed in Los Angeles in 2000, Steel Panther initially captured the hearts of hard rock, heavy metal, and glam metal enthusiasts on the Sunset Strip under the name Metal Shop. The band’s original lineup included vocalist Michael Starr, guitarist Satchel, drummer Stix Zadinia, and recently departed bassist Lexxi Fox. Known for their weekly performances covering classic hair metal hits, the band soon began crafting their own songs, achieving notable success and gaining exposure through advertisements and sitcoms.

Renaming themselves Metal Skool until 2008, they eventually settled on the name Steel Panther. Over the years, Steel Panther has garnered several awards, establishing themselves as a beloved act among rock fans. Despite their acclaim, the band has faced criticism, with some labeling their work as sexist and accusing them of misogyny and racism, particularly in the wake of the Me Too movement. This social movement has brought significant attention to issues of sexual abuse and harassment. Nonetheless, our top 10 list showcases Steel Panther’s skilled parody of the over-the-top glam metal lifestyle, infused with their signature rock vibes.

# 10 – Party All Day

Kicking off our top 10 Steel Panther songs is the rousing ballad “Party All Day” from their 2009 debut album, Feel the Steel. While Steel Panther may court controversy with their provocative themes, they undeniably know how to rock and inject a thrilling edge into their music. “Party All Day” encapsulates the band’s celebration of non-stop fun and a nod to our psychosexual development. Lexxi Fox’s bass playing shines particularly bright on this track, delivering a standout performance that complements the song’s exuberant energy.

# 9 – I Got What You Want

For Steel Panther, intimacy often represents the pinnacle of a relationship, a theme they unabashedly explore in many of their songs. “I Got What You Want” is a prime example of this, with the lead singer candidly expressing his thoughts about women. What truly sets this song apart, however, are the scorching guitar riffs by Satchel. These riffs bring a raw, energizing quality to the track, making “I Got What You Want” a true rock and roll anthem. It’s the combination of bold lyrics and compelling instrumentals that defines Steel Panther’s distinctive style.

# 8 – Eyes of a Panther

While Survivor famously rocked “Eye of the Tiger,” Steel Panther offered their fans “Eyes of a Panther” from their 2009 album Feel the Steel. This song delivers the intense metal vibe that their fans crave. “Eyes of a Panther” features an array of impressive elements, from commanding vocals and insane guitar skills to a driving rhythm and impactful musical cues, culminating in a killer vocal outro. The song’s lyrical construction further enhances its appeal, demonstrating that Steel Panther had the prowess to continue impressing their fanbase for many more years.

# 7 – Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World

Featured on the band’s album All You Can Eat, “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World” is a standout track that rightfully earns its place in the top 10 Steel Panther songs. While the thought of the world ending might send some into a panic, Steel Panther proposes a more exhilarating approach: live it up like there’s no tomorrow. The song captures the essence of seizing the moment, with lyrics that encourage indulging in all your fantasies without worrying about the consequences or pondering life’s deeper questions. It’s an anthem for those looking to celebrate life to the fullest, embodying the band’s characteristic blend of humor, boldness, and rock and roll fervor. And how could you not love a song with a line like “party freaking hardy?”

# 6 – She’s Tight

“She’s Tight” is one of Steel Panther’s standout tracks from their 2017 album Lower the Bar. The song is a cover of Cheap Trick’s 1982 hit, reinterpreted with Steel Panther’s signature flair. While the lyrics, which allude to intimacy, might draw some fans in, others are captivated by the song’s vibrant energy and the out-of-this-world guitar riffs. Adding to the allure, Steel Panther included cameo appearances by Bobbie Brown and Robin Zander of Cheap Trick in the official music video, bridging the gap between the original and their cover in a nod to rock history and camaraderie.

# 5 – The Burden of Being Wonderful

Can being wonderful come with its own challenges? Steel Panther explores this intriguing idea in “The Burden of Being Wonderful” from their 2014 album All You Can Eat. The song offers a humorous and introspective look into the band’s experiences with the pitfalls of perceived perfection. One such “burden” they mention is their music being considered too bawdy for mainstream radio airplay. Despite this limitation, Steel Panther maintains a robust fanbase. Their fans are undeterred by the lack of radio exposure, finding alternative ways to enjoy the band’s heavy metal offerings. This track cleverly addresses the paradox of popularity and the consequences of living up to an impeccable image.

# 4 – If You Really Love Me

Featured on their album Balls Out, “If You Really, Really Love Me” showcases Steel Panther’s unique blend of humor and audacity. The song features Michael Starr humorously testing the limits of love with outrageous requests. His demands range from seemingly innocent ones, like staying up all night playing Call of Duty, to the more scandalous, such as suggesting romantic escapades with his girlfriend’s friend. Through these exaggerated scenarios, Steel Panther explores the absurdity of unconditional love, all while maintaining their signature provocative and irreverent style. This track exemplifies how the band often pushes boundaries, doing what many might only imagine in their wildest fantasies.

# 3 – Fat Girl

“Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)” is a track by Steel Panther that is laden with the band’s characteristic heavy humor. The song features comedic lyrics about a voluptuous woman and her desires, delivered in the band’s typical provocative style. While some listeners might find the descriptions bordering on body shaming, it’s important to recognize that Steel Panther often aims to push the envelope with their content. They craft their music around themes and topics that are generally considered taboo or sensitive, using humor and satire as their main tools. This approach is meant to entertain and provoke thought, albeit not always comfortably, making them a distinctive voice in the rock genre.

# 2 – Community Property

Featured on their debut album Feel the Steel, “Community Property” is a quintessential Steel Panther song, combining humor and a rock ballad’s earnestness. In the song, vocalist Michael Starr offers a tongue-in-cheek declaration of love, pledging his heart to his favorite girl while humorously insisting that everything else remains “community property.” The song plays with the concept of monogamy in the context of rock star fame, cleverly critiquing the often perceived disconnect between public declarations and private actions of celebrities. While the approach is laced with satire, “Community Property” reflects a broader commentary on the challenges of maintaining personal relationships in the spotlight, a theme that resonates with many in the public eye.

# 1 – Death to All But Metal

Topping our list of Steel Panther songs is their breakthrough hit “Death to All But Metal” from their debut album Feel the Steel. This track is an unabashed tribute to metal music, packed with the band’s characteristic irreverence and humor. In the song, Steel Panther “talks trash” about various other music genres and artists, employing a tongue-in-cheek approach that simultaneously mocks and honors the world of heavy metal. The song’s bold and humorous critique acts as the highest form of flattery within the genre, celebrating metal music’s distinctiveness and its enduring appeal to its passionate fanbase. This track perfectly encapsulates the band’s ethos and style, making it a standout anthem in their repertoire.


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