Top 10 Steel Panther Songs

Steel Panther Songs

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Top 10 Steel Panther Songs

Our Top 10 Steel Panther Songs brings us to an American rock band known for its spoof on metal bands in a very Spinal Tap style. Their name has undergone a series of evolution over the years as the band grew. Originating from Los Angeles in 2000, the band became popular among hard rock, heavy metal, and glam metal fans on the Sunset Strip under the moniker Metal Shop. Their initial lineup consisted of vocalist Michael Starr, guitarist Satchel, drummer Stix Zadinia, and the recent member to exit the band bassist Lexxi Fox. The band would do weekly shows playing covers of hair metal hits. They would shortly release their compositions through which the bad attained notable success featuring in adverts and sitcoms.

The band would take on the name Metal Skool which they used till 2008, later on, to assume the name, Steel Panther. Steel Panther has won several awards for different releases over the years, making them a reputable rock band amongst rock fans. However, their music style has not been under attack having Steel Panther termed to be sexists by their critics. They have also been indicted of misogyny and racism, particularly after the Me Too Movement, a social movement against sexual abuse and harassment. Here are the top 10 Steel Panther songs that exhibit the band’s sublime imitation of the stereotypical glam metal lifestyle with a touch of rock vibes.

#10 – Party All Day

Ushering us to the top 10 Steel Panther songs is the ballad “Party All Day” from the band’s 2009 album, Feel the Steel. Call them nasty, but Steel Panther are here to rock and bring the unmentioned thrill in music. “Party All Day” is about endless fun and appreciation of our psychosexual development. And true to the word, it happens that we like to party much and explore our bodies in sexual ways too! You can’t help but love Lexxi’s skills on the bass, having him produce quite a performance on the instrument for this song.

#9 – I Got What You Want

What would you use to charm a woman in your life? Steel Panther has got bigger guts that not many have got in the metal industry! For the band members, intimacy is the epitome of a relationship, and they are not shy to scream this out loud in most of their songs. “I Got What You Want” proves this by having the singer boldly say that all the woman need is right in his pants! However, it’s the sublime guitar riffs by Satchel that make this song quite a banger. It’s rock and roll with “I Got What You Want!”

#8 – Eyes of a Panther

While Survivor had “Eye of a Tiger,” Steel Panther gave their fans “Eyes of a Panther” in their 2009 album Feel the Steel. The song brings the much-needed metal vibe to their fans. Everything about “Eyes of a Panther” is magnificent, from dominating vocals, insane guitar skills, driving rhythm to great musical cues and sublime vocal outro. Its lyrical construction also adds to the song’s greatness, proving that the band had many more years to impress their fanbase!

#7 – Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World

Featured on the band’s album, All You Can Eat, “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World,” is quite a powerful song worth mentioning on the top 10 Steel Panther songs. And when some of us would be worried about the world ending tomorrow, Steel Panther has a better idea than that for themselves. It’s “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World!” There is minimal time to even pick fights with others or think much about where we go after death. Probably the perfect time to accomplish all your fantasies – you know what I mean, and Steel Panther put it clearly in the song’s lyrics!

#6 – She’s Tight

“She’s Tight” is one of Steel Panther’s best releases from their 2017 album Lower the Bar. Initially, the song was released by the Cheap Trick band back in 1982. While some might love the song’s lyrics which allude to intimacy, others love the song’s energy, especially the sublime guitar riffs. Steel Panther had Bobbie Brown and Robin Zander of Cheap Trick make cameo appearances in the official music video.

#5 – The Burden of Being Wonderful

Can being wonderful hurt? If you don’t have an idea about this, “The Burden of Being Wonderful” from Steel Panther’s 2014 album All You Can Eat might give you an insight. The song digs deeper into the band’s psyche, stating how perfection can be a problem. And one of their burdens is that their music has been termed too bawdy for radio. However, despite the limited exposure on radio, the band still has quite a large fanbase who find other means to listen to their heavy metal releases.

#4 – If You Really Love Me

Featured in their album Balls Out, “If You Really Love Me” is one of Steel Panther’s songs that have a catchy tune. Crazy as he can be, Michael Starr seeks liberties on account of his girl, and the list of his claims will shock you! Staying up all night playing Call of Duty is not a tall order, but having sex with her girlfriend’s friend might not be the best of the requests. Steel Panther does what many only leave in their mind! You can be somehow guaranteed that your spouse has thought about your friend sexually! Crazy but highly probable! And if you love him or her, would you allow them to get intimate with your friend? Wondering, who would comment a “yes” on that?

#3 – Fat Girl

“Fat Girl” is probably one of the Steel Panther songs that feature humor in the lyrics. You will almost laugh listening to the band describe the plump lady who also has cravings for intimacy. For some, this might feel quite unfair having the description feel like body shaming, but hey, don’t get Steel Panther wrong. They are out here to make music out of what many don’t wish to mention!

#2 – Community Property

Featured on the band’s album Feel the Steel, “Community Property” is a song written as a conditional sentiment to Michael Starr’s favorite girl. When all of you are so obsessed with giving your loved ones all your love, Michael promises her favorite girl that his heart belongs to her but not his genitalia! After all, it is a ‘community property’ now that he is a rock star! It is quite a bitter pill to swallow, but most people who are swimming in fame share this mantra even though they speak less about it publicly, like Steel Panther.

#1 – Death to All But Metal

Number one is the band’s greatest song that became their breakthrough hit. “Death to All But Metal” is probably the anthem to all metal fans who believe that the glory of this music genre will and must live forever! While the song talks trash about other music genres and artists, its instrumental brings some merrier moments proving that metal is the greatest of all music genres. So what’s your take on Steel Panther’s claim?

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