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Our Top 10 Tiffany Songs list will take a look at popular teen icon from the 80s. She was compared to singer Debbie Gibson. She is known for her hit single “I Think We’re Alone Now.” She has sold over 15 million albums. She is one of the acts to have been promoted through a mall tour. In addition to singing, she is also an actress and model. She shocked the world when she posed for Playboy in 2002. Her hit singles include “I Think We’re Alone Now,” “I Saw Him Standing There” and “Could’ve Been.”

Tiffany was born Tiffany Renee Darwish on October 2, 1971. She got her start in music by singing with country music singer Jack Reeves. She was also singing in clubs. She was discovered by singer and actor Hoyt Axton. She was discovered by her manager George Tobin when she appeared on TV show. She was signed to a contract in 1984.

She released her self-titled album in 1987. It peaked at number one on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Danny,” “I Think We’re Alone Now,” “Could’ve Been,” “I Saw Him Standing There” and “Feelings of Forever.” The album sold over seven million copies. The pressure was on for her to produce another hit album. Was she going to be the victim of the sophomore slump? She released Hold An Old Friend’s Hand in 1988. It peaked at number 17 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “All This Time,” “Radio Romance,” “Hold an Old Friend’s Hand,” “Oh Jackie” and “It’s The Lover, Not The Love. The album sold over one million copies. This album didn’t match the success of her first album, but it did go platinum.

New Inside was released in 1990. It features the singles “New Inside,” “Here in My Heart” and “Back in the Groove.” Dreams Never Die was released in 1993. It features the singles “If Love Is Blind,” “Kiss You All Over,” “These Arms of Mine” and “Almost in Love.” The Color of Silence was released 2000. It features the singles “I’m Not Sleeping” and “Open My Eyes.” Dust Off and Dance was released in 2005. It features the singles “Be with U Tonite,” “Na Na Na,” “Ride It” and “Fly.”

Just Me was released in 2007. It features the singles “It Feels Like Love.” “Just Me” and “Calling Out Your Name.” Rose Tattoo was released in 2011. It features the singles “He’s All Man,” “Crazy Girls,” “All Over You” and “Love You Good.” She would go on to record other albums throughout her career.

Tiffany rose to fame in the 80s so she was compared to Debbie Gibson. They are both talented singers in their own right. Tiffany may be known for three hit songs, but her catalog is filled with excellent music. She has a beautiful voice that was overshadowed by Debbie Gibson. She had trouble transitioning from a teen star to an adult star, but she didn’t give up on her music. This Top 10 Tiffany Songs list will feature her best singles.

# 10 – Radio Romance

The first song on our Top 10 Tiffany Songs list is “Radio Romance” from the Hold An Old Friend’s Hand. This song has a pop and bubble gum pop beat. This joyful song is about her having feelings for a guy she hopes she can get together with. This song was appropriate for Tiffany because it has a youthful theme. She was a teenager when this song was released so it was perfect for her to sing.

When this song came out, her big hits were already released so this song wasn’t going to get the attention it deserves. This song was overshadowed by her biggest hit singles. The music has an old-school feel to it. The melody is similar to The Ronettes’ “Be My Baby.” It also has an 80s vibe to it. The title of the song makes it seems as if it is a novelty song, but it is actually a cheerful love song. The music will have you moving around in your seat.

Tiffany’s vocals are very strong on this track. She sings the song with grit in her voice like she is trying to turn it into a rock song. The grit in her voice is reminiscent to Belinda Carlisle. She sings the majority of the song in her soprano voice. She surprisingly holds little notes in the song which are worthy of note. This underrated song is worth listening to.

# 9 – Danny

The next song on our Top 10 Tiffany Songs list is “Danny” from her self-titled album. The song has a pop rock beat. The thought-provoking song is about her being in an abusive relationship. She wants to put an end to the relationship before it is too late. This song has a deep message about abuse. She was a teenager at the time when this song was released. People her age weren’t singing songs about this subject. They were singing about more upbeat things.

They weren’t tackling subjects like this one. This song can be a motivator if you are in an abusive relationship. Girls her age might have been going through abuse and could use a song like this to get through the pain. This is on the album with ”I Think We’re Alone Now” as well as her other big hits, so it was going to be overshadowed by the massive hit singles. This song has a deeper meaning than “I Think We’re Alone Now.” She was considered a bubble gum pop star when this song was released. This track is proof that she was able to sing more than just bubble-gum pop music.

It still has a pop sound, but it has a rock edge to it. There is a minor complaint about the song. The music takes away from the impact of the message. It should have had a stripped sound so the message wouldn’t get lost. You may get lost in the music that you may overlook the message. If you don’t pay attention to the lyrics, you may not realize that it is a song about abuse. Tiffany sings the track beautifully. She sings with a lot of passion and soul. She also belts and holds little notes you may not expect her to hold in the song.

# 8 – It Is The Lover, Not The Love

The anthemic song is from the Hold An Old Friend’s Hand album. The song has a pop beat. The lovelorn song is about what she went through after a breakup. She describes what it feels like to break up with someone. Most people want to give up on love after a devastating breakup, but she wants to find love again. Anyone going through heartbreak can relate to this song.

She wants her listeners to know that love is still a beautiful thing. She doesn’t want you to give up on love because one person hurt you. She would rather you blame the person and not love itself. The lyrics are real and describe heartbreak perfectly. The music is a mix of pop meets soul. This is the perfect music for the theme of the song. It is the type of music that will hit you in your soul. It doesn’t take away from the message of the song. Tiffany sounds different in this song.

She sounds like an angel. She sings it with a lot of soul. She doesn’t use the grit in this song as she used in the previous entry on our list. She sings in time with all of the beat changes in the song. She shows impressive power in this track. She may not have been going through heartbreak at the time, but she sells the song. She holds a note in the bridge that will blow you away. She gives it a dramatic buildup before she lets loose. She hits high notes without her voice breaking.

# 7 – Feelings of Forever

The emotional song is from her self-titled album. The song has a pop rock beat. The touching song is about how she feels about a man that she is dating. She doesn’t want the relationship to end. This is in Tiffany’s wheelhouse because she is singing about being in love. If you have ever been in love and didn’t want the relationship to end, the lyrics will resonate with you.

The music is a little misleading. You would think that it was a song about a breakup and not a loving relationship. The music also has David Foster vibes. He writes pop rock songs where the guitar and keys drive the beat. When the keys take over the song, it sounds like Jennifer Holliday’s “I Am Love.” When the guitar takes over, it sounds like something the rock group Chicago would have done. This is another song that appears on the album with “I Think We’re Alone Now” and her other big hits so it gets overshadowed.

Tiffany’s voice is powerful. She has the grit in her voice in this song. She sings this song with her heart and soul. She belts throughout the track, but she doesn’t hold any notes. She did miss an opportunity to hit a power note in the bridge, but it didn’t hurt the song. The song may be hard to find as a single, but it is definitely worth the search.

# 6 – I Saw Him Standing There

The mesmerizing song is from her self-titled album. The song has a synth pop beat. The romantic song is about her admiring and loving someone. This is a cover of The Beatles song so it’s time for the questions. Did she take the risk of remaking this song? Did she make the song her own? The answer to the first question is maybe. This isn’t their biggest hit single, but it was a hit for the group.

The answer to the second question is yes. She changed the title of the song from ‘I Saw Her Standing There” to “I Saw Him Standing There.” The Beatles’ version is a rock song, and her version is a synth-pop version. The tempo is faster in her version than The Beatles’ version. She has a knack for covering older songs and turning them into hits. The song was appropriate for Tiffany because she was a teenager when she recorded the song.

She refers to the guy in the song being 17 so the lyrics were appropriate for her age. Tiffany’s vocals are strong in this track. She sings this with grit in her voice. She is able to keep up with the loud music. She yells in the song and doesn’t sound pitchy. She ran the risk of being pitchy because of the loud music, but she pulled it off effortlessly. She managed to turn this song into a big hit.

# 5 – If Love Is Blind

The next song on our Top 10 Tiffany list is “If Love Is Blind” from the Dreams Never Die album. The song has a pop rock beat. The profound song is about love not being easy. People tend to say things about your significant other, but you have to turn a blind eye to it. Sometimes we have to deal with people who don’t approve of our relationships. Tiffany is letting us know that it is okay to ignore the naysayers and focus on your love. The lyrics are thoughtful and make you appreciate your relationship.

When this song was released, her popularity waned, but she proved she could still record excellent music. The music starts off with the acoustic guitar before the electric guitar takes over. There is a guitar solo in the bridge that shouldn’t be overlooked. It is one of the best guitar solos on any of Tiffany’s albums.

This is a great song that is perfect for her voice. She doesn’t use the grit in this song, so it gives you a chance to focus on her beautiful voice. She has a voice of an angel. Her phrasing is superb. You can understand what she is saying throughout the song. She proved she was more than just a teen pop star. She showed that she is an exceptional singer.

# 4 – All This Time

The breakup song is from the Hold An Old Friend’s Hand album. The song has a pop rock beat. The regretful song is about her losing someone she loves. She wonders how she is going to go on without him. Anyone who has dealt with a breakup can relate to this song. The lyrics are filled with depth. She was a teenager when she recorded this song. She is singing about a subject that she may not have been an expert on during that time.

The lyrics are mature and express the way people feel when they break up with someone. The music fits with the subject of the song. It has a mellow beat. The music picks up during the bridge. There is a guitar solo that will take your breath away. The music has the classic 80s sound. Tiffany’s voice is soulful. She sounds a little different. She sings in her lower register in the verses.

She comes up an octave in the chorus. She has some of the grit in her voice, but it doesn’t take over the song. Her voice sounds natural and beautiful. She is a pure talent who doesn’t need AutoTune to make her sound better. She doesn’t have background singers in this song, so you get a chance to hear her at her finest. She shows vocal strength by belting and holding notes throughout the song. This underrated song deserved more airplay because it is simply amazing.

# 3 – Here in My Heart

The poignant song is from the New Inside album. The song has a pop rock beat. The inspirational song is about the troops in the Gulf War. The song was originally dedicated to Ryan White, but the song’s meaning was changed because the Gulf War was going on while the song was recorded. The touching lyrics will melt your heart (no pun intended). The lyrics are versatile enough that it can be about your personal life.

If you are dealing with someone who is leaving, you know that they will be in your heart. Tiffany had a lot to live up to because of the massive success of her first two albums. She proved she was up to the challenge with this single. The music is heartfelt and will touch your soul. It is very pretty. The music sounds like something that would be on a movie soundtrack. This song is in Diane Warren’s wheelhouse because she usually writes poignant and moving songs like this one.

Tiffany showed that she is an amazing singer in this song. It is an excellent interpretation of the lyrics. She sings this song as if she wrote it herself. Tiffany turns the song into a power ballad. She vocally explodes once she sings the bridge. She has excellent pacing in the track. She starts the song off softly and then reaches for the stratosphere. If you are hoping that she hits high notes, you won’t be disappointed. Diane Warren brought out the best in Tiffany. They need to collaborate with each other again.

# 2 – I Think We’re Alone

The bouncy song is from her self-titled album. The song has a pop beat. The flirty song is about teenage sex. It is a remake of Tommy James and The Shondells hit single. Since this is another cover song on our list, it is time for the questions. Should she have taken the risk and covered this song? Did she make the song her own? The answer to the first question is no.

This was a hit song for Tommy James and The Shondells so Tiffany took a chance covering this track. The answer to the second question is no. She made slight changes in her version, but it is basically a karaoke version. The only difference between Tommy James and The Shondells and Tiffany’s version is her version is more of a pop song.

Here is some trivia about the song. Tiffany didn’t want to record this song because she didn’t know the song was about sex. It makes sense that she was uncomfortable recording this track because she was only 16 at the time when she recorded it. When the producers changed it to a dance song, she changed her mind. It is a good thing she changed her mind because this song went on to become her biggest hit single. Something takes over you when you listen to this song.

It is the perfect pop song. There is no way to listen to this song without dancing to it. The music invites you to get out of your seat. It has the classic 80s sound that still on the radio today. Tiffany’s vocals are phenomenal in this track. Her vocals are strong. She belts throughout the track. If you focus on her vocals, you can forget she is a teenager. She sounds like a seasoned singer. This song could have easily been number one on our list because it is her biggest hit single, but it lost the coin toss.

# 1 – Could’ve Been

The number one song on our Top 10 Tiffany Songs list is “Could’ve Been” from her self-titled album. The song has a pop beat. The heart wrenching song is about a love that could have been better. IF you have ever questioned a love that has gone wrong, you will be able to relate to the powerful lyrics.

Here is some trivia about the song. Tiffany’s label and manager thought she wasn’t mature enough to sing a song with meaning. She had to convince them that she could do it. She proved them wrong because she was more than capable of singing this song. There is no one else who could have sung this song and did it justice the way Tiffany did. She nailed this gorgeous song.

The song regained popularity when it was featured on the hit series Growing Pains. The music is simple and sentimental. It never overpowers her vocals. She showed that she was able to handle singing over the powerful beat. This song was released after her monster hit “I Think We’re Alone Now.” It was a successful follow-up to the hit single. She is the type of singer that could handle dance songs and ballads. Her voice is tailor-made for ballads. She can belt and hold notes flawlessly. This beautiful song will stay in your head all day. You will want to hit repeat and hear this song as many times as possible.

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