Top 10 Zach Williams Songs

Zach Williams Songs

This Top 10 Zach Williams Songs list presents the best Zach Williams Songs including “There Was Jesus,” “Chain Breaker” and many more. Before becoming a solo artist specializing in the genre of Christian rock music in 2016, Zach Williams led his group, The Reformation, as a mainstream rock artist from 2007 until 2012. Upon becoming a born-again, spirit-filled Christian, the musical career path Williams chose shifted him to focus on performing Christian-related material. Between 2012 and 2016, he led the Christian music group, Brothers of Grace, before officially embarking on his own as a soloist.

Upon going solo, the career path of a Christian rock performer earned Williams a height of success he hadn’t experienced before as a recording artist. It would suggest his decision to follow Christ not only set him free from some of his life and career struggles but into a path of prosperity was the correct one.

Born and raised in Arkansas, Zach Williams was born and raised in a healthy home environment that started off with Christian roots but the desire to seek fame and fortune as a southern rock star wound up detouring Williams down a road that met with a series of issues such as a broken marriage, substance abuse, and the threat of living out all of his days in a pit of darkness that seemed inescapable. However, he was saved from this thanks to a supportive second wife, and his decision to accept Jesus Christ into his life and start fresh.

To this day, Williams credits Christ as the redeemer of his soul, reducing him and his family from a path of destruction he knew was systematically killing him. When the reality hits the world will indeed perish while God’s Word will not, this is where the newfound freedom begins. In the case of Zach Williams, this born-again, spirit-filled experience has served exactly as his recent music has been testifying, which is becoming the prime example of a rescue story that credits Jesus Christ as the reason for that.

Top 10 Zach Williams Songs

#10 – Rattle! (featuring Essential Worship and Steven Furtick)

Together, Essential Worship, Steven Furtick, and Zach Williams performed the single, “Rattle!” and it became a number one hit on the US Billboard Christian Airplay chart after it was released in 2020. On the US Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary chart, it peaked as high as number two and it was a number-four hit on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

This energetic number came about during the timing of the COVID-19 quarantine as the world was engulfed in a new realm of uncertainty not previously realized before. “Rattle!” came as a response that there’s no amount of darkness that can drown out God’s promise of better days, especially among believers who understand placing faith above fear is the ticket to shifting from a cowering mouse to a roaring lion.

#9 – Survivor

“Survivor” was the fourth single released from the album, “Chain Breaker” and peaked as high as number three on the US Billboard Christian Airplay chart and at number eleven on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 2018. Singing from personal experience with his mix of Christian contemporary and southern rock style, Zach Williams delivers a truly inspiring song for listeners who could use this testimony as a means to rise above their own situation.

Not only was Zach Williams musically testifying he’s a “Survivor” but he was also a thriving contributor to the music industry as this single served as part of a fantastic collection of songs that deservedly earned the album, Chain Breaker, a 2017 win at the Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album. Uplifting with great build-ups, “Survivor” also testified as proof no matter how far a person falls from grace, for as long as they trust God and agree to work with him, they can survive the experience and become even stronger than they were before.

#8 – Heaven Help Me

From the album, Rescue Story, “Heaven Help Me” was the fifth single released and it peaked as high as number fifteen on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and at number ten on the US Billboard Christian Airplay chart in 2021. In 2019, it was originally released as a promotional single and has since become an inspirational favorite that has won over the hearts of Christian fans who can relate to this ballad’s powerful plea as a member of the human race caught up in a world that’s too dark and too bent on destruction for its own good.

#7 – Less Like Me

“Less Like Me” peaked as high as number one on the US Billboard Christian Airplay chart and the US Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary chart in 2021 as the fourth single from the album, Rescue Story. On the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, “Less Like Me” peaked at number four, serving as yet another brilliant testimony by Zach Williams about how becoming more like God is a better alternative than behaving like a carbon copy in order to comply with worldly expectations. The less of our old selves we are, the better off we are as free human beings who strive to be more like the example Jesus Christ continues to leave behind to this day. Doing so means we actually become more like our true selves, a fact that is kept from us when the world continually brainwashes the masses with stories that don’t match up with God’s truth.

#6 – Rise Up (Lazarus) (featuring Cain)

“Rise Up (Lazarus)” was a single inspired by the events recorded from the Holy Bible when Jesus Christ used the power of the Holy Spirit to bring the deceased Lazarus from the dead. As a song, this lyrically laid out the testimony that there’s no such thing as the impossible when God gets into the equation. From the album Cain released in 2021, Rise Up, Zach Williams collaborated with the group to perform with the Christian country band a song that deservedly became a fan favorite.

On the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart, it peaked as high as number four and it was a number one hit on the US Billboard Christian Airplay chart and the US Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary chart. It also earned a Louder Than The Music Award for best single in 2021 as it certainly rose to the occasion as a source of inspiration among listeners who also know God’s voice of reason, when listened to, is louder than the voice of deception that comes from an enemy that would rather see everyone fail than succeed.

#5 – Old Church Choir

From the debut solo album, Chain Breaker, “Old Church Choir” became the second single released by Zach Williams, which followed a similar success story as “Chain Breaker.” On the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart, it peaked at number one in 2017, as well as on the US Billboard Christian Songs chart and the US Billboard Digital Song chart. On the US Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart, “Old Church Choir” climbed as high as number seven and has since become an RIAA-certified gold seller. Fun and uplifting, “Old Church Choir” is absolutely phenomenal as one of those worship songs that are indeed worthy to be called a fan favorite.

#4 – Fear Is a Liar

From the album, Chain Breaker, “Fear Is a Liar” peaked as high as number three on the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart and the US Billboard Christian Airplay chart after it was released as a single in 2018. It also became the second occasion Zach Williams had an RIAA platinum-certified hit on his hands. The song’s message of how the maturity of Christianity comes by placing faith above fear will serve as a life-changing, life-enhancing experience for as long as one takes the decision of following Jesus Christ seriously enough to believe him instead of the lies laid out by the world and the master it currently serves, which is the very same deceiver scripture talks about in the bible.

#3 – Stand My Ground

From the deluxe edition of the album, Rescue Story, “Stand My Ground” was a song performed by Zach Williams, testifying how done he is with the deception known as fear. In a world that has so many people gripped by it, the need to fight back against the enemy requires one to hold their ground and simply trust in God enough to help endure the experience. According to Christianity, the war has already been won, thanks to Jesus Christ defeating the enemy in his own playground.

As part of the Great Commission, which is mentioned in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, the role testifying Christians must play is to spread the good news Christ is for real, as is God, and the promises that were made to mankind since the dawn of time itself. Fear causes a person to lose ground, falling into a pit of darkness. Faith, along with the work needed to nurture it, helps a person move forward with a sense of freedom that cannot be experienced by any other means. The energy, combined with the tenacity coming from Williams makes “Stand My Ground” that gem of a song for Christian believers to turn to as a means to dig in those heels and stand their ground.

#2 – Chain Breaker

“Chain Breaker” was the debut single from Zach Williams as a solo artist, which was released in 2016 and became a number one hit on the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs Chart. It first came from his EP, also titled Chain Breaker, which served as his musical testimony of how he went from where he was as a person to what he has become today. There is also the full-length album, Chain Breaker, which was first released digitally on December 14, 2016, before its physical release six weeks later.

This RIAA platinum-certified hit also became a number one hit on two other US Billboard charts, namely Christian Airplay and Christian Adult Contemporary. It also peaked at number nine on the US Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart. What makes “Chain Breaker” so great is that real freedom comes with truth, told only by God. Upon realizing this, the chains that bound a human being that forces them to become lesser versions of themselves are broken. This then allows one to finally rise above the occasion and trample the enemy underneath their feet so that it can never reach up and deceive again.

#1 – There Was Jesus (featuring Dolly Parton)

From Zach Williams’s second studio album, Rescue Story, “There Was Jesus” was a duet he performed with country music legend, Dolly Parton. The single was released in 2019 and became a number two hit on the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart, as well as a number one hit on the US Billboard Christian Airplay chart, and the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. It also won a Grammy Award in 2021 for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song.

For Williams, the inspiration behind the song came from reflecting upon the memories of his life and how little he knew about God. Up to that point, he didn’t realize God is as present today as he was within the pages of the Holy Bible. Upon completion of the song, Williams wanted to recruit Dolly Parton to perform it with him. When she first heard it she loved it enough to record it with him. “There Was Jesus” earned a gold certification from the RIAA after reaching the 500,000 copies sold mark, clearly suggesting the fans who heard it loved it too.

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