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Ace Frehely and Lita Ford’s newly recorded version of “Wild Thing,”is pure rock and roll at its finest. The song appears on Ace Frehely’s spectacular new album entitled Origins Vol.1. The album was released on April 13th 2016. On the newly released album, the the two legendary rock and roll stars offer rock fans a brand new heavy guitar rocking fun spirited version on the classic song “Wild Thing.”  Lita Ford sings lead vocal on all the song’s verses. Both rock icons shared the lead vocals on the song’s choruses. As far as the guitar interplay on the track, Ace Frehely played the lead parts during the song’s introduction. The rest of the lead guitar work belonged to Lita Ford according to an interview Ace Frehely gave to Loudwire. In the interview Ace Frehely commented on how enjoyable it was to watch Lita Ford play guitar on his album in the studio. It was clear the admiration Ace Frehely had for Lita Ford’s authentic in your face rock and roll lead vocals and ripping guitar work.

Ace Frehely new album Origins Vol.1  consists of all covers of rock and roll classics. On the album Ace Frehely invited many of his friends to contribute on lead vocals or musical parts. Among the guests appearing on the album was his former Kiss band mate Paul Stanley. Also appearing on the album was former David Lee Roth band guitarist and now present day Marilyn Manson guitarist John 5. And what great new rock covers album would not be complete without an appearance by Slash.  On the album Ace Frehely covered songs by the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and Led Zeppelin ( Willie Dixon’s Bring It on Home.) among many others.

The track “Wild Thing,” that Ace Frehely and Lita Ford performed on was originally recorded by an American band called The Wild Ones in 1965. The song did not become a hit until a year later when it released by a band called The Troggs in 1966. The song became a huge hit for the Troggs in the United States as it reached the No 1 position on the Billboard music charts. It is one of the most covered rock and roll songs in classic rock history. The song’s simple three chord change progression makes it also one of the most played songs by garage bands around the world.


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