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Our Top 10 DJ Khaled Songs list will look at a popular DJ, rapper, producer and executive. He rose to fame as a radio host on 99 Jamz radio station. He also gained recognition by working with the Terror Squad. After he worked with Terror Squad, he released his own material. He has sold over 4 million albums worldwide. His albums have peaked in the Top 20 on the charts. Four of his albums have reached number one on the charts. He has won 31 awards and counting and has been nominated 132 to date. He has worked with a slew of artists throughout his career. He has worked with Lil Wayne, Drake, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Quavo, Future, Snoop Dogg, SZA, T.I., T-Pain, Rick Ross, Ludacris, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Chance the Rapper, Nicki Minaj, Bryson Tiller, Rihanna, as well as others.

Khaled Mohammed Khaled was born on November 26, 1975. He developed his interest in music early when his parents used to play Arabic music in the house. He met and worked with artists such as Birdman, Lil Wayne and Mavado before they made it big. DJ Khaled cohosted The Luke Show with Luther Campbell. One thing led to another and he got a record deal. He released his debut album Listennn…The Album in June 2006. It peaked at number 12 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Holla at Me,” “The Grammy Family” and “Born -N- Raised.” We the Best was released in June 2007. The album peaked at number eight on Billboard 200. It features the singles “We Takin’ Over” and “I’m So Hood.”

We Global was released in September 2008. The album peaked at number seven on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Out Here Grindin’” and “Go Hard.” Victory was released in March 2010. The album peaked at number 14 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Fed Up,” “Put Your Hands Up” and “All I Do Is Win.” We the Best Forever was released in July 2011. The album peaked at number five on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Welcome to My Hood,” “I’m on One,” “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over” and “Legendary.” Kiss the Ring was released in August 2012. The album peaked at number four on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Take It to the Head” and “I Wish You Would.” Suffering from Success was released in October 2013. The album peaked at number seven on Billboard 200. It features the singles “No New Friends” and “I Wanna Be with You.” DJ Khaled went on to record other albums.

DJ Khaled is a brilliant performer. He is a talented songwriter and producer. He has an ear for music and knows how to make a hit. He has worked with several artists and has had numerous hit records. He has so many hits that it was hard to narrow down the list. Our Top 10 DJ Khaled Songs list will focus on some of his hit singles.

# 10 – How Many Times ft. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Big Sean

The 10th song on our Top 10 DJ Khaled Songs list is “How Many Times” from the I Changed a Lot album. “How Many Times” was released in May 2015. This song is about desiring women. The song opens with the chorus. Our narrators encourage women to let go of their inhibitions and not be afraid to have fun. They want the women to come over and have some intimate fun with them. Lil Wayne starts the first verse. He asks her how many times he must tell her to come over. He tells her that he has a chauffeur to pick her up. He wants her to think about it. He tells her to call him when she gets close to his place. He doesn’t want her to send him sexy pictures of herself. He wants to see her in person. If they don’t hook up, he wants her to leave. He has too many women and not enough time to put up with it.

Big Sean appears in the second verse. He tells her he won’t answer the phone on the first ring. He wants her to leave her boyfriend and call him when she is leaving. He doesn’t want any drama. He wants her to be ready for him when he wants to have fun with her. He boasts about signing new artists and selling out arenas. While he is working, he thinks about being with her. He wants her to hold him down, but he doesn’t want her to hold him back. He wants her to be with him like she wants her rent paid. He wants her to be with him like she wants her favorite clothes. He will please her anyway she wants. After he pleases her, he will act as if he was never with her. DJ Khaled and Chris Brown share the third verse. They talk about seeing women in the club. They are feeling generous and throwing their money around. They want to have fun at the party. They spot women dancing and want to know if they will go home with them.

This is an explicit song about sexuality and attraction. They also talk about power and domination. They want to be the one in control of their intimacy. DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and Big Sean talk about their success and how it should get the women they want. There is no doubt what the message is in this song. They want to be intimate with different women. DJ Khaled did an excellent job giving everyone a chance to shine on this track. He uses his signature phrase “another one” throughout the song so you will know it is his track. The beat is surprisingly slow considering it is a party song. Lil Wayne sings on this track. He uses AutoTune, but it doesn’t hurt the song. Big Sean’s rap is crazy. He uses two different pitches. Chris Brown raps and sings in this song. He does a great job rapping in this song. He shows how versatile he is and that he was able to do both.

# 9 – Shining ft. Beyonce and Jay-Z

The ninth song on our Top 10 DJ Khaled Songs list is “Shining” from the Grateful album. “Shining” was released in February 2017. The song is about achieving the life you want by working hard. DJ Khaled opens the song by talking about working his entire life to be successful. He will stop at nothing to get it. Beyonce talks about how success has made her lose her mind. She feels like she has lost touch with reality. Failing isn’t an option for them. Jay-Z talks about his achievements.

He refuses to let anyone hold him back from achieving his goals. He is prepared to write anyone off who holds him back. As the song progresses, our narrators talk about money and material things. Money and material things don’t necessarily bring happiness. They also don’t make them fancy people because they have it. They don’t want anyone to bring them down. They are going to continue to strive for themselves. They want to be inspirations for other people to succeed.

This is an anthem for people who are successful and won’t let anyone hold them back. This is an upbeat track that commands a head bob from everyone. You can lose track on counting how many songs there are about rappers boasting about their success. DJ Khaled came up with a way to make this song inspirational to people. It is not just about letting the audience know that they have made it. They want to inspire people not to give up on their dreams. This song is about them being proud of what they achieved. This song combines one of the hottest couples in music with one of the hottest producers/DJ in music. It is always an event when Beyonce and Jay-Z come together. This song is no different.

DJ Khaled picked the right people to sing a song like this one. They have accomplished a lot in their careers, so they were the best ones to sing this. Beyonce’s voice is deeper in this track. It blends well with the music. The song gives her a chance to sing in a pitch she doesn’t usually use. Jay-Z’s delivers in his verse. DJ Khaled provides a smooth and crisp beat. He also adds his signature “another one” in the track. This song has three heavyweights in music so they couldn’t lose.

# 8 – No New Friends ft. Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne

The eighth song on our Top 10 DJ Khaled Songs list is “No New Friends” from the Suffering from Success album. “No New Friends” was released in April 2013. This is a song about their loyalty towards their friends. This is a song about the people they have known since day one. The narrators talk about the strong bonds they had with their friends before they became famous. They don’t need new friends because their inner circle is still loyal to them. They aren’t worried about the quantity of friends they have. They are worried about the quality of friends they have in life. They have no intention of making new friends. They want to celebrate the bonds they have with the friends they have known for life.

This song is a tribute to friendship. They want to express how happy they are to have loyal friends in their lives. They refuse to let new people into their lives. They want to stay loyal to the friends they have and there is nothing wrong with that. They manage to talk about their success, but it wasn’t the focus of the song. DJ Khaled wanted to touch on something emotional. He didn’t want to make new friends. He keeps the message simple. He is concerned about loyalty more than anything.

He has all the friends he needs and doesn’t need anymore. You don’t have to be famous to understand his concept. It is better to have loyal friends than to have fake friends. One of the reasons why this song works is because of the guest stars. DJ Khaled picked the right team for the song. The beat is enticing. It is a ballad with tempo. Drake does double duty in this song. He sings and raps. Rick Ross and Lil Wayne’s bars are smoking hot. They didn’t disappoint in this song. DJ Khaled wrote the perfect lyrics for them to perform.

# 7 – Popstar ft. Drake

The seventh song on our list is “Popstar” from the Khaled Khaled album. “Popstar” was released in July 2020. This song is about celebrating celebrity status and the perks of fame. They talk about the tension that comes with being a celebrity. The song starts with the chorus. Drake talks about women calling his phone all the time now that he is famous. The police are constantly pulling him over as if he were a criminal. Women keep approaching him. He wants to be with an honest woman, but he is being chased by gold diggers.

He knows he is a popstar and it comes with the territory. He gets hounded by fans around the world. He must have bodyguards around him all the time. The narrator talks about the price that comes with fame. He must spend long hours working. He must work hard to get what he has. The life of a popstar isn’t easy because he doesn’t know who wants to be in his life for him.

This is a song about the life of a popstar. DJ Khaled and Drake wrote a song that gives listeners an inside look on what it is like to be a celebrity. To us, celebrities have it easy. It looks as if they have successful lives because it is the only thing we see. It is hard to imagine the difficulties celebrities face because they are famous. The song gives us an inside look at the way popstars get treated by people. We may not all be able to relate to the situation, but we can empathize with them. DJ Khaled let Drake take the lead on this song. He appears in the intro, but he lets Drake handle the rest of the song. Drake was able to handle himself in the song. It wasn’t hard for Drake to record this song because he is a celebrity. He sounds a little unrecognizable in this song. DJ Khaled came up with an infectious beat for this track.

# 6 – Just Us ft. SZA

“Just Us” is from the album Father Asahd. “Just Us” was released in May 2019. This is a reflective song about a bond between two people. Nothing else matters to them if they have each other. SZA and DJ Khaled open the song by talking about loving each other. She says you can look in her eyes and tell that he has been satisfying her. She needs to be with him all night. She is willing to be with him during the day. They don’t have to hide how they feel about each other because they are grown.

They feel like it’s them against the world. No one is going to break them up. When the smoke clears, they only have each other. The narrator talks about overcoming obstacles and coming out on top. The narrator talks about having problems but not letting them defeat him. Our narrators aren’t going to let anything defeat them because they have true love. They don’t care about each other’s flaws. They accept each other for who they are. They want freedom when they are in their own world together.

This is a love song about a couple who want to be together no matter what. They don’t care about the rest of the world if they have each other. They are determined to stay together. This song will hit you close to home if you are with someone you love more than anything. This song features a sample of Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson.” It is hard to ignore the sample because you will recognize it right away. The sample helps make the song what it is. You might think this is Outkast until you hear SZA sing. SZA’s voice is incredible. She sings this in a lower register. She sounds like an angel in this song. DJ Khaled appears in the intro and bridge. He lets her take charge of the song. The chorus is extraordinary. She will have you singing along with her before the chorus is done. DJ Khaled came up with a great beat for this track. He is a lyrical genius. He knows how to get the right people together in his songs. This banger is guaranteed to stay in your head.

# 5 – Higher ft. Nipsey Hustle and John Legend

The next song on our Top 10 DJ Khaled Songs list is “Higher” from the Father Asahd album. “Higher” was released in May 2019. The song is about persevering when people want to see you fail. The narrator is going to survive despite people trying to bring him down. The song starts with the chorus. The chorus is a metaphor about being successful and accomplished. The late great Nipsey Hustle talks about his life in his verse. He talks about the obstacles his family faced. He talks about the miscarriages his grandmother suffered. His mother had difficult pregnancies.

The narrator talks about his father moving from Africa to America. He also talks about his rise to fame as a rapper. DJ Khaled realizes there are people who want to see him fail and will do whatever they can to make sure he fails. He is determined to rise about adversity and be successful. As the song progresses, Nipsey Hustle talks about growing up in South Central and the obstacles he faced in his community. He describes how it felt to live around violence and police brutality. John Legend talks about people wanting to see him fail instead of succeeding.

This song is a tribute to Nipsey Hustle. This song was released after he died. This song is more emotional knowing it is a tribute to the late Nipsey Hustle. The lyrics are more powerful and meaningful. It is heartbreaking to hear Nipsey Hustle rap about surviving because of God’s grace. If you are a fan of Nipsey Hustle, it may make you cry hearing him talk about surviving the street life when he didn’t. DJ Khaled allowed Nipsey Hustle to tell his story.

You can relate to this no matter where you live. It is a moving story that needs to be heard. Every lyric sound like a sermon. Anyone who has lost someone they love due to tragedy can use this song to help heal. The song is beautifully put together. DJ Khaled did this song justice. Nipsey Hustle’s verses sound authentic. He raps with passion as he tells his story. John Legend takes listeners to church with his vocals. He pours his heart out in the chorus. The background singers turn this into a church anthem. They sound like a choir. DJ Khaled proved he can do a powerful song that will make you think.

# 4 – Do You Mind ft. Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future and Rick Ross

“Do You Mind” is from the Major Key album. “Do You Mind’ was released in July 2016. The song is about finding someone. Nicki Minaj opens the song talking about not being an average woman. If he is with her, he has hit the jackpot. Every man is trying to get with her. She is not interested in them. She wants a man that will want to kiss her when he’s mad. August Alsina, Chris Brown and DJ Khaled talk about wanting the women to go to bed with them. They want to know if the women would mind going to bed with them. Jeremih joins Chris Brown and August Alsina in the post chorus. They talk about women deserving better. They know time won’t last forever so they want to know if the women have made up their minds about being with them.

August Alsina sings the second verse. He doesn’t want to waste any time getting together. He knows she can’t do any better than him. Once he gets the chance to be with her, she won’t change her mind. He doesn’t want her to hesitate because he wants to be with her. He is not used to waiting for a woman. Jeremih sings the third verse. He lets her know that he should be the one she chooses. He knows her body and knows how to please her. He doesn’t want to talk with words. He wants their bodies to do the talking. Future promises not to treat her like a groupie. He wants to spoil her. He wants to be her friend and lover. Rick Ross took his lady to places she had never been before. Her friends got the chance to get to know him. He wants to shower her with all the money he has. He reminds her that he was the best man for her.

The song tells a story about getting in relationships. They don’t apologize for expressing what they want in the relationship. The song has a catchy beat. The vocals will blow your mind. DJ Khaled has a lot of guests in this song. It could have suffered from overcrowding, but he made it work. He has everyone’s parts spaced out enough, so we weren’t bombarded with all the people in the song. The music is smooth and cool. It contains a sample of Michael Sterling’s “Lovers and Friends.” DJ Khaled did an amazing job with the production. DJ Khaled allowed room for all the artists to shine on the track. They all do a great job. The chorus is easy to remember. If you like the sample, you will enjoy the chorus.

# 3 – For Free ft. Drake

Coming in at number three on our list is “For Free” from the Major Key album. “For Free” was released in June 2016. The provocative song is about a man bragging about having sex with a woman and thinking it is so good that they should pay to have sex with him. He considers himself to be a superhero because of what he can do in bed. He can please a woman for hours. He talks about how the women in his life will do anything for him because he is good in bed. He believes he shouldn’t have to be with them for free because of how good he is in bed. He believes women exist for his pleasure. He feels he is so good the women should pay him to be with them.

The narrator believes women will do anything to have the chance to be with him for one more night. He knows the woman he is interested in is working hard to get her degree. People don’t know what she is like in the bedroom. He knows she saves it up for him. He enjoys being with her and will come get her so they can be together.

This song tells a story about a man who is boasting about his sexual prowess. He believes he is so good that he should be paid for his services. Women may not be that happy with the lyrics because he objectifies women. DJ Khaled says this song wasn’t meant to be misogynistic. It is supposed to be a fun song. This is a summer anthem that is not meant to have deep meaning. This is an infectious track that will get you on your feet the second the beat starts. This music is also good for working out. The chorus is the best part of the song. DJ Khaled and Drake work well together. This is another great song by the dynamic duo. They make great music together. If you can get past the lyrics, you will find the song enjoyable.

# 2 – Al I Do Is Win ft. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross

“All I Do Is Win” is from the Victory album. “All I Do Is Win” was released in February 2010. The song is about confidence and perseverance. The song talks about being able to win at anything. The song opens with the chorus. T-Pain sings about winning no matter what the cost. He has money on his mind and can never have enough of it. Ludacris starts the first verse. He talks about never being defeated and how he won’t stop. He wants everyone to keep their hands in the air for the people who didn’t make it and the people who are locked down. People thought he disappeared, but he didn’t. He believes that his verses are as good as ever. He doesn’t want anyone to count him out. He has 20 bank accounts. He makes millions of dollars a year.

Rick Ross appears in the second verse. He talks about driving around in a Rolls Royce. People think he’s crazy because he wants to keep working. He wants to represent the thug life. Snoop Dogg talks about how long he has been in the rap business. He hung out with the worst type of people. He was able to rise above his situation and be the man he is today. He talks about what happened back in the day.

This song celebrates success. They talk about how important it is to be persistent when you want something in life. The artists may be talking about their wealth, but the message can apply to all of us as well. We all want to win in life and this song is a motivator to do so. If we are persistent like the artists in this song, we will also win. They talk about being dedicated to what you want to achieve. This is a song that features an all-star cast. DJ Khaled picked the best to appear in this song. They all did their thing on this track. As soon as T-Pain starts the hook, you will be hooked. The irresistible hook will stay in your head. The music is upbeat and will put a smile on your face as you listen to the lyrics.

# 1 – I’m the One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne

The number one song on our Top 10 DJ Khaled Songs list is “I’m the One” from the Grateful album. “I’m the One” was released in April 2017. The song is about being the best and having it all. They talk about having money, fame and women. Justin Bieber starts the song with the chorus. He considers himself the truth. He is the one that she wants to be with. He knows she is sick of imitators. He doesn’t want to intimidate her. He has seen her checking him out. Quavo appears in the first verse. He talks about being with a woman. He remembers when they were kids together. She is the one that was holding him down when everyone else turned their backs on him. He is going to make her dreams come true. He talks about how she looks the same without makeup. He had to check out her mother to see what she was made of. He wants her in his life. He will make her famous when they show up places together. He wants them to be the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.

Chance the Rapper talks about a woman who likes the money. She likes the finer things in life. He has no problem giving her what she wants. She tells him how she wants to be pleased in the bedroom. He is okay with pleasing her. Lil Wayne appears in the third verse. He asks her if she is looking for the one. He lets her know that she has found it in him. He feels he is the best. He has been looking for somebody to be in his life. He doesn’t want a one-night stand. He wants a real relationship.

This song tells the story of people who have it all. They talk about their success. They believe they are the kings of the world. They talk about the money and women they have. They talk about having fun with the women they are attracted to. The lyrics are nothing new. This is a subject that DJ Khaled is comfortable discussing. This is a subject that works for him. All the artists have swagger so we can forgive them for boasting about their success and for getting any women they want. You may not be able to relate to the lyrics, but you will have fun listening to the song. DJ Khaled produced an enjoyable song. It is a blend of pop and hip-hop. This song is an earworm that will stay in your head long after it is over.

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