Complete List Of LeAnn Rimes Albums And Discography

LeAnn Rimes Albums

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This Complete List Of LeAnn Rimes Albums And Songs presents the full discography of LeAnn Rimes studio albums. LeAnn Rimes was born on August 28, 1982.  LeAnn Rimes hails from the area of Jackson, Mississippi. This complete LeAnn Rimes discography also includes every single LeAnn Rimes live album. All these very enjoyable LeAnn Rimes albums have been presented below in chronological order. We have also included all original release dates with each LeAnn Rimes album as well as all original LeAnn Rimes album covers. Every LeAnn Rimes album listed below showcases the entire LeAnn Rimes album tracklisting.


Everybody’s Sweetheart

Everybody's Sweetheart 

Released 1991

CD Track Listings:

  1. Sunday Kind Of Love
  2. Little Girl
  3. Crazy
  4. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  5. Glory Of Love
  6. Wasted Heart
  7. How Great Thou Art
  8. Cowboy’s Sweetheart
  9. Don’t Worry
  10. Memories

All That

All That

Released 1994

CD Track Listings:

  1. Blue
  2. Sure Thing
  3. I’ll Get Even with You
  4. Why Can’t We
  5. The Rest is History
  6. Broken Wing
  7. Cowboy’s Sweetheart
  8. Middle Man
  9. Share My Love
  10. Yesterday
  11. I Will Always Love You


Released July 9, 1996

CD Track Listings:

  1. Blue
  2. Hurt Me
  3. One Way Ticket (Because I Can)
  4. My Baby
  5. Honestly
  6. The Light in Your Eyes
  7. Talk to Me
  8. I’ll Get Even With You
  9. Cattle Call
  10. Good Lookin’ Man
  11. Fade to Blue

You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs

Released September 9, 1997

CD Track Listings:

  1. You Light Up My Life
  2. The Rose
  3. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  4. I Believe
  5. Ten Thousand Angels Cried
  6. Clinging to a Saving Hand
  7. On the Side of Angels
  8. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
  9. God Bless America
  10. How Do I Live
  11. Amazing Grace
  12. National Anthem

Sittin’ on Top of the World

Released May 5, 1998

CD Track Listings:

  1. Commitment
  2. Looking Through Your Eyes
  3. Undeniable
  4. Feels Like Home
  5. Surrender
  6. These Arms of Mine
  7. Nothin’ New Under the Moon
  8. When Am I Gonna Get Over You
  9. Rock Me
  10. More Than Anyone Deserves
  11. Insensitive
  12. All the Lovin’ and Hurtin’
  13. Sittin’ on Top of the World
  14. The Heart Never Forgets
  15. Purple Rain

LeAnn Rimes

Released October 26, 1999

CD Track Listings:

  1. Crazy
  2. Don’t Worry
  3. Leavin’ on Your Mind
  4. Faded Love
  5. Born to Lose
  6. Crying Time
  7. She’s Got You
  8. I Fall to Pieces
  9. Your Cheatin’ Heart
  10. Lovesick Blues
  11. Me and Bobby McGee
  12. Big Deal

Twisted Angel

Released October 1, 2002

CD Track Listings:

  1. Life Goes On
  2. Wound Up
  3. The Safest Place
  4. Trouble with Goodbye
  5. Damn
  6. Suddenly
  7. Tic Toc
  8. Sign of Life
  9. Review My Kisses
  10. No Way Out
  11. Love Is an Army
  12. You Made Me Find Myself
  13. Twisted Angel

What a Wonderful World

Released October 12, 2004

CD Track Listings:

  1. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
  2. A Different Kind of Christmas
  3. White Christmas
  4. All I Want for Christmas Is You
  5. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  6. What a Wonderful World
  7. The Christmas Song
  8. Just Love Me
  9. Miss You Like Christmas
  10. O Holy Night

This Woman

Released January 25, 2005

CD Track Listings:

  1. I Want to with You
  2. You Take Me Home
  3. Something’s Gotta Give
  4. Won’t Be Lonely Long
  5. Nothin’ ’bout Love Makes Sense
  6. Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way
  7. The Weight of Love
  8. With You
  9. I Got It Bad
  10. I Dare You
  11. When This Woman Loves a Man
  12. Some People

Whatever We Wanna

Released  June 6, 2006

CD Track Listings:

  1. Satisfied
  2. And It Feels Like
  3. For the First Time
  4. Save Myself
  5. A Little More Time
  6. Rumour ’bout a Revolution
  7. Destructive
  8. Strong
  9. Whatever We Wanna
  10. Everybody’s Someone
  11. Headphones
  12. Long Night
  13. This Life
  14. Break Me Down
  15. Some People


Released October 9, 2007

CD Track Listings:

  1. Family
  2. Nothin’ Better to Do
  3. Fight
  4. Good Friend and a Glass of Wine
  5. Something I Can Feel
  6. I Want You with Me
  7. Doesn’t Everybody
  8. Nothing Wrong
  9. Pretty Things
  10. Upper Hand
  11. One Day Too Long
  12. What I Cannot Change

Lady & Gentlemen

Released September 27, 2011

CD Track Listings:

  1. Swingin
  2. Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
  3. The Only Mama That’ll Walk the Line
  4. I Can’t Be Myself
  5. Sixteen Tons
  6. Help Me Make It Through the Night
  7. Rose Colored Glasses
  8. A Good Hearted Woman
  9. When I Call Your Name
  10. He Stopped Loving Her Today
  11. Blue
  12. The Bottle Let Me Down


Released April 15, 2013

CD Track Listings:

  1. Spitfire
  2. What Have I Done
  3. Gasoline and Matches
  4. Borrowed
  5. You Ain’t Right
  6. I Do Now
  7. Where I Stood
  8. You’ve Ruined Me
  9. Bottle
  10. A Waste Is a Terrible Thing to Mind
  11. Just a Girl Like You
  12. God Takes Care of Your Kind
  13. Who We Really Are

Today Is Christmas

Released October 16, 2015

CD Track Listings:

  1. Today Is Christmas
  2. We Need a Little Christmas
  3. That Spirit of Christmas
  4. I Still Believe in Santa Claus
  5. Holly Jolly Christmas/Frosty the Snowman”
  6. Celebrate Me Home
  7. Must Be Santa
  8. Christmas Time Is Here
  9. The Heartache Can Wait
  10. Little Drummer Boy
  11. Joy (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Angels We Have Heard on High/Hark the Herald Angels Sing)
  12. Auld Lang Syne


Released October 28, 2016

CD Track Listings:

  1. The Story
  2. Love Line
  3. Outrageous Love
  4. Mother
  5. Remnants
  6. Long Live Love
  7. How to Kiss a Boy
  8. Love Is Love Is Love
  9. Learning Your Language
  10. I Couldn’t Do That to Me
  11. Humbled
  12. Do It Wrong with Me
  13. Dang Dang

Chant: The Human & the Holy

Chant: The Human & the Holy

Released November 20, 2020

CD Track Listings:

  1. My Heart
  2. Be Still and Know
  3. In the Stillness
  4. Treasured
  5. Human/Holy
  6. The Truth of Love
  7. What I Cannot Change (Chant)
  8. With My Hands
  9. Set Me Free
  10. Let the Light In
  11. Christed
  12. Sing Love into the World

God’s Work

Released September 16, 2022

CD Track Listings:

  1.  Spaceship
  2. The Only
  3. Awakening
  4. How Much A Heart Can Hold
  5. Throw My Arms Around The World
  6. The Wild
  7. Innocent
  8. God’s Work
  9. Something Better’s Coming
  10. Imagined With Love
  11. There Will Be A Better Day
  12. I Do
  13. Throw My Arms Around The World (Dave Audé Remix)


Rimes: Live at Gruene Hall

Released April 13, 2019

CD Track Listings:

1. “Pride and Joy” –  Stevie Ray Vaughan 3:44
2. “Nothing Better to Do” 4:44
3. “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” – Freddy Fender 4:23
4. “Streets of Bakersfield” –  Joy Buck OwensDwight Yoakam 3:05
5. “Wonderwall”  –  Oasis 4:31
6. “The Bottle Let Me Down” – Merle Haggard 3:37
7. “Blue (Re-Imagined)” Mack LeAnn Rimes 2:29
8. “San Antonio Rose” Wills Bob Wills 2:34
9. “You Never Even Called Me by My Name” Goodman David Allan Coe 5:38
10. “Always on My Mind” Willie Nelson 4:10


Unchained Melody: The Early Years

Released February 11, 1997

CD Track Listings:

1. “Cowboy’s Sweetheart” Patsy Montana 2:32
2. “I Will Always Love You” Dolly Parton 4:38
3. “Blue Moon of Kentucky” Bill Monroe 3:17
4. “River of Love” Buddy Blackmon, Vip Vipperman 3:19
5. “The Rest Is History” Clay Blaker, Karen Staley 3:09
6. “Broken Wing” David Nowlen 3:20
7. “Yesterday” John Lennon, Paul McCartney 3:09
8. “Sure Thing” Joyce Harrison 2:41
9. “Share My Love” Rimes, Blake Vickers 2:40
10. “Unchained Melody” Alex North, Hy Zaret 3:51

I Need You

Released January 30, 2001

CD Track Listings:

  1. Light the Fire Within
  2. I Need You
  3. But I Do Love You
  4. You Are
  5. Soon
  6. Can’t Fight the Moonlight
  7. Love Must Be Telling Me Something
  8. Written in the Stars
  9. One of These Days
  10. I Believe in You
  11. Together, Forever, Always
  12. Can’t Fight the Moonlight
  13. But I Do Love You
  14. Soon
  15. I Need You

God Bless America

Released October 16, 2001

CD Track Listings:

1. God Bless America
2. The National Anthem
3. The Lord’s Prayer
4. The Sands of Time
5. Why Can’t We
6. Put A Little Holiday In You Heart
7. Middle Man
8. I Believe
9. Broken Wing
10. Amazing Grace

Greatest Hits

Released November 18, 2003

CD Track Listings:

1. Blue
2. How Do I Live
3. Can’t Fight The Moonlight (Latino Mix)
4. One Way Ticket (Because I Can)
5. Commitment
6. I Need You
7. Written In The Stars
8. Unchained Melody
9. The Light In Your Eyes
10. On The Side Of Angels
11. You Light Up My Life
12. Nothin’ New Under The Moon
13. Big Deal
14. Life Goes On
15. We Can
16. Last Thing On My Mind
17. This Love
18. Crazy

The Best of LeAnn Rimes

Released February 3, 2004

CD Track Listings:

1. “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” Diane Warren 3:36
2. “Life Goes On” Andreas Carlsson, Desmond Child, Rimes 3:34
3. “How Do I Live” Diane Warren 4:27
4. “I Need You” Dennis Matkosky, Ty Lacy 3:49
5. “We Can” Warren 3:39
6. “Last Thing on My Mind” (duet with Ronan Keating) Ronan Keating, Steve Robson 3:57
7. “This Love” Rimes, Marc Beeson, Jim Collins 3:53
8. “But I Do Love You” Diane Warren 3:20
9. “Written in the Stars” (duet with Elton John) Elton John, Tim Rice 4:19
10. “Suddenly” Carlsson, Child 4:00
11. “The Right Kind of Wrong” Diane Warren 3:48
12. “Commitment” Tony Colton, Tony Marty, Bobby Wood 4:36
13. “Please Remember” Diane Warren 4:34
14. “Crazy” Willie Nelson 2:55
15. “Blue” Bill Mack 2:49
16. “Looking Through Your Eyes” David Foster, Carole Bayer Sager 4:00
17. “You Light Up My Life” Joe Brooks 3:38
18. “One Way Ticket (Because I Can)” Keith Hinton, Judy Rodman 3:34
19. “How Do I Live” (Mr. Mig Dance Radio Edit) Diane Warren 3:57
20. “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” (Latino Mix) Diane Warren 3:35

The Best of LeAnn Rimes – Remixed

Released  June 21, 2004

Dance Like You Don’t Give A …Greatest Hits


Released August 5, 2014

1 Gasoline and Matches (W/Rob Thomas) Dave Aude Remix
2 What I Cannot Change (Kaskade Remix)
3 Crazy Women (7th Heaven Remix)
4 I Need You (Digital Dog Remix)
5 Help Me Make It Through the Night (Fear of Tigers Remix)
6 Spitfire (Fagault & Marina Remix)
7 Can’t Fight the Moonlight (Alias Remix)
8 You’ve Ruined Me (Dave Aude Remix)
9 How Do I Live (Cahill Remix)
10 Strong (Cicada Remix)
11 Nothin’ Better to Do (Soul Seekerz Remix)
12 Headphones (Headspinners Remix)
13 Grace (W/Crystal Method)

All-Time Greatest Hits

Released February 3, 2015

1 Blue 2:51
2 One Way Ticket (Because I Can)
3 Unchained Melody
4 The Light In Your Eyes 3:23
5 How Do I Live
6 You Light Up My Life 3:40
7 Amazing Grace 4:08
8 On The Side Of Angels 3:52
9 Commitment 4:39
10 Nothin’ New Under The Moon 4:33
11 Big Deal
12 I Need You
13 Can’t Fight The Moonlight 3:38
14 But I Do Love You 3:21
15 The Right Kind Of Wrong 3:50
16 Life Goes On
17 Nothin’ Bout Love Makes Sense 2:59
18 Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way 3:40
19 Something’s Gotta Give 3:59
20 Nothin’ Better To Do 4:27

The Biggest Hits of LeAnn Rimes

Released June 15, 2018

1 How Do I Live
2 Can’t Fight The Moonlight
3 I Need You
4 Blue
5 Nothin’ Better To Do
6 Something’s Gotta Give
7 Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way
8 One Way Ticket (Because I Can)
9 Unchained Melody
10 Big Deal

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