Complete List Of The Darkness Albums And Discography

The Darkness Albums

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This Complete List Of The Darkness Albums And Songs presents the full discography of  The Darkness studio albums. The Darkness exploded onto the rock and roll scene in the early 2000s winning multiple awards in England including “Best New Band.” While the group did well in the U.S. they have always been much bigger in the UK. This discography of The Darkness labus also includes  every single The Darkness live album. All these modern day glam metal The Darkness albums have been presented below in chronological order. We have also included all original release dates with each The Darkness  album as well as all original album covers. Every The Darkness album listed below showcases the entire album track listing.


I Believe in a Thing Called Love EP

Released August 12 2002

CD Track Listings:

  1. “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”
  2. “Love on the Rocks with No Ice”
  3. “Love Is Only a Feeling”

Permission to Land

Released September 16, 2003

CD Track Listings:

1. Black Shuck (3:21)
2. Get Your Hands Off My Woman (2:46)
3. Growing on Me (3:31)
4. I Believe in a Thing Called Love (3:36)
5. Love Is Only a Feeling (4:20)
6. Givin’ Up (3:34)
7. Stuck in a Rut (3:18)
8. Friday Night (2:55)
9. Love on the Rocks With No Ice (5:56)
10. Holding My Own (4:58)

One Way Ticket to Hell… and Back

Released November 29, 2005

CD Track Listings:

1. One Way Ticket (4:26)
2. Knockers (2:43)
3. Is It Just Me? (3:05)
4. Dinner Lady Arms (3:16)
5. Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (3:34)
6. Hazel Eyes (3:25)
7. Bald (5:31)
8. Girlfriend (2:33)
9. English Country Garden (3:06)
10. Blind Man (3:25)

Hot Cakes

Released August 21, 2012

CD Track Listings:

1. Every Inch Of You (3:04)
2. Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us (2:45)
3. With A Woman (3:41)
4. Keep Me Hangin’ On (3:00)
5. Living Each Day Blind (5:06)
6. Everybody Have A Good Time (4:48)
7. She Just A Girl, Eddie (3:46)
8. Forbidden Love (3:49)
9. Concrete (3:52)
10. Street Spirit (Fade Out) (3:07)
11. Love Is Not The Answer (3:41)

Last of Our Kind

Released June 2, 2015

CD Track Listings:

1. Barbarian (3:34)
2. Open Fire (4:01)
3. Last of Our Kind (4:09)
4. Roaring Waters (4:38)
5. Wheels of the Machine (3:07)
6. Mighty Wings (5:46)
7. Mudslide (3:25)
8. Sarah O’Sarah (3:52)
9. Hammer and Tongs (4:02)
10. Conquerors (4:55)

Pinewood Smile

Released October 6, 2017

CD Track Listings:

1. All the Pretty Girls
2. Buccaneers of Hispaniola
3. Solid Gold
4. Southern Trains
5. Why Don’t the Beautiful Cry?
6. Japanese Prisoner of Love
7. Lay Down With Me, Barbara
8. I Wish I Was in Heaven
9. Happiness
10. Stampede of Love

Easter Is Cancelled

Released October 4, 2019

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Rock and Roll Deserves to Die” – 5:23
  2. “How Can I Lose Your Love?” – 3:02
  3. “Live ‘Til I Die” – 3:32
  4. “Heart Explodes” – 3:47
  5. “Deck Chair” – 2:24
  6. “Easter Is Cancelled” – 4:18
  7. “Heavy Metal Lover” – 4:41
  8. “In Another Life” – 4:01
  9. “Choke on It” – 3:21
  10. “We Are the Guitar Men” – 4:21
  11. “Laylow” – 3:23
  12. “Different Eyes” – 2:51
  13. “Confirmation Bias” – 4:35
  14. “Sutton Hoo” – 3:27
  15. “Dancing House” – 1:05



CD Track Listings:

1. Welcome Tae Glasgae
2. It’s Love, Jim
3. Motorheart
4. The Power And The Glory Of Love
5. Jussy’s Girl
6. Sticky Situations
7. Nobody Can See Me Cry
8. Eastbound
9. Speed Of The Nite Time
10. You Don’t Have To Be Crazy About Me… But It Helps
11.It’s A Love Thang (You Wouldn’t Understand)
12.So Long


Live at Hammersmith

Released June 15, 2018

CD Track Listings:

1. Open Fire
2. Love Is Only A Feeling
3. Southern Trains
4. Black Shuck
5. One Way Ticket
6. Givin’ Up
7. All The Pretty Girls
8. Barbarian
9. Buccaneers Of Hispaniola
10. Friday Night
11. Makin’ Out
12. Every Inch Of You
13. Solid Gold
14. Stuck In A Rut
15. Get Your Hands Off My Woman
16. Growing On Me
17. Japanese Prisoner Of Love
18. Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)
19. I Believe In A Thing Called Love


Platinum Collection

Released April 7 2008

CD Track Listings:

1. I Believe in a Thing Called Love (3:38)
2. One Way Ticket (4:26)
3. Love Is Only a Feeling (4:19)
4. Is It Just Me? (3:06)
5. Growing on Me (3:30)
6. Girlfriend (2:34)
7. Get Your Hands Off My Woman (2:47)
8. Black Shuck (3:21)
9. Givin’ Up (3:35)
10. Stuck in a Rut (3:18)
11. Friday Night (2:56)
12. Love on the Rocks With No Ice (5:57)
13. Holding My Own (4:56)
14. Knockers (2:45)
15. Dinner Lady Arms (3:17)
16. Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (3:35)
17. Hazel Eyes (3:27)
18. Bald (5:33)
19. English Country Garden (3:07)
20. Blind Man (3:25)
21. Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End) (3:32)

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