Evanescence Albums Ranked

Evanescence Albums Ranked

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Our Evanescence Albums Ranked list takes a look at one of the most exciting and dynamic rock bands of the 21st century. At the heart of the band’s existence and always standing center stage is the group’s lead singer and songwriter Amy Lee. This phenomenal talent stands as one of the leading female vocalists in rock and roll of the past twenty years. Amy Lee formed the band with guitarist Ben Moody all the way back in 1995. The group would release a series of independent records untill they hit the big time in 2003 with their first major label released entitled Fallen.  From that point on, the group Evanescence have released five studio albums. The band’s line up has changed frequently over the years but the fiery vocal power and extraordinary performances by Amy Lee have continued to make Evanescence one of the great rock bands of the modern era.

# 5 – Synthesis

We open up our Evanescence Albums Ranked List with the album entitled Synthesis. The album was released in.2017. We open this list with this record because there are only two new songs on the album. The album is mostly made up of reworked versions of the band’s already released songs. However, the reworked versions are dramatically  different form their previous versions and are a joy to hear in their new arrangements.    The album hit number eight on the US Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts.

# 4 – The Bitter Truth

After not releasing an album of new material in over ten years, the band Evanescence returned with the album The Bitter Truth in 2021. The band seems to drift back to the sound of The Open Door album on this one. At times, it pretty heavy but it is also fueled by those intense melodic arrangements that Amy Lee is known for. The record features musicians Amy Lee on lead vocals and keys, Troy McLawhorn on guitar, Jen Majura on guitar, Tim McCord on bass and Will Hunt on drums.

The Bitter Truth so far has only sold 26000 units in the US. Yet, the record still had a nice showing on the Billboard Top 200 albums charts reaching the number eleven spot. They loved the album in Switzerland where it hit number one. The band released four singles from the album that included the songs “Wasted on You,” “The Game Is Over,”
“Use My Voice,” and “Better Without You.”

# 3 – Evanescence

In the number three spot on our Evanescence Albums Ranked List is appropriately the band’s third album which was simply self titled as Evanescence. The album was released in 2011. This was a completely different band than appeared on the first album with of course the exception of Amy Lee. On the album, the group consisted of Amy Lee on vocals and keys, Terry Balsamo on guitar, Troy McLawhorn on guitar, Tim McCord on bass and Will Hunt on drums. The album hit number one on the US Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts making it their second straight number one album and their only other album besides The Open Door to reach that number one spot.

# 2 – Fallen

Just of the top spot on our Evanescence Albums Ranked List we showcase the album entitled Fallen. The album was released in  2003. We had a hard time choosing between the top two albums on this list. Fallen is such a legendary album, we just happened to like The Open Door a little more. Nonetheless, that should take nothing away from the brilliant Fallen album. Hands down, Fallen is one of the biggest selling albums of the 21st century. It is by far the band’s biggest selling album. In the United States the album solo seven million copies. On a worldwide basis, the album has sold seventeen million copies.

Evanescence was basically a three piece at the time they released their major label debut album. The band consisted of Amy Lee on vocals and piano and keyboards, Ben Moody on guitars and David Hodges on keys. On the album, the drums were handled by Josh Freese while Francesco DiCosmo played bass. All the songs on the record  were written by Ben Moody, and Amy Lee with some small contributions made by David Hodges.

Fueling the success of the Fallen album were some special singles especially the wondrous “My Immortal.”  Other singles and standout tracks included “Bring Me to Life,” “Going Under,”and “Everybody’s Fool.” The album hit number seven on the US Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts.

# 1 – The Open Door

We wrap up our Evanescence Albums Ranked List with the band’s second album entitled The Open Door. This album stands as one of the great rock and roll releases of the 21st century. The album’s intensity set the bar for many other bands within the genres of Gothic rock and symphonic metal. The The Open Door album was released in 2006. Just about all the songs on the album were written by Amy Lee and Terry Balsamo. Just about every song on the record was perfect. The Open Door album spawned four singles including “Call Me When You’re Sober” released on September 4, 2006 “Lithium”released on January 8, 2007,  “Sweet Sacrifice” released on May 25, 2007 and “Good Enough released on December 14, 2007. 

The Open Door album hit number one on the US Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts. The stunning album also hit number one in Australia, Switzerland’ and Germany. In the United States, The Open Door would become the band’s second biggest selling album of their career. Not only was the album a monumental commercial success, it would achieve high artistic merits at the Grammy Awards where it would be awarded Album Of The Year!

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