Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad Album

Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad Album

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Our article on The Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad Album will look at what the songs on the album mean. Good Girl Gone Bad is Rihanna’s third album. The album was released in May 2007. It peaked at number two on Billboard 200 and number three on the r&b charts. Rihanna was inspired by 80’s music when she wanted to do this project. When she heard Brandy’s Afrodisiac album, she wanted to create an album just like it. Rihanna wanted to change her style for Good Girl Gone Bad. She wanted something fresh and different. She didn’t want a good girl image anymore. She wanted something edgier. She wanted to show her bolder and more independent side. Rihanna wanted the Navy as well as the rest of the world to know that she wasn’t an innocent little girl anymore. She wanted to take more risks and chances with her music. It turns out it was a good idea.

The album features the singles “Umbrella,” “Shut Up and Drive,” “Hate That I Love You,” “Don’t Stop the Music” and “Rehab.” “Umbrella” and “Don’t Stop the Music” are on the list of 500 greatest songs of all time. Other artists wanted “Umbrella,” but Rihanna got the song. The songs on this album are about the ups and downs of relationships, demons in the music industry and having fun. She worked with Ne-Yo, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, The Dream as well as others. The album sold over nine million copies worldwide. This is one of Rihanna’s most successful albums. Critics loved her album and so did the fans. This article discusses The Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad Album.

Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad Album

# 1 – Umbrella ft. Jay-Z

The first song on our list of The Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad Album is “Umbrella.” “Umbrella” is about her assuring her man that she will be there for him through good times and bad. She lets him know that there will be bad times, but she lets him know that she will be there to help him get through them. “Umbrella” is a metaphor for supporting him no matter what happens. The couple isn’t on the same level financially. He makes more money than she does. The differences in their backgrounds don’t bother her.

She promises that she will protect them from anything that comes their way. In the song, the rain represents trouble. The narrator tells him that they will shine together. They will be there for each other when they succeed and when they fail. She wants them to comfort each other through good times and bad. Jay-Z’s verse is about him appreciating the fact that money and fame don’t matter to her. He wants to protect her financially. Other artists were offered the single before Rihanna. Mary J. Blige stated that “Umbrella” was written for her. She loved the song and thought it would be a hit. It wasn’t given to her because it was given to Rihanna. Mary J. Blige believes Rihanna was told the same thing she was about the song. Britney Spears was also offered the song, but her label turned it down. It turned out to be a blessing for Rihanna because the song was a big hit for her. The song peaked at number one in several countries. It sold over eight million copies.

# 2 – Push Up On Me

The next song on our list of The Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad Album is “Push Up On Me.” “Push Up On Me” is about falling in love at first sight. She meets a guy at a party. She is immediately attracted to him. She falls in love at first sight. Rihanna finds herself wishing she could get together with him. She sees him from across the room and she feels an instant attraction. He makes her feel like she’s going to step out of character. No one had ever made her feel this way before. He starts a fire inside of her by looking at her. She notices that he is sexy. She wants to play games with him. She wants him to know how much he turns her on.

Rihanna wants him to tell her that he wants her too. She wishes she could have him to herself. She has met guys like him before, but they never made her feel the way he does. She notices that he is not approaching her, so she must make the first move. She is willing to step outside of her comfort zone and push up on him. The narrator will show him that she will not be a tease. She is ready to satisfy him in every way possible. She knows that he wants her too. He wants to undress her, and she will let him do it. She wants to give herself to the man of her dreams.

# 3 – Don’t Stop the Music

“Don’t Stop the Music” is a carefree song about relieving stress. She is no stranger to this type of song. She usually includes a song about dancing on her albums. The singer wants the DJ to keep playing the song she likes. This song isn’t just about listening to music. She wants the guy she likes to dance with her. The narrator goes to the club so she can take her mind off her day. She wants to go there to relieve some stress. She sees the guy of her dreams at the club. She wants to dance with him. She sees that there is a lot of chemistry between them while they are dancing. She enjoys the time they are spending together. She doesn’t want the song to end so they can keep dancing together.

Rihanna tells the DJ to keep playing music so she could dance with the guy for as long as she can. The narrator and the guy are getting naughty on the dance floor. This song contains a sample of Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.” The line Rihanna uses from Michael Jackson’s song “Mama-say, mama-sa, ma-ma-ko-ssa” is a verse from Manu Dibango’ song “Soul Makossa.” Manu Dibango sued Rihanna and Michael Jackson for using the verse without his permission. He wasn’t given a writer’s credit for the song. He was mentioned in the liner notes on her album. He didn’t win the case, but his name was supposed to be added as a writer. This is the fourth single from the album. It was a number one dance hit and peaked at number three on the Hot 100 charts. The song sold over six million copies.

# 4 – Breakin’ Dishes

“Breakin’ Dishes” is a confrontational song about a man who cheats. Rihanna wants to have a conversation with her boyfriend. She wants to call him out for cheating on her. He doesn’t want to have this conversation with her, but she refuses to give up. She wasn’t going to stop confronting him about it until he admitted what he did to her. She informs him that she is not the type that will stay with a man who cheats. The narrator notices that he stays out late and doesn’t let her know that he is going to be late. She is upset about it, and she is not a fool. She knows he is cheating on her. She is upset and she is going to make him pay.

The narrator takes her anger out on the dishes. She is upset and decides to go into the kitchen. She smashes the dishes in his place. Rihanna is ready for a fight because she is angry about what he did. She is waiting for him to come home so they can fight. While she is waiting for him to come home, she pours bleach on his clothes. She burns his clothes. She gets tired of waiting for him and wants him to hurry home. Rihanna is upset that he goes out all the time. She doesn’t know for a fact that he is cheating, but she believes that he is seeing someone else. She wants to keep throwing things to make herself feel better. This song wasn’t released as a single, but it peaked at number four on the dance charts.

# 5 – Shut Up and Drive

The next song on our list of The Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad Album is “Shut Up and Drive.” “Shut Up and Drive” is a sexually charged song. The title is a metaphor for a sexual encounter. The song is about her having an intimate encounter with a man without any attachments. She wants the man to be able to please her the same way she is going to please him. If he is up for the challenge, she wants him to go for it. She is ready for any man who can show her that he can please her. She uses car imagery to describe how she wants to have sex.

Rihanna lets the man know that the woman he is with has nothing on her. She refers to his girlfriend as different cars. She believes that his girl could be like having a fancy car, but she is nothing like her. Rihanna will turn him on in ways that his girlfriend never could. Rihanna is a confident woman when it concerns her skills in the bedroom. No woman can outperform her in bed. If he wants her, she wants him to tell her. She is waiting for him to come see her. This is the second single from the album. The song peaked at number one on the dance charts and number 15 on the Hot 100 charts. The song sold over two million copies.

# 6 – Hate That I Love You ft. Ne-Yo

“Hate That I Love You” is about falling in love with someone you shouldn’t. She hates herself because she can’t control how she feels about him. He is not the one she should love, but the feelings won’t go away. One minute she can’t stand the guy and the next minute everything he does makes her smile. She wishes she didn’t have feelings for him, but she can’t let the feelings go. Ne-Yo talks about how she makes him mad. As soon as she kisses him, he forgets why he is upset. He hates that about her. She knows what to do to keep him from being mad. He doesn’t want to fight with her anymore. He says he hates her, but he really loves her.

They talk about how they have power over each other. They can make each other laugh even when they want to stay mad at each other. She talks about him taking advantage of the fact that she loves him. He responds by telling her that he hates how much he loves and needs her. They can’t let each other go. She hopes that his spell will wear off on her. She prays that his kiss won’t keep making her weak. Her problem is that no one else knows her the way he does. His concern is that she will always have her way with him. By the end of the song, they realize they love each other too much to let each other go. This is the third single from the album. The song peaked at number seven on the Hot 100 charts and number 20 on the r&b charts. The song sold over two million copies.

# 7 – Say It

“Say It” is about secret feelings. A woman and her friend have feelings for each other. Their feelings for each other are strong, but they won’t admit it to each other. She knows that he is hiding his feelings for her. She tries her best to get him to admit to how he feels. They are good friends, and they don’t want to admit that they care about each other. She wants him to be honest with her. She wishes he would share his deepest thoughts with her. She wants him to tell her what is bothering him. She knows he has feelings because she feels them when he is near her.

The narrator can tell that he is hiding something from her. She wants to know what he is hiding from her. He holds her as if he never wants to let her go when they say goodbye to each other. He holds her hand every time he is with her. She knows he can’t keep denying his feelings for her. She insists that he tells her how he feels. She doesn’t want him to keep his feelings hidden anymore so they can be together. She wants to hear him say how he feels about her. The singer wants to know how he feels and wants to know why he won’t tell her. She wants him to just “say it.” Rihanna doesn’t want to be the first to say how she feels. She won’t reject him if he tells her how he feels because she feels the same way.

# 8 – Sell Me Candy

“Sell Me Candy” is about a woman being hooked on a guy. Rihanna uses metaphors to describe how she feels about the guy. She is crazy about him and will do anything for him. She wants him to feel the same way about her. She wants him to do anything for her. She wants him to prove himself to her. Rihanna wants him to convince her that he is the one for her. She wants to know that he is the right man for her. In her mind, it is easy to sell something when you need it, but it can also get ruined if you are not careful with it.

The “SOS” singer gets weak when he touches her. He is doing a good job of convincing her that he is the man for her. She wants him to take care of her dreams and be by her side. She believes their love is like destiny. She thinks they are meant to be together. Rihanna wants him to show her what it means to love. She wants him to show her how it feels to be in Heaven. She will allow him to control her heart. By the second half of the song, he convinces her that he is the man for her. She is concerned because she has been hurt before. She must be careful because she was burned when she gave her heart to someone.

# 9 – Lemme Get That

“Lemme Get That” is a fun song about a woman who wants a man with money. She has her own money, but she wants a man with money. She wants him to buy her things. She can buy things for herself, but she wants him to buy it. Her motto is why should she spend her money when she can spend his. She compares her hotness to the block. She knows that he wants her intimately. If he shows her what he has, she will be his. She talks about the things she wants from him. She wants a five-car garage. She wants her name on the bank account. She wants to be massaged all day long.

Rihanna says she has what he needs, but she won’t give it to him until she gets what she needs. Before you think she is a gold digger, the song isn’t meant to be taken seriously. Rihannaa has her own money and doesn’t need a man to buy her anything. She can get what she wants. She wants the Navy to know that she can have fun. It is a playful song about a strong woman who knows what she wants. She is not going to be submissive and do everything she is told to do.

# 10 – Rehab

“Rehab” is a metaphorical song about getting over a man. “Rehab” is not to be confused with Amy Winehouse’s hit song of the same name. Rihanna’s version of “Rehab” is about a complex relationship. She loves a guy, but he doesn’t treat her right. She doesn’t know why she loves him when he treats her badly. She considers him a disease that she needs help to get over. She talks about what it was like when she first met him. Her feelings for him were strong. He was everything to her. He treated her like a queen. He was her lover and best friend. One day he left her out of the blue. She was heartbroken when he left her. She felt empty and hollow when he walked out on her.

Rihanna didn’t want to give herself to another man the way she gave herself to him. She was upset that he didn’t see the way he hurt her. She doesn’t think she will ever come back from her heartbreak. She blames him for her pain. She doesn’t want to do anything anymore. She is suffering because of him. She knows the relationship is a mistake and she regrets it. She regrets the day they ever met. She wants to get over him by checking into rehab. He was her favorite drug. He was using her differently from how she was using him. He took advantage of her, and she used him like he was her drug. She realizes that they are not meant to be together. She tells herself that she must ween off him. This is the fifth single from the album. It peaked at number 15 on the Hot 100 charts. It sold over two million copies.

# 11 – Question Existing

“Questioning Existing” is a song about reflection. She talks about her success. She discusses how success has made her develop trust issues. Rihanna talks about how the music industry changed her. Now that she is in the public eye, it is hard for her to find people she can trust. She feels like when you’re in the public eye, people think your life is perfect. In reality, everything is different from how it appears. She feels like she has it worse than everybody. The song gives fans a glimpse into her life. She wants her Navy to know that life isn’t easy for her just because she is a celebrity.

Rihanna did everything she was supposed to do in the industry, but she got hurt. The lesson taught her to question who she was living for. She didn’t know how much more she could endure. She questions why she exists. The singer wants the world to know that she is just like everyone else. She is a human with flaws. She makes mistakes the way everyone else does. The “Disturbia” singer notices her low points are considered entertainment for her haters. At times, she feels like people want her to lose. People enjoy kicking her when she is down. She is expected to take the abuse because she is an entertainer. She opens up about people using her and how it makes her feel. The song is like looking into her diary.

# 12 – Good Girl Gone Bad

The last song on our list of The Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad Album is “Good Girl Gone Bad.” “Good Girl Gone Bad” is a song about liberation. This track gave Rihanna the opportunity to shed the innocent image that she was forced into by her producers. This song is about her expressing who she really is. She wants to show her rebellious side. She wants to be her true self. She sings this song with a lot of attitude because she wants to showcase her new image. In addition to showing her different side, she wants to warn people to treat people like her right.

Once you treat a girl like her badly, she will be gone forever. Rihanna wants the listeners to know that a bad girl can’t be held down once she loses her innocence. She doesn’t turn into a weakling. She becomes strong. Rihanna refuses to let anyone bring her down. She is not naïve anymore and will make better decisions when it comes to her life. The song teaches the listeners that you create a defense shield to protect yourself. She may have been a good girl in the past, but that girl is gone forever. She is not going to care about anyone else’s feelings if they hurt her.

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