Top 10 Ne-Yo Songs

Ne-Yo Songs

Our top 10 Ne-Yo songs list looks at a prolific singer/songwriter/producer/dancer. He is a popular r&b and pop artist. The quadruple threat was born Shaffer Chimere Smith on October 18, 1979. He became a household name when he wrote the hit song “Let Me Love You” for r&b singer Mario. The song led to him getting a record deal with the legendary label Def Jam. He released his first single “Stay” in 2005. It was a sleeper hit.

Ne-Yo’s debut album In My Own Words was released in 2006. It received positive reviews from critics. It debuted at number one on the charts. It sold an impressive 301,000 copies in its first week. The hit maker co-wrote all of the songs on this successful album. The album features the singles “Stay,” “So Sick,” “When You’re Mad” and “Sexy Love.” The album sold more than one million copies.

After the success of his impressive debut album In My Own Words, Ne-Yo released his second album Because of You in 2007. The album debuted at number one. It sold 251,000 in its first week. The prolific artist had his second number one album. The second album had a similar style to its predecessor. He did the same type of music. The album features the singles “Because of You,” “Do You,” “Can We Chill” and “Go On Girl.” He earned a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B album for this CD. It sold over a million copies.

Ne-Yo released his third album Year of the Gentleman in 2008. The album didn’t debut at number one like its predecessors, but it did debut at number two. It sold over 250,000 copies in its first week. The album features the singles “Closer,” “Miss Independent,” “Mad,” “She’s Got Her Own” and “Part of the List.” The r&b star was nominated for awards for this project. The album sold over one million copies.

In 2010, Ne-Yo released his fourth album Libra Scale. Despite getting critical praise, the album didn’t do as well as the other albums. It debuted at a surprising number nine on the charts. It sold 112,000 in its first week. He changed his style of music for this album. He wanted to combine his love of science fiction, comic books and anime for the project. The album features the singles “Beautiful Monster,” “Champagne Life” and “One in a Million.”

The popular artist released his fifth album Red in 2012. He changed record labels. He signed with the historic Motown Records. He was chosen to be the Senior Vice President for A&R. Ne-Yo wanted to be a crossover artist for this album. He wanted to do an r&b/pop/dance pop album. The album features the singles “Lazy Love,” “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself),” “Don’t Make ‘Em Like You,” “Forever Now” and “Should Be You.” The album debuted at number four and sold over 66,000 copies in its first week.

In between releasing albums, Ne-Yo continued to write and produce music for other artists. He worked with Celine Dion, Christina Milian, Beyonce, Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, Janet Jackson as well as other artists.

Ne-Yo released his sixth album Non-Fiction in 2015. The album received mixed reviews. It reached number five on the charts. It sold 59,000 in its first week. This is his third album not to debut at number one. He does have some bragging rights with this album. It made him the second male r&b artist to have six albums debut in the top 10. The album features the singles “Money Can’t Buy,” “She Knows,” “Time of Our Lives” and “Coming with You.” It sold an under whelming 108,000 copies.

In 2018, Ne-Yo released his seventh album Good Man. It peaked at number 17 on the r&b charts. The album received mostly bad reviews. Two singles from the album were released. The singles are “Good Man” and “Push Back.”

Ne-Yo was able to make his mark in the music business as a singer as well as a hit maker for other artists. There aren’t too many songwriters who are known for writing hits for themselves as well as other artists. Babyface and Ryan Tedder come to mind when you think of other singer/songwriters. Ne-Yo’s vocals have been compared to superstar Michael Jackson. In addition to the many hits Ne-Yo has written for other acts, he has hit singles of his own. This Top 10 Ne-Yo Songs list will consist of his hit songs.

# 10 – Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)

The first song on our Top 10 Ne-Yo Songs list is the dance-friendly “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) from the underrated Red album. The meaningful message is about loving yourself. If you understand the concept of the song, it could help the world love one another. This song has an r&b, dance pop, Euro pop and Synth pop sound. This is a switch from Ne-Yo’s r&b style of music. Here is some trivia for the song. Sia co-wrote the song. This up-tempo song is perfect for the club scene. It is designed to make you get up and dance. The drum programming contributes to making the song sound radio friendly. It has very easy and memorable chorus. It will be stuck in your head after you hear it. He is vocally channeling his inner Michael Jackson. This isn’t really Jackson’s style of music, but Ne-Yo is channeling him throughout the song. This song proved that Ne-Yo could write outside of his comfort zone.

# 9 – Mad

The next song on our Top 10 Ne-Yo Songs list is the heartfelt ballad “Mad” from the honorary tribute album Year of the Gentleman. This beautiful ballad has an r&b and pop sound. This relatable song is about making a relationship work and not staying mad at each other. He made a common subject about relationships sound unique. He avoids making the ballad laden song sound corny. Ne-Yo was in his comfort zone with this song because it was his signature r&b sound. The romantic piano chords were the right touch for the music. It gives this song a romantic feel despite the subject. Ne-Yo’s voice sounds gorgeous. He sounds silky and smooth. He surprisingly belts a little towards the end of the song. The belting displays the passion in his voice.

# 8 – Miss Independent

This anthem is the second single from the hit album Year of the Gentleman. This stunning song has a synth pop and r&b sound. This is a ballad with tempo. It has a head nod factor because you can bop your head to the music. This anthem is about women being able to take care of themselves without needing a man to take care of them. Female artists are usually the ones who cover this topic. It was different to hear this coming from a man. When female artists cover this topic, they usually sing in an angry place. He sounds proud of his independent lady. He makes the subject sound romantic. Ne-Yo convinces the listener that he loves his independent woman. He vocalizes very well in the song. His timing is impeccable because he sings each note in time with the music. He is also channeling his inner Michael Jackson.

# 7 – Closer

This fascinating up-tempo song is the lead single from the popular Year of the Gentleman album. This magnificent song has a dance-pop, Euro-disco and r&b sound. This song is about him being attracted to a woman and wanting her to come closer to him. This song is another departure from his rhythmic and urban style of music. The music sounds computer generated, but it doesn’t stop it from being a toe tapper. There’s no way to sit still while listening to it. The music is unique and different. It doesn’t sound like it is overdone or dated. His vocals are chilling even over a dance beat. He still manages to sound passionate. He vocalizes and harmonizes very well. He sounds very similar to Michael Jackson. This sounds like something Jackson would have sang.

# 6 – One in a Million

This loving song is the third single from the unappreciated Libra Scale album. This dance song has an r&b and pop sound. He is right at home with this song because it is his wheelhouse. This unbelievable song is about telling his woman that she is a rarity. The song never gets boring no matter how many times you hear it. It always sounds refreshing and different. He lures you in with his soulful and silky vocals. He uses an inviting double. He isn’t using his signature tenor voice in one of the doubles. He shows versatility by singing one of the doubles in a deeper tone. He uses his signature tenor in the other double. This is easily one of the best songs on this album. There’s no wonder this song was released as a single because it’s radio friendly.

# 5 – So Sick

This infectious song is the second single from the impressive debut album In My Own Words. The marvelous song has a r&b sound. The heartbreaking song is about not wanting to hear love songs because it reminds him of a break up. It’s ironic that he would write a song like this when he has written love songs. The music is rhythmic and catchy. It sounds similar to “Hate That I Love You” by Rihanna and Ne-Yo. You can hear in his voice that the pain feels fresh. It makes the song sound genuine. He includes a double in the song towards the end. He mixes his tenor and falsetto in the double. He sounds similar to Michael Jackson. This song is flawless. The only complaint is that it isn’t long enough.

# 4 – Champagne Life

The next song on our Top 10 Ne-Yo Songs list is the contagious “Champagne Life” from the under whelming Libra Scale album. This upbeat song has an r&b beat. This song is about enjoying life. The music will have you out of your seat because it is a head banger. It has a killer drumbeat and keyboard. This song is an earworm. It will be stuck in your head all day. The chorus is hypnotic and will have you singing along with it. It is easy to tell that Michael Jackson influences Ne-Yo. He sounds so much like Jackson in this song. He even does Jackson’s well-known vocal ticks throughout the song. Ne-Yo belts the hook, which makes it sound even better. He uses his signature tenor and falsetto vocals throughout the track. He is a little hard to understand, but that in no way takes away from the greatness of the song.

# 3 – Sexy Love

This romantic dance bop is from the groundbreaking album In My Own Words. This charming song has an r&b sound. This song describes a man’s feeling towards his girlfriend. He expresses how he wants to be with her more than anyone else. The midtempo beat will be sure to please r&b fans. It will have you bopping your head. Ne-Yo is a vocal roller coaster because his goes up and down throughout the song. In the verses, he uses his signature tenor sound. In the chorus, he uses a lower register. He is wearing his heart on his sleeve with the emotional lyrics. He didn’t over sing the song so his vocals had a hint of vulnerability. There are no complaints about the song because it is fabulous.

# 2 – Because of You

This outstanding song is the lead single from the chart topping Because of You album. This melodic song has an r&b sound. This is a beautiful love song. The song will hook you as soon as it starts. The music is rhythmic and catchy. It is excellent for dancing and working out. The killer drums and keyboard drive the music. The music is current and fresh. He is in his comfort zone with this song. This is the epitome of r&b music. He is at his best when he sings songs like this one. He is once again channeling Michael Jackson. He really sounds like Jackson when he sings in falsetto. Ne-Yo harmonizes well in the song. He uses a double throughout the song. He switches between his upper and lower register, which sounds stellar. There aren’t enough words to describe how excellent this song is. This could have easily been number one on this list.

# 1 – Do You

The number one song on our Top 10 Ne-Yo Songs list is the emotional “Do You” from the gorgeous album Because of You. This superb ballad has an r&b and pop sound. This song is about questioning if his ex girlfriend ever thinks about him. The orchestral swells of the music turn his pain into art. The somber piano chords make the song sound heartfelt. Ne-Yo’s vocals are top notch. This show stopping song is excellent for his tone of voice. He does an amazing job expressing how he feels. He uses his tenor vocals as well as baritone vocals throughout the song. The chorus is easy to remember and sing. This song is wonderful and never gets old. It can be heard over and over and never get tiresome. This song deserves to be the number song because it’s one of his best songs.

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