Real Meanings Behind The Songs On Rihanna’s Music of the Sun Album

Real Meanings Behind The Songs On Rihanna's Music of the Sun Album

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Our article looks at The Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Music of the Sun Album. Music of the Sun is Rihanna’s debut album. The album came out in August 2005. The album peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200 charts and number six on the r&b charts. The album spent 35 weeks on the charts. This album didn’t make Rihanna the overnight success that her later albums did, but it made people take notice of the star. This is a dance and pop album. It is a balance of ballads and dance tracks. Rihanna is right at home with both. The songs are about her falling in love, dancing and having fun.

The album features the singles “Pon de Replay” and “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want.” “Pon de Replay” was her first hit single. The single peaked at number two on the Hot 100 charts. It also peaked at number one on the dance charts. It spent 12 weeks in the top 10. The popular song sold over 2 million copies. “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” was a modest hit. It peaked at number 36 on the Hot 100 charts. The song charted higher overseas. This article will give The Navy or Rihanna fans a look into what the songs on her debut album mean. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and find out The Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Musi of the Sun Album.

Real Meanings Behind The Songs On Rihanna’s Music of the Sun Album

# 1 – Pon de Replay

The first song on our list of The Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Music of the Sun Album is “Pon de Replay.” “Pon de Replay” is about dancing. The narrator is at a club and wants the DJ to play her favorite song. She enjoys the song and wants to hear it as much as possible. Rihanna wants her fans to get on the floor and dance. This song gives people their chance to cut loose on the dance floor. There is no way you can resist dancing to this irresistible track. “Pon de Replay” means to play it again. Truer words were never spoken because you will want to play the song over again.

Rihanna sings about wanting her favorite song to be played louder. “Pon de Replay” is a carefree song about having fun on the dance floor. Listening to her favorite song gives her a chance to take her mind off her day. She pleads with the DJ to turn the music up so she can dance the night away. She wants everyone in the club to have fun dancing to her favorite song. She commands the audience to move around. She wants everyone on the floor until the morning comes. Here are some fun facts about the song. The producers of the song thought the song was too big for her, but she proved them wrong. It went on to sell more than two million copies. Another fun fact is one of the writers based the song from a scene in the movie “Beetlejuice.” The writer heard a song in a scene and wanted to hear it over.

# 2 – Here I Go Again ft. J-Status

The next song on our list of The Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Music of the Sun Album is “Here I Go Again.” “Here I Go Again is about a relationship. She falls in love with someone she used to date. Every time she sees him, she remembers the way they were together. It had been a long time since she had seen her former love. She heard from him out of the blue. She was surprised that he called her. She was happy to hear from him. The call made her realize how great it was to have him around. Her ex-boyfriend still can make her melt when he smiles. She realizes that she still has feelings for him.

The narrator has moved on with her life, but it occurs to her that her feelings for him didn’t change. She realizes love can play tricks on you. She runs into her ex-boyfriend and looks into his eyes. The feelings she has for him come flooding back to her. She realizes she has never gotten over him. Hearing his name is like the sun shining through the rain. He makes her weak in the knees. She tried hard to fight her feelings for him, but she knew they would never go away. She didn’t think he still had that type of hold over her heart. J-Status tell the story from the male point of view. He wants to see her again. He misses the days when they used to be together. He wants to get back together with her.

# 3 – If It’s Lovin’ That You Want

“If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” is a flirtatious song. She is trying to convince a guy to be with her. The guy wants to be with someone who loves him. She lets him know that if he wants someone to love him, he should give her a chance. They have hit it off with each other and would make a good couple. Rihanna is convinced that she is the one for him. He doesn’t have to look for anyone else because she’s got what he needs. His search for love is over because she will love him better than any other woman could. The narrator is talking about a man who has trouble trusting people. She assures him that he can trust her.

The narrator wants him to tell her his deepest secrets. She will keep his secrets. She wants to be his friend when he needs a shoulder to cry on. Rihanna wants to be his ride or die. The narrator wants to be the person who will hold him down whether he’s around or not. She wants to be a part of his world. She has everything he needs in a woman. She promises that she won’t break his heart. The narrator assures him that she isn’t like the other girls he has ever met. She wants him to let down his guard and give her a chance. This is the second single from the album. The song peaked at number 36 on the Hot 100 charts. The song sold over 500,000 copies.

# 4 – You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No) ft. Vybz Kartel

“You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No)” is about a troubled relationship. The narrator is constantly fighting with her man. She is tired of arguing with him. She lets him know that he doesn’t deserve to be with her. She feels like he is cheating on her. She decides she wants to break up with him. She is fed up with getting her heart broken and doesn’t want to go through that again. She is putting her man on notice by letting him know that she won’t be blind anymore. She knows what he is doing, and he is not going to get away with it anymore.

The narrator doesn’t want to be the type of woman who dates a player. She wants someone who will be committed to her. She feels it is your own fault if you get played by someone who cheats. The “Take That” singer has learned her lesson from the mistake she made by being with him. He promised to love her, but he toyed with her heart. She used to believe what he told her, but now she is ready to go. She knows he doesn’t love her. She believes she should have left him a long time ago. Vybz Kartel’s character in the song wants them to stay together. He lets her know that his life is nothing without her. He wants her to give him the key to her heart. He wants her to trust and believe that he will change. He promises to give his heart and soul to her. She doesn’t want to be with him because she refuses to let him hurt her again. This is a cover of singer Dawn Penn’s song.

# 5 – That La, La, La

The next song on our list of The Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Music of the Sun Album is “That La, La, La.” “That La, La, La” is a warning. She wants to put women on notice when it concerns her man. She lets women know that they need to stay away from her man. The narrator lets them know that her man only wants her. He doesn’t want to be with anyone else. They are wasting their time if they go after her man. She confronts a woman who tries to break the rules and flirt with her man. This is a woman who feels she can get any man she wants. The narrator puts her in her place.

Rihanna informs the flirty girl that she may as well go after another man because hers is off limits. She finds the girl holding her man too tightly. The narrator isn’t sure if she is overthinking the situation or not. She thinks the hug is inappropriate. She feels the other woman is being too bold and wants to put her in her place. Rihanna lets the girl know that flirting with her man is a waste of time because he is loyal to her. Their relationship is too strong to let someone like her come between them. Rihanna tells the girl that her man pleases her intimately, so he doesn’t need to look elsewhere. She warns the girl to walk away because she’s never going to have her man.

# 6 – The Last Time

“The Last Time” is about a relationship that comes to an end. She feels that he isn’t doing his part to make her happy, so she wants to leave. She calls him out for the way he has treated her in the relationship. She warns him that he will be missing out on something great when she walks out the door. Rihanna thinks about the times when they were happy together. She remembered when he promised they would be together forever. She believed everything he told her. She never doubted a word he said to her. It never occurred to her that she would get burned by the man she thought she loved.

The narrator wanted to kick herself for believing his lies. She thought she knew her man well. He stepped on her pride and that made her angry. His betrayal cut her like a knife. The narrator informs her man that it will be the last time he ever kisses her. He will never be able to betray her again. She will never cry over him again. She refuses to give him another chance. She tells him that he will never fool her again. He got away with it once, but it won’t happen again. The “Don’t Stop the Music” singer warns him that she will never forget what he did to her. He filled her heart with anger and bitterness. Towards the end of the song, she realizes her strengths and walks away from him.

# 7 – Willing to Wait

“Willing to Wait” is a song about a new relationship. The “Disturbia” singer is starting a new relationship. She doesn’t want to rush into things with him. She wants to take things slow and get to know him better. She wants to learn how to love him before she is ready to be physical with him. She wants the decision to be hers and not his. She doesn’t want him to rush things. She is committed to him, so they don’t have to go too fast. He wants to take things to the next level, but she isn’t ready. She wants him to see that he is moving too fast for her.

She wants their first time to be perfect and special. If he is willing to wait, she will make it worth it for him. They are attracted to each other, but she doesn’t want to ruin things by rushing into sex. She wants him to know that it is better to wait than to rush into anything. She isn’t the type of woman who sleeps around. When she is with someone it means something to her. She wants a relationship that is real. This song has a similar theme to Janet Jackson’s hit song “Let’s Wait Awhile.” “Willing to Wait” contains a sample of Deniece Williams’ hit single “Free.”

# 8 – Music of the Sun

“Music of the Sun” is about having fun and relaxing. The world can be stressful, so we all need something to help us relax. She wants everyone to forget about what is going on in their lives and start dancing. Rihanna wanted the song to represent her heritage. As Navy fans know, Rihanna is from the Caribbean. She wanted this song to represent her. It doesn’t matter if you are from the Caribbean or not. She wants you to have fun and start dancing. This song is a tribute to her culture. This song is about escapism. It is meant to help you forget about your troubles and have fun.

The music is supposed to take you far away. The narrator instructs the listeners to close their eyes and listen to the rhythm of the beat. It will take you away from what is bothering you. Everyone’s bodies will become one as they dance to the infectious beat. She wants everyone to dance until the sun comes up. This song is similar to Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” and “Pon de Replay.” It is also like the song she uses as a sample for this track. The theme is like DeBarge’s “Rhythm of the Night.”

# 9 – Let Me

“Let Me” gives Rihanna a chance to show her sexy side. She hasn’t had a chance to show any guys how she can please them intimately. The new man in her life gives her a reason to want to show off this side of herself. She wants to please him in ways she has never pleased anyone before. She is willing to show this sexy side to him if he allows her to do it. She wants him to give her permission to show her naughty side. She describes how they met each other. She saw him across the room, and she wanted him. The singer was curious as to whether he would hook up with her.

Being with him feels like being with someone she has known all her life. They have a comfortable relationship with each other. She doesn’t want to wait anymore. She is determined to take things to the next level. She wants to tell him the things he wants to hear. Rihanna tells him what she wants to do when they are alone together. She wants to show off her freaky side to him. He is her type of man, and she is excited when she is around him. She wants to do the sexy things she promised him she would do. She promises him that he will want more once she pleases him.

# 10 – Rush ft. Kardinal Offishall

“Rush” is a feeling Rihanna gets when she is with the man she loves. She has never felt this way before. She loves this feeling. She never thought she could feel this way about anyone. The feeling is strong. She wants to hold on to the feeling forever. She never wants the feeling to go away. The “Hate That I Love You” singer wants to hold her man close to her because his body is calling her. When she looks into his eyes, she knows they are meant to be together. She doesn’t want him to hold back. She wants him to give her everything he has inside of him. The “Umbrella” singer craves to have his heart.

Rihanna gets a rush when they are together. Anytime he touches her, she goes wild. Kardinal Offishall tells the story from the man’s point of view. He talks about how she drives him wild. He is attracted to her the same way she is attracted to him. He goes crazy when she touches him. They are falling in love with each other. They can’t slow down now because their hearts on getting invested. They never want to stop feeling this way about each other. When they kiss each other, they can’t take it. They find themselves wanting more of each other.

# 11 – There’s a Thug in My Life ft. J-Status

“There’s a Thug in My Life” is about a woman who falls for a guy who isn’t her type. He is a bad boy and she is used to being with good guys. She finds herself attracted to a man who can cause trouble. They are good together, but she has another obstacle. She must explain the relationship to her mother. Her mother wouldn’t like her to see a guy like him. She doesn’t want her to be with a thug. Her mother wants her to be with a good guy. The bad boy is good to the narrator. She knows he is going to cause drama in her life. She is willing to take the chance and be with him. She is going to give him everything.

This relationship is new to her. He hangs out with people who are involved in shady dealings. Things can get crazy whenever he is with his friends. He doesn’t let what his friends do change how he treats her. He is respectful towards her. He gives her everything she wants. She doesn’t care what people think about their relationship because he always treats her right. She thinks he has a great personality and is fun to be around. She is afraid that people won’t see that side of him. The “Take a Bow” singer’s friends advise her to slow down with him. The advice is not easy to take because he does something to her heart. She is in love with him and wants to be with him. This song contains a sample of DeBarge’s hit single “A Dream.”

# 12 – Now I Know

The last song on our list of The Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Music of the Sun Album is “Now I Know.” “Now I Know” is a reflective song about knowing what you want when it comes to being in a relationship. She is aware of how they can be, so she needs to understand what she has to go through in order to have the relationship she wants. She may not like the results, but she is aware of how complex relationships can be. Her relationship is coming to an end, but she doesn’t regret it. She took a chance on love and opened herself up to it. She was happy and proud to be his girl. They rushed into the relationship, and she found out that you can’t always get a happy ending.

Love can change like the weather. Time will teach you everything you need to learn about love. Even if you know everything about love, there is still a chance that you can get hurt. She was hurt by the man she loved, but she doesn’t regret the time she had with him. They had fun when times were good between them. She ended up with a broken heart, but she wouldn’t trade it for anything. She thought the relationship was worth it because she experienced love. She knew the relationship had to come to an end because they weren’t on the same page anymore. Despite the problems they had, she would still be willing to give love another chance.

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