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Sleater-Kinney Songs

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Our Top 10 Sleater-Kinney Songs ranked list takes a look at one of the all time great 90s bands that have gone on to be one of the most important groups of the modern rock era. First formed in 1994 in the city of Olympia, in the State of  Washington, Sleater-Kinney would find a loyal following quiet quickly before gaining national attention in the eyes of critics and fans all around the world for their edgy post punk style grunge pop sound. Their music divein by addictive guitar licks and tempestuous vocals was fueled in the beginning by band members Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein and Lora Macfarlane. On the band’s third album Janet Weiss,would take over the drummer’s chair Lora Macfarlane.

Sleater -Kinney so far has released nine studio albums. They have also released ten singles and one live album. Their first album was released in 1995 entitled Sleater-Kinney. Their ninth and most recent album entitled Path Of Wellness was released the same month this article was written in June of 2021. Our Sleater-Kinney Songs Ranked list takes a listen to ten of their best songs.

# 10 – Don’t Think You Wanna

We open up our Sleater-Kinney songs list with a track from the band’s first album entitled simply Sleater-Kinney. The album was released in 1995. With a bit of “Peter Gunn,” style guitar lick, the girls showcase their modern era punk sound so gloriously in just under 2 minutes. We knew we were going to love this band the first time we heard the song played on the radio back in 1995. We brought this album instantly and this track just blew us away, as well as the rest of the album and every single record they released since then.

# 9 – Worry With You

Continuing with our Sleater-Kinney songs list we jump many years ahead to their most recent album released just a week ago in June 2021 entitled Path of Wellness. It’s great to be hearing new music again after this horrible pandemic year and there’s nothing better than to take the wrapper off a brand new Sleater-Kinney album. The song presented here entitled “Worry With You,” was released as the first single from this great new record. The girls retain their same edge twenty six years after their first album release.

# 8 – You’re No Rock N Roll Fun

In the number eight spot on our Sleater-Kinney songs list we takes a listen to this great song called “You’re No Rock N Roll Fun.” This is another one of those great guitar hook driven songs that the band does so well. And what a brilliant catchy title. The song “You’re No Rock N Roll Fun.” was released on the album entuted All Hands on the Bad One. The album was released in May of 2000. The song “You’re No Rock N Roll Fun,” was released as the album’s only single. How could they not release it as a single it’s such a great tune.

# 7 – Modern Girl

We probably could have filled this entire Sleater-Kinney songs list with selections from their great album entitled The Woods. We love the acoustic arrangement of this great songs and of course the vocals are to die for as always with this fab band. The song “Modern Girl,” was released in 1995.

# 6 – Hurry On Home

The band never sounded as heavily produced and as big sounding as they did on this great song “Hurry On Home.” Some of that was due to the album and song being produced by the very talented St. Vincent. This brilliant track was released on the album titled The Center Won’t Hold. It was the band’s ninth album. It was released in 2019.

# 5 – Call the Doctor

At the halfway point on our Sleater-Kinney songs list we go back to the band sensational second album entitled Call The Doctor. There were so many happening songs on this album that we wanted to out on this list but we decided to go with the title track. The album was released on Sub Pop Records in 1996.

# 4 – Get Up

The band Sleater-Kinney shows off their grunge chops on this one mixed in with a little Lene Lovich style vocal. This very cool song entitled “Get Up,” was released on the album The Hot Rock. The album was released in 1999. It was the band’s fourth album. Recorded in Seattle, the record marked a change in direction for the band as they tilted more towards a darker grunge style sound then their previous punk infused records. The song Get Up was released as the first single from the album.

# 3 – Jumpers

Oh man do we love this song. This great track entitled “Jumpers,” crosses so many musical genres in producing a variable passionate filled recording. There’s a little bit of a 1960s vibe presented here mixed along with a groove that also echoed The Police song “Spirits In The Material World,” in a slight post punk modern way.  This is such a great recording. The song “Jumpers,” was released on the album The Woods released in 2005.

# 2 – New Wave

Bursting out of its rock and roll seams in the number two spot on our Sleater-Kinney Songs Ranked list is the great song “New Wave.” Just listen to that guitar lick that is so juicy and addicting. This is just perfect rock and roll music that rocks hard with such a great riff and of course at times total pandemonium. The song “New Wave,” was released on the album No Cities to Love. The album was released in 2015. It was the band’s most successful album on the US Billboard Charts where it peaked at number eighteen on the US Billboard Top 200. It went all the way to number two on the US Billboard Indie Charts.

# 1 – Entertain

Listen to those drums this great rocking track entitled “Entertain.” Janet Weiss is absolutely one of the best drummers in modern rock and roll. The band showcases her talents on this one. This smoking song was released on one of our favoiter Sleater Kinney albums called The Woods. This great album would become their highest ranking album on the Billboard Top 200 at the time. “Entertain,” was released as the first single from the album. It is our favorite Sleater-Kinney song although we do have a lot of favorite Sleater-Kinney songs.

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