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Everclear Songs

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When the name Everclear is mentioned, you can either go the booze way or remember the talented band formed in Portland some three decades ago. Focusing on the rock band, Everclear was formed back in 1991 at a time where rock music was at its peak especially for the American audience. Thanks to Art Alexakis, the band’s lead vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist, that the band came to be having him tag Craig Montoya and Greg Eklund on bass guitar and drums respectively. However, after what would be termed the peak years for the band, Montoya and Eklund would leave Everclear in 2003 having some poor reception of their last two albums.

It hurts having band members with who you shared a lot of leave, but true power is moving on and unlocking the real potential of what the future holds. And true to the word, Art Alexakis is no exemption having him stick to his craft to date. Current members include Alexakis still as the band’s frontman, Dave French, Freddy Herrera, and Brian Nolan. And as you could expect, Everclear has quite a catalog of ballads that took the radio waves by a storm. Here are the top 10 Everclear songs that are still making moves even years past the band’s prime years.

# 10 – Heartspark Dollarsign

Ushering us to the top 10 Everclear songs is a hit song “Heartspark Dollarsign” from their second studio album, Sparkle and Fade. The song was written by Art Alexakis while he was in a different band Colorfinger. You ought to love how Alexakis transforms his dating youth story into quite a nice song that quite a number of American teens can relate to. Notably, the lyrics describe an interracial relationship something Alexakis engaged in from time to time during his youthful age. Featured on the Billboard Hot 100, Mainstream Rock Chart, and Modern Rock Tracks chart, the song was an absolute banger.

# 9 – One Hit Wonder

Combining a great intro and some hilarious choreography is the band’s song “One Hit Wonder” especially for the latest version. But to bring quite some harmony between the two versions is some great lyrical prowess expressed by Art, the lead singer of the Everclear band. And if that’s not enough for some, you ought to love how the jam’s instrumentals make it quite big with some great guitar skills showcased by the band. The energy that the band exhibits in the song also is super dope and something we can’t help but notice.

# 8 – Brown Eyed Girl

Despite related, confuse this not with Van Morrison’s similar title jam that took the charts by storm back in the 1960s. “Brown Eyed Girl” by the Everclear band is a jam from their album Songs from an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How to Smile. Notably, the song is a Van Morrison cover that reminds us all of the sweet jam known for its nostalgic lyrics about a former love. Everclear’s version brought back the jam in a catchy tune and perfect production that gives the jam quite an original feel making it feel not like a cliché. After all, the song has had way too many covers and it takes a band like Everclear to make us realize that we can still fall in love with Van Morrison’s original composition.

# 7 – Heroin Girl

Coming from their 1995 album Sparkle and Fade the song “Heroin Girl” had quite some a touch of Alexakis’ personal life. The song highlights quite a narrative about Alexakis’s fiancé and brother who overdosed on heroin. Art goes on to tag that he heard the policeman say that it was just another overdose about his dead brother. Quite sad it might have been but the song serves as a perfect awareness hit song about the effects of drugs.

# 6 – AM Radio

The 2000 album Songs from an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How to Smile had quite some ballads that might have made the band quite popular. And the jam “AM Radio” is one of the songs that we can’t easily forget from the Everclear rock band. While the jam might have failed to reach the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it was an absolute banger having it reach number one on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart. Its lyrics have a big affiliation with Alexakis’ memories growing up in the 70s while listening to his dad’s AM radio. Proving its greatness and impact on the masses, the jam was used for a TV commercial for General Motors in 2006, about six years after its release.

# 5 – Everything to Everyone

Released as the first single for their 1997 album So Much for the Afterglow, the jam “Everything to Everyone” was quite a great ballad from the band. Thanks to its quality that it topped the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks in December month of its release year. As if that was not enough, the jam would go ahead to achieve commercial success with the song also used in the film American Pie. While it failed to appear on the soundtrack of the film, the song was quite a great jam that had the band create a music video for its promotion.

# 4 – I Will Buy You a New Life

Yet another great jam from the band’s 1997 album So Much for the Afterglow is the song “I Will Buy You a New Life.” Written by Alexakis, we cannot have enough of Alexakis’ great songwriting skills with his inspirations drawn from his personal life majorly. The ultimate romantic rock jam goes to tell the band’s music lovers and critics that it is not all about the money that we acquire from whatever craft. Rather, it is the new life that we accord ourselves from the old and probably uncomfortable life we lived earlier. The song came after Art moved into a wealthy neighborhood in Oregon after buying one of the fancy homes.

# 3 – Wonderful

Coming in at number three is the song “Wonderful” from the band’s 2000 album Songs from an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How to Smile. With the song reaching a peak position of number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it is probably their best performing jam on this chart. The jam tells of a story of divorce as perceived by a child of a broken marriage in this context, Art Alexakis. Surprising is the song’s bridge where Art confesses of lashing out at the parents wanting not to comprehend that they had begun to grow apart and dating other people. Owing to its success and relatability, the song was featured in tons of media including the TV series Cold case, Scrubs, Daria, and Mysterious Ways among others.

# 2 – Father of Mine

Alike to “Wonderful”, the song “Father of Mine” from the band’s So Much for the Afterglow 1997 album is autobiographical. Having his father leave his family when Alexakis was a young boy, the song is about deadbeat dads. Here, the songwriter put his feelings into words something that many people who have faced such a life can relate to. With the song being quite a true story for many out there, Alexakis would review much about what he put in the song as he testified before Congress for the endorsement of a child support bill.

# 1 – Santa Monica

And now to our best song by Everclear band is their jam “Santa Monica” from their 1995 album Sparkle and Fade. Subtitled “Watch the World Die” the song attained great success having it featured among the top 40 jams in international music charts in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. And there is no better way to tell the world that the end of something means the beginning of another than through his jam.

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