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Our top 10 Dead Daisies songs list digs deep into the music of a hard rock supergroup formed in 2012. At the heart of the band’s establishment was ex-Mink rhythm guitarist David Lowy. The Dead Daisies collective is best known for its enormously talented lineup. Since its formation in 2012, the band’s lineup has constantly evolved (albeit always featuring some of the most reputable hard rock veterans).

The band’s lineup has brought together musicians from multiple bands including The Rolling Stones, INXS, Guns ‘N Roses, Whitesnake, Journey, Thin Lizzy, and Nine Inch Nails, to name a few. Over the years, The Dead Daisies have grown musically earning a cult following with every release. The Dead Daisies’ music has been cited to be evocative of the ‘70s-Esque hard rock influences.

In 2013, The Dead Daisies issued their eponymous debut studio album. This classic rock album saw the supergroup pay tribute primarily to hard rock influences. Some of the reputable artists featured on The Dead Daisies include vocalist Jon Stevens, guitarist David Lowy, singer Vanessa Amorosi, guitarist Slash, and former Gosling drummer Isaac Carpenter.

The Dead Daisies was issued through Spitfire Music under the production of John Fields and singer Jon Stevens. John Fields has also worked on records by The Commodores, Andrew W.K., Pink, Soul Asylum, and Jonas Brothers, to name a few. The Dead Daisies made it to the ARIA Albums Chart peaking at position forty-two. “Lock ‘n’ Load,” “It’s Gonna Take Time,” and “Washington” are some of the best Dead Daisies songs from the supergroup’s eponymous debut release.

Revolución, issued in 2015, marked the band’s sophomore studio album. New members of the Dead Daisies on this album included Guns ‘N Roses-affiliated members Richard Fortus and Dizzy Reed, former Motley Crue and The Scream frontman John Corabi, and former Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy member Marco Mendoza. Other artists who contributed to the success of this album included Jackie Barnes, Jimmy Barnes, former Foreigner and Whitesnake drummer Brian Tichy, and percussionist Yaimi Karell Lay.

Working towards the production success of this record were the band members in conjunction with record producers Ben Grosse and Craig Porteils. Some of the notable musical gems featured on the album Revolución include “Mexico,” “With You and I,” and “Something I Said.” The Australian-American supergroup also featured two cover songs on the album Revolución including Howlin’ Wolf’s hit “Evil” and Alex Harvey of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band’s hit “Midnight Moses.”

The Dead Daisies returned in 2016 with their third studio album Make Some NoiseMake Some Noise was issued through Spitfire Music under the production of Marti Frederiksen. Other artists who have entrusted Marti Frederiksen with his production skills on their record include Carrie Underwood, Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, and The Struts, to name but a few.

The Dead Daisies’ lineup barely changed in 2016 with the only new band member being Dio, Whitesnake, and Burning Rain-affiliated guitarist Doug Aldrich. Make Some Noise is by far one of the best recordings by the band as showcased by its mainstream appeal. The album shot to the thirty-fifth spot on the UK Albums Chart.

Make Some Noise also climbed to the eleventh spot on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums Chart. “Long Way to Go,” “Song and a Prayer,” and “Make Some Noise” are some of the best Dead Daisies songs from the album. Make Some Noise also features the supergroup’s covers of the songs “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival and “Join Together” by The Who.

In 2018, the Dead Daisies issued their fourth studio album Burn It Down. The album was also issued through Spitfire Records under the production of Marti Frederiksen. Dead Daisies’ lineup on Burn It Down was pretty much similar to that of the album Make Some Noise. However, the band employed the services of former Bad English/current Journey drummer Deen Castronovo.

Burn It Down was a mainstream success rising to the twenty-eighth spot on the UK Albums Chart. The studio album also climbed to the sixth spot on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart. “Dead and Gone,” “Burn It Down,” and “Rise Up” are some of the most popular songs by the Dead Daisies from the album. The album was succeeded by a cover album going by the title Locked and Loaded in 2019. Fresh renditions of the tracks “American Band” by Grand Funk, “Highway Star” by Deep Purple, and “Rockin’ in the Free World” by Neil Young were included in the cover album.

The Dead Daisies returned in 2021 with their fifth studio album Holy Ground. Working on the production of this hard rock album was record producer Ben Grosse. Other artists who have worked with record producer Ben Grosse include Vertical Horizon, Marilyn Manson, Filter, Depeche Mode, Breaking Benjamin, and Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Holy Ground saw the Dead Daisies seek the services of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Black Country Communion, and Trapeze-affiliated bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes. On this album, Glenn gives us a taste of his musicianship both on the bass and vocals. Holy Ground climbed to position eighty-one on the UK Albums Chart. The album also made it to the eighth spot on the Billboard Independent Albums Chart. “Unspoken,” “Chosen and Justified,” “Bustle and Flow,” and “Holy Ground (Shake the Memory)” are the best Dead Daisies songs from the album Holy Ground.

Radiance, issued in 2022, marks the band’s sixth and most album. The album saw the band work once more with Ben Grosse in production. Radiance failed to grace the UK Albums Chart like its last three predecessors. However, the album is home to some of the best Dead Daisies songs including “Face Your Fear,” “Born to Fly,” “Radiance,” and “Shine On.”

Dead Daisies’ Accolades and Legacy

The Dead Daisies remains one of the most impressive supergroups of the twenty-first century. Inspired by the ‘70s classic rock/hard rock era, the Dead Daisies have heavily banked on the combined effort and musicianship of talented rock legends from an array of successful bands.

Over the years, the Dead Daisies have earned a loyal fanbase attracting more support from hard rock aficionados thanks to extensive touring and impressive live performances. The Dead Daisies’ musical pursuits are a true emblem of the combined abilities of some of the most refined rock stars. Here is a subjective list of our top 10 Dead Daisies songs of all time.

#10- Shine On

We start our top 10 Dead Daisies songs list with a pulsating pick “Shine On.” The song is one of the most revered songs by Dead Daisies from the band’s most recent album Radiance. “Shine On” showcases the band’s uncompromising ability to churn out powerful hard rock anthems. The song grabs its listener’s attention with its impressive guitar riffs.

We can’t help but notice the striking and sensational solos by former Dio and Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich. The song’s melodic harmonies crown it one of the most vibrant hard rock ballads from The Dead Daisies songs catalog. Glenn Hughes delivers an impressive vocals performance that speaks volumes of why he is regarded by his fans as “The Voice of Rock.”

#9- Angel in Your Eyes

After issuing their eponymous debut studio album, the ‘70s-inspired contemporary classic rockers Dead Daisies returned with their first EP Face I Love. The extended play is home to the ninth pick on our list “Angel in Your Eyes.” Like other songs on the four-track extended play, “Angel in Your Eyes” is an impressive toe-tapper. This guitar-driven track combines powerful instrumentation and energetic delivery yielding one of the band’s most compelling performances.

The keyboard riffs by Guns ‘N Roses member Dizzy Reed supplement this track with a subtle melody. “Angel in Your Eyes” serves us with a mind-blowing taste of Jon Stevens’ honied vocal delivery. The song features a music video directed by Katrina Benzova. Other musicians who have worked with Katrina include Alice in Chains, The Rolling Stones, Van Halen, and Thin Lizzy to name a few.

#8- Unspoken

In 2019, Motley Crue and The Scream-affiliated singer John Corabi and former Thin Lizzy bassist Marco Mendoza left the Dead Daisies. It’s good to note that Corabi’s commitments with the Dead Daisies have been rekindled. However, John Corabi and Marco Mendoza’s departure in 2019 left the Dead Daisies with a huge task—that’s finding a new bassist and vocalist for the band.

The Dead Daisies were lucky to find a solution for their lineup revamp in one man—that Glenn Hughes. As earlier noted, Glenn’s vocal delivery remains one of his strongholds in the rock scene. In the song “Unspoken,” one of his earliest releases as a member of the Dead Daisies, we explore more than just his vocals.

The ex-Deep Purple perfectly fills the void left by Marco thanks to his incredible basslines. Glenn’s punchy basslines blend in perfectly with Deen Castronovo’s drum strums yielding an impressive rhythm section in the song “Unspoken.” David Lowy’s skills on the rhythm guitars are put to the test in this song. However, he comfortably shoulders the task and delivers some solid rhythm guitar work that adds some allure to the song’s overall quality.

#7- Midnight Moses

It is undeniably true that some of the best Dead Daisies songs were cover hits. Our seventh pick is the band’s cover of the hit “Midnight Moses.” The song was penned and first recorded by Alex Harvey in 1969, featuring on his debut solo album Roman Wall Blues. “Midnight Moses” was later covered by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

The string of artists who went ahead to cover the song includes The Miners of Muzo, The Bollock Brothers, Britny Fox, Spearfish, and recently in 2015, the Dead Daisies. Dead Daisies’ cover of the song “Midnight Moses” was featured on the band’s album Revolución. One of the highlights of this cover track is the amazing vocal delivery of former Motley Crue and The Scream frontman John Corabi.

Former Whitesnake member Brian Tichy contributes his drumming skills in this pulsating hard rock cover track. “Midnight Moses” is also among the final songs to have featured Guns ‘N Roses-affiliated member Richard Fortus on the guitars. The anthemic quality and impressive hooks make the Dead Daisies cover by “Midnight Moses” a standout track in the band’s music catalog.

#6- Holy Ground (Shake the Memory)

Coming in at the sixth spot on our top 10 Dead Daisies songs list is the imposing track “Holy Ground (Shake the Memory).” The song serves as the album title track of the band’s fifth studio album. “Holy Ground (Shake the Memory)” is yet another track that showcases the vocal prowess of Glenn Hughes.

The song also captures the prowess of Glenn’s old friend Doug Aldrich on the guitar thanks to his spectacular solos. “Holy Ground (Shake the Memory)” remains one of the band’s emblems of uptempo rockers that promises (and delivers) full-on hard rock vibes. Among the songs from the album Holy Ground that gives “Holy Ground (Shake the Memory)” a run for its money is the song “Bustle and Flow,” another fan favorite pick that didn’t manage to the final ten tracks on our list.

#5- Dead and Gone 

Burn It Down, the band’s fourth studio album, is home to the fifth pick of our top 10 Dead Daisies songs, “Dead and Gone.” The song is one of the most powerful classic rock tracks thanks to its flamethrower guitar riffs by Doug Aldrich. “Dead and Gone” features strong harmonies and a driving rhythm section that grabs its listeners’ attention.

Frontman John Corabi termed “Dead and Gone” as one of the songs by the Dead Daisies that should be played loud! The singer termed the song to be an ode to living life, having fun responsibly, and allowing no one to get in their way of seeking happiness. “Dead and Gone” features a music video directed by film director Tony E. Valenzuela

#4- Mexico

“Mexico” is yet another pulsating rock gem from the band’s sophomore studio album Revolución. The song is a crowd-pleaser best known for its infectious groove. “Mexico” features some features incredible solos delivered by Richard Fortus of Guns ‘N Roses. John Corabi’s passion-filled and energetic performance on the vocals adds quite some allure to this song. This guitar-driven track features a music video directed by the Scottish music video director Paul Boyd. Other artists who have worked with Paul Boyd include Theory of a Deadman, Lee Ann Womack, Adelitas Way, and Backstreet Boys among others.

#3- Lock ‘n’ Load ft. Slash

Ranking third on our top 10 Dead Daisies songs list is the charming rock music gem “Lock ‘n’ Load.” The song is featured on the band’s eponymous debut album. “Lock ‘n’ Load” features the contribution of Slash, one of the most prodigious guitarists in the hard rock music scene. Slash, who plays the lead guitar on “Lock ‘n’ Load,” delivers driving riffs that complement the song’s infectious hooks.

The song is by far the emblem of the band’s musicianship on its eponymous debut studio album. “Lock ‘n’ Load” is the best Dead Daisies song featuring Jon Stevens on our list. The song features a music video directed by Summer DeRoche. Other artists who have worked with Summer DeRoche include the indie folk band Boy & Bear.

#2- Fortunate Son

“Fortunate Son” is by far one of the most sought-after songs by the Dead Daisies. Initially, the song was issued in 1969 by Creedence Clearwater Revival. The Dead Daisies covered the song featuring it on their third studio album Make Some Noise. Of course, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s version was quite a momentous release—no cover of this song has managed to achieve its feats in the mainstream and commercially.

However, the Dead Daisies’ cover brought a fresh soundscape perspective to the song, albeit while retaining the spirit of the original version. John Corabi’s powerful and soulful vocals blend in perfectly with the gritty instrumentation in this song. Other artists who have issued a cover of the song “Fortunate Son” include Wyclef Jean, U2, Dropkick Murphys, and Johnny Hallyday.

#1- Long Way to Go

Ranking first on our top 10 Dead Daisies songs list is the pulsating hit “Long Way to Go.” The song is featured on the band’s third studio album Make Some Noise. “Long Way to Go” finds the Dead Daisies issuing us with their ‘70s-Esque classic rock influences honied with some modern edge. This infectious guitar-driven ballad finds the Dead Daisies serving us with a strong sense of melody.

The catchy rhythm section and John Corabi’s raw and energy-filled vocals leave the listeners with a lasting impression. We cannot forget the impressive guitar solos by Doug Aldrich which give “Long Way to Go” anthemic qualities. The song features a music video directed by Lukas Hambach. Other artists who have worked with Lukas Hambach include Amon Amarth and Iced Earth.

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