Sum 41 Songs Ranked

Sum 41 Songs

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Our top 10 Sum 41 songs list takes a look at a Canadian rock and roll band that helped define the sound of rock in the 2000s. The band Sum 41 was first formed in the late 1990s and wound up releasing their first album in the year 2001. Throughout the course of their career, the group has released seven studio albums and twenty four singles. They have also released a series of live albums multiple EPs and one greatest hits package. They are one of the most successful Canadian rock and roll bands of the 21st Century. Their debut album consisted of musicians Deryck Whibley, Dave Baksh, Jason McCaslin and Steve Jocz. Tom Thacker later joined the group replacing Dave Baksh. Frank Zummo would later replace Steve Jocz.

# 10 – Out for Blood

We start out our Sum 41 songs list with one of the band’s most recent songs entitled “Out For Blood.” The song was released in 2019. It was issued on the album entitled Order in Decline. The song was written by Deryck Whibley and Mike Green. This one starts out with a pretty creepy groove and then explodes in to a massive rocking guitar riff driven tune carried away by an anthemic verse and chorus. After almost 20 years, these guys were still rocking hard and continued to sound oh so good.

# 9 – Motivation

Continuing with our Sum 41 songs list we present the great track “Motivation.” Listen to the sound of those drums and that guitar riff that just goes in and out at the song’s beginning. Just pure rock and roll full of power and fever. The song “Motivation,” was released on the band’s album entitled All Killer No Filler. It was the third single released from the record. The song did extremely well in United Kingdom as it hit number 3 on the UK Rock charts. It was also a top 30 hit on the US Billboard Alternative AirPlay charts. Just a great song from this band we all love from Canada.

# 8 -Makes No Difference

The sound of early 2000’s rock and roll is on full display here on the tune entitled “Makes No Difference.” This powerful rock and roll track stands as the band Sum 41’s debut single. The song was released in the spring of 2000. It was issued on a EP entitled Half Hour Of Power. The song also found its way onto the soundtracks of the teen movies Bring It On, Van Wilder and Out Cold. Pop culture 101 included a lot of Sum 41 Music in the early 2000s as well as groups from the 90s and early 2000s such as Green Day, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy and so many others.

# 7 – Still Waiting

We love the opening portion of this great video showing the band meeting with the record executive that pretty much names Led Zeppelin the Led Zeppelin’s and wants to change the band’s name from Sum 41 to The Sums. Pretty funny stuff. But what’s even better is the great song that follows entitled “Still Waiting.” This one is pretty heavy, one of the heaviest songs the band ever recorded and also one of their most successful. Don’t miss this one!

# 6 -Pieces

In the number six spot on our Sum 41 songs list we take a listen to a song that starts out a little different from the rest of most Sum 41 songs. There’s a bit of a Green Day ballad touch here at the beginning of this one. Sort of a Green Day “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” feel. The song “Pieces,” was released on the album Chuck. The Chuck album was released in 2004. The single “Pieces,”  hit number two on the Canadian Rock charts making it the highest charting song of their career in Canada. The album Chuck also won a Juno Award as Rock Album Of The Year in their native home of Canada.

# 5 – It’s What We’re All About

In the number 5 spot and at the halfway point on our Sum 41 songs list we turn to the spectacular song “It’s What We’re All About.” The group sounds like the Beastie Boys on this one. This anthemic song was released in 2002 on the CD entitled Music from and Inspired by Spider-ManLittle Spidey makes an appearance in the video, although it’s just clips from the film Spider-Man, the first Spider-Man movie that is.

# 4 – We’re All to Blame

In the number four spot on our Sum 41 songs list, the band plants the pedal to the metal on this roaring rock and roll tune entitled “We’re All to Blame.” This one starts out pretty heavy and then all the sudden descends into a sort of a ballad pre-chorus and then back into the metal slamming bang your head against the wall groove. This is such a great song that crosses so many genres in just under four minutes. We love the video and it’s spoof on Solid Gold. The song was released as the lead single from the great album entitled Chuck in 2004.

# 3 – Underclass Hero

As we start to wind down our top 10 Sum 41 Songs we turn to a great one. We just simply love the guitar hook in the beginning of this song and the way the drums and bass wrap around it as the group comes together for a pulsating dynamic rock and roll tune that stands as one of the best of the 2000s. The song was a top 10 hit on the Canadian rock and roll charts speaking at number eight. It was also a top 40 hit on the US Billboard alternative AirPlay charts.

# 2 – In Too Deep

In the number two spot on our Sum 41 songs list is the super fun song entitled “In Too Deep.” The song was released on the band’s fabulous 2001 album entitled All Killer No Filler. It was the second single released from the band from the album and the second-straight song to go platinum in sales. The song was also featured in The Steve Martin film Cheaper by the Dozen which was released in 2003.


# 1 – Fat Lip

We close out our Sum 41 songs list with the band’s most successful single release of their career entitled “Fat Lip.” The song was released on the band’s album All killer No Filler in 2001. The song “Fat Lip” was issued as the lead single from the record where the song went platinum in sales. I always wondered where kids of the 2000s learned to dance since all they ever do is just jump straight up and down when they dance and it seems this is a video where they learned it from.

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