Top 10 Aldo Nova Songs

Aldo Nova Songs

Our top 10 Aldo Nova songs list digs deep into the music catalog of a multi-talented hard rock artist. Born in 1956, Aldo Nova is a renowned artist in the Canadian music scene. However, the singer is also well-known in the US, especially due to his multi-platinum success as a songwriter, recording artist, producer, and mixing engineer. Aldo Nova has also established himself as a reputable guitarist and keyboardist with some of his best skills on the instruments showcased in his music career and that of other artists such as Celine Dion.

Aldo Nova’s Career Beginnings and Breakthrough

Canadian singer Aldo Nova ventured into a professional music career in 1979. He signed a recording contract with Portrait Records in 1981. Eventually, he released an eponymous debut EP in 1982. Despite Aldo Nova being a self-produced LP, it catapulted the singer to fame in North America (Canada and the US).

The album led the Canadian singer towards his musical breakthrough, with two of its featured songs charting on the Billboard Hot 100. “Fantasy” and “Fooling Yourself” were critically acclaimed both in the US and Canada, reaching number twenty-three and sixty-five on the Billboard Hot 100. Aldo Nova managed the eighth position on the Billboard 200 in 1982, certified Platinum two times in the US by RIAA.

Aldo Nova remains the greatest ever album released by the Canadian singer. “Fantasy,” a hit from his debut album, has been his trademark song throughout the years. However, Aldo Nova is more than a one-hit wonder. The singer has released several great hits, especially in the ’80s and early ’90s. Other than his debut eponymous LP, the Canadian singer prides himself with several other successful album releases.

His 1983 sophomore LP Subject…Aldo Nova and the 1985 third LP Twitch were highly acclaimed in his homeland. Subject…Aldo Nova and Twitch were certified Platinum and Gold, respectively. Subject…Aldo Nova was also certified Gold in the US, managing number fifty-six on the Billboard 200. “Monkey on Your Back,” “Hold Back the Night,” and “Always Be Mine” are some of the musical gems from Subject…Aldo NovaTwitch is also home to one of the best Aldo Nova songs, “Rumours of You.”

His LP Blood on the Bricks, issued in 1991, was his last album to chart on the Billboard 200. The LP features some of the best Aldo Nova songs, including “Someday,” “Blood on the Bricks,” and “Medicine Man.” Aldo Nova later released three albums Nova’s Dream in 1997, 2.0 in 2018, and The Life and Times of Eddie Gage in 2020. His last LP features songs that tell of Eddie Gage, an artist who fell into the manipulation of overlords in the music industry.

Aldo Nova’s Other Musical Pursuits

The success of his self-produced eponymous debut LP played a great role in establishing his career as a producer and songwriter. In 1983, Aldo Nova co-wrote the hit “Take Me Away” released by the rock band Blue Öyster Cult. He was later featured alongside Robby Krieger and Joe Satriani on the band’s 1988 LP Imaginos as a member of The Guitar Orchestra of the State of Imaginos. His guitar skills saw him pen the main guitar riff to “Blaze of Glory” by Bon Jovi.

Aldo Nova later penned lyrics to Nicole McCloud’s hit “Don’t You Want My Love” in 1985 and Beau Geste’s song “No More Heroes” in 1986. His songwriting career flourished even bigger after he penned several hits for Celine Dion. Some of the songs Aldo penned for Celine Dion include “Partout Je Te Vois,” “Have a Heart,” and “Des Mots Qui Sonnent.”

His career as a producer for other artists was marked by the 1992 eponymous LP for the Canadian glam metal act Saints & Sinners. In 1996, Aldo Nova was among the producers who worked on Celine Dion’s LP Falling into You. The album won two Grammy Awards in 1997 in the Best Pop Album and Album of the Year categories.

Aldo Nova later produced several songs for Garou, Jon Bon Jovi, Jetsam, Faith Hill, and Marilou Bourdon. The singer later collaborated with his fellow Canadian artist Stephan Moccio to pen the award-winning song by Celine Dion, “A New Day Has Come.” Aldo Nova’s best work as a songwriter was his collaboration with Gary Burr and Chris Braide on the 2003 hit “This Is the Night.”

Aldo Nova’s Accolades and Legacy

“Fantasy” remains Aldo Nova’s best-known effort in his over four-decade solo music career. The song has been listed among the impactful hard rock ballads of the ’80s. Aldo Nova’s success has not only come from his solo career. The Canadian singer received a Grammy Award as a producer, thanks to his efforts on the 1996 Celine Dion LP Falling into You.

Aldo Nova later received an International Achievement Award at the 2003 SOCAN Awards. He received the accolade for co-writing the successful hit “A New Day Has Come,” released by Celine Dion. Aldo Nova has also been lauded for his impactful songwriting and production skills which saw La Ley win a Grammy Award for the Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album for the 2000 album Uno.

The Canadian singer has proved to be a rare gem in the music industry. His exquisite talents have seen him balance success in his career as a recording artist, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Here are the best Aldo Nova songs from his solo career as a recording artist.

#10 – Dreamwalk

Among the tracks on our top 10 Aldo Nova songs list, very few hits can match the nostalgic vibe of “Dreamwalk.” “Dreamwalk” is one of the much-acclaimed LP Nova’s Dream. Despite not charting, the 1997 album has been acclaimed thanks to its unique sonic feel. The album featured songs whose sound blended Aldo Nova’s usual hard rock sound with progressive rock and a touch of electronic elements.

“Dreamwalk” is an instrumental track that features some inspirational vocal effects. The vocal effects on the song majorly consist of some melodic screams. Notably, the instrumentation on the song makes “Dreamwalk” one of the best Aldo Nova songs of all time. Aldo Nova proves to be an instrumental whiz having him take on the keyboards, synth, bass guitar, lead, and rhythm guitars on this track. Nova’s Dream features Aldo Nova’s vocals with backing vocals provided by Nancy Martinez, Violaine Corradi, and the Voices of Africa choir. Peter White released a song under the same title on his 1991 smooth jazz LP Excusez-Moi.

#9 – Hold Back the Night

“Hold Back the Night” is an atmospheric musical gem featured on the 1983 hard rock LP Subject…Aldo Nova. The Canadian singer delivers some of his best guitar and vocal skills. “Hold Back the Night” gets even better thanks to the emotive lyrical content penned by Aldo Nova and Dwight Druick.

The song’s lyrics find the singer expressing how he can’t get enough of a woman he has fallen head over heels in love with. Aldo Nova wishes that the night would stay a little longer since the morning means she will be out of his embrace. The Trammps, The Protomen, and Graham Parker & The Rumour have each released a song under the same title (but different lyrics).

#8 – Someday

Jon Bon Jovi owed Aldo Nova one after he penned the main guitar riff to his number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100, “Blaze of Glory.” His perfect payback to the Canadian multi-instrumentalist and singer was a recording deal at his Jambco Record label. Aldo Nova released his fourth and final charting LP Blood on the Bricks under Jon Bon Jovi’s  record label. Blood on the Bricks is home to our number eight track on our ten best Aldo Nova songs list, “Someday.”

The song was penned by Aldo Nova, Rick Hughes, and Jon Bon Jovi. “Someday” finds the singer telling a girl who left him that he will be ready to receive her if she ever decides to come back. This desperate wish is fuelled by the love the singer holds for the lady and the emotional letter she left behind. “Someday” reached number forty-five on the Canadian music charts. Thanks to Jon Bon Jovi’s production and influence that songs on the LP revived Aldo Nova’s career as a recording artist.

#7 – Ball and Chain

Aldo Nova was more than its two Billboard Hot 100 charting hits, “Fantasy” and “Fooling Yourself.” The album is also home to one of the best Aldo Nova songs, “Ball and Chain.” “Ball and Chain” is a pleasant-sounding power ballad that brings the impeccable composition and production skills by Aldo Nova.

“Ball and Chain” find Aldo Nova expressing his angst about unrequited love. The song’s title is an idiom that alludes to something that restricts one’s freedom to do something. In this context, Aldo Nova feels that love, as expressed by his lover, is just a huge inhibition towards a happy life. Other artists who have released a song alluding to this idiom include Janis Joplin and Social Distortion.

#6 – Rumours of You

Number six on our top 10 Aldo Nova songs is the hard-hitting track “Rumours of You.” “Rumours of You” is one of the musical gems from Aldo Nova’s third LP Twitch, issued in 1985. The song was penned by Aldo Nova single handedly, despite having him co-write most of the songs on the album with other artists.

“Rumours of You” finds the singer expressing his songwriting creativity in the themes of love and infidelity. Aldo Nova tells of how he got to know that his significant other has been cheating on him. While the breakup might have been tough, hearing the rumors of infidelity from others took a toll on his emotions even deeper. “Rumours of You” featured the vocals of Fiona Flanagan. Fiona Flanagan’s vocals also feature on “Lay Your Love on Me,” a song from Twitch.

#5 – Always Be Mine

Subject…Aldo Nova is home to our fifth track on the top 10 Aldo Nova songs list, “Always Be Mine.” “Always Be Mine” is a remarkable golden oldie that features a futuristic upbeat tune. Aldo Nova maintains consistency in his vocals and hard rock sound in this track from his sophomore LP.

“Always Be Mine” is one of the enchantingly penned hits that helped solidify Aldo Nova’s success as a reputable songwriter. Once more, Aldo Nova interweaves his trademark theme of love in his solo career, in this song’s lyrics. The song barely missed the Billboard Hot 100. Craig Morgan released a song with the same title on his 2003 LP I Love It.

#4 – Blood on the Bricks

“Blood on the Bricks” is an awesome rocker that serves as the lead track to Aldo Nova’s fourth LP. Aldo Nova and Jon Bon Jovi, the frontman of the rock band Bon Jovi, penned the lyrics to this rock ballad. The song was a success having it peak at number fourteen on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

“Blood on the Bricks” also rose to number sixty-five on the Canadian charts. Working with Jon Bon Jovi helped Aldo Nova rekindle his mainstream success with his album Blood on the Bricks. The album came six years after his last LP release. “Blood on the Bricks” combined hard rock and glam metal elements. The song marked Aldo Nova’s last reputable glam metal release during the tail-end of the booming glam metal scene.

#3 – Foolin’ Yourself

Our top 10 Aldo Nova songs list’s number three song is the trailblazing power ballad “Foolin’ Yourself.” The song is his second most prominent hit from his critically acclaimed eponymous debut LP. “Foolin’ Yourself” is a raving hit penned, composed, and even produced by the Canadian singer.

The lyrics to the song find the singer taking a dig at his former lover for breaking what they shared. Apparently, his lover instigated their break up, moving on to be with someone else. “Foolin’ Yourself” peaked at number sixty-five on the Billboard Hot 100. This marked Aldo Nova’s second and last song to rise to the Billboard Hot 100.

#2 – Monkey on Your Back

“Monkey on Your Back” is among the tremendous hits that went on to solidify Aldo Nova’s phenomenal music career as a recording artist in 1983. The song is the most successful hit from Aldo Nova’s sophomore LP Subject…Aldo Nova. Aldo Nova revealed in an interview that the song’s lyrics were aimed at himself.

The Canadian singer admits that the song’s lyrics might have turned off some rock lovers since they sounded a little “preachy.” However, thanks to his zealous singing and to-the-hilt arrangement of this ballad, “Monkey on Your Back” was critically acclaimed. “Monkey on Your Back” finally peaked at number twelve on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

#1 – Fantasy

Number one on our top 10 Aldo Nova songs list is the anthemic hard rock hit “Fantasy.” “Fantasy” is the career-defining and most reputable song from Aldo Nova’s eponymous debut LP. The song finds Aldo Nova singing of how life is more like a “Fantasy” than a reality. Probably, this is why he finds pleasure in “powder pleasure,” probably cocaine, nicely dressed ladies, neon lights, and all the fancy things he can locate in his vicinity.

“Fantasy” is Aldo Nova’s most successful hit on the Billboard Hot 100. It peaked at number twenty-three on the chart. “Fantasy” also managed to rise to the third position on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart. The song was used as the soundtrack to the 2011 action-adventure video game Saints Row: The Third. Steel Panther’s cover of the song was used as the theme track to the TV series Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

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