Top 10 Andrea Bocelli Songs

Andrea Bocelli Songs

Our Top 10 Andrea Bocelli Songs list takes a look at a popular operatic singer. He is an Italian operatic tenor. He is known for singing classical and pop music. He has sold over 75 million records worldwide. He brought classical music to the pop charts. His Romanza album is one of the best-selling albums of all time. Sacred Arias is the biggest selling classical album in history. He also had the best-selling Christmas album of all time. His hits include “Nelle tue mani (Now We Are Free),” “Time To Say Goodbye,” “Vivo Per Lei (I Live For Her),” “Perfect Symphony,” “Because We Believe,” “Besame Mucho (Kiss Me A Lot),” “Somos Novios (It’s Impossible),” “The Prayer,” “Per Amore,” “E piu ti Penso (The More I Think of You,” as well as other hit singles.

Andrea Bocelli was born September 22, 1958. He didn’t have an easy childhood. His parents were told to abort him because the doctors thought he would have a disability. He had problems with his vision at an early age. He was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma. Despite his setbacks, he had a passion for music. It was the only thing that comforted him while growing up. He learned to play the flute, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, guitar and drums.

He started singing when his nanny gave him records to listen to. He used to give concerts in his village. He sang in music competitions while he was growing up. He earned money by playing the piano in bars. He was discovered by a rock star name Zucchero. Zucchero gave Andrea Bocelli’s demo to Luciano Pavarotti. Zucchero was able to convince Luciano Pavarotti to sing a duet with Andrea Bocelli. The song was a hit and it changed Andrea Bocelli’s life. Andrea Bocelli was eventually signed to a label.

II Mare Calmo della Sera was released in 1994. It peaked at number two on the Belgian charts. He was nominated for Grammy Awards for this album. It features the singles “II Mare Calmo della Sera,” “Caruso,” “Rapsodia,” “Panis angelicus” and “E lucevan le stelle.” The album sold over one million copies. Bocelli was released in 1995. It was number one in different countries. It features the singles “Vivo Per Lei,” “Con te partiro,” “Per Amore,” “Romanza” and “The Power of Love” The album sold over one million copies. Sogno was released in 1999. It peaked at number four on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Canto della Terra,” “The Prayer,” “Sogno,” Cantico” and “Immenso.” The album sold over two million copies. Andrea Bocelli was the firs classical star to be nominated for Best New Artist since 1961.

Cieli di Toscana was released in 2001. It peaked at number 11 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Melodramma,” “Mille Lune Mille Onde,” “Chiara,” “Resta Qui” and “Mascagni.” The album sold over four million copies. Andrea was released in 2004. It peaked at number 16 on Billboard 200. It features the singles Dell’amore non si sa,” “Un nuovo giorno,” “Tu ci sei,” “Per noi” and “Sempre o mai.” The album sold over one million copies. Amore was released in 2006. It peaked at number three on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Because We Believe,” “Somos Novios (It’s Impossible),” “Besame Mucho,” “Can’t Help Falling In Love’ and “Amapola.” It sold over one million copies.

Passione was released in 2013. It peaked at number one on the classical charts and number two on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Quizas, Quizas,” “Perfidia,” “Sara Settembre,” “Love in Portofino” and “Love Me Tender.” It sold over 500,000 copies. Cinema was released in 2015. It peaked at number one on the classical charts and number 10 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Maria,” “E piu ti penso,” “Moon River,” “The Music of the Night,” “Cheek to Cheek” and “Nell tue mani.” The album sold over 700,000 copies. He released several other albums throughout his career.

Andrea Bocelli had challenges with his vision, but he was able to overcome it. He went on to be a successful classical singer. His music transcends through classical, opera and pop music. He is a tenor vocalist and can do a lot with his voice. He is one of the most popular singers in the world. This Top 10 Andrea Bocelli Songs list will feature some of his big hits.

# 10 -Nelle tue mani (Now We Are Free)

The first song on our Top 10 Andrea Bocelli Songs list is “Nelle tue mani (Now We Are Free)” from the Cinema album. The song appears in the movie Gladiator. The song has an operatic pop beat. The inspiring song is based on the movie. It is about expressing freedom. The track is very stunning and powerful. It creates a vivid picture in your mind about what was happening during the Gladiator time period.

You don’t have to watch the movie to be moved by this powerful song. It will fill your heart with a lot of emotion. He doesn’t sing the song in English. He sings it in Italian. You don’t have to understand Italian to be moved by the words. You can still enjoy listening to his magnificent voice. His voice is the epitome of perfection. He hits incredible high notes flawlessly. You can tell he is feeling every word he is singing. It reaches the depth of your heart.

You don’t have to be a fan of opera or classical music to appreciate the tone and texture of his voice. You can be taken in by his vocal talent. His voice will give you chills. His voice will make you feel different things you may not have expected to feel. He has a voice of an angel. It is simply breathtaking. The music has a cinematic flair to it. It starts off softly and then builds to a crescendo.

# 9 – Vivo Per Lei (I Live for Her) ft. Heather Headley

The next song on our Top 10 Andrea Bocelli Songs list is “Vivo Per Lei (I Live for Her)” from the Bocelli album. The song has an operatic pop beat. The therapeutic song is about his love for music. He describes how he lives for music. You may be misled into thinking it is a love song about a relationship with someone he loves. It is about love, but it is about his love for music.

There aren’t too many songs about people loving music, so this is creative. Andrea Bocelli sang this song with different women in the past, but we chose the one he performed with Heather Headley for our list. Andrea Bocelli and Heather Headley make a great team. They are an unlikely pair because she is an r&b singer while he is an opera singer. Who knew the two would work so well together? He sings his verses in Italian while she sings her verses in English.

When they sing together, he sings in Italian while she is singing in English. It gives you a chance to hear this song in both languages. There is a point when they both sing the song in Italian and they sound incredible together. They both have powerful voices. Their voices sound like heaven. You have to have a powerful voice in order to sing operatic songs and he got the job done. Heather Headley isn’t an operatic singer, but her voice is powerful enough to live up to the challenge of singing an opera song. She was able to hold her own up against the legend. She sounds like Celine Dion in this track. This duet is touching. It is worthy of listening to over and over again.

# 8 – Per Amore

The affectionate song is from the Romanza album. The song has an operatic pop beat. The passionate song is about being in love. If you are in love, the song will touch your soul. The lyrics are like poetry. You may not understand what he is saying, but you will feel the lyrics in your soul. You will fall in love with the song as soon as you hear it. If you know what the word “amore” means, it is a safe bet that it is a love song.

You can let the words resonate with you. This would make a great wedding song. The music is a great accompaniment for the words. It has the orchestral swells, but it doesn’t sound like classical music. It sounds like something that could be on the radio. The music is very soothing and relaxing. You could get lost just listening to the music. Andrea Bocelli sings the song in Italian.

His interpretation of the words is excellent. You can tell what he is saying without understanding the words. You can feel the message he is trying to convey. He uses his tenor vocals to the best of his ability. He sounds very passionate as he is singing each word. He holds nothing back when it comes to belting. He does it early in the song. He has fascinating runs throughout the track. This song will show you how great of a singer he is. This song will give you goosebumps. It will bring love in your heart.

# 7 – Besame Mucho (Kiss Me A Lot)

The sweet song is from the Amore album. The song has an operatic pop beat. The alluring song is about a man wanting a woman to kiss him a lot. He is afraid he is going to lose her and think this might be the last time he gets to kiss her. The song is sweet and sad at the same time. It is beautiful that he wants to kiss the woman he loves, but it is sad to think that he wouldn’t be able to kiss her again.

It is very warm and beautiful. This track is relatable to anyone who has ever been on the verge of losing the person they love. The song doesn’t have to necessarily be about a person in a relationship. It could be about a family member, friend or anyone close to you who is about to leave your life for one reason or another. It all depends on your interpretation of the lyrics. This is a cover of Consuelo Velasquez’s song. Since this is a cover song, the questions are coming. Should Andrea Bocelli have taken the risk of covering the song? Did he make the song his own?

The answer to the first question is no. This is one of her biggest hits so he probably shouldn’t have taken the risk of covering the song. The answer to the second question is not really. He slowed down the tempo in his version. Other than the tempo, he didn’t stray too far from her version. He may not have changed the song too much, but he did do a fantastic version of it. He sings the song with a lot of heart and soul.

You would never know he didn’t write the song or that the song wasn’t written for him because he gives the song his all. His interpretation of the song will move you. You can appreciate both versions of the song because they both give their all in it. This is one of the most popular bolero songs of all time.

# 6 – E piu ti Penso (The More I Think of You) ft. Arianna Grande

This tearjerker is from the Cinema album. The song is from the movie Once Upon a Time in America. The song has a classical beat. The sentimental song is about a couple who miss each other and think about each other all the time. The song is told from both points of view. The lyrics will make you believe in love whether you are in love or not. The lyrics will make you feel a lot of emotions.

The song is performed in Italian, but you can feel the passion. You can tell through the lyrics how much they miss each other. The song was written for a movie, but people in relationships can relate to the lyrics. The song is eloquent and graceful. It will make you wish you had the love they are describing in the song. The music doesn’t have a typical opera sound. It sounds like something from a movie soundtrack. Andrea Bocelli and Arianna Grande are from two different musical worlds. This could have been a disaster, but the two made the song work.

This song brought out the best in Arianna Grande’s voice. Her voice is mature and strong. Andrea Bocelli is in his musical wheelhouse, so she had to adjust to his style of music. She proved she was able to sing with him. She sounds outstanding in this track. This is the best she has ever sounded on a song. It plays to her vocal strength. She belts and holds notes towards the end of the song. Andrea Bocelli’s vocals are flawless. He turns the song into a power ballad. His vocals are strong and passionate. He made the right decision to sing this song with her. They did an excellent job together.

# 5 – Because We Believe ft. Marco Borsato

The next song on our Top 10 Andrea Bocelli Songs list is “Because We Believe” from the Amore album. The song has an operatic pop beat. The reflective song is about believing in yourself. It was done for the Olympics. The song is appropriate for the Olympics because you have to believe in yourself in order to win.

The heartfelt lyrics will make you believe in yourself. If you are ever in doubt, you should listen to this song. It will make you have faith in yourself. The music sounds inspiring, so it’s not a surprise that it was for the Olympics. It doesn’t have the traditional opera sound. Some of the song is performed in English. Andrea Bocelli and Marco Borsato sound majestic together. They are from two different genres, but they were able to come together to perform this masterpiece.

They are two geniuses in their genres. They came together to create this powerful duet. Their voices blend well together. They both have powerful voices. They belt throughout the song. They also hold powerful notes. Marco Borsato manages to hold his own against Andrea Bocelli. It takes a great singer to be able to sing with him. Marco Borsato showed his was up for the challenge. They have a vocal battle with each other. Andrea Bocelli ends up winning the vocal battle because he held his note longer than Marco Borsato. Other than the note, the listeners are the winners because we get to hear their fabulous voices.

# 4 – Somos Novios (It’s Impossible) ft. Christina Aguilera

The romantic song is from the Amore album. The song has a bolero beat. The spine-tingling song is about people being in love together and how impossible it is for them to be together. People in love will resonate with the lyrics. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, you will feel the message they are trying to convey. The music has a classic Latin beat. It is soothing and relaxing.

The guitar sells the music. It gives the song a Latin flare. Andrea Bocelli and Christina Aguilera are from different genres. She is a pop singer, but she has performed Latin songs in the past. She isn’t too far out of her wheelhouse with this track. They work very well together. He is known for having a powerful voice, but he tones down some of his power singing in this track. He allows Christina Aguilera to shine in this track. She has a very powerful voice that she used to the best of her ability. She is known for power singing so it wasn’t a surprise that she was able to hold her own with the powerful operatic singer.

She doesn’t go overboard with her power singing. She does beautiful soft runs and then vocally explodes when the two come together. The only thing that was missing was the long notes. Andrea Bocelli sounds like an angel. His voice sounds very pure. Andrea Bocelli and Christina Aguilera have great harmony with each other and master Spanish beautifully. Their voices were a match made in heaven.

# 3 – Perfect Symphony ft. Andrea Bocelli

The romantic song is from Ed Sheeran’s Divide album. The song has an adult contemporary beat. The alluring song is about marriage. Ed Sheeran wrote the song about his wife. The song was originally called “Perfect.” This song is a remix. The music was changed. Ed Sheeran wanted an orchestral version of his hit song. The other difference is he has Andrea Bocelli singing in it.

Andrea Bocelli added class to the song. This is a gorgeous dedication to Ed Sheeran’s wife. She is a lucky woman to have someone write a song like this about her. The song has a lot of emotion and passion. Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli’s duet makes the song sound just as romantic as the original version of the song. The song was already popular before he recorded the remix. The song was given new life when Andrea Bocelli was added to it. Ed Sheeran sings the bulk of the song in English. He sings in Italian when he and Andrea Bocelli sing together.

Andrea Bocelli sings his parts in Italian. The two created a masterpiece together. They managed to make a hit song sound even better. It was a perfect union between two excellent artists. It will take your breath away hearing them sing together. They harmonize perfectly when they sing together. They are an unlikely pairing, but they made magic happen with this duet. Andrea Bocelli proved he can sing any type of song. He doesn’t have to just sing opera songs.

# 2 – The Prayer ft. Celine Dion

The uplifting song is from the Sogno album. It also appears on Celine Dion’s These Are Special Times album. The song has an operatic pop beat. The moving song is about praying for safety and security. The world is going through a lot right now so everyone can use prayer. The song is timely because of everything going on right now. This song will make you feel closer to God. You don’t have to be religious in order to appreciate the message in the song. It gives you the message of praying without coming off too preachy. Here is some trivia about the song.

The song was originally recorded as a solo song. They both sang the song by themselves. She did the English version while he did the Italian version. The song ended up appearing on both albums. David Foster and Carol Bayer Sager wrote an incredible song for them to sing. This is the type of song you will never get tired of hearing. Whenever you need prayer, you can always listen to this track. The music sounds like a lullaby. The piano is soothing and comforting. The violin gives the song a classic vibe. Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli go back and forth with the lyrics.

They take turns singing in English and Italian. They switch back and forth effortlessly. They both turn the song into a power ballad. They vocally held their own against each other. They both win the vocal battle with each other. Hearing the two of them sing together will give you chills. It will fill you with inner peace. Celine Dion was one of the best matches for Andrea Bocelli because she is a power diva who can sing just as loudly as he can. He didn’t have to hold back for her to be heard.

# 1 – Time To Say Goodbye ft. Sarah Brightman

The number one song on our Top 10 Andrea Bocelli Songs list is “Time To Say Goodbye” from the Romanza album. The song has an operatic pop beat. The poetic song is a farewell tribute to a boxer. If you listen to the song, it doesn’t have to be about a boxer. It can be a farewell to anyone. The song signifies hope and joy. The is one of Andrea Bocelli’s biggest hit singles. It’s not hard to see why. The track has a unique quality to it. You don’t need to understand the lyrics to be moved by this masterpiece.

The instrumentation is soft and allows the singers to shine brightly. The music has a traditional opera sound. Even if you’re not a fan of this music, the song will make you emotional. The music is touching. It may make you a fan of the music. Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman do a tremendous job with their vocals. They sing the song softly to go along with the soft music.

While the song progresses, they start singing louder. They hold a showstopping note towards the end of the song that is worth checking out. She was able to hold her own against him. He does manage to out sound her towards the end, but she was able to keep up with him. This song is impressive and will showcase their impressive voices. We dare you not to be moved by this powerful song. This is Andrea Bocelli’s biggest hit single, so it deserved to be in the number one spot on our Top 10 Andrea Bocelli Songs list.

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