Top 10 Bell Biv DeVoe Songs

Bell Biv DeVoe Songs

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Our Top 10 Bell Biv DeVoe Songs list looks at a popular music group. Bell Biv DeVoe are former members of New Edition. The group consists of Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe. They broke into the music business when they were members of New Edition. When the group broke up, producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis suggested that Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe form a group of their own. The name of the group is a combination of their last names. The group rose to fame with their debut album Poison. They had big shoes to fill since the music they were making was a departure from the music they did with New Edition. Bell Biv DeVoe didn’t let that stop them. They would go on to release other albums. Their hit singles include “Poison,” “Do Me!,” “When Will I See You Smile Again?,” “Something in Your Eyes,” “I Thought It Was Me,” as well as other singles.

Bell Biv DeVoe released Poison in 1990. This album was one of the albums that helped launched the New Jack Swing era. The album peaked at number one on the r&b charts and number five on Billboard 200 charts. The album features the singles “Poison,” “Do Me!,” “B.B.D. (I Thought It Was Me),” “When Will I See You Smile Again?” and “She’s Dope.” Poison went on to sell more than four million copies. This was an amazing feat for the trio. Unfortunately, BBD wasn’t able to match the success of Poison with their next projects. Hootie Mack was released in 1993. The album peaked at number six on the r&b charts and number 19 on Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “Above the Rim” and “Something in Your Eyes.” The album sold over 500,000 copies.

Bell Biv DeVoe released their eponymous album in 2001. It peaked at number 62 on the r&b charts. The album features the single “Breezy.” Bell Biv DeVoe’s comeback album didn’t do what the previous albums did. It was a departure from their previous albums. Three Stripes was released in 2017. The album peaked at number 10 on the r&b charts and number 18 on Billboard 200 charts. The album features the singles “Run,” “Finally” and “Incredible.”

Bell Biv DeVoe had a lot to prove to listeners when they became a trio. Fans were used to them being in New Edition so they had to transition from an r&b/pop group to a New Jack Swing group. They made a name for themselves despite being in competition with Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant, Johnny Gill, Guy, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Keith Sweat, Hi-Five, Montell Jordan, Jodeci, Mint Condition, Color Me Badd, All-4-One, Blackstreet, Tevin Campbell, Christopher Williams, After 7, Troop as well as other artists. Bell Biv DeVoe will always be remembered for launching the New Jack Swing era. This Top 10 Bell Biv DeVoe Songs list will feature their best songs.

# 10 – Gangsta

The first song on our Top 10 Bell Biv DeVoe Songs list is “Gangsta.” “Gangsta” is a non album single that was released in 1993. The irresistible song is about a man who is attracted to a bad girl. She is a gang member and someone he probably shouldn’t be with, but he’s attracted to her anyway. She doesn’t want to give her boyfriend a pet name. She’s always upset about the smallest things. The girl would even shoot him if he didn’t agree with her about something. She’s not someone you would want to rush to be within a relationship, but there’s something about her that turns him on. He can overlook her flaws. This is unconditional love at its finest.

The song is a departure from their sound with New Edition. This track has a New Jack Swing sound to it so it won’t be the sound you recognize from New Edition. This is a track that would be more suitable for the r&b group Guy than BBD. It sounds like a track Teddy Riley would have produced in the 90s. Speaking of the 90s, the sound has a 90s beat. You will recognize that instantly. The beat is a little dated, but it’s still enjoyable. BBD flipped the script with this track. The “gangsta” on the song is a female and not a male. If you think about songs with this title, it’s usually about men. The “gangsta” isn’t a female. They tried something different, and it was surprising.

You might assume the song would mostly feature rapping, but there’s some singing in it too. Ronnie DeVoe gets the chance to sing on this track. He has a decent voice. He usually raps in their songs as well as in New Edition’s songs. He didn’t get to sing lead very often so it’s nice to hear from him. Ricky Bell is the anchor on the track. He sounds as good as he always does. Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe rap in the song. They are right at home with rhyming. Don’t judge the song by the title. The song might not be their style, but it’s not bad. It’s not as strong as their big hits, but the song is worth a listen.

# 9 – I Do Need You

The next song on our Top 10 Bell Biv DeVoe Songs list is “I Do Need You” from the album Poison. Poison came out in 1990. The unrequited song is about a man who has feelings for a woman, but she doesn’t feel the same way he does. It’s a one-sided love story because she doesn’t return his feelings for her. He adores her from a far. He tries to convince her to be with him. He believes she will change her mind as long as he keeps pursuing her. He knows there’s a chance that she will never see him, but he needs her in his life so he won’t give up.

This track is for anyone who has hope that someone will fall for them. This song is on the same album as the big hits “Poison” “Do Me!” and “When Will I See You Smile Again?.” This song was automatically going to be underrated because of the other three songs. This heartfelt song is worth checking out too. This song gives the group a chance to show their vulnerable side on a love song. “I Do Need You” is better suited for BBD than our previous entry. They had r&b and pop roots so it’s more suitable than their New Jack Swing music. The melody of this song is similar to “When Will I See You Smile Again?.” The beat is slightly different, but they sound alike. Ricky Bell takes over the reins on this ballad. He sounds soulful on this track. He was determined to get them noticed as a trio. He didn’t get to show what he could do in New Edition because he wasn’t the lead singer. He didn’t sing as much as he has the chance to do in BBD. Our minor complaint about the song is that the verses stand out a little more than the chorus. If the song had a better chorus, it would have been flawless. Despite that flaw, this song is worth hearing.

# 8 – Incredible

The touching song is from the album Three Stripes. Three Stripes was released in 2017. The loving song is about a man who wants to celebrate his lady’s beauty. He thinks she’s beautiful on the inside and out. He praises her for being smart. He knows men want her and women want to be like her. He doesn’t just want her for one night. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He will be happy if he gets to be her husband. Any woman would be lucky to have a man dedicate this song to her. This is a romantic tribute to a loving woman. A man will get affection if he plays this song for her.

“Incredible” is a remake of J Holiday’s song. BBD’s version is similar to his version. They stuck with the same format as J Holiday’s version. The vocals are the only difference between the songs. J Holiday’s voice is higher than Ricky Bell’s voice. Other than that, you might not notice the difference between the songs. It’s a good thing they stuck with the same formula because “Incredible” is good the way it is. There’s not much room for changes because the song works the way it was recorded. BBD took a break from recording and returned with this song. This track was perfect for them. They are grown and sexy so this track is for the grown and sexy crowd. They want to show off their romantic side instead of their lustful side. It was a great move on their part. This is the type of track that will drive women crazy in a good way. This track is worth a listen.

# 7 – Finally ft. SWV

The adoring song is from the album Three Stripes. Three Stripes was released in 2017. The affectionate song is about a man who appreciates his woman. She accepts him for who he is and not for what he can do for her. She gives him everything and he wants to give her more. She wouldn’t have to worry about him because he’s going to be loyal. He is happy that he “finally” found the right person. She is happy to have a loving man in her life. She was missing someone who would love her the same way she loved him. She would be proud to marry him. She wants to take his last name. The song tells a story about the feeling you get when you find the right person.

This track is a treat for fans of r&b music. BBD and SWV were popular in the 90s so it was a delight to hear both groups on one song. They didn’t disappoint on this track. They worked well together. Ricky Bell and Coko did an amazing job together. They sang the song as if they were a couple. You can forget they weren’t together while they were singing the poetic lyrics. They gave each other the room to shine while keeping the spotlight on themselves. Coko has a powerful voice so she controlled so Ricky Bell could sing with her. Here is some trivia about the song. Ricky Bell was scared to sing with Coko because she has a powerful voice. He didn’t think he could sing with her, but he was able to do it. This track is another track that’s suited for BBD and it’s suited for SWV.

# 6 – Word to the Mutha ft. Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill & Ralph Tresvant

“Word to the Mutha” is from the album WBBD-Bootcity! The Remix Album. WBBD-Bootcity! The Remix Album came out in 1991. The nostalgic song is a trip down memory lane. They also talk about what’s going on in the streets. They talk about how their brothers and sisters are suffering in the projects. They are dealing with things they shouldn’t have to see. They have to deal with gang life, drugs and guns. BBD, Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill & Ralph Tresvant talk about everyone coming together as one. They want to put an end to what’s going on in the world today.

This is a song fans were waiting to hear. New Edition took a break from recording together. They were doing side projects outside of the group. “Word to the Mutha” gave them a chance to work together again. This bouncy track will get you on the dance floor and brings awareness to what’s going on in the world. If you are a fan of New Edition, you will enjoy this song. If you listen to the lyrics, they do shout outs to their hit songs. The guys sound like they are having fun on this song. Ralph Tresvant and Bobby Brown rap on this song with Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe. Ralph Tresvant and Bobby Brown didn’t rap on the songs with New Edition so it’s good to see them try something different. Johnny Gill doesn’t get much to do on the song, but his part does make an impact. This is another track you shouldn’t judge by the title. The song is very catchy and will please fans of all the guys in the in the song.

# 5 – B.B.D. (I Thought It Was Me)

The next song on our Top 10 Bell Biv DeVoe Songs list is “B.B.D. (I Thought It Was Me)” from the album Poison. Poison was released in 1990. The flirty song is about a guy who meets a woman at a club. They are instantly attracted to each other. He wants to take her home for the night. He gets to know her a little before he takes her home. He finds out that she likes to cruise for guys for fun. He finds out that he wasn’t the only one she likes to talk to in clubs. He realizes that she’s the same way with every guy she meets. He wasn’t happy about it, and he wants to go.

BBD tell a realistic story about a guy who strikes out at a club. He thought he was going to have a good time only to find out that she is the good time girl. He thought he was the one who could make her go wild. Some guys end up striking out when they meet women at clubs. This track has a New Jack Sound. It fits for the 90s era. This track can be played in the clubs. It will get the party started as soon as the beat drops. All the guys get a chance to step up to the mic on this song. Ricky Bell provides the vocals while Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe provide the rhymes. Ricky Bell sounds like Bobby Brown on this song. Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe do a good job with rhyming. They aren’t like the legendary rappers in hip-hop, but they don’t embarrass themselves.

# 4 – When Will I See You Smile Again?

The remorseful song is from the album Poison. Poison came out in 1990. The apologetic song is about a man who apologizes to his woman for messing up. He wants to know how he can fix the mistakes he made. He realizes that he should have known better, but he messed up. He wants to make things right again. He wants to make her smile. He knew it was his fault and she’s upset about it. He wants to see her put a smile on her face again. He talks about the promises that he didn’t keep. She’s upset with him for breaking her heart. He learned that he shouldn’t hurt the one he loves. He wants her to give him a chance to make things right again.

The lyrics are hopeful for anyone who messed up in a relationship. If you find yourself in the same position, you can use these lyrics to put a smile on her face. This track gives you hope that you can fix a mistake that you made. You can learn a lesson from this song. You shouldn’t hurt the one who loves you. This is one of the hits from the Poison album. R&B fans enjoyed this song and are excited when the song is being played. Ricky Bell pours his heart on this song. He shows his vulnerable side as he’s pleading to get her forgiveness. Any man who wants to see his woman smile is definitely a keeper. This is arguably one of the best songs on the album.

# 3 – Something in Your Eyes

“Something in Your Eyes” is from the album Hootie Mack. Hootie Mack was released in 1993. The seductive song is about a man who wants a woman that turns him on. He wants her and he believes that she wants him too. He knows that she was looking for a man she could love. He wants to be the man of her dreams. He was waiting for the sign that he could have her. He looks into her eyes because he wants to see it in her eyes that she wants him. He realizes that she’s giving him the sign that she wants him. She’s letting him know that she wants to be with him.

This sultry song is exactly what you need to set the mood in the bedroom. This song about attraction is exactly what the love doctor ordered. If you are looking for a man of your dreams, you should listen to this song. It will let you know that he is out there. There is a man who will be everything you need and more. This song will make any woman smile. Babyface and Midnight Star’s Boaz Watson wrote the perfect song for Bell Biv DeVoe to sing. It will make women feel special and loved. Bell Biv DeVoe was very fortunate to have one of the maestros of love songs write a song for them. It is one of the best songs on the album.

# 2 – Do Me!

The sexy song is from the album Poison. Poison came out in 1990. The passionate song is self-explanatory. The group is talking about having sex with someone. He wants to have fun with the woman. He asks the girl he wants if she wants him. He tells her how pretty she is. He wants to make sweet love to her. He wants to seduce her. This is not a track for little kids. The group is very expressive about what they want to do in the song. This track is for the grown and sexy. You will have to send the kids to another room if you play this song. “Do Me!” features the classic lyric “smack it up, flip it, rub it down.”

This risqué song is a departure from their sound with New Edition. The lyrics are jaw-dropping if you focus on them. If you pay attention to the lyrics, you might find yourself surprised. During the second half of the song, the track gets weird. Ronnie DeVoe talks about an underage girl. The line makes the song a little dangerous because it sounds like the woman is underage. It’s strange that the group talk about having sex with an underage girl and still promote being intimate safely. Here is a fun fact about the song. Rapper Busta Rhymes helped write this classic jam. This is one of the songs that help separate them from New Edition. If you can get past the lyric Ronnie DeVoe says about the underage girl, you can enjoy this song.

# 1 – Poison

The number one song on our Top 10 Bell Biv DeVoe is “Poison” from the album of the same name. Poison was released in 1990. This is the song that put BBD on the map. The cautionary song is about being careful who you hook up with when you are dating. The track teaches you that you can’t judge a book by its cover. A woman may look nice, but she may be far from it. She may look like a good girl, but she might not be. It’s better not to judge anyone based on their looks. The woman you think is inexperienced and innocent might be the worst mistake of your life.

”Poison” is like getting advice from a relative or a friend. You have to watch out for yourself when you are dating. Once you hear the drum programming, you know what this song is. This song was recorded in the 90s, but it’s a classic that will never get old. People still get on the floor and dance when this song is played. When the group sings this song in concerts the audience still goes crazy. All the guys get a chance to sing on the song. Ricky Bell takes over singing the song while the other two have rap verses. Ricky Bell’s verse before the chorus is just as classic as the line “never trust a big butt and a smile.” The group does a shout-out to the rest of the members of New Edition. It was a nice dedication to their bandmates. This is a song that you will want to keep playing after it’s done. It will never get old.

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