Top 10 Brides Of Destruction Songs

Brides Of Destruction Songs

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Our top 10 Brides of Destruction songs list looks at a hair metal supergroup who’s past and present members have all been involved in several prominent bands of the LA Glam metal scene as well as other scenes. They originally formed in 2002 when Motley Crue entered a hiatus and bassist Nikki Sixx began working on a project with LA Guns guitarist Tracii Gunns. They recruited Adema drummer Kris Kohls as well as L.A Guns bassist Andi Hamilton on keyboard and rhythm guitar and also singer London Legrand. Hamilton left and was replaced by former Motley Crue frontman John Corabi. Soon after, he and Kohls both left and Kohls was replaced by Scott Coogan

They were inactive throughout 2003 before recording their debut album Here Come The Brides which was released in 2004. The album got to number ninety-two on the Billboard 200 and received generally positive reviews. When Motley Crue announced a comeback tour, Nikki Sixx put Brides of Destruction on hold to take part in it. Tracii Gunns was planning on forming a new band whilst Brides were inactive and also offered to join Axl Rose in Guns N’ Roses. However, by 2005 neither of these things has come to fruition and he decided to continue Brides of Destruction without Nikki Sixx, who by this time was preoccupied with Motley Crue.

Tracii Gunns recruited former Amen bassist Scott Sorry as his replacement and frontman of British band The Wildhearts, Ginger was instated as the band’s second guitarist. They recorded their second album Runaway Brides which was released in 2006.Ginger left after two months and Sorry departed the band before they toured to support the record and Jeremy Gunns took his place as the live bassist. After this, Traci Gunns formed the Traci Gunns Band and Brides of Destruction disbanded.

Brides of Destruction have yet to resurface but Traci Gunns has expressed that he would be open to a reunion with Nikki Sixx. Until that happens, let us see what the ten best songs are from Brides of Destruction’s two albums.

# 10 – Only Get So Far

Kicking off our top ten Brides of Destruction songs list is the closing track of their debut album Here Come The Brides released in 2004. The song is an emotive ballad that is a classic album closer. It is certainly the kind of thing that you can imagine being a great live show closer. Although Scott Coogan plays drums on most of the album, this track is one of three where the drums are provided by Kris Kohls.

# 9 – Revolution

Up next we have another song from the first album that is much more upbeat than the previous entry on this list. As the title would suggest, the lyrics have a somewhat rabble-rousing nature to them without being overly political. It is another song where Kris Kohls is credited as the drummer, despite Nikki Sixx saying that Scott Coogan had re-recorded the drum parts.

# 8 – I Got A Gun

Next up we have the third track from the debut album. Like the two previous entries on this list, the drums are also credited to Kris Kohls. The lyrics here are very dark in nature, being about committing a crime and being on the run from the police. It is an interesting track that shows that the band have a darker side and are not just about being a party band.

# 7 – Aunt Biente

Here we have the first song on this list to be taken from the second album Runaway Brides which is the intro to it and technically not really a proper track, only clocking in at one minute and nine seconds. Although that may sound like it does not qualify to be included in this list, the reason that I have is because it is a very beautiful and haunting piano piece that shows a more experimental side to the band.

# 6 – Lord of the Mind

Up next we have the second track from the second album which is its first proper song. The song is a strong album opener that shows the band going in a different direction, being more heavier and rather reminiscent of Black Sabbath, with even the title having something of a Black Sabbath vibe to it, particularly “Lord of This World.”

# 5 – Deadman’s Ruins

Kicking off the second half of this list we have the track that follows the previous two on Runaway Brides. This song has a faster pace than the previous track and is unique mix of old style Motley Crue style hair metal with a somewhat Ministry style industrial sound. All in all, it is a track that demonstrates that the second album has a surprising sense of diversity.

# 4 – Criminal

With our next song on this list, we once again go to the track that follows on from the previous entry on Runaway Brides. It is yet another number that has a different vibe from the previous tracks, this time being a dark and depressing sounding that lyrically addresses the darker side of life.

# 3 – Natural Born Killers

At number three we go back to Here Come The Brides. This song is one of the more upbeat songs in the band’s catalogue. It is a rebellious anthem that is rather reminiscent of pop rock bands such as Smash Mouth and Lit. It has a great sing-a-long vibe to it and was no doubt a song that went down well with the crows at the band’s live shows.

# 2- Brace Yourself

Just off the top spot we have the fifth track to be taken from Here Come The Brides. This is one of several songs on the album to be co-written by James Michael who would later be Nikki Sixx bandmate in Sixx AM. The other two songs that he co-wrote are “Natural Born Killers” and “Only Get So Far” which have both been previously featured on this list.

# 1 – I Don’t Care

At number one on our Brides of Destruction is the second track on Here Come The Brides. The album was produced by Steve Bruno. Former Motley Crue frontman John Corabi provides additional guitar on all of the songs on the album but after the album’s recording he left the band as he wanted to pursue a solo career. After the recording was finished, the album was mixed by Grammy Award winning producer Steve Thompson. Initially, it looked like the album would only be released in Japan after the band failed to secure a deal in Europe and America. The band nearly split as a result of this, until a deal came through with Sanctuary Records.

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