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Cathy Dennis Songs

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Our Top 10 Cathy Dennis Songs list takes a look at a multifaceted performer. She is a singer, songwriter, producer and actress. Her single “Touch Me (All Night Long),” helped make her a household name. In addition to the songs she’s written for herself, she wrote for Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Kylie Minogue, Jonas Brothers, Britney Spears, S Club 7 as well as many others. Some of the songs she wrote “I Kissed a Girl,” “Paranoid,” “Never Have a Dream Come True,” “Toxic,” “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” “Too Many Walls” as well as many others.

Catherine Roseanne Dennis was born on March 25, 1969. She knew she wanted to sing when she was a teenager. She recorded demos based on Stevie Wonder’s songs. She was signed to the record label 19 Management at 17. She maintained a long relationship with Simon Fuller and she was able to work with artists from the label. She became successful with D Mob when they recorded the single “C’mon and Get My Love.” The song was a big hit for them.

Move to This was released in 1990. The album peaked at number 67 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “C’mon and Get My Love,” “Just Another Dream,” “Touch Me (All Night Long),” “Too Many Walls” and “Everybody Move.” The album sold over 100,000 copies. Into the Skyline was released in 1992. It peaked at number eight on the UK charts. It features the singles “You Lied to Me,” Why,” “Falling” and “Irresistible. ” Am I the Kinda Girl was released in 1996. The album peaked at number 76 on the UK charts. It features the singles “West End Pad,” “Waterloo Sunset” and “When Dreams Turn to Dust.”

Cathy Dennis may not have a lot of albums under her belt, but she put her mark on the music industry through her songwriting and production. You have most likely heard her songs on the radio even if you didn’t know who wrote them. Cathy Dennis has become a legend through her music as well as music for other artists. Our Top 10 Cathy Dennis Songs list will feature her songs as well as songs for other artists.

# 10 – Two in a Million by S Club 7

The first song on our Top 10 Cathy Dennis Songs list is “Two in a Million” by S Club 7. The song has a pop and r&b beat. The loving song is about a couple falling in love. They talk about being with someone who can comfort you. The person would be there for you no matter what. Everyone wants to have someone in their lives who will be there for them through thick and thin. The lyrics have been done before, but they are sweet and sentimental. Cathy Dennis managed not to make this song sound corny or cheesy. She wrote passionate lyrics about being in love. Cathy Dennis wrote several songs for the group and this is one of them.

S Club 7’s sound is similar to the Spice Girls. This song sounds like something they would sing. If you close your eyes, you would swear you were listening to the Spice Girls. Is it possible that the Spice Girls were supposed to sing this song before S Club 7? The song has a breezy pop beat. It fits with the song’s theme. You would expect the soft pop beat with these lyrics. Jo O’Mera sounds like the Spice Girls. She holds little notes in the song, but don’t expect her to sound like a power diva. You will be disappointed if you were looking for big notes from her. She missed the mark, but it was nice to hear her attempt to hold some notes.

# 9 – Paranoid – Jonas Brothers

The next song on our Top 10 Cathy Dennis Songs list is “Paranoid” by the Jonas Brothers. The song has a pop and rock sound. The irrational song is about a man who is paranoid about his relationship. The song has a twist to it. He’s paranoid about his relationship, but he’s in a loving one. You don’t hear too many songs like this one. People are suspicious of their partners cheating, but they aren’t usually paranoid when they are in a loving relationship. Cathy Dennis wrote a unique song about a couple dealing with a troubled relationship. She didn’t stick with the typical love theme that most songwriters tend to write.

This song is guitar driven. You definitely get a chance to hear the guitar riffs in the song. This song is different for Cathy Dennis because she writes pop songs. This gave her a chance to spread her wings and write something different. This song also gave the Jonas Brothers something different to tackle too. The guitar portion of the song is great. The Jonas Brothers take care of the instrumentation on the track. They sound incredible playing the guitar. The drumbeat is off the charts too. The music will get you hooked on the song. Joe and Nick Jonas take turns singing lead vocals on this track. Nick Jonas shows how strong his vocals are when he sings over the loud music. Joe Jonas’ vocals are also strong. He belts over the music and tries to sound like a rock star. Cathy Dennis did her best to bring out the best in them. They should work together again.

# 8 – No Boundaries by Kris Allen

The uplifting song is a non-album single by Kris Allen. The song has a pop and rock beat. The inspirational song talks about there being no limit to their lives. No one is going to stop you from reaching your goals. Cathy Dennis did a wonderful job with this song. Cathy Dennis wrote this song for Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. They sang this track for American Idol. The song wasn’t just for the show. The track can be useful to people today. People who want to do more with their lives will be able to relate to the lyrics of this song. Cathy Dennis wrote breathtaking lyrics for the contestants. They were releasing their song from a TV show so the lyrics had to be meaningful and inspiring. She did exactly what she had to do to get the job done

It would be easy to write Kris Allen off as a cheesy reality show contestant, but he worked with the one person who could help his career. He did an amazing job on this song. You will demand an encore if you hear him singing it. The music will take you away. The guitars are a highlight to the song. The lyrics will touch you deeply. They could be used as a graduation song. You could listen to it when you are out on the road as well. Kris Allen’s vocals are beautiful. He knows how to hold back and when to let loose. He soared when he finished the chorus and fade out. He held notes towards the end of the song. He was a new singer when this was released. This song helped make him a household name.

# 7 – Never Have a Dream Can by S Club 7

The longing song is from the Sunshine album. The song has a pop and r&b beat. The emotional song is about the end of a relationship. She claims that even though she may date other people, she will always be there. Haven’t we all been in situations where we have been involved with other people? This song explains how she will always have love for her former lover. She has trouble letting him go wanted to try another way to reach out to him.

This is another song that Cathy Dennis worked on with S Club 7. They proved that they work well together. They should do more songs together. The song is filled with such sincerity that it will touch your soul. It will make you believe in love again if you don’t believe it now. This is the perfect song for couples to dance to. They will definitely feel romantic while listening to this track. Cathy Dennis wrote and produced this track. She wrote beautiful lyrics for this song. She will tug at your heartstrings as you listen to her lyrics. Jo O’Mere’ had a beautiful voice. She is singing from the heart. The group does an excellent job harmonizing in the background. They sing their verses in lower keys than Jo O’Mere. She sings in her upper register. This song sounds like a combination of “We’re No Making Love No More” by Dru Hill and “2 Become 1” by the Spice Girls.

# 6 – Toxic – Britney Spears

The bouncy song is from the album In the Zone. The song has a dance and pop beat. The heartbreaking song is about being addicted to her man. She realized that her man isn’t the one for her because he’s toxic. There are so many songs on the radio about breakups. This is the type of song to listen to when you are dealing with heartbreak. It will hit you differently if you are dealing with a toxic relationship. Here is some trivia about the song. Cathy Dennis was going through a breakup with her boyfriend when she wrote this song. It’s possible that the song is about her. The song was originally offered to Janet Jackson, but the scandal at the Super Bowl kept her from getting the song. Britney Spears seemed to channel Janet Jackson on the song so the trivia explains it.

It made sense for Britney Spears to get this song. This is the type of song that she would sing. Cathy Dennis kept the song within Britney Spears’ style. The instrumentation was incredible. The drumbeat is the best part of the song. The music mixes modern and old-school sounds. This track opened the door for other electro songs like this one. The chorus is irresistible and will stay in your head until the end. You may want to put this song on repeat so you can keep hearing it. Britney Spears isn’t considered the best singer in the business, but she sounds great in this song.

# 5 – Can’t Get You Out of My Head – Kylie Minogue

The next song on our Top 10 Cathy Dennis Songs list is “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” by Kylie Minogue. The song has a pop beat. The irresistible song is self-explanatory. She is singing about not being able to get a man out of her head. She wants to spend a lifetime with him. This is the song that helped revive Kylie Minogue’s career in the United States. She recorded music that didn’t get released in America after she recorded her rendition of the song “The Loco-Motion.” Cathy Dennis wrote a song that helped Kylie Minogue get back on the American charts.

During the height of this song, there probably wasn’t a radio station that didn’t play it. This song had massive airplay. You couldn’t escape this song even if you wanted to do it. The song was everywhere. The beat is a combination of dance and pop. The song also has a mix of disco. They brought everything to the table to make this song work. You will be hooked as soon as you hear the synthesizer begin. You will recognize the song instantly. Kylie Minogue sings in time with all of the beat changes. She stays in character throughout the track. She proved why we needed her back in the United States. This song helped Kylie Minogue be one of the dance queens. This song was one of the biggest hits Cathy Dennis wrote until a woman named Katy Perry came along. We’ll talk about that more on our list.

# 4 – C’mon and Get My Love by D Mob ft. Cathy Dennis

The melodic song is from the album A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That –Move to That. The song has a dance beat. The flirty song is about two people who are in love with each other. She has dreams about him and wants him to be in her life. You have heard love songs before, but not like this one. Cathy Dennis was at the beginning of her career when she recorded this song. She was just starting out. This song helped Cathy Dennis release her first album. The song has a 90s beat. The drumbeat and synths drive the song. There’s no way to sit still listening to this song. The beat is just too infectious. You will be on the dance floor as soon as the beat drops on this song. This song is great for dancing and working out.

Cathy Dennis’ voice is pleasant on the ear. She has a pretty voice. She is an underrated singer. She needs her flowers because she has a good voice. She is known for doing dance songs so you may not recognize her voice. She does an amazing job on this track. You could easily forget that this was her early work. She sings the song as if she were in the business for years. Cathy Dennis and D Mob have great vocal chemistry. They sing off of each other very well. The song may not be her biggest hit in America, but it’s worth checking out.

# 3 – Too Many Walls by Cathy Dennis

The exquisite song is from the Move to This album. The song has a pop beat. The lush ballad is about when you want to be together with someone. She wants to be together with her man, but other people use their own reasons to break them up. If they aren’t happy, they don’t want you to be happy. Cathy Dennis nailed the lyrics on the head. She expresses how much the man means to her. We have heard this theme before, but she keeps it fresh and new. She doesn’t want naysayers to have opinions about a man she loves and she shouldn’t have to deal with that.

The beat has a 90s vibe, but it still sounds fresh today. It sounds like something that would still be on the radio and streaming devices now. The song has enough tempo so that you can bop your head to it. This is the type of song you can hear during the summer. Cathy Dennis considers this song to be one of the best on the album. We can’t say that we disagree with her because she’s right about this song. She sings the song in falsetto as well as in her normal voice. She sounds like an angel on this track and it makes you miss hearing her voice. She could have competed with her counterparts at the time this song was released.

# 2 – I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry

The edgy song is from the album One of the Boys. The song has a pop, electro-pop, new wave and disco beat. The controversial song is about appreciating the beauty of women. The song suffered controversy because of the subject matter. She is singing about kissing a girl and liking it. There are women who like to experiment with kissing each other. Here is some trivia about the song. There are rumors that this song was inspired by Scarlett Johansson. Katy Perry admitted that she kissed a girl once. Miley Cyrus believed the song was about her. Macy Gray revealed that she was supposed to sing the song before Katy Perry. We think that Cathy Dennis and Max Martin did the right thing by having Katy Perry on board. We couldn’t picture anyone else singing this track, but Katy Perry.

This song is one of Cathy Dennis’ biggest hits. It’s also a song that helped launch Katy Perry’s career. We aren’t the least bit surprised because this song is fantastic. It has an excellent club beat. You won’t be able to sit still while this song is playing. This track was all over the place when it was released. People were ready to kiss girls. This is a different track for Cathy Dennis because she didn’t write anything like this song before. She wrote about relationships between men and women. This is a song that represents the LGBTQ community.

# 1 – Touch Me (All Night Long) by Cathy Dennis

The number one song on out Top 10 Cathy Dennis Songs list is “Touch Me (All Night Long)” from her Move to This album. The song has a dance, house and pop beat. This is a song about a woman who wants someone to touch her all night long. This song helped launch Cathy Dennis’ career. This is a cover of Fonda Rae’s song. Cathy Dennis made this song a hit. She changed some of the lyrics and she changed the beat. Cathy Dennis version has a pop and club beat. If you listen to the melody, you may notice that it sounds a little similar to Madonna’s hit song “Vogue.” The drumbeat and synthesizer are similar to Madonna’s song.

Cathy Dennis’ vocals are very good on this song. Dance songs don’t always need strong vocals to pull them off. Sometimes the beat can be enough to sell the song. She was able to accomplish both. Her soprano voice was just what the doctor ordered. We could listen to her sing all day long. This track will make her diehard fans love and miss her. This song is proof that she didn’t have to stop recording music. Cathy Dennis made this song her own. Fans of the original version can still appreciate Cathy Dennis’ version of the song too. You might want to put this song on repeat because everything about it works. You may want to hear it over again.

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