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Enrique Iglesias Songs

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Our Top 10 Enrique Iglesias Songs list takes a look at one of music’s most popular Latin singers. He is a singer, songwriter, philanthropist and actor. Iglesias is one of the most successful Latin singers in music today. He’s one of the best-selling Latin artists in music. He’s sold over 70 million albums worldwide. He has five top five singles. He has the most number one Latin songs of any artist from that genre. He has 27 number one Latin songs. He has 24 songs on the Latin/Pop charts. He has 14 number one dance singles. Iglesias has been coined the “King of Latin Pop.” Some of his hit songs include “Bailamos,” “Rhythm Divine,” “Hero,” “Could I Have This Kiss Forever,” “Be with You,” “Escape” and “Don’t Turn Off the Lights” as well as others.

Enrique Iglesias has won numerous awards for his music. He’s won more than 200 awards during his career. He was nominated over 465 times for various awards. In addition to singing, Iglesias appeared in movies and TV shows. He starred in Desperado (1995) and Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003). He also guest-starred on How I Met Your Mother (2007) and Two and a Half Men (2007). The time has come to get to know Enrique Iglesias better.

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler was born on May 8, 1975. He is the youngest child of Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. With his father being a successful singer, it wasn’t a surprise Enrique Iglesias became one too. He didn’t want to rely on his famous father to become a singer. He wanted to make it on his own. He borrowed money from his nanny to record a demo record. He decided to market himself as Enrique Martinez instead of by his real name. He recorded three Spanish albums between 1995 and 1998. He began a successful crossover career into English music after he met Will Smith. The man changed his life. Smith wanted Iglesias to record a song for the soundtrack of his movie Wild Wild West. “Bailamos” went on to become a number one single for the artist. He released his first English album after the release of his smash single.

Enrique came out in 1999. The album peaked at number 33 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “Bailamos,” “The Rhythm Divine,” “Be With You,” “Could I Have This Kiss Forever” and “Sad Eye.” The album sold over five million copies. Escape came out in 2001. The album peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 charts. It sold 267,000 copies during its first week. Iglesias wrote and co-wrote every track on the album. It features the singles “Hero,” “Escape,” “Love to See You Cry,” “Don’t Turn Off the Lights” and “Maybe.” The album sold over eight million copies.

7 was released in 2003. It peaked at number 31 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “Addicted,” “Not in Love,” “Be Yourself,” “Free,” “The Way You Touch Me” and “You Rock Me.” The album sold over 100,000 copies. Insomniac was released in 2007. The album peaked at number 17 on the Billboard 200 charts. The album sold 45,000 copies in its first week. It features the singles “Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song),” “Somebody’s Me,” “Tired of Being Sorry” and “Push.” The album sold over 500,000 copies.

Euphoria was released in 2010. This is a Spanish and English album. The album peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “Quando Me Enamoro,” “I Like It,” “Heartbeat,” “No Me Digas Que No,” “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You).” “Dirty Dancer” and “Ayer.” The album sold over two million copies. Sex and Love came out in 2014. The album peaked at number eight on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “Finally Found You,” “Turn the Night Up,” “Loco,” “Heart Attack,” “El Perdedor,” “I’m a Freak,” “Bailando” and “Noche y De Dia.” The album sold over two million copies. Final Vol. 1 came out in 2021. It peaked at number two on the Latin Pop album charts. It features the singles “Chasing the Sun,” “Unwill,” “All About You” and “Move to Miami.”

Enrique Iglesias had big shoes to fill because he’s the son of music legend Julio Iglesias. He was determined to become a successful artist without benefiting from his father’s name. He accomplished that goal by becoming the “King of Latin Pop.” He would go on to sell the most albums of any Latin artist. He had competition for the crown because he was competing with the likes of Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony. He definitely made his mark in the music industry. He has the hit albums and singles to prove it. Our Top 10 Enrique Iglesias Songs list will focus on his best songs.

# 10 – Somebody’s Me

The first song on our Top 10 Enrique Iglesias Songs list is “Somebody’s Me” from the Insomniac album. It has a pop sound. The romantic song is a dedication to love. He wants to let the world know that true love never dies. He believes love is forever and that he could never let go of the woman he loves. He tells this story in a very romantic way. He wants everyone to know how much he loves his woman. It’s an emotional song. People who are in love can relate to this track. The song became such a hit that it was featured on the daytime drama The Young and the Restless. It makes sense that the song was on a show about love and romance since that’s’ what he’s singing about on the track. Here is some trivia about the song. Iglesias didn’t want this song to be the second single released from the album. He wanted to track he did with Lil Wayne to be the second single. One thing led to another and this song was released.

The music has a pop and country sound to it. The music is moving and beautiful. The ballad has enough tempo to allow you to dance. It would be a perfect wedding song because of the insanely beautiful lyrics. Iglesias sang the song very well. His voice sounds melodious. He sings in time with the drumbeat. He doesn’t hold a note and that’s the only downside to the song. He seemed like he was building up to a note, but it doesn’t come. If he held the note, the song would have been flawless.

# 9 – Do You Know What It Feels Like? (The Ping Pong Song)

The next song on our Top 10 Enrique Iglesias Songs list is “Do You Know What It Feels Like? (The Ping Pong Song)” from the Insomniac album. The song has a dance and pop sound. The longing song is about a man who wants the woman he loves back in his life, but she doesn’t want to be back with him. The theme is basically about one-sided love. The story isn’t new because people do have feelings for people who move on with their lives. The title of the song is definitely unique. Iglesias didn’t want to include “(The Ping Pong Song)” as part of the title, but his label felt differently. The label felt that adding the last part would make the song more marketable. The addition is a nod to sound effect that was included in the song. If you pay attention, there’s a ping pong sound effect in the background of the track. Was it a good idea to include this sound effect? It probably wasn’t a good idea because it has nothing to do with the rest of the song, but it doesn’t hurt it.

The bouncy music consists of the piano, guitar and synthesizer. The music makes the song seem like it would be about a happy relationship, but that’s not the case. The theme is about heartache so it was a different choice to make the music upbeat. The music is rhythmic and exuberant. Iglesias’ vocals are superb on this track. He shows versatility because he sings in his normal tone and he sings in a higher octave throughout the track. He also belts in the chorus, which was an unexpected treat.

# 8 – Don’t Turn Off the Lights

The fun song is from the Escape album. The song has a Latin and pop sound. The sensual song is about a couple making love and he wants the lights to stay on so he could see how he pleases her. Men don’t usually sing about their insecurities when it comes to making love. Iglesias wrote the song as if he was dealing with insecurities when it concerned being with his woman. Singer and songwriter Kara DioGuardi helped write the song so she may have had some influence on the subject matter. It’s a different take on making love.

He proved he is creative when it comes to songwriting. The track is an up-tempo song and that’s unusual for a song about lovemaking. Most songs about love making are ballads so this was a nice change. The music will definitely get you out of your seat. It has crossover appeal because it would please fans of Latin and pop music. There’s a guitar riff included in the music that would please rock fans. There’s a little something for everyone on the track. Iglesias sounds right at home with this song. He uses a double for the track. He sings one part in falsetto and the other part in his normal voice.

# 7 – Rhythm Divine

The lush song is from the Enrique album. It has a Latin, pop and dance beat. This passionate song is about a man who adores his woman. He could never be with anyone else. He uses dancing as a metaphor to describe how he feels about the woman he loves. He shows his creative side once again with this interesting track. The music has a sizzling Latin beat. The melody of the track is similar to “Could I Have This Kiss Forever” and “Bailamos.” The Spanish guitar solo is a highlight of the music. The rhythms will drive you to the dance floor. The track’s perfect for radio. It has great pop and Latin appeal that will please fans of both genres. Iglesias wants you on the dance floor with this beat. He sounds amazing on the track. He pours his heart out with his gutsy vocals. He is demanding your attention with his vocals and he’s going to get it. He belts the catchy chorus. He also held a little note at the end of the song. His vocals are stacked and it sounds like he’s more than one person singing the song.

# 6 –  Escape

This bittersweet song is from the album of the same name. It has a pop beat. The breakup song is about a man who refuses to beg someone to stay. He is fine with it if she wants to leave. He doesn’t want to keep her around if she wants to go. He also tells her that she wouldn’t be able to “escape” his love. He’s convinced she couldn’t get away from his love. This is relatable to anyone in a similar situation who doesn’t want to beg someone to stay with them. He’s convinced she still loves him even though she wants to go. He manages not to sound like an egomaniac when he tells her that she wouldn’t be able to get away from his love. He makes it sound romantic.

This song had hit single written all over it. It’s not a surprise that it was a monster hit for Iglesias. Everything about it works. The heart pumping music is designed to get you on the dance floor. It has the perfect pop sound for radio as well as the club. The drumbeat is the star of the instrumentation. Iglesias showed vocal control because he sings in different tones and doesn’t miss a beat. He goes up and down effortlessly. He changes vocal pitches in the middle of notes he holds at the end of the song. There aren’t too many singers who have the ability to change tones in the middle of a note. The song is an earworm that will stay in your head after it’s done.

# 5 – Tired of Being Sorry

The next song on our Top 10 Enrique Iglesias Songs list is “Tired Of Being Sorry” from the Insomniac album. The song has an electronic pop and synth pop sound. The enigmatic song is about him getting tired of apologizing for what he’s done. There could be different meanings behind the song. The song could be about apologizing for what he did in a relationship. He could be singing about paranormal activity because he makes reference to vampires and their brides. It’s not really clear what this song is about, but you can have fun interpreting the meaning behind it. The song is a cover of Ringside’s song. Iglesias’s version basically sticks to the original format of the song. His version is more of a pop song.

His song has a stronger synth pop sound to it so he does manage to make the song his own. His version is more energetic than Ringside’s version. Iglesias wants you to dance to his song and there’s no refusing it. The lyrics are unusual and may be a little hard to understand, but the music more than makes up for it. The music drowns him out a little particularly when he sings in his lower pitch. He belts in the chorus so it’s easier to hear him. This song is fantastic and is worth putting on repeat so you can hear it over again.

# 4 – Takin’ Back My Love ft. Ciara

The empowering song is from his greatest hits album. The song has a Europop beat. The dramatic song is about a couple going through a breakup. They want the other person to walk away if that’s what they want to do. There are two versions of this song, but we chose the one with Ciara for our Top 10 Enrique Iglesias songs list. The music commands your attention. It sounds like European club music and that works for the theme. Red One did an excellent job on the production of the track. The energetic music will get you moving as soon as it starts. The music does sound computerized, but it doesn’t take away from how good it is.

You will get a workout listening to this bouncy track. Iglesias and Ciara didn’t work together before they collaborated on this track. They were an unlikely pair who worked well together. Ciara sings in time with the beat. She sounds like Janet Jackson and Aaliyah. Iglesias sounds great as usual. Their voices blended well together. They have their chances to shine on the track. She shined while she was singing her verses and he shined during the chorus. He belted in all of the right places of the song. If you listen to the track closely, you can tell they didn’t record the song together. He’s much louder than she is in the song. With that said, the song is still smoking hot.

# 3 – Bailamos

The hypnotic song is from the Enrique album. It has a Latin, pop and dance beat. The melodic song is about people who are dancing. He confesses his feelings to the woman he loves. He wants to be with her forever and wants to continue to dance. This is the song that help catapult his crossover appeal. The song was featured in the movie Wild Wild West. The song has a smoking hot Latin beat. The flamenco guitar really makes the track stand out. The Spanish guitar also makes the song smoking hot. The music oozes sex appeal. It has a sexy and sensual beat to it.

The melody of the music is similar to “Rhythm Divine” and “Could I Have This Kiss Forever.” Iglesias combines English and Spanish lyrics in the song. It may be hard to understand the lyrics if you don’t understand the language, but you can pretend to if you want to sing along with him. There’s no way to sit and listen to the song without attempting to sing with him. The chorus is as satisfying as a candy bar. The song is as hot as a summer day. It’s the type of song you could hear over and over again. Let’s get back to Iglesias’ vocals. He is in top form on this track. He sings the song in his normal tone and let’s loose on the hook. He belts for days when he sings the chorus of the song. The song is absolutely flawless.

# 2 – Hero

The sentimental song is from the Escape album. The track has a Latin and pop beat. The emotional song is about a man who wants to be a “hero” for the woman he loves. Here is some trivia about the song. Iglesias stated that the song is a nod to his high school days. He wanted to write a song he could dance to with his prom date. This song has a deeper meaning than love. It’s become an inspirational anthem for heroes. The lyrics are compassionate and moving. The lyrics will make you become emotional as you listen to them.

The music is soothing and relaxing. It has a slightly stripped sound. It starts off with just the guitar and builds up the tempo when the drumbeat kicks into gear. The melodic music builds to a climactic finish. Iglesias is at the top of his game with this song. He gives a subdued performance at the start of the song and builds up to a climactic finish. He takes his time building to the dramatic finish. It was an excellent choice because it gives the listeners something to look forward to towards the end of the song. He does a lot of up-tempo songs so it was good to hear him pour his heart out in a ballad.

# 1 – Not in Love ft. Kelis

The number one song on our Top 10 Enrique Iglesias Songs list is “Not in Love” from the 7 album. The song has a pop beat. The sleek song is about a man being in love with a woman, but he’s in denial about his feelings. The underrated track has a phenomenal beat to it. The track is bouncy and dance friendly. The music is piping hot. There aren’t enough words to express how terrific the music is. You get hooked as soon as the first guitar riff starts. The keyboard and drums are rhythmic and melodic. There is a Spanish guitar in the background to give the song a Latin flair. You will definitely be on the dance floor before this song is done.

The lyrics are unique. There aren’t too many artists who sing about referring to love as being a phase. He insists he’s not in love with her and she does the same. The chorus is infectious and will stay in your head after the song is done. Iglesias and Kelis work so well together. Their voices are magical. They needed to record more music together, because their voices are practically one. They shine on this song. They match each other note for note on the track. This song should have been a bigger hit because everything about the track works. It’s an underrated song that deserves the number one spot on our list.

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