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Gabby Barrett Songs

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Our Top 10 Gabby Barrett Songs list looks a country music singer and songwriter. She rose to fame when she appeared in the 16th season of American Idol. Her soulful vocals are a combination of country and r&b music. Her single “I Hope” peaked in the top three on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The single went 7x platinum. Gabby Barrett has been considered country music’s next female superstar. She has won 10 awards to date. Her other singles include “The Good Ones,” “Footprints on the Moon,” “Pick Me Up,” “Glory Days,” as well as others.

Gabby Barrett was born March 5, 2000. She began singing when she was about nine and performed in shows at 11. In 2014, she won the Kean Quest Talent Search. The singer opened for Toby Keith, Keith Urban, Cole Swindell and Daya. Smokey Robinson complimented her vocals when she was performing in a singing competition. He personally told her that she had what it took to be a superstar. In October 2016, the singer released an EP called 16. The album featured the song “Young Blood.” In 2017-2018, Gabby Barrett auditioned for American Idol. She finished third on the reality show. In 2018, she released another EP called The Fireflies. It features the songs “Fireflies,” “Your Name on It” and “Missin’ Love.”

In 2019, Gabby Barrett released the single “I Hope.” It reached number three on the Hot 100 charts. It peaked at number one on the country charts. It was number one for 25 weeks. The single made her one of the first female country artists to peak at number three since Taylor Swift. The singer released her album Goldmine in June 2020. It peaked at number 27 on the Billboard 200 charts and number four on the country charts. It features the singles “I Hope,” “The Good Ones,” “Footprints on the Moon” and “Pick Me Up.” The album sold over one million copies.

Gabby Barrett proved you don’t have to win American Idol to have a successful singing career. She managed to make it without winning the show. She is making her mark in music in a short period of time. Her soulful vocals will get her far in music. Our Top 10 Gabby Barrett Songs list will put a spotlight on her best songs.

# 10 – Jesus & My Mama

The 10th song on our Top 10 Gabby Barrett Songs list is “Jesus & My Mama” from the album Goldmine. The single was released in June 2020. “Jesus & My Mama” is a reflective song about her believing in herself and her faith in Jesus. The song is also about her mother’s love. The singer talks about her independence and strength. If she gets wild, it isn’t going to be over a person who doesn’t deserve it. The singer knows who she is and who she isn’t. Despite her issues, she’s giving it her all.

Gabby Barrett embraces her flaws and accepts that she isn’t perfect. Despite her imperfections, she refuses to let that hold her back. She can be sweet and fierce when she needs to be. She doesn’t break or bend when she’s under pressure. The people who judge her don’t define who she is. She won’t waste time worrying about what other people think of her because she’s living her life for Jesus.

“Jesus & My Mama” is a reminder to everyone that they are not the judge and jury of her. She goes by her own rules. She’s okay as long as she has the love of Jesus and her mother. The song is cathartic for people who are expected to act a certain way. The song is for people who feel like they have flaws. Gabby Barrett wants you to accept your flaws because they don’t define you. The lyrics are a way to express her sassy side.

What we like about the song is that it doesn’t come off preachy. The song has a spiritual message and not a religious one. The track has a country and rock sound. The guitar and drum laden beat set the song on fire. The guitar riffs are blazing hot. Gabby Barrett’s vocals are soulful. She sounds sassy on the track. You can hear the attitude in her voice. Her vocals may remind you of Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood’s voices.

# 9 – Rose Needs a Jack

The ninth song on our Top 10 Gabby Barrett Songs list is “Rose Needs a Jack” from the GoldMine album. “Rose Needs a Jack” came out in June 2020. It talks about the importance of having a person in your life who loves and supports you no matter what. Every person needs someone in their life who will make them feel valued and loved. It’s not easy to find a person like that, but it’s worth the effort. In the first verse, she talks about not needing material things to feel loved. She wants attention and affection. Her partner treats her like a queen. The singer appreciates her man’s tough exterior because he treats her like a queen. She’s determined to keep him in her life because she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She wants to stay committed to him because they have a great relationship. He makes her a better person.

“Rose Needs a Jack” is about the power of love and how important it is to have a supportive person in your life. The song encourages listeners to hold on to a person who treats you with respect. Everyone wants to have an everlasting love that’s described in the song. It’s refreshing to hear an artist not talking about wanting material things. A lot of artists boast about the things they have so it’s a nice change to hear someone appreciate other things. The song has a contagious country and pop beat.

You don’t have to be a fan of country music to listen to this song. What’s good about Gabby Barrett’s songs is that her tracks can appeal to fans of different music. She sings the song with passion. She sounds like a woman in love. It’s hard to believe that she was new to the business when she recorded this track. She sounds like she’s been in the business for a long time. She does runs and holds notes like a professional. Gabby Barrett’s vocals are stacked in the chorus which helps enhance it.

# 8 – Footprints on the Moon

The eighth song on our Top 10 Gabby Barrett Songs list is “Footprints on the Moon” from the Goldmine album. The song was released in June 2020. “Footprints on the Moon” is about achieving your goals despite obstacles. You shouldn’t let doubts from other people stop you from achieving your dreams. In the first verse, Gabby Barrett discusses how hard it may be to achieve your goals. You deal with naysayers who come up with excuses for you not to follow your dreams. People will tell you that you’re too old or young to do what you want to do.

The naysayers will have you doubting yourself by making you think that you can’t achieve your goals. You can also be your own anchor. She encourages listeners to believe they can achieve anything they want despite the negative voices in their heads telling them they can’t do it. In the next verse, the singer talks about the effects of achieving your goals. The fear of failure can be overwhelming. Despite your fears, she wants people to stay strong and persevere because it will be worth it in the end.

“Footprints on the Moon” has an uplifting message about not letting others stop you from achieving your goals. Naysayers may try to stop you, but the important thing is to keep trying until you reach your goals. It may encourage you to keep going in life. We applaud her efforts in wanting people to follow their dreams. The stirring music will touch your heart. The production is fire. The producers made the right call to make the song guitar laden because it keeps the song from sounding too sappy. The music plays up to Gabby Barrett’s vocal strength. The musicians push her to sing louder. The music is big so her vocals must soar so she can be heard. She exerts a lot of power in her voice especially when she gets to the chorus of the song. She turns the song into a power ballad. The only thing missing is a big note and the song would have been completely flawless.

# 7 – Your Name on It

The seventh song is “Your Name on It” from The Fireflies EP. The song was released in October 2018. It’s a song about heartbreak. She wants to know how long the feeling of being let down will last. Love is in the past for her. She feels empty while he’s living innocently. He took everything from her. It’s his fault that she’s feeling like this. He made her feel lucky. She believed what he said and the feelings she felt for him. She wants to bring him down. After everything she did to make the relationship work, she’s alone living with regret. The singer trusted him with everything she had. As the song continues, it’s revealed that he cheated on her. Now his future doesn’t include her. She wants him to leave.

This song gives Gabby Barrett a chance to show her angry side. She writes a lot of songs about positivity, so she switched things up for this song. She talks about a cheating boyfriend. She goes into detail about what he did to her. Gabby Barrett reels you in with the story. It’s something we can relate to. Most of us have dealt with a cheating lover at one point in our lives. Gabby Barrett says the things we want to say to a cheating lover.

The music has a traditional country beat. The guitars dominate the music. The acoustic and electric guitars sound incredible. The banging drumbeat adds tempo to the song. The song showcases Gabby Barrett’s powerful vocals. She was 18 when she recorded the song, and she sounds as if she was in the business for years. She’s channeling her inner Miranda Lambert. Her vocals soar to the stratosphere on this track. She holds good notes in the song. It’s an underrated song that deserves to be heard.

# 6 – Glory Days

“Glory Days” is a non album single that was released in June 2023. The track is about the things that make her happy. The things that make her happy are her family and her faith. The singer is grateful for the simple times she has with her family. The singer and her husband enjoy watching the sun in their yard. Witnessing her children playing in the yard makes her happy. These simple things are as good as life could get. There isn’t anything she would change. She loves the life they’re living and the smile on her husband’s face. The moments they’re living are the “glory days.” She goes on to discuss the simple things she enjoys about her life.

“Glory Days” is a feel-good song about appreciating the simple things in life. It teaches you not to take life for granted. She paints a beautiful picture of a simple life. Gabby Barrett manages not to make the song sound sappy and corny. She makes her life sound peaceful. The music is upbeat and cheerful. The music will put a smile on your face. The music will grab your attention as soon as you hear the first guitar riff. It’s a mix of country and rock music so fans of both genres will be impressed with it. This is the perfect theme music for the subject. The music will allow you time to reflect on your life. Gabby Barrett’s vocals are vibrant and happy. She makes you want to have the life she is living.

# 5 – Write It on My Heart

The next song on our Top 10 Gabby Barrett Songs list is “Write It on My Heart” from the Goldmine album. “Write It on My Heart” was released in June 2022. “Write It on My Heart” is about a woman who wants a deep connection and understanding of her partner. The song is told in chapters. The first chapter is about her meeting her man for the first time. In chapter two, she wants him to call her because she can’t stop thinking about him. In chapter three, they kiss each other. She wants to go deeper than that. She wants to know his secrets. She wants to know where he grew up. The singer wants to meet his mother. He isn’t allowed to leave anything out. He must tell her everything about his past. He can tell her the good things and the bad things.

“Write It on My Heart” is a realistic tale about a woman who expects total honesty from her man. This is something we would all want in our relationships. This song is perfect for people who are in relationships where someone is hiding something. This track may give you the confidence to confront your partner about keeping secrets. This doesn’t sound like a traditional country song. It has a pop and rock beat.

The music is soft and melodic. It sounds like something Ryan Tedder would have written. Gabby Barrett does a fantastic job vocally. She projects her voice throughout the song. She holds a power note after the bridge. The singer hits a home run with this track. She turns the song into a power ballad. Her vocals are similar to Carrie Underwood on this track. The track is an earworm that will stay in your head.

# 4 – Rivers Deep

“Rivers Deep” is a non album single that came out in May 2018. The song is about the love a woman has for her partner. She wants him to lean on her when he feels weak. She promises to carry his burdens. The love they have for each other doesn’t grow on trees. This love runs “rivers deep.” The flood rising up has nothing on them. The singer will protect her partner. They will be okay. The world may be hard, but she will carry the load for him.

“Rivers Deep” is an emotional song about a powerful love between a man and a woman. The lyrics are heartfelt and beautiful. They express how strong a bond can be between a couple. The track is told from a woman’s point of view, but anyone can relate to it. The song is a blend of country, gospel and rock music. The music will hold your attention until the track ends. The handclaps will invite you to clap along with the beat.

Gabby Barrett takes us to church with her vocals. She gives the song her all. She has amazing vocal control. She knows when to hold back and when to push her vocals in the song. Gabby Barrett has great vocal timing. She sings in time with the beat changes. It’s hard to believe that she was only 18 when she recorded the song. Gabby Barrett sounds like Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. She does her runs like Jordin Sparks. This song will stay in your head.

# 3 – Pick Me Up

Coming in at number three is “Pick Me Up” from the Goldmine album. “Goldmine” was released in February 2020. The song is about wanting to escape from a bad day and needing her partner to take her away from it. The song opens with her talking about having a bad day. She can’t say anything right or get anything done. The singer wishes she and her lover could escape the world and the problems that go on during the day. She wants him to pick her up and take her on a romantic adventure. They can go on the road listening to country music and kiss under the moon. He makes her feel better when he’s with her. He makes her feel as if everything is going to be okay. As long as he’s by her side, she is okay.

“Pick Me Up” tells the story of a woman who needs her partner to make her troubles go away. She wants to escape her troubles by going on a romantic trip. This is a track that anyone can understand if they are dealing with a troubling day. We all want someone to help us get through bad days. This is a song that will comfort us during stressful times. The song has a traditional country sound. The guitar and drums dominate the music. The music is comforting and relaxing. It’s the perfect song to listen to when you are having a stressful day. Gabby Barrett sings the verses in her upper register and sings the chorus in her normal tone. She tries different sounds, and they work for the song.

# 2 – The Good Ones

“The Good Ones” is from the Goldmine album. The song was released in June 2020. It’s about a woman who appreciates her lover. She showcases the qualities that make him stand out from other people. In the first verse, she talks about her lover’s good qualities. He has strong family values. He has a good relationship with his parents. He checks on his parents daily. Her partner has a bible by his bed which shows that his faith is close to his heart. She wears his T-shirt so she can be close to him. He brings joy to her life. His love for her surpasses her expectations. He looks at her in a way that no one else has before. She’s had relationships before, but none of them were like the one she has with him. Gabby Barrett shines a light on how grateful she is to find a man like him.

“The Good Ones” celebrates being with a good person. Gabby Barrett wanted to honor her partner because he is good to her. The song has an uplifting message about appreciating the connection you have with the person you love. It can be hard to find a good person so you should hold on to them. The track will make you appreciate the love you have. If you have a good partner in your life, you will know how Gabby Barrett feels about the man she has in her life. This could be a wedding song for you and your partner. It’s easy to see that this song means something to the singer. It sounds like she’s expressing how she feels about her husband. The instrumentation is powerful. The guitar laden track allows the singer to pour her heart out. She needed strong vocals to pull off singing the song since the music is booming. Her vocals will blow your mind.

# 1 – I Hope (Remix) ft. Charlie Puth

The number one song on our Top 10 Gabby Barrett Songs list is “I Hope” from the Goldmine album. “I Hope” was released in April 2020. The vengeful song is about a former lover who cheated on her. She wants her ex to go through the same heartache he caused her. She hopes that his new woman ruins all his plans. She wants him to spend all his money on a ring. The singer hopes the new woman is everything he ever wanted in a woman.

She hopes the woman ends up cheating on him the way he did to her. In his verse, he tells the song from his point of view. He wants her new man to show up with a picture of his new girlfriend. He wants her to stay up all night by herself waiting by the phone. He wants her to think everything is going to work out for them only for it to be ruined. He wants her new man to cheat on her the same way she did to him.

“I Hope” is a song about two people who are bitter about their relationships ending because of infidelity. They want their former partners to experience the pain they experienced. There are two versions of this song, but we chose to include the remix on our list. This version tells two stories. Gabby Barrett tells about her partner cheating and Charlie Puth talks about his partner cheating. It was a good idea to get the song from both perspectives. They sound very bitter on the track.

This is a song you will understand if you have been cheated on in your relationship. The lyrics will mean more to you. The music has crossover appeal. It has a sizzling hot pop beat. Gabby Barrett and Charlie Puth sound good together. They have electrifying chemistry with each other. He holds a note while she’s singing the chorus and we applaud it. They use the right amount of anger to pull off the song. Everything about this song works. You can check out either version of the song because they’re both good.

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