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James Blunt Songs

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Our Top 10 James Blunt Songs list will look at a singer, songwriter and musician. He is a former military officer. He rose to fame after the release of his debut album Back to Bedlam. The album sold over 11 million copies. It was one of the best-selling albums in the UK. It was one of the best-selling albums in the UK’s chart history. His monster hit “You’re Beautiful” was number one in several countries. James Blunt has won several awards throughout his career. He has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. Some of his hit singles include “You’re Beautiful,” “Goodbye My Lover,” “High,” “Wisemen,” “Heart to Heart,” “Same Mistake,” “Bonfire Heart,” “1973,” “Stay the Night,” as well as others. James Blunt’s songs have appeared in television shows and ad campaigns.

James Blunt was born James Hillier Blount on February 22, 1974. He changed his name to “Blunt” so people could pronounce his name. He didn’t start his career off as a singer/musician. He was in the military. He was following in the footsteps of his family. His father was in the military. While he was in the military, he wrote songs. He was introduced to Elton John’s manager. His manager heard James Blunt’s song “Goodbye My Lover” and was impressed. James Blunt left the army in 2002 to pursue a music career. He was signed to a record deal shortly after leaving the military. He was signed to Linda Perry’s label Custard Records.

He released Back to Bedlam in October 2004. The album peaked at number two on Billboard 200. It features the singles “High,” “Wisemen,” “You’re Beautiful,” “Goodbye My Lover” and “No Bravery.” The album sold over 11 million albums worldwide. All the Lost Souls was released in September 2007. The album peaked at number seven on Billboard 200. It features the singles “1973,” “Same Mistake,” “Carry You Home,” “I Really Want You,” “Je realise,” “Love, Love, Love” and “It Is My Song.” The album sold over two million copies worldwide. Some Kind of Trouble was released in November 2010. The album peaked at number 11 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Stay the Night,” “So Far Gone,” “If Time Is All I Have,” “I’ll Be Your Man” and “Dangerous.” The album sold over one million copies.

Moon Landing was released in October 2013. The album peaked at number 20 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Bonfire Heart,” “Heart to Heart,” “Postcards” and “When I Find Love Again.” The album sold over 387,000 copies. The Afterlove was released in March 2017. The album peaked at number 177 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Love Me Better,” “Bartender,” “Lose My Number,” “Make Me Better” and “Time of Our Lives.” Once Upon a Mind was released in October 2019. The album peaked at number three on the UK albums charts. It features the singles “Cold,” “Champions,” “I Told You,” “Monsters” and “Halfway.”

James Blunt may not have started his career in music, but he found his calling. He records music for people in love or who want to fall in love. His music will touch your heart. Our Top 10 James Blunt Songs list will focus on his beautiful songs.

# 10 – I Really Want You

The 10th song on our Top 10 James Blunt Songs list is All the Lost Souls album. “I Really Want You” was released in March 2008. This song is about a man who has trouble expressing his feelings for the woman he loves. He has a hard time telling her that he loves her. He considers it a wasted opportunity if he doesn’t tell her how he feels. He shares details about his time in the military. He uses it to describe how he feels about wasting opportunities. He wants her to feel the same way he feels, but he feels like she doesn’t understand him. He is not sure if he is confusing her when he expresses how he feels about her. He believes time plays a role in a relationship’s success.

This touching song is a reflection on the emotions you feel when you can’t express yourself. Most of us know how it feels to have trouble telling someone that we love them. It is especially hard to confess your feelings when the person doesn’t love you back. James Blunt captures that feeling perfectly. He cleverly included his military background in the song as a nod to his history in the service. This song is along the same line as his other tracks so his fans will enjoy it. The music is soft and rhythmic. It goes with the theme of the track. The lyrics are authentic and real. He may have you thinking he is inside your head and telling your story. James Blunt’s vocals are strong. He sounds emotional throughout the track.

# 9 – Wisemen

The ninth song on our Top 10 James Blunt Songs list is “Wisemen” from the Back to Bedlam album. “Wisemen” was released in March 2005. This is a reflective song about bullies. He wonders where they are now. The “wisemen” are people who make you feel small. He wonders if their actions finally caught up to them. A woman he is talking to wants to know about the wisemen. He explains how you can’t escape them. You can’t get free of them. He talks about how they want to apologize for the way they treated you. They said they were trying to have fun. They are the ones who are alone. He wonders what happened to the wisemen. They judged people because they wanted to impress their friends.

This song isn’t like James Blunt’s love songs. This song tackles a different subject. This song tackles the subject of bullying. No one likes to be bullied. The lyrics may take you to a dark place in your life. If you have been bullied, this song will resonate with you. The narrator found himself wondering what happened to the bullies. He was hoping that they were lonely and that is how most of us feel about our bullies. This song doesn’t focus on him going after a woman or falling in love.

This song has a message. You shouldn’t bully people because you may end up alone. The music is melodic and has an amazing pop rock beat. The music is captivating. It will make you bop your head to the beat. The acoustic guitar and drums sell the music. James Blunt sings the song as if it’s personal to him. He sounds like he has been through pain as he recites the lyrics. His vocals are stacked in the chorus. The infectious chorus makes you want to sing it with him.

# 8 – Heart to Heart

The eighth song on our Top 10 James Blunt Songs list is “Heart to Heart” from the Moon Landing album. “Heart to Heart” was released in February 2014. This song is about a man trying to save his relationship. He wants to have a conversation with her so he can save the relationship. He is not sure where he stands in the relationship and wants to talk to her about it. He feels insecure and is afraid he is going to lose her. He notices that she doesn’t seem interested in him. The narrator is afraid she is going to leave him. He believes their love is worth fighting for. He loves everything about her. He appreciates the fact that she got him through hard times. The narrator considers her to be his angel. He assures her that he will be there for her even when times are difficult.

This song is about a struggling relationship. He is trying to save the relationship, so he doesn’t lose the woman he loves. This song describes how it feels to be on an emotional roller coaster when it comes to love. If you are trying to save a relationship, James Blunt is singing your song. He is probably saying the same things you are thinking about your own relationship. Some of us have been in his shoes and know what he is talking about in the song. The song teaches you the importance of talking to your partner. You can’t keep your feelings to yourself. The music is surprisingly upbeat considering the subject. The track is guitar laden. The handclaps will have you clapping along. James Blunt’s vocals are phenomenal. He sings this with raw emotion. He has perfect phrasing which allows listeners to be able to understand what he is saying.

# 7 – Carry You Home

The seventh song on our list is “Carry You Home” from the All the Lost Souls album. “Carry You Home” was released in March 2008. The song talks about the pain of losing someone you love. You want to carry the person in your memory. He opens the song about someone who is in trouble. The type of trouble she is in ages her. She wants to leave town because no one has anything to say to her. He watches what happens to her and feels helpless. He saw her breathe for the last time. He is going to carry her memory with him. As the song progresses, he talks about death. He knew she would fly if she could. He believes she was released from her problems. He talks about her being beautiful once, but her troubles changed that for her. Her troubles were eating away at her soul. She didn’t have another way out, so she turned to her troubles to help her.

This is a sad song about losing someone important in your life. The melancholy lyrics are sure to hit home with listeners. If you were watching your family or friend lose their battle with life, you will understand the song. This track may be hard to hear if you lost someone close to you. The breathtaking song goes into detail about the pain you experience losing someone you love. The lyrics are peaceful and amazing. The lyrics will make you want to cry. They might give you chills listening to the haunting lyrics. The music is acoustic. The soft music gives it a sentimental feel. It will give you a chance to focus on James Blunt’s voice. His vocals are soft and tender. His voice is the therapy you need to feel better about your loss.

# 6 – Same Mistake

“Same Mistake” is from the All the Lost Souls album. “Same Mistake” was released in December 2007. The song is about repeating the same mistakes in a relationship. He wants to change the mistakes he is making. He is having trouble sleeping because he has been thinking about his past mistakes. His mistakes haunt him. He wants to move on and make better decisions in his life. He wants to try new things to distract himself from his mistakes. Moving on isn’t easy for him because he is still tormented by his sins. He sees his enemy and realizes that the enemy looks like him. He isn’t happy about the realization and tries to find dangerous ways to deal with it. As the song progresses, he realizes there are consequences to his actions. He wants a reason to get a second chance. He feels like he will make the same mistake. He hopes that things will be different when they meet again. He can’t make a promise because he won’t keep it.

This song will open your eyes to the mistakes you make. The song will let you know that people aren’t perfect. People make mistakes in life. James Blunt did a marvelous job painting a picture of a flawed character. The flawed character is more realistic than someone who is perfect. We applaud him for making himself a flawed character. He could have made his partner a flawed character, but he chose to do it himself. We can understand a flawed character better than a perfect one. There are times when we can be own worst enemy. This is a heart-melting track. The music is led with the acoustic guitar and piano. It gives the song a melancholic sound. The music caters to James Blunt’s voice. He sounds emotive as he is singing about regret. His vocals will touch your soul. They might make you cry.

# 5 – Stay the Night

The next song on our list is “Stay the Night” from the Some Kind of Trouble album. “Stay the Night” was released in October 2020. This song is about a man who wants to be with his partner. He wants them to spend the night together. He wants them to live in the moment. They are having a good time and he doesn’t want it to end. He describes a perfect day with his girlfriend and friends. They have fun together, but when the friends go, he wants her to stay all night. He wants to have a different type of fun with her. He hopes that she will stay with him all night. He is not going to rush her to stay with him. He is patient and will wait for her to decide to stay. He wants to be intimate with her.

This is a fun song about having fun with your partner and friends. He didn’t want the night to end. It is a perky song that will help pick up your mood. This track gave James Blunt a chance to do something fun instead of being in his feelings about a relationship. The music will make you feel as if it’s spring or summer. It is infectious and will put you in a good mood. It may put a smile on your face. It’s different from “You’re Beautiful.” You will get positive vibes from the song. It has a great beat that will make you feel as if you are on the beach. James Blunt sounds as if he is having fun in the song. If he is having fun, the listeners will have fun too. The chorus is catchy and guaranteed to stay in your head.

# 4 – Goodbye My Lover

“Goodbye My Lover” is from the Back to Bedlam album. “Goodbye My Lover” was released in November 2005. This song is about a man who says goodbye to an ex-girlfriend after the relationship was over. He opens the song questioning if he disappointed her or let her down. He wonders if he should be feeling guilty or let people judge him. He saw the end of their relationship coming before they started. He goes down memory lane from when they got together. He knows that their relationship is over, but he was still going to be there for her. He wishes that she would care that he would be there for her. She touched his heart and soul. She changed his life. He knows everything about her, so it was hard for him to say goodbye. She was his lover and his friend. She was the one for him. She takes over his dreams. He hopes she remembers him when she moves on. He wanted to spend his life with her. He can’t live without her.

This is a beautiful goodbye to a relationship that wasn’t meant to be. He talks about loving her even though he’s not with her anymore. If you are in a relationship like the one described in this song, the lyrics will touch your heart. James Blunt chose not to insult or blame her for the relationship ending. He praises her in the lyrics which shows a mature side. Most songs about this subject don’t paint the ex up in a good light. If your relationship is going to end, this is the way it should end. The lyrics are heartfelt and sentimental. This song proves that James Blunt has the amazing ability to emote deep feelings in his songs. His vocals are tender and heartfelt. If you listen closely, you can hear the quivering in his voice. He sounds like he is crying while he is singing. It is truly touching to hear him passionately talk about the one who got away.

# 3 – Bonfire Heart

Coming in at number three on our list is “Bonfire Heart” from the Moon Landing album. “Bonfire Heart” was released in October 2013. The song is about the power of love. He has been looking for love for a long time. Everybody wants love and it is their turn to have it. He talks about his partner lighting a spark in his heart. They don’t need much to be happy. They just need each other. He talks about strangers passing him by and doesn’t want to acknowledge you. When he found her, he was determined to get together with her. The love they have for each other is loyal and never ending.

The romantic song focuses on the ups and downs of falling in love. He knows there are obstacles that stand in their way, but their love is strong enough to take the risk. We all would want a love like the one he describes in “Bonfire Heart.” He paints a beautiful picture of what love should be like for couples. He lets you know that it is okay to take a chance on love. If you have been looking for love and haven’t found the right one, this song will give you hope that your true love will come. The music is upbeat. The acoustic guitar and drums sound incredible. It makes the music stand out. The music sounds different from the other songs on our list. The lyrics will ignite hope and joy. James Blunt sounds right at home with the song. His vocals will reel you into the track.

# 2 – 1973

“1973” is from the All the Lost Souls album. “1973” was released in July 2007. The song is about a past love. He talks about a girl he knew when he was younger. He used to call her every weekend. They would stay out all night. Time has gone by, but he will always be in that club as if it were 1973. He thinks about the things they did in the club in 1973. He wishes he were sober when they were going out to clubs so he could see everything clearly. He realized that the girl was no longer with him. His memory replays the time they had together. No matter how much time goes by, they will always be in the club together. He wishes his mind were clear so he could remember every detail.

The lyrics are bittersweet because he is enjoying his memories, but they are a reminder that she is gone. The song will give you a sense of nostalgia if the person you love got away. It will make you feel happy and sad at the same time. The lyrics capture sentimental moments that will stay in your mind. The piano and keyboard drive the beat. The music has a 70s vibe which goes with the title of the song. The music has enough tempo that allows you to get on the dance floor. This song is proof that he doesn’t have to write music that is tearjerking. The upbeat sound keeps the song from being depressing. The chorus is catchy and will have you singing along with him. James Blunt’s vocals are smooth in this track. This is a song you can listen to all day and not get tired of hearing it.

# 1 – You’re Beautiful

The number one song on our Top 10 James Blunt Songs list is “You’re Beautiful” from the Back to Bedlam album. “You’re Beautiful” was released in May 2005. We couldn’t finish our list without including James Blunt’s biggest hit single. You know you have had a huge hut when Weird Al Yankovic writes a parody of your song (You’re Pitiful). The song is about him longing for a beautiful woman. He sees the woman on a subway and he falls in love with her. He considers her an angel. She smiled at him. He saw that she had a boyfriend. He won’t lose sleep over her being involved with someone because he has a plan to break them up. He noticed her in a crowded area and didn’t know what to do. He realizes he will never be with her. He doesn’t think he will see her again, but they shared a moment that will last a lifetime.

This song is misleading. If you go by the title, you will think it was a love song. If you pay attention to the lyrics, you will realize that it’s not a love song. It is about a man who is in love with someone from afar. She is also involved with another man. This song doesn’t paint him in a good light. He wrote the character as if he was a stalker. His character is in love with another man’s girlfriend. Men wouldn’t like the idea of another man staring at their girlfriend.

This is a song women will enjoy. Men could probably identify with it if they have adored from afar. There is something about it for everyone to enjoy. James Blunt sings the song in a way as if it is romantic which is why it is easy to overlook the fact that it isn’t a typical love song. The romantic music will mislead you into thinking it is a romantic song. The music is soft, which will allow you the chance to enjoy James Blunt’s vocals. He sings the song with soul and emotion. He sings the song as if it is a personal one to him.

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